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1986978-1-85078-010-6A.W. TozerWhatever Happened to Worship? (Tozer Classics Series)
  ''978-1-85078-013-7David Porter · Dick Lucas · Keith Weston · Maurice Wood · George Hoffman · Philip Hacking · et alRebuilding the Foundations (1986 Keswick Convention)
2011978-1-85078-025-0Tozer A WFaith Beyond Reason: Ten Sermons from the Gospel of John (Tozer Classics Series)
1996978-1-85078-029-8TOZER A WSET OF THE SAIL (Tozer Classics Series)
1987978-1-85078-033-5Aw TozerThe Pursuit of God (Tozer Classics Series)
2005978-1-85078-034-2ELLIOT ELISABETHThrough Gates of Splendour: The Five Missionary Martyrs of Ecuador
1998978-1-85078-040-3A W TozerMan The Dwelling Place of God (Tozer Classics Series)
1988978-1-85078-054-0Alister E. McGrathExplaining Your Faith
2008978-1-85078-064-9A W TozerThat Incredible Christian (Tozer Classics Series)
  ''978-1-85078-068-7   ''Root of the Righteous Tozer (Tozer Classics Series)
1992978-1-85078-099-1Phyllis ThompsonSadhu Sundar Singh (Missionary Life Stories)
1994978-1-85078-104-2Sue ShawJim Elliot: Mission to the Rainforest
2011978-1-85078-116-5Tozer A WWe Travel An Appointed Way (Tozer Classics Series)
1994978-1-85078-147-9Elisabeth ElliotPassion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ's Control
  ''978-1-85078-148-6TOZER A WI TALK BACK TO THE DEVIL: Essays in Spiritual Perfection (Tozer Classics Series)
  ''978-1-85078-149-3A W TozerGod Tells The Man Who Cares (Tozer Classics Series)
1997978-1-85078-199-8Neal PiroloServing as Senders: How to Care for Your Missionaries
1996978-1-85078-201-8A.W. TozerTHIS WORLD PLAYGROUND OR BATTLEGROUND (Tozer Classics Series)
1995978-1-85078-203-2Darlene Deibler RoseEvidence Not Seen: One Woman's Faith in a Japanese POW Camp
1996978-1-85078-240-7Ditch" TownsendStop, Check, Go: Short-term Overseas Projects Check List - A Practical Guide for Cross-cultural Teamwork
1996978-1-85078-244-5Elisabeth ElliotKeep a Quiet Heart
2008978-1-85078-250-6George VerwerNo Turning Back
1997978-1-85078-258-2Ruth Mangalwadi · Vishal MangalwadiCarey, Christ and Cultural Transformation
  ''978-1-85078-261-2Isobel KuhnIsobel Kuhn Omnibus: "By Searching", "Nests Above the Abyss", "In the Arena"
  ''978-1-85078-269-8Elaine RhotonDoulos Story
2002978-1-85078-297-1Dewi HughesGod of the Poor: A Biblical Vision of God's Present Rule
1998978-1-85078-302-2Elisabeth ElliotDiscipline: The Glad Surrender
  ''978-1-85078-327-5Vishal MangalwadiMissionary Conspiracy
2000978-1-85078-331-2Vaughan RobertsDistinctives
1999978-1-85078-336-7Vaughan RobertsTurning Points
2000978-1-85078-353-4George VerwerOut of the Comfort Zone
  ''978-1-85078-354-1Fleming KennethEssentials of Missionary Service
2001978-1-85078-356-5Wolfgang SimsonHouses That Change the World: The Return of the House Churches
2001978-1-85078-357-2Patrick Johnstone · Jason Mandryk · Robyn JohnstoneOperation World
  ''978-1-85078-358-9Daphne Spragett · Jill JohnstoneWindow on the World
2002978-1-85078-366-4Emma CarswellLove in a Box
2001978-1-85078-369-5Steven MasoodThe Bible and the Qur'an: A Question of Integrity
2002978-1-85078-376-3Glenn MyersThe Silk Road: Church and Mission in Turkey, Iran and Central Asia (Briefings)
2001978-1-85078-380-0Rico TiceChristianity Explored: Leader's Guide
2002978-1-85078-383-1Rico Tice · Barry CooperChristianity Explored
2001978-1-85078-404-3Gerard KellyHumanifesto
  ''978-1-85078-408-1Roger SteerJ.Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ (Missionary Life Stories)
2002978-1-85078-410-4Norman FisherThe Essential Survival Guide for the 21st Century: God's Solutions to Life's Problems
2011978-1-85078-411-1Eileen CrossmanMountain Rain: A New Biography of James O. Fraser
2001978-1-85078-433-3David C. PotterThrough Changing Scenes
  ''978-1-85078-436-4Pablo MartinezPrayer Life: How Your Personality Affects the Way You Pray
2002978-1-85078-442-5J.David LundyServant Leadership for Slow Learners
  ''978-1-85078-445-6Vaughan RobertsTrue Worship
2002978-1-85078-448-7R. T. KendallThe God of the Bible
2003978-1-85078-452-4Jeff LucasHow not to Pray: A Fresh Look at Prayer
2002978-1-85078-460-9Frog Orr-Ewing · Amy Orr-EwingHoly Warriors: A Fresh Look at the Face of Extreme Islam
2003978-1-85078-469-2Faith Forster · Roger ForsterPrayer: Living in the Breath of God
2002978-1-85078-473-9Lowell SheppardBoys Becoming Men: Creating Rites of Passage
  ''978-1-85078-477-7Richard HigginsonQuestions of Business Life: Exploring Workplace Issues from a Christian Perspective
2003978-1-85078-479-1Matt Roper · David PorterRemember Me Rescue Me
  ''978-1-85078-482-1Tim Jeffrey · Steve Chalke · Tim JefferyConnect!
