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1989978-0-87021-599-5Ross WattonThe Cunard Liner Queen Mary (Anatomy of the Ship)
1981978-0-87021-607-7E. B. PotterSea Power: A Naval History, Second Edition
1989978-0-87021-614-5C. F. Andrews · E. B. MorganSupermarine Aircraft Since 1914 (Putnam Aeronautical Books)
1988978-0-87021-617-6Al RossThe Destroyer: The Sullivans (Anatomy of the Ship)
1987978-0-87021-619-0William GilkersonShips of John Paul Jones
1988978-0-87021-620-6Oretha D. SwartzService Etiquette, 4th Edition
1986978-0-87021-621-3Jean BoudriotThe Seventy-Four Gun Ship: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Naval Architecture, Vol. 1: Hull Construction (English and French Edition)
1987978-0-87021-622-0Jean BoudriotSeventy-Four Gun Ship: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Naval Architecture - Fitting Out the Hull (English and French Edition)
1984978-0-87021-631-2Brian LaveryThe Ship of the Line, Vol. 1: The Development of the Battlefleet, 1650-1850
1976978-0-87021-636-7James C. FaheyThe Ships And Aircraft Of The U.S. Fleet, Victory Edition
1965978-0-87021-637-4   ''The Ships and Aircraft of the United States Fleet, Eighth Edition
1975978-0-87021-639-8Samuel L. Morrison · John S. RoweThe Ships & Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
1978978-0-87021-642-8Norman PolmarThe Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 11th Edition
1981978-0-87021-643-5Norman PolmarThe Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 12th Edition
1952978-0-87021-644-2Keith Frazier SOMERVILLEShips of the United States Navy and Their Sponsors 1924-1950
1954978-0-87021-645-9James C. FaheyThe Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
1980978-0-87021-646-6   ''The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
  ''978-0-87021-647-3   ''Ships and Aircrafts of the U.S. Fleet, 1950, '58, and '65 Editions
1984978-0-87021-648-0Norman Polmar · James C. FaheyThe Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
1987978-0-87021-649-7Norman PolmarThe Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 14th Edition
1984978-0-87021-650-3George SolleyShort Stories of the Sea
1968978-0-87021-651-0Otto William WillSimplified rules of the nautical road,
1988978-0-87021-652-7J. J. ColledgeShips of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of All Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy from the Fifteenth Century to the Present
  ''978-0-87021-653-4Harold M. HahnShips of the American Revolution and Their Models
  ''978-0-87021-654-1Hans Jurgen HansenThe Ships of the German Fleets, 1848-1945
1972978-0-87021-655-8H. H ShufeldtSlide rule for the mariner
1961978-0-87021-658-9Earle C. V-Five Association of America. · United States. WatersSoccer.
1990978-0-87021-660-2Dudley Pope73 North: The Battle of the Barents Sea
1989978-0-87021-661-9J. J. ColledgeShips of the Royal Navy, Vol. 2: Navy-Built Trawlers, Drifters, Tugs and Requisitioned Ships from the 15th Century to the Present
  ''978-0-87021-662-6C. H. BarnesShorts Aircraft Since 1900 (Putnam Aeronautical Books)
1981978-0-87021-668-8Rodney P CarlisleSovereignty for sale: The origins and evolution of the Panamanian and Liberian flags of convenience
1992978-0-87021-675-6Milan VegoSoviet Naval Tactics
1993978-0-87021-678-7Jules Verne · Walter James Miller · Frederick Paul Walter20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1972978-0-87021-681-7John Doughty AldenThe American Steel Navy: A Photographic History of the U.S. Navy from the Introduction of the Steel Hull in 1883 to the Cruise of the Great White Fleet, 1907-1909
1986978-0-87021-682-4Dorr Carpenter · Norman PolmarSubmarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy
