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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-2-940411-00-9Robert Edgar-HuntBasics Film-Making 03: Directing Fiction
2009978-2-940411-04-7David PrakelThe Visual Dictionary of Photography
  ''978-2-940411-05-4David PrakelExposure
2010978-2-940411-07-8Kathryn BestThe Fundamentals of Design Management
  ''978-2-940411-08-5Hilary CollinsCreative research: the theory and practice of research for the creative industries /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-09-2David BramstonVisual Conversations
2009978-2-940411-10-8Graeme Brooker · Sally StoneElements / Objects
  ''978-2-940411-12-2Tim Waterman · Ed WallBasics Landscape Architecture: Urban Design
2010978-2-940411-13-9David PrakelThe Fundamentals of Creative Photography
2009978-2-940411-15-3John HopkinsBasics Fashion Design: Fashion Drawing
2010978-2-940411-16-0Juliana SissonsBasics fashion design 06 knitwear /anglais
2009978-2-940411-17-7Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisDesign Thinking
2010978-2-940411-18-4Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisVisual Dictionary of Typography
2010978-2-940411-21-4Nik MahonBasics Advertising: Art Direction
  ''978-2-940411-22-1Lynne MesherBasics Interior Design: Retail Design
  ''978-2-940411-26-9Jane AndersonBasics architecture 03 architectural design /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-27-6John Marland · Robert Edgar-Hunt · Steven RawleThe Language of Film
  ''978-2-940411-28-3Erik Roscam AbbingBrand-driven innovation /anglais
2010978-2-940411-29-0Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Visual Dictionary of Pre-Press & Production
2011978-2-940411-30-6Anne Chick · Paul MicklethwaiteDesign for Sustainable Change: How design and designers can drive the sustainability agenda
2012978-2-940411-31-3John LauBasics fashion design 07 designing accessories /anglais
2010978-2-940411-33-7Brian SheehanOnline Marketing
2011978-2-940411-34-4Virginia GroseBasics fashion management 01: fashion merchandising /anglais
2010978-2-940411-36-8Jeremy WebbDesign Principles
  ''978-2-940411-38-2Pam LockerBasics Interior Design 02: Exhibition Design
2011978-2-940411-39-9Clare Buckley · Jacqueline McAsseyBasics fashion design 08: styling
  ''978-2-940411-40-5Maria ShortBasics creative photography 02: context and narrative
  ''978-2-940411-41-2Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisPackaging design /anglais
2010978-2-940411-42-9David CrowVisible signs / anglais
2011978-2-940411-43-6John HopkinsBasics fashion design 07: menswear /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-44-3Nancy Rottle · Ken YocomBasics landscape architecture 02: écological design /anglais
2011978-2-940411-47-4Alex RussellThe Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design
2012978-2-940411-48-1Lawrence ZeegenThe fundamentals of illustration /anglais
2011978-2-940411-49-8Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics design 02: layout /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-51-1Brian SheehanMarketing Management
  ''978-2-940411-52-8John HopkinsThe fashion design reader /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-53-5Russell GaggBasics interior architecture 05 - texture + materials /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-54-2Anne ChaistyBasics fashion design 09 - fashion jewellery /anglais
2011978-2-940411-55-9Michael HarkinsBasics typography 02: using type /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-56-6Ken Burtenshaw · Nik Mahon · Caroline BarfootThe Fundamentals of Creative Advertising
  ''978-2-940411-58-0Susan DillonThe fundamentals of fashion management /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-60-3Ian Noble · Russell BestleyVisual research /anglais
2012978-2-940411-62-7Kelvin SmithThe publishing business /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-63-4Frances Stevenson · Josephine SteedBasics textile design 01: researching colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern /anglais
2012978-2-940411-66-5Natasha Caruana · Anna FoxBasics creative photography 03: research in photography /anglais
2013978-2-940411-68-9David Shaw · Dimitri KoumbisFashion Buying: From Trend Forecasting to Shop Floor
2011978-2-940411-70-2Simon SeivewrightBasics fashion design 01 - research and design /anglais
2012978-2-940411-71-9Fiona DieffenbacherFashion thinking /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-75-7Lorraine FarrellyThe Fundamentals of Architecture
2011978-2-940411-76-4Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Fundamentals of Typography
2012978-2-940411-77-1David PrakelBasics photography 01: composition /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-78-8Jenny Udale · Richard SorgerThe Fundamentals of Fashion Design
  ''978-2-940411-79-5Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics Design 01: ]format
2013978-2-940411-82-5Michael HarkinsBasics typography 03: understanding type /anglais
2011978-2-940411-84-9Virginia GroseBasics Fashion Management 01: Concept to Customer
2012978-2-940411-87-0Gwyneth MooreBasics fashion management: fashion promotion /anglais
  ''978-2-940411-88-7Art Directors ClubArt directors annual 90 /anglais
2013978-2-940411-90-0Pat ParishPattern cutting /anglais
2014978-2-940411-91-7Jennifer PrendergastSewing Techniques: An Introduction to Construction Skills Within the Design Process
2012978-2-940411-92-4Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics design 07 grids /anglais
2013978-2-940411-93-1Jo DaviesBecoming a Successful Illustrator
2012978-2-940411-94-8Basics fashion design 10 jewellery design /anglais
2013978-2-940411-95-5David PrakelLighting
2013978-2-940411-96-2Gavin AmbroseCreative thinking /anglais