  ''978-1-85078-483-8Danny BrierleyJoined Up: An Introduction to Youth Work and Ministry (Youthwork: The Resources)
  ''978-1-85078-484-5   ''Growing Community: Making Groups Work with Young People (Youthwork: The Resources)
2003978-1-85078-487-6Pablo Martinez · Ali HullTracing the Rainbow: Working Through Loss and Bereavement
  ''978-1-85078-488-3Sophie de WittOne to One: A Discipleship Handbook
  ''978-1-85078-490-6Liam GoligherThe Fellowship of the King: The Quest for Community and Purpose
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  ''978-1-85078-506-4Mark Roques · Jim TicknerFields of God: Football and the Kingdom of God
2004978-1-85078-507-1Anne Graham-Lotz · Paul Blackham · Richard BewesA study Guide to the Gospel of John: Talking Through the Gospel of John (BOOK BY BOOK)
2003978-1-85078-510-1Paul BlackhamPsalms 20-29: The Sufferings and Glory of Christ (Book by book) (Book By Book Series)
2003978-1-85078-515-6Steve Adams · Ruth AdamsMusic To Move The Soul: 100 Group Sessions Using Today's Music (Youthwork The Resources)
  ''978-1-85078-520-0Catherine MarshallAdventures in Prayer
  ''978-1-85078-523-1Rico TiceChristianity Explored: Study Guide Leader's Edition
  ''978-1-85078-524-8   ''Christianity Explored: Study Guide
  ''978-1-85078-538-5Kathy HicksScaling the Wall
2004978-1-85078-541-5Danny BrierleyWhat Every Volunteer Youth Worker Should Know: Includes 50 Ready-to-use Ideas and Resource Directory
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2004978-1-85078-554-5Jeff LucasGrace Choices
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2004978-1-85078-568-2Paul BlackhamBook by Book 1 and 2 Thessalonians: Bk. 1 and 2
  ''978-1-85078-569-9   ''Book by Book 2: Timothy: Bk. 2 (Book By Book Series)
  ''978-1-85078-575-0Deborah MeroffTrue Grit: Women Taking on the World, for God's Sake
  ''978-1-85078-579-8PRICE & MCQUOIDConnect With The Heart of God: A Study Guide For The Letter to The Hebrews
  ''978-1-85078-580-4Jonathan LambFaith in the Face of Danger: Nehemiah (Authentic Lifestyle Guides)
2004978-1-85078-583-5Phil BowyerExpress Community: Bringing Social Action to Life: Bring Social Action to Life
  ''978-1-85078-584-2PAGE NICKAnd Now Let's Move into a Time of Nonsense: Why Worship Songs are Failing the Church
2005978-1-85078-585-9Lyndon BowringSearching for Intimacy: Pornography, The Internet and the Xxx Factor
2004978-1-85078-586-6Steve Chalke · Anthony WatkisTrust: A Radical Manifesto (Faithworks)
2005978-1-85078-590-3Ron DunnWhen Heaven Is Silent (Authentic Classics)
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2004978-1-85078-593-4Brennan ManningThe Ragamuffin Gospel (Authentic Classics)
  ''978-1-85078-594-1Elisabeth ElliotPassion and Purity (Authentic Classics)
  ''978-1-85078-595-8Aw TozerThe Pursuit of God (Authentic Classics) (Tozer Classics Series)
  ''978-1-85078-598-9Jenny BakerTransforming Prayer: 10 Ready-to-use Experiences
2004978-1-85078-601-6Steve AdamsA Life That Counts: 10 Ready-to-use Meetings (Youthwork: The Resources)
  ''978-1-85078-602-3Jenny BakerVibrant Spirituality: 10 Ready-to-use Meetings
2005978-1-85078-607-8Adrian Plass · Bridget PlassThe Son of God is Dancing: A Message of Hope
  ''978-1-85078-619-1Jo Wells · Andy FrostFreestyle: Living the Extreme Life
  ''978-1-85078-621-4Aw TozerThe Knowledge of the Holy (Authentic Classics) (Tozer Classics Series)
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2005978-1-85078-623-8Isobel KuhnBy Searching (Authentic Classics)
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2005978-1-85078-646-7David LundyBorderless Church: Shaping the Church for the 21st Century
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2006978-1-85078-659-7Josh McDowell · Don StewartAnswers to Tough Questions About the Christian Faith
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2006978-1-85078-675-7Ross CampbellHow to Really Love Your Child (Authentic Classics)
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2010978-1-85078-848-5Dave AndrewsHey, Be and See: We can be the change we want to see in the world
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2010978-1-85078-861-4Jason MandrykOperation World - Hardcover
  ''978-1-85078-862-1   ''Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation
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  ''978-1-85078-893-5   ''From Triumphalism to Maturity
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2012978-1-85078-967-3Adrian Plass · Jeff LucasSeriously Funny 2
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