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2007978-0-595-67839-6Ronald HenryThe Future Healer: Spirit Communication on Healing
  ''978-0-595-67878-5Barney RosenzweigCagney & Lacey ... and Me: An Inside Hollywood Story OR How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blonde
2006978-0-595-67885-3Erica FisherDance Like No One is Watching: ...When I was an Exotic Dancer
2007978-0-595-67952-2Gregory HintonSanta Monica Canyon
  ''978-0-595-67961-4William ReavesViktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology, Volume II, Part 1: Indo-European Mythology
  ''978-0-595-67969-0Scott MacGillivray · Ted OkudaThe Soundies Book: A Revised and Expanded Guide
  ''978-0-595-67996-6Brandon WinninghamCatiline
2007978-0-595-68172-3Catherine HosmerTaking the Pulse of The U.S. Health Care System
  ''978-0-595-68214-0Zev GolanGod, Man and Nietzsche: A Startling Dialogue between Judaism and Modern Philosophers
  ''978-0-595-68226-3BerNadette Lawson-Williams · Tracie K Thomas · Tanika H Campbell · Yolanda R Kennedy · Ebony M Brown · NKenya N Lassiter · LaRonda J Robinson · Adrienne Blanding-HurleyI Don't Mean to Smash Your Tomatoes, Honey!: A Glimpse at Life's Perspectives from A to Z
  ''978-0-595-68260-7Renato Nicolai Ed.D.The Nightmare That Is Public Education: An Exposé of What Really Happens in Public Schools
  ''978-0-595-68503-5Richard FriedlanderParadise Besieged: A Journey to Medieval Mount Athos at the Dawn of the Information Age
2007978-0-595-68505-9Nick AmatoTemples of the Gods
  ''978-0-595-68535-6Terry FallisThe Best Laid Plans: A Novel
  ''978-0-595-68537-0Christopher DupreSine Dubio—Without a Doubt
  ''978-0-595-68621-6Dan AllossoOutside the Box
  ''978-0-595-68750-3N. SernaMuchácho: A Novel
2008978-0-595-68876-0Mark HordyszynskiSHAG: A Modern Tale of Mammoth Proportions
2007978-0-595-68946-0Jack DixonThe Pict
2007978-0-595-69066-4Phillip GrismerApples, Oranges and Lemons: Surviving The Automobile Business
  ''978-0-595-69300-9Aileen Vincent-BarwoodA Murderous Thirst: Death Comes To The Adirondacks
  ''978-0-595-69516-4Randy VCoven of Celsus Elizabeth
  ''978-0-595-69589-8Michael KellerTorture Central: E-mails From Abu Ghraib
2008978-0-595-69652-9John NormanGoodbye Sims Goodbye Takeo
2007978-0-595-69661-1David HumphreySir Hugo's Literary Companion: A Compendium of the Writings of Hugo's Companions, Chicago On the Subject of Mr. Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-595-69663-5Victor GoldThe Potency Principles: Transforming Sexual Energy into Spiritual Power
2008978-0-595-69727-4Vallabh DhudshiaHi-Tech Equipment Reliability: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Managers
2007978-0-595-70199-5Mary ColemanBlood of the Beloved
2008978-0-595-70449-1Carolyn BennettWomen's Work and Words Altering World Order: Alternatives to Spin and Inhumanity of Men
2008978-0-595-70577-1C. Allyn PiersonAnd This Our Life: Chronicles of the Darcy Family: Book 1
  ''978-0-595-70665-5Remy CastroSoft Crime
2007978-0-595-70893-2Ed IfkovicDiana's Dogs: Diana Ross and the Definition of a Diva
  ''978-0-595-70899-4Yoga NiketanThe Scriptural Commentaries of Yogiraj Sri Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya: Volume 2
  ''978-0-595-71058-4Jonathan CrowlThe Nebraska Way
  ''978-0-595-71091-1Anna FlowersWanton Woman: Sue Logue, Strom Thurmond, and the Bloody Logue-Timmerman Feud
2008978-0-595-71119-2Charles HaasThe Thanksgiving Virgin
2007978-0-595-71185-7W. Patrick LangThe Butcher's Cleaver: (A Tale of the Confederate Secret Services.)