1983978-0-87021-685-5Jeffrey M. DorwartConflict of Duty: U.S. Navy's Intelligence Dilemma, 1919-1945
1987978-0-87021-690-9Maido SaarlasSteam and Gas Turbines for Marine Propulsion
1988978-0-87021-692-3Edward P. StaffordSubchaser
2004978-0-87021-695-4John D. HarbronTrafalgar and the Spanish Navy: The Spanish Experience of Sea Power
1988978-0-87021-696-1Rene J. FrancillonTonkin Gulf Yacht Club: U.S. Carrier Operations off Vietnam
1988978-0-87021-697-8James R. RecknerTeddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet
1989978-0-87021-698-5Arthur SinclairTwo Years on the Alabama (CLASSICS OF NAVAL LITERATURE)
1974978-0-87021-708-1Charles M MelhornTwo-Block Fox: The Rise of the Aircraft Carrier, 1911-1929
1987978-0-87021-713-5Norman FriedmanU.S. Small Combatants, Including PT Boats, Subchasers, and the Brown-Water Navy: An Illustrated Design History
1985978-0-87021-714-2Ivan MusicantU.S. Armored Cruisers: A Design and Operational History
1986978-0-87021-715-9Norman FriedmanU.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History
1982978-0-87021-717-3Robert L. ScheinaU.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft of World War II
1984978-0-87021-718-0Norman FriedmanU.S. Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History
1990978-0-87021-719-7Robert L. ScheinaU.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft: 1946-1990
1986978-0-87021-724-1U.S. Navy DepartmentU.S. Naval Vessels, 1943
1953978-0-87021-726-5Theodore RoscoeUnited States Destroyer Operations in World War II
1949978-0-87021-731-9Theodore RoscoeUnited States Submarine Operations in World War II
1982978-0-87021-733-3Norman FriedmanU.S. Destroyers: An Illustrated Design History
1983978-0-87021-735-7   ''U.S. Naval Weapons: Every Gun, Missile, Mine and Torpedo Used by the U.S. Navy from 1883 to the Present Day
1982978-0-87021-738-8Douglas Hill Robinson · Charles l. KellerUp Ship!: A History of the U.S. Navy's Rigid Airships 1919-1935
1983978-0-87021-739-5Norman FriedmanU.S. Aircraft Carriers: An Illustrated Design History
1979978-0-87021-753-1Gregory Kemenyi HartmannWeapons that wait: Mine warfare in the U.S. Navy
1983978-0-87021-756-2William J. KotschWeather for the Mariner, 3rd Edition
1991978-0-87021-759-3Edward Stanley MillerWar Plan Orange: The U.S. Strategy to Defeat Japan, 1897-1945
1989978-0-87021-764-7V. E. TarrantThe U-Boat Offensive 1914-1945
1987978-0-87021-766-1David H. GroverU.S. Army Ships and Watercraft of World War II
1989978-0-87021-767-8John D. AldenU.S. Submarine Attacks During World War II: Including Allied Submarine Attacks in the Pacific Theater
2001978-0-87021-768-5Merrill L. Bartlett · Jack SweetmanThe U.S. Marine Corps: An Illustrated History
1992978-0-87021-772-2Richard L. Schreadley · R. L. SchreadleyFrom the Rivers to the Sea: The United States Navy in Vietnam
1990978-0-87021-780-7Karl DoenitzMemoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days
1989978-0-87021-783-8Paul H. SilverstoneWarships of the Civil War Navies
1984978-0-87021-785-2Victor H. KrulakFirst to Fight: An Inside View of the U.S. Marine Corps
1988978-0-87021-788-3Herman MelvilleWhite-Jacket, or the World in a Man-of-War (Classics of Naval Literature)
1990978-0-87021-789-0Barrett TillmanWildcat: The F4F in WW II
  ''978-0-87021-790-6Erich Groener · Peter MickelGerman Warships, 1815-1945: Major Surface Vessels
  ''978-0-87021-792-0Gordon Swanborough · Peter M. BowersUnited States Navy Aircraft Since 1911
1989978-0-87021-793-7Norman FriedmanNaval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems
1987978-0-87021-795-1Filson YoungWith the Battlecruisers (Classics of Naval Literature)
