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2019978-93-5395-011-8Edith Humphris 路 Douglas SladenAdam Lindsay Gordon and his friends in England and Australia
聽 ''978-93-5395-020-0Austin AbbottBrief upon the pleadings in civil actions at law, in equity, and under the new procedure (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5395-029-3Clothes wringers and cold process mangles [technical facts told in a comprehensive way]
聽 ''978-93-5395-041-5George BooleA treatise on the calculus of finite differences
聽 ''978-93-5395-048-4Lord George Gordon Byron 1788-Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: Cantos I & II
2019978-93-5395-059-0C Lloyd MorganAnimal behaviour
聽 ''978-93-5395-061-3J P EarwakerThe Court leet records of the manor of Manchester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846 (Volume IV)
聽 ''978-93-5395-067-5Alexander CunninghamArchaeological Survey of India Report of a Tour in The Central Provinces in1873-74 And 1874-75 (Volume IX)
聽 ''978-93-5395-077-4Alphabetic catalog of the books, manuscripts, maps, pictures and curios of the Illinois state historical library. Authors, titles and subjects. 1900
聽 ''978-93-5395-079-8Albert L枚wyCatalogue of hebracia and judaica in the library of the Corporation of the city of London
2019978-93-5395-082-8Henry HallAmerica's successful men of affairs. An encyclopedia of contemporaneous biography (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5395-092-7John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I 1635 Preserved in the State paper department of Her Majesty's Public record office
聽 ''978-93-5395-106-1Burns MantleThe Best Plays of 1919-20: And the Year Book of the Drama in America
聽 ''978-93-5395-127-6Leon Kellner 路 Madame Paula ArnoldAustria of the Austrians and Hungary of the Hungarians
聽 ''978-93-5395-130-6Lees KnowlesThe British in Capri, 1806-1808
2019978-93-5395-144-3Daniel A MurrayDifferential and integral calculus
聽 ''978-93-5395-148-1Samuel MacAuley JacksonEncyclopedia of Living Divines and Christian Workers of all Denominations in Europe and America Being a Supplement to Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
聽 ''978-93-5395-153-5Robert Pentland MahaffyCalendar of the state papers relating to Ireland preserved in the Public Record Office. September 1669 December 1670 with Addenda 1625-70
聽 ''978-93-5395-154-2John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I 1631-1633.
聽 ''978-93-5395-191-7H C Maxwell LyteCalendar of the Close rolls preserved in the Public record office prepared under the superintendence of the deputy keeper of the records Edward III (Volume VII) A.D. 1343-1346.
2019978-93-5395-199-3Arthur E BakerA Tennyson dictionary; the characters and place-names contained in the poetical and dramatic works of the poet, alphabetically arranged and described with synopses of the poems and plays
聽 ''978-93-5395-206-8Woodrow WilsonHarper's encyclop忙dia of United States history from 458 A.D. to 1906, based upon the plan of Benson John Lossing (Volume IX)
聽 ''978-93-5395-211-2The First Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor March 1886 Industrial depressions
聽 ''978-93-5395-216-7William Makepeace ThackerayBallads, critical reviews, tales, various essays, letters, sketches, etc.
聽 ''978-93-5395-220-4Eighth International congress of applied chemistry, Washington and New York, September 4 to 13, 1912 (Volume XXVI)
2019978-93-5395-234-1A G Folliott-StokesThe Cornish coast and moors
聽 ''978-93-5395-236-5Gertrude Lowthian BellAmurath to Amurath
聽 ''978-93-5395-242-6Shelby Lewis SmithBlack Political Scientists and Black Survival: Essays in honor of a Black Scholar
聽 ''978-93-5395-245-7John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I (1635-1636.)
聽 ''978-93-5395-256-3Joseph B MayorThe Epistle of St. Jude and the Second epistle of St. Peter
2019978-93-5395-267-9George WalkerAberdeen awa': sketches of its men, manners, and customs as delineated in Brown's book-stall, 1892-4
聽 ''978-93-5395-275-4George NicholsonThe illustrated dictionary of gardening; a practical and scientific encyclop忙dia of horticulture for gardeners and botanists (Division VI- Pin To Scl.)
