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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-8254-7396-8Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Says Please
  ''978-0-8254-7397-5Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Says Sorry
  ''978-0-8254-7398-2   ''Benjamin Bear Says Thank You
2009978-0-8254-7399-9Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Toddlers Christmas Jigsaw Fun
  ''978-0-8254-7400-2Juliet DavidThe Christmas Story (Candle Read and Play)
  ''978-0-8254-7405-7   ''The Innkeeper (Christmas Trio)
2009978-0-8254-7406-4Juliet DavidThe Shepherds (Christmas Trio)
  ''978-0-8254-7407-1   ''The Wise Men (Christmas Trio)
  ''978-0-8254-7409-5Maggie BarfieldThe Little Bible Storybook
  ''978-0-8254-7415-6Juliet DavidCBT My Very First Easter***SEE NEW ISBN (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-0-8254-7419-4   ''The First Easter (Candle Playbook)
2009978-0-8254-7420-0Tim DowleyMy First Christmas Stencil Book (Stencil Books)
  ''978-0-8254-7424-8Maggie BarfieldThe Big Bible Storybook: 188 Bible Stories to Enjoy Together
2011978-0-8254-7425-5Tim DowleySolomon's Temple Model
2010978-0-8254-7427-9Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Stencil Book
2009978-0-8254-7428-6Tim DowleyTabernacle Model (Candle Discovery Series)
  ''978-0-8254-7430-9Juliet DavidLost Sheep (Candle Playbook)
2008978-0-8254-7802-4John DicksonJesus: A Short Life
  ''978-0-8254-7803-1Mary JoslinThe Lion Day-by-Day Bible
  ''978-0-8254-7804-8Lois RockFirst Christmas, The
2008978-0-8254-7805-5Caroline Jayne ChurchNoah's Ark: A Touch and Feel Book
978-0-8254-7806-2Baby Jesus
2008978-0-8254-7807-9John GoodwinThe Lion Book of Five-Minute Christmas Stories
2009978-0-8254-7808-6David SelfThe Lion Encyclopedia of Christianity
2008978-0-8254-7809-3Sophie PiperFirst Christmas, The (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7810-9Sophie PiperLost Sheep, The (Bible Story Time)
2008978-0-8254-7811-6Sophie PiperJesus and the Prayer (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7812-3   ''God Makes the World (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7813-0   ''Noah and the Flood (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7814-7   ''Moses and the Princess (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7815-4Ronica StrombergThe Time-for-Bed Angel
2009978-0-8254-7816-1Christina GoodingsI Want to Know About Jesus
2008978-0-8254-7817-8Elena PasqualiSafely Through the Night
2009978-0-8254-7818-5John GoodwinThe Lion Book of Five-Minute Animal Stories
2008978-0-8254-7819-2Sue Atkinson · David AtkinsonIn Times of Need-H: Words to Comfort
2009978-0-8254-7821-5Sophie PiperThe Lion Read and Know Bible
2008978-0-8254-7822-2Michael KeeneJesus (Lion Access Guides)
2008978-0-8254-7823-9Michael KeeneBible, The (Lion Access Guides)
  ''978-0-8254-7824-6   ''Christianity (Lion Access Guide)
  ''978-0-8254-7825-3Christina GoodingsGrowing Green: A Young Person's Guide to Taking Care of the Planet
  ''978-0-8254-7826-0Michelle P. BrownLion Companion to Christian Art, The
2009978-0-8254-7827-7G. R. EvansThe History of Christian Europe
  ''978-0-8254-7828-4Andrea SkevingtonThe Pilgrim Spirit
2009978-0-8254-7829-1Andrea SkevingtonThe Creation Spirit
2008978-0-8254-7830-7Charlotte RytonThe Lion Book of Five-Minute Parables
2009978-0-8254-7831-4Lois RockThe First Easter
  ''978-0-8254-7832-1Sophie PiperThe First Easter (Bible Story Time)
2009978-0-8254-7833-8Sophie PiperJesus and the Fishermen (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7834-5   ''Jesus and the Miracle (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7835-2   ''David and Goliath (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7836-9   ''Jonah and the Whale (Bible Story Time)
  ''978-0-8254-7837-6   ''Daniel and the Lions (Bible Story Time)
2009978-0-8254-7838-3Dorothy StewartIt's Hard to Hurry When You're a Snail
  ''978-0-8254-7839-0Sophie PiperGoodnight Prayers: Prayers and Blessings for a Peaceful Night's Sleep
2009978-0-8254-7840-6Sophie PiperAn Arkful of Animal Prayers
  ''978-0-8254-7841-3   ''How to Be Good
978-0-8254-7842-0CELTIC WISDOM, HARD COVER: Treasures from Ireland
2008978-0-8254-7843-7Keith WardWhy There Almost Certainly Is a God: Doubting Dawkins
978-0-8254-7844-4YOU CAN'T PLAY/GAME ..DON'T KNOW RULES: How Relationships Work
2010978-0-8254-7845-1Tanith CareyA Mother's Love: Stories of Fun, Forgiveness, Hope and Joy
2009978-0-8254-7846-8Steve Chalke · Cherie BlairStop The Traffik: People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold
978-0-8254-7847-5BIBLE FROM SCRATCH, THE: A Lightning Tour from Genesis to Revelation
2009978-0-8254-7850-5Elena PasqualiPrayers for Little Angels
  ''978-0-8254-7851-2David SelfThe Lion Book of Wisdom Stories from Around the World
  ''978-0-8254-7852-9   ''The Lion Encyclopedia of World Religions
  ''978-0-8254-7853-6Bob HartmanThe Three Billy Goats' Stuff!