1980978-0-87021-797-5Edward H. Heinemann · Rosario RausaEd Heinemann, Combat Aircraft Designer
1984978-0-87021-798-2Kemp TolleyYangtze Patrol: The U.S. Navy in China
1976978-0-87021-817-0Alan Raven · John RobertsBritish Battleships of World War Two: The Development and Technical History of the Royal Navy's Battleships and Battlecruisers from 1911 to 1946
1979978-0-87021-824-8Paul SchmalenbachGerman raiders: A history of auxiliary cruisers of the German Navy, 1895-1945
1977978-0-87021-826-2Peter C. SmithThe Great Ships Pass: British Battleships at War 1939-1945
1973978-0-87021-842-2Geoffrey Martin BennettThe Loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse (Sea battles in close-up)
1979978-0-87021-847-7James LeesThe Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War 1625-1860
1968978-0-87021-848-4Stephen Wentworth RoskillNaval Policy Between the Wars, Vol. 1: The Period of Anglo-American Antagonism, 1919-1929
1970978-0-87021-860-6Abraham ReesRees's naval architecture (1819-20)
1986978-0-87021-863-7Robert A. BurtBritish Battleships of World War One
1983978-0-87021-884-2David R. MacGregorTea Clippers: Their History and Development, 1833-1875
1985978-0-87021-886-6David WestwoodThe Type VII U-Boat (Anatomy of the Ship)
1987978-0-87021-890-3John McKayThe 100 Gun Ship Victory (Anatomy of the Ship)
1976978-0-87021-893-4Hansgeorg Jentschura · Dieter Jung · Peter MickelWarships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945
1988978-0-87021-894-1G. A. H. GordonBritish Seapower and Procurement Between the Wars: A Reappraisal of Rearmament
  ''978-0-87021-895-8David R. MacGregorFast Sailing Ships: Their Design and Construction, 1775-1875
1987978-0-87021-896-5A. J. JacksonDe Havilland Aircraft since 1909 (Putnam Aviation Series)
  ''978-0-87021-897-2Rene J. FrancillonLockheed Aircraft Since 1913
1988978-0-87021-900-9Franco Gay · Valerio GayCruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni (Anatomy of the Ship)
1982978-0-87021-901-6John Arthur RobertsThe Aircraft Carrier Intrepid (Anatomy of the Ship)
1984978-0-87021-902-3Roger ChesneauAircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
1984978-0-87021-903-0James D LaddInside the commandos: A pictorial history from World War Two to the present
1985978-0-87021-907-8Randal GrayConway's All the World's Fighting Ships: 1906-1921 (Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, Vol. 2)
1981978-0-87021-908-5Martin BriceAxis Blockade Runners of World War II
1976978-0-87021-911-5F. C. van OostenThe Battle of the Java Sea (Sea battles in close-up #15)
1979978-0-87021-912-2Robert GardinerConway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1860-1905
1980978-0-87021-913-9Roger Chesneau · Robert GardinerConway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1922-1946
1977978-0-87021-914-6Geoffrey Martin BennettThe Battle of Trafalgar
1981978-0-87021-917-7Peter HodgesThe big gun: Battleship main armament, 1860-1945
1983978-0-87021-918-4Norman FriedmanConway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1947-1982, Part 1: The Western Powers
1984978-0-87021-919-1Robert GardinerConway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1947-1982, Part 2: The Warsaw Pact and Non-Aligned Nations
1983978-0-87021-920-7James CableBritain's Naval Future
  ''978-0-87021-921-4R. Baker · William H. Holt · J. Lenaghan · A. J. Sims · A. W. S. WatsonSelected Papers on British Warship Design in World War II from the Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
1980978-0-87021-922-1Alan Raven · John RobertsBritish Cruisers of World War Two
1983978-0-87021-923-8Robert Gardiner · Norman FriedmanConway's All the world's fighting ships, 1947-1982 (2 Volume set)
