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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-86163-068-4Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers (Award Adventure Classics)
1983978-0-86163-079-0Rene ClokeThe Three Bears (Butterfly fairytale books series I)
1984978-0-86163-109-4unknownThe Award Compact Dictionary
  ''978-0-86163-133-9Jane CarruthLouisa May Alcott's Little women (Award adventure classics)
1985978-0-86163-154-4Ann Ricketts · Michael RickettsA. B. C. (Baby's First Board Book)
1986978-0-86163-186-5Paul NeedsThe Poddington Peas - Zip-Pea Saves the Day
1990978-0-86163-391-3Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
1989978-0-86163-407-1Enid BlytonThe Tower in Ho-Ho Wood and Other Stories (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 3)
  ''978-0-86163-408-8Enid BlytonThe Strange Umbrella and Other Stories (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 3)
1987978-0-86163-432-3Ursula HarringmanThe Universal Crossword Dictionary
1990978-0-86163-461-3Kenneth Grahame · Jane CarruthThe River Bank (The wind in the willows library)
1991978-0-86163-535-1Enid BlytonShock for the Secret Seven
1992978-0-86163-537-5   ''The Secret of Killimooin (Enid Blyton's secret island series)
  ''978-0-86163-539-9   ''The Secret of Spiggy Holes (Enid Blyton's secret island series)
  ''978-0-86163-540-5   ''The Secret Mountain (Enid Blyton's secret island series)
1992978-0-86163-548-1Enid BlytonSix Cousins at Mistletoe Farm (Enid Blyton's six cousins series)
  ''978-0-86163-549-8   ''Six Cousins Again (Enid Blyton's six cousins again)
1992978-0-86163-555-9Enid BlytonFive Go to Billycock Hill (The Famous Five Series IV)
1994978-0-86163-556-6   ''Five Have a Mystery to Solve (The Famous Five)
1992978-0-86163-557-3   ''Five Go to Demon's Rocks (The Famous Five Series IV)
  ''978-0-86163-559-7   ''Five are Together Again (The Famous Five Series IV)
  ''978-0-86163-560-3   ''Five on Finniston Farm (The Famous Five Series IV)
1992978-0-86163-570-2Enid BlytonGo Ahead, Secret Seven (Enid Blyton's The secret seven series II)
  ''978-0-86163-571-9   ''Secret Seven Win Through (Enid Blyton's The secret seven series II)
  ''978-0-86163-572-6   ''Well Done, Secret Seven (Enid Blyton's The secret seven series II)
  ''978-0-86163-574-0   ''Look Out, Secret Seven (Enid Blyton's The secret seven series II)
1993978-0-86163-589-4   ''The Wishing Wand and Other Stories (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 4)
1993978-0-86163-590-0Enid BlytonThe Flyaway Cottage and Other Stories (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 4)
1992978-0-86163-601-3   ''Five Have Plenty of Fun (The Famous Five Series III)
  ''978-0-86163-603-7   ''Five Go Down to the Sea (The Famous Five Series III)
1993978-0-86163-607-5   ''The Pig with Green Spots (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 5)
  ''978-0-86163-610-5   ''The Magic Clock (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 5)
1993978-0-86163-611-2Enid BlytonThe Little Brownie House and Other Stories (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 5)
1994978-0-86163-646-4   ''Three Bold Pixies and Other Stories
1996978-0-86163-652-5Sue HallA Surprise for Snatch
1995978-0-86163-661-7   ''Snatch in a Mess
  ''978-0-86163-677-8   ''One for Snatch
1993978-0-86163-680-8Enid BlytonFive Fall into Adventure (The Famous Five Series II)
  ''978-0-86163-685-3   ''Five Go to Smuggler's Top (The Famous Five Series)
1993978-0-86163-688-4Enid BlytonFive on a Treasure Island (The Famous Five Series I)
  ''978-0-86163-689-1Joel Chandler HarrisBrer Rabbit Stories (Brer Rabbit's adventures)
  ''978-0-86163-690-7Joel Chandler HarrisMore Brer Rabbit Stories (Brer Rabbit's adventures)
  ''978-0-86163-692-1   ''Hello Brer Rabbit (Brer Rabbit's adventures)
  ''978-0-86163-729-4Sue HallSnatch
1995978-0-86163-750-8Josephine Pullein-ThompsonTreasury of Horse and Pony Stories
1996978-0-86163-766-9Sue HallSnatch and His Friends
1997978-0-86163-838-3Lorna HillBallet Stories: Dancing Peel
1997978-0-86163-839-0Lorna HillDancer's Luck
  ''978-0-86163-840-6   ''Ballet Stories: the Little Dancer
  ''978-0-86163-841-3   ''Ballet Stories: Dancer in the Wings
  ''978-0-86163-843-7Christine Pullein-ThompsonPhantom Horse Goes to Ireland
  ''978-0-86163-844-4Christine Pullein-ThompsonPhantom Horse Comes Home
1997978-0-86163-845-1Christine Pullein-ThompsonWait for Me Phantom Horse
  ''978-0-86163-846-8   ''Phantom Horse in Danger
1997978-0-86163-848-2Christine Pullein-ThompsonPhantom Horse Goes to Scotland
  ''978-0-86163-882-6Sue LloydThe Children's Book of Manners (Star Rewards - Life Skills for Kids)
1998978-0-86163-928-1Enid BlytonThe Enchanted Table and Other Stories
1999978-0-86163-945-8   ''The Put-Em-Rights
  ''978-0-86163-946-5   ''House at the Corner (Mystery & Adventure)
  ''978-0-86163-947-2   ''Children at Green Meadows (Mystery & Adventure S.)
  ''978-0-86163-948-9   ''Family at Red Roofs (Mystery & Adventure S.)
1999978-0-86163-949-6Enid BlytonThose Dreadful Children (Mystery & Adventure S.)
1999978-0-86163-950-2Enid BlytonSix Bad Boys (Mystery & Adventure S.)