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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-317-93656-8Sierra LeoneConditions of Trust
1989978-0-317-93668-1Marcella A. McDonellBarney the Magical Snail
  ''978-0-317-93686-5Gerald DartfordThe French Revolution
1988978-0-317-93693-3Thinking on Paper
  ''978-0-317-93708-4Bertram FitzgeraldThe Golden Legacy Illustrated History Series
1989978-0-317-93714-5Thomas W. FarandaThe Faranda Maxims: A Guide to Successful Leadership and Management in the Future (Leadership and Management Series, Volume I)
  ''978-0-317-93719-0Cisneros CarlosEmergency Tacos: Seven Poets Con Picante
1989978-0-317-93723-7Jon StoodleyJse Racing Newsletters: Volumes 1 Through 6 (Volumes One Through Six)
1988978-0-317-93732-9Richard D. RobinsonCases on International Technology Transfer
  ''978-0-317-93733-6Richard D. RobinsonCases on International Technology Transfer (Teaching Notes)
1991978-0-317-93735-0Dan WalkerHow Midi Works With Home Recording
1987978-0-317-93780-0Asphalt Materials & Mixtures (Research Record Series, No 1115)
1989978-0-317-93797-8Patricia WoodWorld Health Organization: A Brief Summary of Its Work
  ''978-0-317-93801-2Duane Ruth-HeffelbowerA Technical Manual for Church Planters
  ''978-0-317-93816-6Presbyterian Eco-Justice Task ForceKeeping and Healing the Creation
1985978-0-317-93819-7Ralph WardSouthern Railway Varnish, 1964-1979: An All-Color Pictorial
1989978-0-317-93835-7Robert G. PaulHow to Live Free: 54 Legal and Honest Ways
1984978-0-317-93840-1Winky CherryMy First Sewing Book
1990978-0-317-93849-4Harvey GreenThe Consumer Culture and the American Home, 1890-1930
1988978-0-317-93850-0Margo Adair · Sharon HowellThe Subjective Side of Politics
1995978-0-317-93858-6Douglas M. GrantIsco Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook
1989978-0-317-93859-3Jill GriffinPower Promotions: Powerful, Low Cost Ways to Increase Your Sales
1991978-0-317-93865-4San Diego Guide to Military Ships and Planes
1989978-0-317-93866-1Peter G. MickelsonNatural History of Alaska's Prince William Sound & How to Enjoy It
1988978-0-317-93878-4Approaches to Criminal Justice Training
  ''978-0-317-93881-4Virginia C. RaquinConservation and Restoration of Stained Glass: An Owner's Guide
1989978-0-317-93888-3Robert CaldwellMusikeys Sightreading Primer
1989978-0-317-93891-3Walter S. BristowThe Charitable Forest Vol. 1: The Path to Security During Retirement
  ''978-0-317-93893-7   ''Comprehensive Split Dollar Kit
1988978-0-317-93894-4   ''The Moving Company: How to Explain Estate Planning Concepts
1989978-0-317-93897-5Brian ZiemerThe Magic Years: Raising the Child from One to Twelve
  ''978-0-317-93898-2Jean P. BordewichCosmic Guide to the New Age: The Source of Cosmic New Age Thought & Services
1988978-0-317-93900-2Phyllis ReisdorfWater, Water, Everywhere, So Many Drops to Drink
1989978-0-317-93903-3Susan C. EliasRape in Intimate Relationships: Guidelines for Helping the Victims
  ''978-0-317-93904-0   ''Strong and Safe: A Children's Guide to Self Protection
1988978-0-317-93908-8Julie C. ReaganScarf Tying Made Easy: It's the Easy Way to Look Good!
