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100 Proven Ways to Transform Your Community978-1-84291-119-82003Anthony Watkis
Adolescencia / Adolescence: Anos de transformacion / Years of Transformation978-607-452-032-32010
Apprentice Participant's Guide: Walking the Way of Christ.978-0-310-32234-42009
Apprentice: Walking the Way of Christ978-0-310-29154-12009
Apprentice: Walking the Way of Christ.978-0-310-32232-02009
Change Agents: 25 Hard-Learned Lessons in the Art of Getting Things Done978-0-310-27549-72007
Christmas Cracker978-0-86065-551-01990
Christmas Unwrapped978-0-86065-881-81995
Complete Youth Manual: v. 1978-0-86065-506-01987
Connect!978-1-85078-482-12003Tim Jeffrey · Tim Jeffery
Different Eyes: The Art of Living Beautifully978-0-310-32680-92010Alan Mann
Faithworks: Intimacy and Involvement978-1-84291-118-12003Simon Johnston
Faithworks: Stories of Hope978-1-84291-014-62001
Faithworks Unpacked978-1-84291-028-32002
Get Up and Give: 101 little ways to make a big difference978-0-00-274015-91998Cliff Richard
He Never Said ...: Discover the Real Message of Jesus978-0-340-75697-32000
How to Succeed as a Parent: 10 Survival Tips for Busy Mums and Dads978-0-340-69443-51997
How to Succeed as a Parent978-0-340-86136-32003
How to Succeed as a Parent978-0-340-67903-61997
How to Succeed as a Working Parent978-0-340-86120-22003
I Believe in Taking Action978-0-340-66144-41996
Intelligent Church: A Journey Towards Christ-Centred Community978-0-310-24884-22006
Making a Team Work978-0-85476-453-21995Penny Relph
Managing Your Time978-0-85476-469-31998   "
More Than Meets the Eye: A Fast-moving Look at Christianity978-0-340-86172-12003
More Than Meets the Eye: A Plain Guide to Christianity978-0-340-64190-31995
New Era, New Church?: A handbook for Churches978-0-00-274026-51999
Parent Talk: 80 Celebrities Take a Sideways Glance at Parenting978-0-340-78516-42000
Sex Matters978-0-340-65661-71996
Stop The Traffik: People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold978-0-8254-7846-82009Cherie Blair
Stop the Traffik: People shouldn't be bought and sold: The Crime That Shames Us All978-0-7459-5358-82009
The Christian Youth Manual978-0-85476-285-91992
The Lost Art of Forgiving: Stories of Healing from the Cancer of Bitterness978-0-87486-950-71998Johann Christoph Arnold
The Lost Message of Jesus978-0-310-24882-82004Alan Mann
The Parentalk Guide to Great Days Out978-0-340-78545-42001
The Parentalk Guide to the Childhood Years978-0-340-72168-11999
The Parentalk Guide to the Teenage Years978-0-340-72169-81999
The Parentalk Guide to the Toddler Years978-0-340-72167-41999
The Parentalk Guide to Your Child and Sex978-0-340-75661-42000
The Truth About Suffering978-0-85476-634-51996Paul Hansford
Trust: A Radical Manifesto978-1-85078-586-62004Anthony Watkis
Understanding Teenagers978-0-86065-925-91991

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