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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-2-940373-00-0Melissa DavisMore Than a Name: An Introduction to Branding
2007978-2-940373-01-7Michael ClarkeVerbalising the Visual: Translating Art and Design into Words
2006978-2-940373-02-4Paul WellsFundamentals of Animation
2007978-2-940373-03-1David PräkelBasics Photography: Lighting
2006978-2-940373-04-8David PrakelComposition
2007978-2-940373-05-5Steve MacLeodPost Production: Black and White
  ''978-2-940373-06-2Phil MalpasCapturing Colour
2006978-2-940373-07-9Studio 7.5 · Carola Zwick · Buckhard SchmitzDesigning for Small Screens: Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, Navigation Systems, MP3 Players, Game Consoles (Advanced Level)
2005978-2-940373-08-6Lucienne RobertsDrip Dry Shirts: The Evolution of the Graphic Designer
2006978-2-940373-09-3Jonathan Baldwin · Lucienne RobertsVisual Communication: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-2-940373-12-3Kathryn BestDesign Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation
  ''978-2-940373-14-7Lucienne RobertsGood: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design
  ''978-2-940373-15-4Mark WiganThinking Visually (Basics Illustration 01)
2007978-2-940373-16-1Paul WellsScriptwriting
2009978-2-940373-17-8Richard MorrisThe Fundamentals of Product Design
2006978-2-940373-18-5Ken Burtenshaw · Nik Mahon · Caroline BarfootThe Fundamentals of Creative Advertising
2008978-2-940373-19-2Jane BarnwellThe Fundamentals of Film Making
2007978-2-940373-20-8Ian Noble · Russ BestleyVisual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies
2003978-2-940373-21-5David CrowVisible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics (Required Reading Range)
2005978-2-940373-28-4Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics Design 01: Format
2005978-2-940373-29-1Jeremy WebbCreative Vision: Digital & Traditional Methods for Inspiring Innovative Photography
2006978-2-940373-30-7Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisImage
  ''978-2-940373-31-4   ''Basics Design 05: Colour
2005978-2-940373-32-1Helen DrewFundamentals of Photography
2006978-2-940373-33-8Lawrence Zeegan · Lawrence ZeegenThe Fundamentals of Illustration
2005978-2-940373-34-5Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasic Design: Layout
  ''978-2-940373-35-2   ''Typography
2006978-2-940373-36-9David CrowLeft to Right: The Cultural Shift from Words to Pictures
  ''978-2-940373-37-6Roswell AngierTrain Your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography
2007978-2-940373-38-3John ColesThe Fundamentals of Interior Architecture
  ''978-2-940373-39-0Richard SorgerThe Fundamentals of Fashion Design
2007978-2-940373-40-6Graeme Brooker · Sally StoneForm + Structure
  ''978-2-940373-41-3Simon SeivewrightResearch and Design
2006978-2-940373-42-0Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics Design 06: Print and Finish
  ''978-2-940373-43-7   ''The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design
  ''978-2-940373-45-1   ''The Fundamentals of Typography
  ''978-2-940373-46-8Robert SawyerKiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising Redesigned and Rekissed
2003978-2-940373-47-5Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisFundamentals of Creative Design
2007978-2-940373-48-2Lorraine FarrellyThe Fundamentals of Architecture
2007978-2-940373-49-9Tony GibbsThe Fundamentals of Sonic Art & Sound Design
2008978-2-940373-50-5Mark 'Wigan' WilliamsText & Image
2007978-2-940373-51-2Alan MaleIllustration: A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective
  ''978-2-940373-53-6Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Layout Book (Required Reading Range)
  ''978-2-940373-56-7Andrew ChongBasics Animation 02: Digital Animation
2008978-2-940373-57-4Charlotte WorthingtonBasics Film-Making 01: Producing
2007978-2-940373-58-1Richard ColsonThe Fundamentals of Digital Art
  ''978-2-940373-59-8Steve MacLeodPost-Production Colour
2008978-2-940373-60-4Mark WiganBasics Illustration 02: Sequential Images
2007978-2-940373-61-1Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Visual Dictionary of Fashion
  ''978-2-940373-62-8Lorraine FarrellyRepresentational Techniques
2008978-2-940373-63-5Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Production Manual: A Graphic Design Handbook
2008978-2-940373-64-2Jenny UdaleBasics Fashion Design 02: Textiles and Fashion
  ''978-2-940373-68-0Rob BowderyCopywriting
  ''978-2-940373-69-7Paul Wells · Johnny Hardstaff · Darryl CliftonRe-Imagining Animation: The Changing Face of the Moving Image (Required Reading Range)
  ''978-2-940373-70-3Paul WellsBasics Animation 03: Drawing for Animation
  ''978-2-940373-71-0Graeme Brooker · Sally StoneBasics Interior Architecture 02: Context & Environment
2009978-2-940373-72-7Edward RussellThe Fundamentals of Marketing
2010978-2-940373-73-4Barry PurvesBasics Animation 04: Stop-motion
2009978-2-940373-74-1Tim ParsonsThinking: Objects: Contemporary Approaches to Product Design
2008978-2-940373-75-8Anette FischerBasics Fashion Design 03: Construction
2008978-2-940373-76-5David BramstonBasics Product Design 01: Idea Searching
  ''978-2-940373-77-2Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics Design 07: Grids
2009978-2-940373-79-6David HandsVision and Values in Design Management (Required Reading Range)
1999978-2-940373-80-2Michael Coates · Graeme Brooker · Sally StoneThe Visual Dictionary of Interior Architecture and Design
2010978-2-940373-81-9Nancy BeimanAnimated Performance: Bringing Imaginary Animal, Human and Fantasy Characters to Life (Required Reading Range)
2008978-2-940373-82-6Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisThe Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  ''978-2-940373-83-3Lorraine FarrellyBasics Architecture 02: Construction & Materiality
2009978-2-940373-84-0Hayden NoelBasics Marketing 01: Consumer Behaviour
2008978-2-940373-85-7David PräkelBasics Photography 06: Working in Black & White
2009978-2-940373-87-1David BramstonMaterial Thoughts
  ''978-2-940373-88-8Ro SpankieBasics Interior Architecture 03: Drawing Out the Interior
  ''978-2-940373-89-5Robert Edgar · John Marland · James RichardsBasics Film-Making 02: Screenwriting
2009978-2-940373-90-1Mark WiganThe Visual Dictionary of Illustration
  ''978-2-940373-91-8Tim WatermanThe Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture
  ''978-2-940373-92-5Simon DodsworthThe Fundamentals of Interior Design
  ''978-2-940373-94-9Mark WiganBasics Illustration 04: Global Contexts
  ''978-2-940373-95-6Elinor Renfrew · Colin RenfrewDeveloping a Collection
2009978-2-940373-98-7Melissa DavisThe Fundamentals of Branding
  ''978-2-940373-99-4Matthias HillnerBasics Typography 01: Virtual Typography