聽 ''978-93-5395-279-2J N Le&#769gerHaiti, her history and her detractors
聽 ''978-93-5395-303-4William J ThornhillThe Aeneid of Virgil
聽 ''978-93-5395-305-8Remy De GourmontThe Book of Marks
2019978-93-5395-331-7Ralph Milbanke 路 Earl Of LovelaceAstarte; a fragment of truth concerning George Gordon Byron, sixth lord Byron
聽 ''978-93-5395-407-9W M Flinders PetrieA history of Egypt From the XIXth to the XXXth Dynasties
聽 ''978-93-5395-412-3Julius EutingEnno LittmannTagbuch einer reise in Inner-Arabien
聽 ''978-93-5395-413-0Robert Ridgway 路 Herbert FriedmannThe birds of North and Middle America: a descriptive catalog of the higher groups, genera, species, and subspecies of birds known to occur in North ... West Indies and other islands of the Caribbea
聽 ''978-93-5395-416-1Charles Clermont-GanneauArchaeological researches in Palestine during the years 1873-1874. (Volume II)
2019978-93-5395-417-8John Bruce 路 William Douglas HamiltonCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I (1638-1639.)
聽 ''978-93-5395-419-2James SavageGleanings for New England history
聽 ''978-93-5395-423-9Phineas GarrettThe speaker's garland and literary bouquet (Volume III) Combining 100 choice selections, nos. 9, 10, 11 and 12 Embracing new and standard productions ... pathos, wit, humor and amateur plays
聽 ''978-93-5395-431-4Alice Bertha GommeThe traditional games of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with tunes, singing-rhymes, and methods of playing according to the variants extant and recorded in different parts of the Kingdom (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5395-432-1Census of Canada, 1880-81. Recensement du Canada (Volume II)
2019978-93-5395-435-2Arthur S WayThe Georgics of Virgil in English verse
聽 ''978-93-5395-436-9William Woodville RockhillThe land of the lamas; notes of a journey through China, Mongolia and Tibet
聽 ''978-93-5395-437-6Mrs Burton St JohnThe China Times guide to Tientsin and neighbourhood
聽 ''978-93-5395-441-3Town records of Salem, Massachusetts (Volume II) 1659-1680
聽 ''978-93-5395-444-4Jonathan NieldA guide to the best historical novels and tales
2019978-93-5395-453-6Edmund SpenserHenry John ToddThe works of Edmund Spenser. With a selection of notes from various commentators and a glossarial index. To which is prefixed, some account of the life of Spenser
聽 ''978-93-5395-454-3Seumas O'KellyThe golden barque and The weaver's grave
聽 ''978-93-5395-463-5C W Chitty 路 Rastamji Mervanji PatellCases referred from the Bombay court of small causes for the opinion of the High court of Bombay
聽 ''978-93-5395-474-1Thomas Willing BalchBalch Genealogica
聽 ''978-93-5395-479-6Robert Freke GouldCollected essays and papers relating to freemasonry
2019978-93-5395-486-4H B PhillipsIntegral calculus
聽 ''978-93-5395-488-8Israel T HuntCatalogue of the valuable private library of the late Israel T. Hunt of Charleston, Mass., comprising rare Americana and early almanacs, from 1690-1800
聽 ''978-93-5395-493-2Joseph EdwardsAn elementary treatise on the differential calculus, with applications and numerous examples
聽 ''978-93-5395-495-6Hermann RiederAtlas of urinary sediments; with special reference to their clinical significance
聽 ''978-93-5395-505-2Valentine ChirolCecil Spring-Rice, in memoriam
2019978-93-5395-506-9Henry StevensBibliotheca Americana: a catalogue of books relating to the history and literature of America
聽 ''978-93-5395-507-6Isaac Herbert JeayesDescriptive catalogue of the charters & muniments of the Gresley family in the possession of Sir Robert Gresley, Bart at Drakelowe
聽 ''978-93-5395-514-4Thomas E de Sampayo 路 James Van LangenbergThe Ceylon Law reports: being reports of cases decided by the Supreme Court of Ceylon (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5395-516-8William R WareThe American Vignola (Part I) The Five Orders
聽 ''978-93-5395-522-9Wilhelm BoussetA H KeaneThe Antichrist legend; a chapter in Christian and Jewish folklore, Englished from the German of W. Bousset, with a prologue on the Babylonian dragon myth
