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2019978-93-5392-008-1James GrantBritish battles on land and sea (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-035-7Edward P Van DuzeeCatalogue of poetry in the English language, in the Grosvenor Library, Buffalo, N.Y
聽 ''978-93-5392-041-8Timothy Field AllenThe encyclopedia of pure materia medica; a record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism (Volume X)
聽 ''978-93-5392-050-0Theodor PosewitzBorneo: its geology and mineral resources
聽 ''978-93-5392-051-7J. L. KirbyAndrew Dickson WhiteCalendar of inquisitions post mortem and other analogous documents preserved in the Public Record Office (Volume VIII) Edward III
2019978-93-5392-052-4Emmeline M. PlunketAncient calendars and constellations
聽 ''978-93-5392-061-6Addresses & papers, dedication ceremonies and Medical conference, Peking Union Medical College: September 15-22, 1921, Peking, China
聽 ''978-93-5392-063-0Catalogue of the Raffles Library, Singapore, 1901-1910
聽 ''978-93-5392-069-2W. Carew HazlittBibliographical collections and notes on early English literature made during the years 1893-1903
聽 ''978-93-5392-105-7Henry Halford VaughanBritish reason in English rhyme
2019978-93-5392-120-0H. S. SweetmanCalendar of documents, relating to Ireland, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London, 1302-1307
聽 ''978-93-5392-128-6J. P. Benjamin 路 Arthur Beilby PearsonBenjamin's Treatise on the law of sale of personal property, with references to the American decisions, and to the French code and civil law
聽 ''978-93-5392-135-4H. G. BlomfieldThe Argonautica of Gaius Valerius Flaccus Setinus Balbus: Book I. Translated into English prose with introduction and notes
聽 ''978-93-5392-142-2Albert C. ClarkAnecdota Oxoniensia Texts, Documents, and Extracts Chifely from manuscripts in the Bodleian and other oxford Libraries Classical Series Part VII; Collations from the Harleian ms. of Cicero 2682
聽 ''978-93-5392-155-2Robert Pentland MahaffyCalendar of the state papers relating to Ireland preserved in the Public Record Office 1660-1662
2019978-93-5392-161-3Hamilton KirkCanine distemper, its complications, sequelae, and treatment
聽 ''978-93-5392-196-5L. H. G. GreenwoodAristotle Nicomachean ethics. Book six, with essays, notes, and translation
聽 ''978-93-5392-198-9Aunt BabetteAunt Babette's cook book: foreign and domestic receipts for the household: a valuable collection of receipts and hints for the housewife, many of which are not to be found elsewhere
聽 ''978-93-5392-205-4Francis H BohlenCases on the law of torts (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5392-240-5Dwight Thompson FarnhamAmerica vs. Europe in industry; a comparison of industrial policies and methods of management
2019978-93-5392-263-4H V HilprechtThe Babylonian expedition of the University of Pennsylvania: series D: researches and treatises (Volume IV)
聽 ''978-93-5392-271-9George Gilbert PondBulletin of the Department of Chemistry: Calcium carbide and acetylene
聽 ''978-93-5392-282-5J F BlumhardtCatalogue of the Hindi, Panjabi and Hindustandi manuscripts in the library of the British museum
聽 ''978-93-5392-283-2William AndersonA H ChurchCatalogue of specimens of Japanese lacquer and metal work exhibited in 1894
聽 ''978-93-5392-292-4Richard J H GottheilThe Belmont-Belmonte family, a record of four hundred years, put together from the original documents in the archives and liibraries of Spain, ... and Germany, as well as from private sources
2019978-93-5392-298-6Timothy F AllenThe encyclopedia of pure materia medica; a record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism (Volume VII)
聽 ''978-93-5392-373-0William SmithA new classical dictionary of biography, mythology, and geography, partly based on the Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology.
聽 ''978-93-5392-414-0Report on manuscripts in the Welsh language (Volume II) Part IV
聽 ''978-93-5392-427-0J P EarwakerThe Court leet records of the manor of Manchester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846 (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-451-5Robert H ChristieBanquets of the nations; eighty-six dinners characteristic and typical each of its own country
2019978-93-5392-452-2Reginald W ScullyFlora of County Kerry: including the flowering plants, ferns, Characeae, &c
聽 ''978-93-5392-453-9John AndersonCatalogue of mammalia in the Indian Museum, Calcutta (Part I) Primates, Prosimiae, Chiroptera, and Insectivora.
