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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-92-3-403274-2Learning: The Treasure Within Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-First Century
2003978-92-3-403421-0Dave Atkinson · Marc RaboyPublic Service Broadcasting: The Challenge of the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-92-3-403450-0World Education Report 1998: Teachers and Teaching in a Changing World
  ''978-92-3-403555-2Halina NiecCultural Rights and Wrongs (Human Rights in Perspective)
  ''978-92-3-403751-8World Culture Report: Cultral Diversity, Conflict and Pluralism--2000
  ''978-92-3-403773-0UNESCO: The Seeds of Peace (UNESCO Reference Works)
2003978-92-3-403802-7Tell Me about UNESCO (Discovering the World)
2004978-92-3-403880-5Education for All Global Monitoring Report--2002: Education for All--Is the World on Track? (Education on the Move)
2011978-92-3-404201-7AuthorEntsiklopediya sistem zhizneobespecheniya. Nauka o sporte
978-92-3-456789-3Ross ShiptonComplete Guitar Player (Book 2)
2003978-92-3-501708-3General History of Africa: Vol. II: Ancient Civilisations of Africa
  ''978-92-3-501709-0Vol. III: Africa from the 7th to the 11th Century (General History of Africa)
  ''978-92-3-501710-6General History of Africa: Vol. IV: Africa from the 12th to 16th Century
  ''978-92-3-501713-7General History of Africa: Vol. VII: Africa Under Colonial Domination 1880-1935
  ''978-92-3-502340-4Miguel Siguan · William F. MackeyEducation and Bilingualism
2003978-92-3-502426-5Albert SassonBiotechnologies and Development
  ''978-92-3-502645-0Main Principles of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
  ''978-92-3-502719-8History of Civilizations of Central Asia: Vol. I
  ''978-92-3-502758-7General History of Africa: Vol. VIII: Africa Since 1935
  ''978-92-3-502878-2Michel Conil LacosteThe Story of a Grand Design (UNESCO 1946-1993)
2003978-92-3-503035-8TV Transnationalization Europe and Asia
  ''978-92-3-503168-3The Scientific Education for Girls
  ''978-92-3-503341-0World Information Report 1997-1998
  ''978-92-3-503428-8World Communication Report 1998: The Media and the Challenge of the New Technologies
  ''978-92-3-503446-2World Science Report 1998
2003978-92-3-503729-6World Education Report 2000: The Right to Education: Towards Education for All Throughout Life
2004978-92-3-503914-6Education for All Global Monitoring Report--2003/4: Gender and Education for All: The Leap to Equality (Education on the Move)
1979978-92-3-601314-5Taqwīm al-Barnāmaj al-Tajrībī al-ʻĀlamī li-maḥw al-Ummīyah (Arabic Edition)
2003978-92-3-601665-8The Islamic City
1981978-92-3-601828-7al-Siyāsah al-thaqāfīyah fī Lubnān (al-Siyāsāt al-thaqāfīyah, dirāsāt wa-wathāʼiq) (Arabic Edition)
1982978-92-3-601938-3Muhammad Abd al-HayyCultural policy in the Sudan (Studies and documents on cultural policies)
1989978-92-3-602374-8David LaytonInnovations in Science and Technology Education
2003978-92-3-602610-7Albert SassonFeeding Tomorrow's World
2005978-92-3-602837-8Droit d'Auteur et Droits Voisins
2003978-92-3-602856-9Poems for Freedom and Life: An Anthology of Poetry by Yannis Ritsos
  ''978-92-3-603274-0Jacques DelorsLearning: The Treasure Within Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-92-3-603282-5Javier Perez CuellarOur Creative Diversity: Report to UNESCO of the World Commission on Culture and Development
978-92-3-603285-6Arthur Rimbaud: Al Athar Al-Shi'rya
2003978-92-3-603296-2Jean Genet: Asirum Ashiq
  ''978-92-3-603512-3Unesco All Human Beings Arabic
2006978-92-3-603611-3Rapport Mondial Sur la Communication et l'Information 1999-2000 (Edition Arabe)
2004978-92-3-603646-5Koichiro Matsuura · Arjun Appadurai · Jacques AttatiKeys of 21st Century (Pilosopher's Library)
2003978-92-3-603757-8Daniel Noin · Abdelkader Sid AhmedPeople on Earth: Population and Development in the Arabic World
978-92-3-603778-3Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future (Education on the Move)
2004978-92-3-603802-5Tell Me about UNESCO (Discovering the World)
2002978-92-3-603838-4Janusz KorczakHow to Love a Child: Kaif Tuhibb At-Tifl ? Haq At-Tifl Bil Ihtiram
2004978-92-3-603872-8Tell Me about the Oceans (Discovering the World)
2006978-92-3-603873-5Lopez JeanRaconte-Moi le Patrimoine Mondial (Edition Arabe)
2004978-92-3-603880-3Colclough ChristophUnesco Education for All Global Mon
2003978-92-3-603892-6Unesco Eliminating Corporal Punishm
2005978-92-3-603914-5Rapport Mondial de Suivi Sur l'Education pour Tous - 2003/4
  ''978-92-3-603946-6Ou Vont les Valeurs ?
2005978-92-3-603976-3Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2005: The Quality Imperative (Education on the Move)
978-92-3-603993-0National Book Policy: A Guide for Users in the Field (Professional Training Library)
978-92-3-754800-4Ventry Flat Screen TV Cabinet with Glass Top and Pull Out Draw 1130mm wide max weight 35kg - Black