2019978-93-5395-536-6Samuel T SheppardBombay place-names and street-names: an excursion into the by-ways of the history of Bombay City
聽 ''978-93-5395-546-5Jean WebsterDaddy Long-Legs: a comedy in four acts
聽 ''978-93-5395-549-6M A de Wolfe HoweThe Atlantic monthly and its makers
聽 ''978-93-5395-551-9Pinkhos ChurginTargum Jonathan to the Prophets
聽 ''978-93-5395-555-7William HollandCratfield: a transcript of the acconts of the parish, from A.D. 1490 to A.D. 1642
2019978-93-5395-559-5VladimirThe China Japan War; Compiled from Japanese, Chinese, and Foreign Sources
聽 ''978-93-5395-579-3W Forbes GrayBooks that count; a dictionary of standard books
聽 ''978-93-5395-593-9James AllenAs a man thinketh
聽 ''978-93-5395-601-1Daniel SIsabel DurrieCatalogue of the Library of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Volume VI)
2020978-93-5395-608-0L Frank BaumThe Book of the Hamburgs; a brief treatise upon the mating, rearing and management of the different varieties of Hamburgs
聽 ''978-93-5395-610-3W E WorthenAppleton's cyclop忙dia of drawing, designed as a textbook for the mechanic, architect, engineer, and surveyor: comprising geometrical projection, ... drawing, perspective and isometry
2020978-93-5395-614-1Thomas EdwardsCephalus and Procris. Narcissus
聽 ''978-93-5395-618-9W G BlighDams and weirs; an analytical and practical treatise on gravity dams and weirs; arch and buttress dams; submerged weirs; and barrages
聽 ''978-93-5395-623-3Fabian Franklin LevyThe Fitch bond book; describing the most important bond issues of the United States and Canada
聽 ''978-93-5395-644-8H S SweetmanCalendar of documents, relating to Ireland, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London 1293- 1301
聽 ''978-93-5395-645-5John BruceCalendar of State Papers, Domestic series, of the reign of Charles I (1637)
2020978-93-5395-648-6Warwick WrothCatalogue of the imperial Byzantine coins in the British Museum (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5395-668-4A B EllisThe Ewe-speaking peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa, their religion, manners, customs, laws, languages, &c.
聽 ''978-93-5395-703-2Alexander CunninghamArchaeological Survey of India: Report of Tours in the gangetic provinces from Badaon To Bihar, in 1875-76 and 1877-78 (Volume XI)
聽 ''978-93-5395-708-7W RobinsonAlpine flowers for English gardens
聽 ''978-93-5395-716-2Edwin HatchEssays in Biblical Greek
2020978-93-5395-720-9George BertinAbridged grammars of the languages of the cuneiform inscriptions, containing: I.--A Sumero-Akkadian grammar. II.--An Assyro-Babylonian grammar. ... Medic grammar. V.--An Old Persian grammar
聽 ''978-93-5395-725-4James M MackinlayFolklore of Scottish lochs and springs
聽 ''978-93-5395-730-8H L Wendt 路 T E de SampayoThe Ceylon Law reports: Being reports of cases decided by the Supreme Court of Ceylon (Volume III)
聽 ''978-93-5395-735-3Walter Gibbons CoxArtesian wells as a means of water supply
聽 ''978-93-5395-737-7Victor Wilfred Pag茅Aviation engines, design - construction - operation and repair; a complete, practical treatise outlining clearly the elements of internal combustion ... operation and repair of airplane power pla
2020978-93-5395-743-8Eighth International congress of applied chemistry, Washington and New York, September 4 to 13, 1912 Section Via Starch, Cellulose and Paper (Volume XIII)
聽 ''978-93-5395-746-9Albert J Farrah 路 John W DwyerCases on the law of husband and wife
聽 ''978-93-5395-751-3T L HeathDiophantos of Alexandria: a study in the history of Greek algebra
聽 ''978-93-5395-754-4Five civilized tribes of Indians. Hearings before the Committee on Indian Affairs of the House of Representatives, on H.R. 108, to confer upon the ... Five Civilized Tribes certain jurisdiction
聽 ''978-93-5395-755-1Paul N HasluckCassell's cyclopaedia of mechanics: containing receipts, processes, and memoranda for workshop use, based on personal experience and expert knowledge; Third Series
2020978-93-5395-760-5W L HubbardThe American history and encyclopedia of music; Musical Dictionary