聽 ''978-93-5392-454-6A J WautersThe Flemish school of painting
聽 ''978-93-5392-456-0Christabel ColeridgeCharlotte Mary Yonge, her life and letters
聽 ''978-93-5392-458-4Simon GreenleafA treatise on the law of evidence (Volume II)
2019978-93-5392-459-1Argentine republic
聽 ''978-93-5392-466-9Paul CarusGoethe, with special consideration of his philosophy
聽 ''978-93-5392-471-3Edward HallHall's chronicle; containing the history of England, during the reign of Henry the Fourth, and the succeeding monarchs, to the end of the reign of ... the manners and customs of those periods
聽 ''978-93-5392-472-0A Smythe PalmerThe ideal of a gentleman; or, A mirror for gentlefolks, a portrayal in literature from the earliest times
聽 ''978-93-5392-473-7Russell H ConwellRobert ShackletonAcres of diamonds
2019978-93-5392-475-1J W DilleyHistory of the Scofield mine disaster. A concise account of the incidents and scenes that took place at Scofield, Utah, May 1, 1900. When mine Number four exploded, killing 200 men
聽 ''978-93-5392-477-5Virgil M HarrisAncient, curious and famous wills
聽 ''978-93-5392-482-9Mary ElizabethMary Elizabeth's war time recipes; Containing Many Simple but excellent recipes. For Wheatless cakes and Bread, Meatless Dishes, Sugarless Candies, ... and many other delectable "Economy" Dishes
聽 ''978-93-5392-483-6Vincent Stuckey LeanLean's collectanea (Volume IV)
聽 ''978-93-5392-485-0Thomas Herbert LewinThe Lewin letters; a selection from the correspondence & diaries of an English family, 1756-1885 (Volume II)
2019978-93-5392-488-1Florence A ArmstrongHistory of Alpha Chi Omega fraternity (1885-1921)
聽 ''978-93-5392-493-5Laura E Richards 路 Maud Howe ElliottJulia Ward Howe, 1819-1910
聽 ''978-93-5392-497-3Edwin A JaggardHand-book of the law of torts (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-506-2George OliverCollections, illustrating the history of the Catholic religion in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, and Gloucester
聽 ''978-93-5392-508-6Charles E WoodruffThe Effects of tropical light on white men
2019978-93-5392-511-6Robert MacoyGeneral history, cyclopedia and dictionary of freemasonry; containing an elaborate account of the rise and progress of freemasonry and its kindred ... of the technical terms used by the fraternity
聽 ''978-93-5392-517-8Samuel PurchasHakluytus posthumus, or Purchas his Pilgrimes: contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and lande travells by Englishmen and others (Volume XIX)
聽 ''978-93-5392-520-8Marion HarlandHouse and home: a complete housewife's guide
聽 ''978-93-5392-533-8Burr W JonesCommentaries on the law of evidence in civil cases (Volume III)
聽 ''978-93-5392-534-5Austin AbbottTrial evidence: the rules of evidence applicable on the trial of civil actions: including both causes of action and defenses at common law, in equity and under the codes of procedure (Volume III)
2019978-93-5392-546-8Catalogue of the library of the Statistical society
聽 ''978-93-5392-552-9F C MooneyCentennial history of Rahway Methodism, Rahway, N. J.
