Joel Chandler Harris

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Aaron in the Wildwoods: -1897Paperback 978-1-112-28759-62009
Aaron in the wildwoods   " 978-1-131-05576-32011
A Little Union ScoutTaschenbuch
Brer Rabbit Again!Hardcover 978-0-603-03254-71990
Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox   " 978-0-00-138188-91969
Brer Rabbit: Fishing for the MoonPaperback 978-0-7525-1211-21996
Brer Rabbit StoriesHardcover 978-0-86163-689-11993
Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit   " 978-0-7624-1712-42004Don Daily
Hello Brer Rabbit   " 978-0-86163-692-11993
Joel Chandler Harris, Editor and Essayist   " 978-0-403-01013-41971
Joel Chandler Harris' Life of Henry W. Grady Including His Writings and Speeches: A Memorial VolumePaperback 978-1-143-73615-52010
Library of Southern Literature, Volume 2   " 978-1-142-85387-72010Edwin Anderson Alderman · Charles William Kent
Library of Southern Literature, Volume 10   " 978-1-141-86732-52010Edwin Anderson Alderman · Charles William Kent
Life of Henry W. Grady: Including His Writings and Speeches   " 978-1-112-13463-02009
Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country: What the Children Saw & Heard There   " 978-1-145-99024-12010
Mingo: And Other Sketches in Black and White   " 978-1-146-32166-22010
More Brer Rabbit StoriesHardcover 978-0-86163-690-71993
My Big Book of Brer Rabbit   " 978-1-84135-385-22006
Nights with Uncle RemusPaperback 978-0-14-243766-72003
Nights with Uncle Remus: myths and legends of the old plantation   " 978-1-131-01804-12011
Nights With Uncle Remus: Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation   " 978-1-112-03862-42009
Stories From Uncle Remus   " 978-1-85471-635-41995
Stories of Georgia   " 978-1-142-09488-12010
Tales of the Home Folks in Peace and War   " 978-1-142-74230-02010
Tales of the Home Folks in Peace and War:   " 978-1-112-03337-72009
Tar Baby: Tales of Brer Rabbit   " 978-1-84068-020-12000
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Friends   " 978-0-7566-1813-12006Karima Amin · Eric Copeland
The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann: Illustrated by a. B. Frost   " 978-1-112-03894-52009
The Classic Tales of Brer RabbitHardcover 978-0-7624-3219-62008
The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus   " 978-0-618-15429-62002
The Favorite Uncle Remus   " 978-0-395-06800-71973
The Story of Aaron the Son of Ben Ali: Told by His Friends and AcquaintancesPaperback 978-1-112-03863-12009
The Story of Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar BabyLibrary Binding 978-1-59197-761-22004
The Works of Joel Chandler Harris: Sister JanePaperback 978-1-142-86037-02010
The World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and HumorHardcover 978-0-483-26490-82018
The World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and HumorPaperback 978-1-332-60755-62018
Told by Uncle Remus: New Stories of the Old Plantation   " 978-1-146-40039-82010Arthur Burdett Frost · J M. Condé
Uncle Remus: His Songs & His SayingsAudio CD 978-1-61045-000-32010
Uncle Remus,: his songs and his sayings.Paperback 978-1-4297-8096-42009
Uncle Remus: His Songs and His SayingsTextbook Binding 978-0-8482-9972-92008
Uncle Remus: His Songs and SayingsHardcover 978-0-696-85083-71960
Uncle Remus Stories   " 978-0-00-138187-21961
Walt Disney's BRER RABBIT and HIS FRIENDS From the Motion Picture Song of the South   " 978-0-394-82774-21974
Walt Disney's Uncle Remus Stories   " 978-0-307-15551-11986Marion Palmer

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