1989978-0-317-93912-5Sharon L. StarkHealth Insurance Made Easy...Finally
  ''978-0-317-93919-4Joyce IceQuilted Together: Women, Quilts and Communities
1985978-0-317-93941-5Ronald J. KurtzEthnographic Survey of Southeastern Liberia: The Grebo-Speaking Peoples (Liberian Studies Monograph Ser.: No. 7)
1991978-0-317-93950-7Richard O. ReinhartThe Pilot's Medical Manual for Certification & Health Maintenance
1989978-0-317-93977-4Karl FungThe Dragon Pilgrims: A Historical Study of a Chinese-American Church
  ''978-0-317-93980-4Dee McGuinnessHow to Make Money With Desktop Publishing: Guide for a Small Business Owner
1998978-0-317-93991-0Ra UN Nefer AmenThe Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook
  ''978-0-317-93992-7Amen Ra Un NefeNutritional Herbal Remedies
1989978-0-317-94017-6Norman ErringtonSearch for the Fountain of Youth: The Miracle of the Bees
  ''978-0-317-94018-3Elsa SreenivasamTextiles of India - A Living History: A Study of Regional Surface Design Traditions in India
  ''978-0-317-94026-8Richard L. FetterDom Perignon: Man and Myth
1982978-0-317-94037-4David E. SteeleSecrets of Modern Knife Fighting, 2nd Ed.
1982978-0-317-94079-4Robert L. StamperThe Intraocular Lens
  ''978-0-317-94081-7Ronald G. MichelsVitreous Surgery
1981978-0-317-94082-4Merrill J. ReehOphthalmic Anatomy
1989978-0-317-94085-5Mark J. MannisCase Studies in Ophthalmology for Medical Students
  ''978-0-317-94086-2Mark J. MannisCase Studies in Ophthalmology for Medical Students
1989978-0-317-94102-9Ellin DodgeNumerology for Children
  ''978-0-317-94105-0I Am
  ''978-0-317-94109-8Sanford J. CatzThe Stack Management System
1989978-0-317-99581-7Walter C. KidneyA Past Still Alive: The Pittsburgh History Landmarks Foundation Celebrates 25 Years
1990978-0-317-99586-2Leela OmcherStudies in Indian Music and Applied Arts
1989978-0-317-99596-1Mysterium Pansophicum or a Fundamental Statement Concerning the Earthly and Heavenly Mystery
1990978-0-317-99616-6Martin GardnerMathematical Magic Show
  ''978-0-317-99622-7Arnold MallisHandbook of Pest Control
2002978-0-317-99623-4Chris ChristensenTechnician's Handbook
1987978-0-317-99634-0National Research CouncilRisking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Child Bearing
1988978-0-317-99645-6Richard McGillOmamori
1990978-0-317-99656-2Michael WhiteAmerican Fiction: Best Unpublished Short Stories by Emerging Writers
  ''978-0-317-99661-6John A. GarratyColumbia History of the World
  ''978-0-317-99723-1Herbert StrangStories of the Mutiny
  ''978-0-317-99762-0Twentieth Annual Institute on International Taxation (Tax Law and Estate Planning Ser.)
1989978-0-317-99793-4Patent Litigation (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Literary Property Course Handbook Series, Vol 280)
1990978-0-317-99798-9Charles ZalaznickReal Estate Development and Construction Financing, 1990
1990978-0-317-99824-5Jim PalmerStatistical Yearbook of Community, Technical, and Junior Colleges, 1989-90
1994978-0-317-99829-0Tree Turf and Ornamental Pesticide Guide/1994-95
1928978-0-317-99864-1Wanda Ga'gMillions of Cats
1989978-0-317-99889-4Aci CommitteeBuilding Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete With Commentary: Aci 318-89, ANSI 318R-89
1990978-0-317-99897-9Tomie dePaolaOliver Button is a Sissy
1992978-0-317-99925-9Connecticut Environmental Law Handbook
1990978-0-317-99939-6The Indian Theatre
  ''978-0-317-99944-0Charles BellTibet Past and Present
1989978-0-317-99945-7S. M. BurkeAkbar: The Greatest Mogul
1990978-0-317-99959-4Helene N. GuttmanGuidelines for the Well-Being of Rodents in Research
978-0-317-99961-7Be Brave, Baby Rabbit
1989978-0-317-99963-1Roy M. MarcotSpencer Repeating Firearms
1990978-0-317-99978-5Don Harderbergh · Craig Borsema · Timoth Murphy · Chang-Ming YehDwi-Dui Sentencing Evaluation, Maryland District Court