聽 ''978-93-5392-553-6Arthur WaughAlfred Lord Tennyson; a study of his life and work
聽 ''978-93-5392-563-5Frank Loxley GriffinAn introduction to mathematical analysis
聽 ''978-93-5392-565-9T ReadshawHistory of the Bishop Auckland Industrial Co-operative Flour and Provision Society Ltd.: from 1860 to 1910
2019978-93-5392-567-3H C HoskierConcerning the genesis of the versions of the N.T.; remarks suggested by the study of P and the allied questions as regards the Gospels (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5392-570-3G R GrayHand-list of genera and species of birds: distinguishing those contained in the British Museum Part I
聽 ''978-93-5392-571-0Montagu BrowneArtistic and scientific taxidermy and modelling; a manual of instruction in the methods of preserving and reproducing the correct form of all natural ... a chapter on the modelling of foliage
聽 ''978-93-5392-573-4F M BaileyA companion for the Queensland student of plant life
聽 ''978-93-5392-574-1Albert H HookerChloride of lime in sanitation
2019978-93-5392-575-8J C L FishEarthwork haul and overhaul, including economic distribution
聽 ''978-93-5392-576-5W Mansfield ClarkThe determination of hydrogen ions; an elementary treatise on the hydrogen electrode, indicator and supplementary methods, with an indexed bibliography on applications
聽 ''978-93-5392-581-9The standard dictionary of facts; history, language, literature, biography, geography, travel, art, government, politics, industry, invention, ... a practical handbook of ready referenc
聽 ''978-93-5392-584-0F E Howard 路 F H CrossleyEnglish church woodwork; a study in craftsmanship during the Mediaeval period A.D. 1250-1550
聽 ''978-93-5392-586-4H B WaltersChurch bells of England
2019978-93-5392-587-1Helen L EarleBiographical sketches of American artists
聽 ''978-93-5392-593-2Terrien De LacouperieBeginnings of writing in central and eastern Asia, or, Notes on 450 embryo-writings and scripts
聽 ''978-93-5392-596-3J Hammond TrumbullThe composition of Indian geographical names: illustrated from the Algonkin languages
聽 ''978-93-5392-597-0H C Maxwell LyteCalendar of the Close rolls preserved in the Public record office. Prepared under the superintendence of the deputy keeper of the records Edward I. (A.D. 1272-1279)
聽 ''978-93-5392-601-4James F HunnewellA century of town life; a history of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1775-1887
2019978-93-5392-604-5Alcofribas NasierDe tribus impostoribus, A.D. 1230 The three impostors
聽 ''978-93-5392-617-5J B LightfootThe Apostolic Fathers; Part I. S. Clement of Rome (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5392-626-7H BechholdColloids in biology and medicine
聽 ''978-93-5392-629-8Joseph StoryCommentaries on equity jurisprudence as administered in England and America (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-631-1Samuel G PiraniConsolidated index of cases judicially noticed in the High Court of Australia: 1903-1913
2019978-93-5392-635-9Hartwig HirschfeldDescriptive catalogue of the Hebrew mss. of the Montefiore library
聽 ''978-93-5392-640-3Joseph RayRay's new higher algebra: elements of algebra for colleges, schools, and private students
聽 ''978-93-5392-646-5Agricultural apparatus manufactured and imported by Central Scientific Co.
聽 ''978-93-5392-649-6William CantonA history of the British and Foreign Bible Society (Volume V)
聽 ''978-93-5392-657-1Zenaide a RagozinChaldea: From the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria
2019978-93-5392-659-5Jesse Walter FewkesArcheological Expedition to Arizona in 1895: Seventeenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian ... Office, Washington, 1898, pages 519-744
聽 ''978-93-5392-665-6Leonard HasemanAn Elementary Study of Insects
聽 ''978-93-5392-672-4Arno S PearseBrazilian cotton; being the report of the journey of the International cotton mission through the cotton states of S茫o Paulo, Minas Geraes, ... Pernambuco, Parahyba, Rio Grande do Norte
聽 ''978-93-5392-674-8Charles S SlichterElementary mathematical analysis; a text book for first year college students
聽 ''978-93-5392-676-2Kennith HawkinsBeekeeping in the South; a handbook on seasons, methods and honey flora of the fifteen southern states
2019978-93-5392-680-9John CuthbertsonComplete glossary to the poetry and prose of Robert Burns. With upwards of three thousand illustrations from English authors
聽 ''978-93-5392-683-0Theodore W DwightCommentaries on the law of persons and personal property: being an introduction to the study of contracts
聽 ''978-93-5392-686-1Joseph StoryCommentaries on equity jurisprudence as administered in England and America (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-723-3H S SweetmanCalendar of documents, relating to Ireland, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London 1285-1292.