2010978-0-595-71211-3Phd Robert E. HirschCaged: One Woman's Journey from Cult Abuse to Freedom
2009978-0-595-71216-8John DeatonTwo Hands Full of Sunshine (Volume I): An Epic about Children Trapped in the Holocaust
2008978-0-595-71332-5Robert E. RelyeaNot So Quiet on the Set: My Life in Movies During Hollywood's Macho Era
2008978-0-595-71631-9Geoff LinsleyThe Atheist's Bible: How Science Eliminates Theism
  ''978-0-595-71788-0Muriel EngelmanMission Accomplished: Stop The Clock: A Personal Memoir
2005978-0-595-71820-7M. Craig WilliamsConstant Interruptions: A Collection of Chaos
2003978-0-595-73242-5Sun Microsystems Inc.Sun One Studio 8: Documentation Set (Japanese Edition)
2000978-0-595-74455-8Paul GillcristSea Legs
2002978-0-595-74527-2Theodore RockwellThe Rickover Effect: How One Man Made A Difference
2003978-0-595-74905-8Lowell AckermanManagement Basics for Veterinarians
  ''978-0-595-74936-2Scr Bishop Andre J. QueenOld Catholic: History, Ministry, Faith & Mission
2002978-0-595-74970-6Marcelo BosqueUnderstanding 99% of Artificial Neural Networks: Introduction & Tricks
2000978-0-595-74980-5Gary Vitacco-RoblesCursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Hacienda: The Story of Her Final Months
2003978-0-595-74987-4Donald MitchellThe 2,000 Percent Solution: Free Your Organization from Stalled Thinking to Achieve Exponential Success
  ''978-0-595-75020-7J. Frank DurhamYou Only Blow Yourself Up Once: Confessions of a World War Two Bomb Disposaleer
2004978-0-595-76587-4Robert ChechileThe ABCs of IPOs: Investment Strategies and Tactics for New Issue Securities
2002978-0-595-77149-3Griff RubyThe Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church: A guide to the Traditional Roman Catholic movement
2005978-0-595-77976-5Rick TatePeople Leave Managers...Not Organizations!: Action Based Leadership
  ''978-0-595-78192-8Albert AllisonTo Defy the Monster
2005978-0-595-78770-8John FitzgeraldThe Amendment: A Novel
  ''978-0-595-79192-7Robert Samms Ph DMaking Marriage Meaningful: Insights and Secrets from a Forty-Year Marriage
  ''978-0-595-79409-6Bud SimpsonPebbles In Their Shoes: A Novel
  ''978-0-595-79440-9Ian CameronHeal Thyself: Understanding and Overcoming Illness
2003978-0-595-79508-6Antal SzerbThe Traveler
2005978-0-595-80079-7Courtney FfrenchTides and Tears
  ''978-0-595-80095-7Michael CampbellEngines of World War III: Second Edition
2005978-0-595-80114-5Jeff St. JohnGet Out of the Way--I’m Late for My <I>Love</I> Life!®: Spiritual Principles for Life-changing Love that Lasts
  ''978-0-595-80181-7Claude PearsonGunfish: A Fleet Submarine Goes to War
2006978-0-595-80604-1Andrew SpyrouFrom T-2 to Supertanker: Development of the Oil Tanker, 1940-2000
2005978-0-595-81003-1Gordon GreerWhat Price Security?
  ''978-0-595-81214-1chesterhWhat Time Is the Midnight Buffet?: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Our Cruise
  ''978-0-595-81223-3Howard Carlson BS DDSThe Wonder Of It All: A Memoir of an Armored Field Artillery Officer In World War II
2004978-0-595-81398-8William YoungInternational Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great: A Guide to the Historical Literature
2006978-0-595-81719-1Donna PerryA Last Look at Innocence: Middle School Kids Share Their Views of the World
  ''978-0-595-82573-8Joseph StedmanWorld Balance and Human Development: Progress or Decay--a Wake-Up Call
2006978-0-595-83831-8Patrick ReynoldsThe Gilded Leaf: Triumph, Tragedy, and Tobacco: Three Generations of the R. J. Reynolds Family and Fortune
2007978-0-595-84278-0Theodora BrunsThrough Phantom Eyes: Volume One - A Child's Guidance
2006978-0-595-84288-9Alan ThickeHow To Raise Kids Who Won't Hate You
  ''978-0-595-84856-0Michael VarverisThe HAPI Heart Diet: A Common-Sense Approach to a Happy and Heart-Healthy Life
2007978-0-595-85389-2Victoria Cristiani RossiSpangles, Elephants, Violets & Me: The Circus Inside Out
  ''978-0-595-85847-7Aloysius AguwaWaste Management in the Oil Industry
2006978-0-595-85926-9Leslie LiptonUnwell: a novel
2007978-0-595-87126-1Philip RochfordInfinite Possibilities: Claim the Life You Want
  ''978-0-595-87444-6Hugh Lee LyonLeontyne Price: Highlights of a Prima Donna
  ''978-0-595-87533-7Jonathan L. BowenRevenge: The Real Life Story of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
2007978-0-595-88726-2Jan AllegrettiListen to the Silence: Lessons from Trees and Other Masters
  ''978-0-595-89601-1Donny PetersenDonny’s Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936-2008: Volume I: The Twin Cam
  ''978-0-595-91128-8Bob WicalTotal Energy Independence for the United States: A Twelve-Year Plan