1980978-0-87021-924-5G. A BallardThe black battlefleet
1974978-0-87021-925-2Peter GrettonCrisis convoy: The story of HX231
1980978-0-87021-926-9Peter ElliottThe cross and the ensign: A naval history of Malta, 1798-1979
1981978-0-87021-927-6Harold M. HahnColonial Schooner 1763 - 1775
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1979978-0-87021-929-0Peter HodgesDestroyer weapons of World War 2
1982978-0-87021-930-6Peter C. SmithDive Bomber
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1978978-0-87021-932-0Charles Edward SmithFrom the Deep of the Sea: An Epic of the Arctic
1979978-0-87021-933-7Jak P. Mallmann ShowellThe German Navy in World War Two: An Illustrated Guide to the Kriegsmarine, 1935-1945
1970978-0-87021-934-4Stephen RoskillHankey: Man of Secrets, Vol. I 1877-1918
1972978-0-87021-935-1Stephen Wentworth RoskillHankey: Man of Secrets: Volume II 1919-1931
1979978-0-87021-936-8Stephen RoskillHankey: Man of Secrets
1984978-0-87021-938-2Peter C. SmithHold the Narrow Sea: Naval Warfare in the English Channel, 1939-1945
1976978-0-87021-939-9Frank G. G. CarrThe Medley of Mast and Sail: A Camera Record, Vol. 1
1981978-0-87021-940-5Alex A. HurstThe Medley of Mast and Sail: A Camera Record, Vol. 2
1984978-0-87021-941-2David R. MacGregorMerchant Sailing Ships, 1815-1850
1981978-0-87021-942-9David R. MacGregorMerchant Sailing Ships, 1775-1815
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  ''978-0-87021-944-3A. J. PackNelson's Blood: Story of Naval Rum
1974978-0-87021-945-0Brian Betham SchofieldOperation Neptune (Sea Battles in close-up)
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1984978-0-87021-947-4Margaret RuleThe Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
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1977978-0-87021-949-8John LeatherA panorama of gaff rig
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  ''978-0-87021-954-2Norman FriedmanSubmarine Design and Development
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1983978-0-87021-957-3Bryan RanftThe sea in Soviet strategy
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1980978-0-87021-960-3Basil GreenhillSchooners
1979978-0-87021-961-0Sergei Georgievich GorshkovThe Sea Power of the State
1978978-0-87021-962-7Erminio BagnascoSubmarines of World War Two (English and Italian Edition)
1980978-0-87021-963-4David CoulingSteam yachts
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  ''978-0-87021-974-0Stefan Terzibaschitsch · Harold ErenbergCruisers of the U.S. Navy, 1922-1962
1978978-0-87021-975-7Antony PrestonWarship, Vol. 1
1980978-0-87021-976-4Anthony PrestonWarship, Volume II
1981978-0-87021-977-1John RobertsWarship, Vol. 3
1979978-0-87021-978-8John E. MooreWarships of the Royal Navy
1980978-0-87021-979-5John RobertsWarship, Volume IV
1982978-0-87021-980-1   ''Warship, Vol. 5
1983978-0-87021-981-8   ''Warship, Vol. 6
1984978-0-87021-982-5   ''Warship, Vol. 7
1984978-0-87021-983-2Randall GrayWarship, Vol. 8
1985978-0-87021-984-9Andrew LambertWarship, Volume IX
1987978-0-87021-985-6Andrew LambertWarship, Vol. X
  ''978-0-87021-986-3   ''Warrior: The World's First Ironclad Then and Now
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1976978-0-87021-988-7John LeatherWorld warships in review, 1860/1906
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1987978-0-87021-995-5Eric BrownWings of the Navy: Flying Allied Carrier Aircraft of World War Two
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  ''978-0-87021-997-9Commandant M. H. FletcherWRNS: A History of the Women's Royal Naval Service
  ''978-0-87021-998-6J. R. HillAnti-Submarine Warfare
  ''978-0-87021-999-3Robert GardinerWarship 1989