聽 ''978-93-5392-762-2John Arthur SlaterDictionary of the world's commercial products, with French, German &; Spanish equivalents for the names of the commercial products
2019978-93-5392-767-7Percy FitzgeraldChronicles of Bow Street police-office (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-772-1William Arthur ShawCalendar of treasury books and papers 1729-1730
聽 ''978-93-5392-776-9John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I 1637 - 1638
聽 ''978-93-5392-777-6Edwin A PrattBritish railways and the great war; organisation, efforts, difficulties and achievements (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5392-778-3Census of Canada, 1608 - 1876 . Recensements du Canada (Volume V)
2019978-93-5392-779-0Eighth International congress of applied chemistry, Washington and New York, September 4 to 13, 1912 (Volume XXV)
聽 ''978-93-5392-780-6Raimondo C AimoneCatalogue of the Aimone collection of antique furniture, objects of art and foreign models: a collection of individual pieces of English, French and ... quality, formed during the past twenty
聽 ''978-93-5392-784-4John F DillonCommentaries on the law of municipal corporations (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-786-8Bureau of the American Republic Washington U S A: Costa Rice
聽 ''978-93-5392-791-2W J BaltzellBaltzell's dictionary of musicians: containing concise biographical sketches of musicians of the past and present with the pronunciation of foreign names
2019978-93-5392-792-9William CowanJames LoveThe music of the church hymnary and the Psalter in metre, its sources and composers
聽 ''978-93-5392-796-7Jules Claretie 路 Cashel HoeyCamille Desmoulins and his wife; passages from the history of the Dantonists founded upon new and hitherto unpublished documents
聽 ''978-93-5392-800-1The Court leet records of the manor of Manchester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846 (Volume III)
聽 ''978-93-5392-805-6Howard Jay MilksPractical veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics
聽 ''978-93-5392-808-7Arthur H BarkerGraphical Calculus
2019978-93-5392-809-4George F Becker 路 C E Van OrstrandSmithsonian mathematical tables. Hyperbolic functions
聽 ''978-93-5392-814-8H W ConnBacteria, yeasts and molds in the home
聽 ''978-93-5392-818-6Otto Juettner1785-1909. Daniel Drake and his followers; historical and biographical sketches
聽 ''978-93-5392-825-4Classification. Class D: Universal and old world history
聽 ''978-93-5392-826-1John Martin HammondColonial mansions of Maryland and Delaware
2019978-93-5392-838-4Carl PeterChronological tables of Greek history: accompanied by a short narrative of events, with references to the sources of information and extracts from the ancient authorities
聽 ''978-93-5392-871-1Timothy Field AllenThe encyclopedia of pure materia medica; a record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism (Volume IV)
聽 ''978-93-5392-872-8Louis M RoehlAgricultural woodworking: a group of problems for rural and graded schools, agricultural high schools and the farm workshop
聽 ''978-93-5392-873-5Carl Maria Von WeberDer Freyschutz: grand opera in three acts
聽 ''978-93-5392-874-2Elkan Nathan AdlerAuto de f茅 and Jew
2019978-93-5392-882-7James Moores BallAndreas Vesalius, the reformer of anatomy
聽 ''978-93-5392-884-1Webster WellsComplete trigonometry
聽 ''978-93-5392-899-5R W EytonCourt, household, and itinerary of King Henry II: instancing also the chief agents and adversaries of the King in his government, diplomacy, and strategy
聽 ''978-93-5392-900-8John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I 1629-1631
聽 ''978-93-5392-911-4Thomas Dudley FosbrokeBritish monachism; or, Manners and customs of the monks and nuns of England
2019978-93-5392-931-2E PauerA Dictionary of Pianists and Composers for the Pianoforte: With an appendix of manufacturers of the instrument
聽 ''978-93-5392-942-8Cuba as a bee country. A guide to the prospective bee-keeper and those who wish information relative to the Island's resources
聽 ''978-93-5392-947-3S E WhiteheadBenzol; its recovery, rectification and uses
聽 ''978-93-5392-952-7Mary Crane HewettCatalogue of the library of the Massachusetts horticultural society (Part I)
聽 ''978-93-5392-956-5Jeremiah TravisCommentaries on the law of sales and collateral subjects (Volume I)
2019978-93-5392-957-2Byron K ElliottWilliam F ElliottA treatise on the law of evidence; being a consideration of the nature and general principles of evidence, the instruments of evidence and the rules ... with Incidental Matters of Practice, Includi
聽 ''978-93-5392-982-4W H Davenport AdamsCuriosities of superstition, and sketches of some unrevealed religions
聽 ''978-93-5392-985-5George F WarnerCatalogue of the manuscripts and muniments of Alleyn's college of God's gift at Dulwich
聽 ''978-93-5392-986-2J D MullinsCatalogue of the Shakespeare memorial library, Birmingham
聽 ''978-93-5392-988-6R E DennettAt the back of the black man's mind; or, Notes on the kingly office in West Africa
2019978-93-5392-992-3Andrew J RedmondComplete history of the epoch making XXXI triennial conclave of the Grand encampment Knights templar of the United States, with a concise history of templarism from its inception