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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-93-5397-004-8J H MuirheadLetters of Cicero; selected and edited with introduction and notes
聽 ''978-93-5397-005-5E Cobham BrewerCharacter sketches of romance, fiction and the drama (Volume VII)
聽 ''978-93-5397-029-1L L Langstroth 路 Charles DadantLangstroth on the hive and honey-bee
聽 ''978-93-5397-083-3Biographical review. This volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Litchfield County, Connecticut
聽 ''978-93-5397-112-0J S KingsleyComparative anatomy of vertebrates
2020978-93-5397-129-8J G FrazerThe golden bough: a study in comparative religion (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5397-138-0John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I 1636-1637
聽 ''978-93-5397-189-2H G Wood 路 Arthur W BlakemoreWood's practice evidence: for ready use in the trial of causes
聽 ''978-93-5397-196-0Lord ActonThe Cambridge modern history (Volume I) The Renaissance
聽 ''978-93-5397-249-3J P EarwakerThe Court leet records of the manor of Manchester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846 (Volume VII) From the Year 1731 to 1756.
2020978-93-5397-305-6H ParkerVillage folk-tales of Ceylon (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5397-330-8W W HunterThe imperial gazetteer of India (Volume III) Birbhum To Cocanada
聽 ''978-93-5397-336-0Hermann CremerBiblico-theological lexicon of New Testament Greek
聽 ''978-93-5397-357-5Charles BeardThe industrial revolution
聽 ''978-93-5397-371-1George W HarrisSut Lovingood. Yarns spun by a "nat'ral born durn'd fool." Warped and wove for public wear
2020978-93-5397-372-8Report of the Second Norwegian Arctic expedition in the "Fram" 1898-1902 (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5397-376-6Robert Stephen Hawker 路 C E BylesThe life and letters of R.S. Hawker (sometime Vicar of Morwenstow)
聽 ''978-93-5397-380-3William StubbsSelect charters and other illustrations of English constitutional history, from the earliest times to the reign of Edward the First
聽 ''978-93-5397-390-2T L PapillonP. Terentii Afri Comoediae
聽 ''978-93-5397-391-9Henry BrowneArnold's School Classics; Sophocles, Explaned by F.W. Schneidewin Part III. The Oedipus Tyrannus
2020978-93-5397-403-9Frank GibsonSuperstitions about animals
聽 ''978-93-5397-404-6Gil W BarnardHistory of Oriental consistory S: P: R: S: 32鈦 and co-ordinate bodies of the ancient accepted Scottish Rite in the valley of Chicago, from July, ... by-laws adopted April 27th, A.D., 1893
聽 ''978-93-5397-405-3Herman W March 路 Henry C WolffModern Mathematical Texts; Calculus
聽 ''978-93-5397-413-8August StrindbergTo Damascus, part I
聽 ''978-93-5397-418-3Andrew JamiesonA text-book of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering; Specially arranged for the use of engineers qualifying for the institution of civil ... and Universities, advanced Science Certif
2020978-93-5397-422-0H E SlaughtN J LennesElementary algebra
聽 ''978-93-5397-426-8Lev DeutschSixteen years in Siberia
聽 ''978-93-5397-429-9Frederick CrawfordHans Christian Andersen's correspondence with the late Grand-Duke of Saxe-Weimar, C. Dickens, etc
聽 ''978-93-5397-432-9Emile ZolaThe fat and the thin; (le ventre de Paris)
聽 ''978-93-5397-438-1Lyon Gardiner TylerThe cradle of the republic: Jamestown and James River
2020978-93-5397-440-4George H HamReminiscences of a raconteur, between the '40s and the '20s
聽 ''978-93-5397-441-1M A SherringThe sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times
聽 ''978-93-5397-445-9Lewis HalseyHistory of the Seneca Baptist Association: with sketches of churches and pastors
聽 ''978-93-5397-448-0G Elton ParksSexennial record of the Class of 1904 Yale college
聽 ''978-93-5397-453-4Charles R StarkGroton, Conn. 1705-1905
2020978-93-5397-454-1Walter HamiltonParodies of the works of English & American authors (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5397-460-2Janet M GreenThe American history and encyclopedia of music; Musical Biographies (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5397-474-9William Henry EgleCentenary memorial of the erection of the county of Dauphin and the founding of the city of Harrisburg
聽 ''978-93-5397-475-6Samuel Whitaker PennypackerAnnals of Phoenixville and its vicinity: from the settlement to the year 1871, giving the origin and growth of the borough with information concerning ... counties and the valley of the Schuylkill
聽 ''978-93-5397-481-7Henry RinkDanish Greenland, its people and its products
2020978-93-5397-494-7Patrick WausCorrespondence of Sir Patrick Waus of Barnbarroch, knight; parson of Wigtown; first almoner to the queen; senator of the College of Justice; lord of ... and ambassador to Denmark Part I (1540-1584)
聽 ''978-93-5397-498-5Mary Anne Everett GreenCalendar of state papers, Domestic series 1655-6
聽 ''978-93-5397-501-2Josiah F WillardHistory of Rock County, and transactions of the Rock County agricultural society and mechanics' institute
聽 ''978-93-5397-507-4Frank MooreThe Civil War in song and story: 1860-1865
聽 ''978-93-5397-518-0Albert SchneiderPharmaceutical bacteriology
2020978-93-5397-539-5Luigi LucianiHuman physiology (Volume V)
聽 ''978-93-5397-545-6Frederick S Woods 路 Frederick H BaileyElementary calculus
聽 ''978-93-5397-579-1Izaak WaltonCharles CottonThe compleat angler
聽 ''978-93-5397-618-7Austin AbbottA brief on the modes of proving the facts most frequently in issue or collaterally in question on the trial of civil or criminal cases
聽 ''978-93-5397-620-0John Henry WigmoreA treatise on the system of evidence in trials at common law: including the statutes and judicial decisions of all jurisdictions of the United States (Volume IV)
2020978-93-5397-633-0Edwin Anderson AldermanJoel Chandler HarrisLibrary of southern literature (Volume VII)
聽 ''978-93-5397-696-5J A Crowe 路 G B CavalcaselleA history of painting in Italy; Umbria, Florence and Siena from the second to the sixteenth century (Volume IV) Florentine Masters of the Fifteenth Century
聽 ''978-93-5397-741-2Ferdinand GregoroviusHistory of the city of Rome in the Middle Ages (Volume VIII) Part I
聽 ''978-93-5397-749-8James N ArnoldVital record of Rhode Island: 1636-1850: first series: births, marriages and deaths: a family register for the people (Volume XVI)
聽 ''978-93-5397-774-0George MilliganSt. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians. The Greek text, with introduction and notes
2020978-93-5397-789-4Edward BrooksThe normal elementary geometry: embracing a brief treatise on mensuration and trigonometry: designed for academies, seminaries, high schools, normal schools, and advanced classes in common schools
聽 ''978-93-5397-814-3Report on the manuscripts of the Earl of Egmont (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5397-828-0James Fitzjames StephenA digest of the law of evidence
聽 ''978-93-5397-843-3Woodrow WilsonHarper's encyclop忙dia of United States history from 458 A.D. to 1906, based upon the plan of Benson John Lossing (Volume VI)
聽 ''978-93-5397-899-0Ewart S 路 H Bryon HeywoodThe calculus for engineers
2020978-93-5397-935-5Giuseppe VerdiAntonio GhislanzoniAida: An Opera in Four Acts
聽 ''978-93-5397-944-7Henry Erdmann RadaschA manual of anatomy