2009978-0-8254-7854-3Elena PasqualiTwo-Minute Bible Stories
  ''978-0-8254-7856-7Sophie PiperThinking of Heaven: Prayers for Sad Goodbyes
978-0-8254-7858-1Lion companion to church Architecture
978-0-8254-7863-5Brenno van den TorenPocket Guide To Christian Belief
978-0-8254-7867-3BOOK OF BOOKS, THE: The Bible Retold
978-0-8254-7868-0PILGRIMAGE: A Spiritual and Cultural Journey
978-0-8254-7869-7SOS Title Unknown
978-0-8254-7870-3SOS Title Unknown
978-0-8254-7871-0Something beautiful for God
978-0-8254-7874-1Spiritual Intelligence: A New Way of Being
2009978-0-8254-7875-8Christina GoodingsLift-the-Flap Bible Stories
  ''978-0-8254-7877-2Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Bible
  ''978-0-8254-7878-9Geraldine McCaughreanThe Nativity Story
  ''978-0-8254-7879-6Claire HenleyBaby Jesus and the Noisy Stable (All Join In)
2009978-0-8254-7880-2Claire HenleyNoah and the Flood (All Join In)
  ''978-0-8254-7881-9   ''Jonah and the Big Fish (All Join In)
  ''978-0-8254-7882-6   ''Lost Sheep and the Scary Day (All Join In)
  ''978-0-8254-7883-3Christina GoodingsCreation Story (See and Say!)
  ''978-0-8254-7884-0Victoria TebbsChristmas Story (See and Say!)
2009978-0-8254-7885-7Victoria TebbsNoah's Ark Story (See and Say!)
  ''978-0-8254-7886-4Christina GoodingsLost Sheep Story (See and Say!)
  ''978-0-8254-7887-1Sophie PiperThe Angel and the Lamb: A Story for Christmas
  ''978-0-8254-7888-8Christina GoodingsMy Nativity Jigsaw Book
2009978-0-8254-7889-5Christina GoodingsMy Noah's Ark Jigsaw Book
  ''978-0-8254-7890-1Su BoxThe Christmas Cat
  ''978-0-8254-7891-8Su BoxThe Christmas Star
  ''978-0-8254-7892-5Caroline Jayne ChurchCreation: A Touch and Feel Book
  ''978-0-8254-7893-2   ''Lost Sheep: A Touch and Feel Book
2010978-0-8254-7894-9Bob HartmanThe Easter Angels
2010978-0-8254-7896-3Christina GoodingsI Want to Know About the Bible
  ''978-0-8254-7897-0Sophie PiperThe Angel and the Dove: A Story for Easter
  ''978-0-8254-7898-7   ''The Lion Book of Prayers to Read and Know
  ''978-0-8254-7899-4Lois RockThe First Rainbow
  ''978-0-8254-7902-1Bob HartmanThe Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
2010978-0-8254-7904-5Rachel RivettAre You Sad, Little Bear?: A Book About Learning to Say Goodbye
2009978-0-8254-7905-2Griffiths/Robinson'8 SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, THE'
  ''978-0-8254-7906-9David SelfSaint Paul
2010978-0-8254-7907-6Sophie PiperReady, Steady, Grow!
2009978-0-8254-7908-3Liz BabbsCeltic Treasure: Unearthing the Riches of Celtic Spirituality
2009978-0-8254-7912-0John LennoxGod's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?
2010978-0-8254-7913-7John DraneThe World of the Bible
  ''978-0-8254-7914-4Sophie PiperBlessings for a Baby Boy
  ''978-0-8254-7915-1   ''Blessings for a Baby Girl
  ''978-0-8254-7916-8Peter AtkinsonThe Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible
2009978-0-8254-7917-5Su BoxMy Rainbow Book of Bedtime Prayers
2009978-0-8254-7918-2Su BoxMy Rainbow Book of Everyday Prayers
978-0-8254-7919-9STRESS: How to De-Stress without Doing Less
978-0-8254-7922-91536 The Year That Changed Henry VIII
978-0-8254-7924-3J. S. BACH
2009978-0-8254-7926-7Su BoxThe First Rainbow
978-0-8254-7936-6THE RELATIONAL MANAGER: Transform Your Workplace and Your Life
2009978-0-8254-7938-0Suzannah Lipscomb1536: The Year That Changed Henry VIII
978-0-8254-7946-5GROWING STRONG
978-0-8254-7948-9DAY BY DAY DIARIES
978-0-8254-7950-2SOS Title Unknown
2012978-0-8254-8842-9Richard Patterson Andreas J. KostenbergerTwelve Rules for Understanding Biblical Words
978-0-8254-8856-6Awaiting the City: Poverty, Ecology, and Morality in Today's Political Economy
978-0-8254-9021-7Thomas SchreinerIs the Sabbath Still Required for Christians?: 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law