聽 ''978-93-5395-769-8William A ShawCalendar of treasury books and papers 1739-1741
聽 ''978-93-5395-771-1Mary Anne Everett GreenCalendar of state papers, Domestic series 1659-60
聽 ''978-93-5395-772-8Robert Pentland MahaffyCalendar of the state papers relating to Ireland preserved in the Public Record Office Adventures for Land 1642-1659
聽 ''978-93-5395-779-7John Cassan WaitEngineering and architectural jurisprudence. A presentation of the law of construction for engineers, architects, contractors, builders, public officers, and attorneys at law
2020978-93-5395-794-0The Alsop claim. Appendix to the Counter Case of The case of the United States of America for and in behalf of the original American claimants in this ... the Republic of Chile before His Majest
聽 ''978-93-5395-796-4Waterman Thomas HewettCornell University, a history (Volume III)
聽 ''978-93-5395-797-1Robert LemonCalendar of state papers, Domestic series, of the reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth 1547-1580
聽 ''978-93-5395-799-5Frederic SeebohmThe English village community, examined in its relations to the manorial and tribal systems and to the common or open field system of husbandry; an essay in economic history
聽 ''978-93-5395-801-5Cecil FrenchSurgical diseases and surgery of the dog
2020978-93-5395-802-2Gustave Moussu 路 Jno A WDiseases of cattle, sheep, goats and swine
聽 ''978-93-5395-803-9Arbitration between New York Newspaper Web Pressmen's Union No. 25 and the Publishers' Association of New York City: decision rendered February 21, 1921
聽 ''978-93-5395-815-2Paul N HasluckCassell's cyclopaedia of mechanics: containing receipts, processes, and memoranda for workshop use, based on personal experience and expert knowledge (First Series)
聽 ''978-93-5395-831-2T EllwoodLeaves from the annals of a mountain parish in Lakeland: being a sketch of the history of the church and benefice of Torver, together with its school endowments, charities, and other trust funds
聽 ''978-93-5395-850-3Lewis F DayText Book of Ornamental Design; Nature in Ornament
2020978-93-5395-856-5George Henry WooldridgeEncyclopaedia of veterinary medicine, surgery & obstetrics (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5395-862-6Artemas WardThe grocer's encyclopedia; A compendium of useful Information concerning foods of all kids. How they are raised, prepared and marketed. How to care ... Other Valuable information for Grocers a
聽 ''978-93-5395-884-8Edwin Anderson AldermanJoel Chandler HarrisLibrary of southern literature (Volume XVI)
聽 ''978-93-5395-919-7David FraserThe marches of Hindustan, the record of a journey in Thibet, Trans-Himalayan India, Chinese Turkestan, Russian Turkestan and Persia
聽 ''978-93-5395-922-7James TaitChronica Johannis de Reading et anonymi Cantuariensis, 1346-1367
2020978-93-5395-932-6Catalogue of the books in the library of the Institute of Jamaica
聽 ''978-93-5395-937-1A A PatonResearches on the Danube and the Adriatic: or, Contributions to the modern history of Hungary and Transylvania, Dalmatia and Croatia, Servia and Bulgaria (Volume I)
聽 ''978-93-5395-939-5Alfred George GreenhillDifferential and integral calculus, with applications
聽 ''978-93-5395-941-8Henry HallYear book of the societies composed of descendants of the men of the Revolution, 1890
聽 ''978-93-5395-943-2Francis St John Thackeray 路 Edward Daniel StoneFlorilegium latinum (Volume II)
2020978-93-5395-964-7John Denison ChamplinCyclopedia of painters and paintings (Volume II)
聽 ''978-93-5395-973-9Arnold LangText-book of comparative anatomy (Part I)
聽 ''978-93-5395-975-3John R EastmanHistory of the town of Andover New hampshire, 1751-1906 Part I-Narrative Part II-Genealogies
聽 ''978-93-5395-980-7Morton L MontgomeryPolitical hand-book of Berks county, Pennsylvania, 1752-1883
聽 ''978-93-5395-995-1Ferdinand GregoroviusHistory of the city of Rome in the Middle Ages (Volume II) A.D. 568-800
2020978-93-5395-998-2George LongM. Tullii Ciceronis orationes (Volume II)