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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-2-88479-008-6Tobias Gremmler · Tanja DiezmannGrids for the Dynamic Image (E-Design)
  ''978-2-88479-010-9John ClementsA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography (Digital Photography)
2002978-2-88479-012-3Theodora PhilcoxStill Life in Oils: An Insight Into the Artist's Creative Process -- Seeing, Thinking, Acting (Creative Painting Series)
2006978-2-88479-015-4Stephen SwainCapture the Moment: A Brides' and Photographers' Guide to Contemporary Weddings
2003978-2-88479-017-8Chris BrockInspiring Creative Web Design: Past, Present, Future
  ''978-2-88479-023-9gavin-ambrose-paul-harrisThe Fundamentals of Creative Design [FUNDAMENTALS OF CREATIVE DESIG] [Paperback]
2006978-2-88479-025-3John ClementsAn Intermediate Guide to Digital Photography
2003978-2-88479-026-0Carola Zwick · Burkhard Schmitz · Studio 7.5Digital Color for the Internet and Other Media
  ''978-2-88479-027-7William CheungBlack & White (Camera Craft)
2006978-2-88479-028-4Laura NobleThe Art of Collecting Photography (General)
2003978-2-88479-030-7Duncan EvansA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Portrait Photography (Digital Photography)
2005978-2-88479-032-1Studio 7.5Design for the Small Screen
2004978-2-88479-033-8Robert SawyerKiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising (Advanced Level)
2003978-2-88479-035-2David CrowVisible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics
2004978-2-88479-037-6Peter WellsA Beginner's Guide to Digital Video (Digital Photography)
  ''978-2-88479-044-4Brett LewisThe Graphic Designer's Guide to Digital Photography
2005978-2-88479-047-5Duncan EvansA Comprehensive Guide To Digital Glamour Photography (Digital Photography)
2005978-2-88479-049-9Ian Noble · Russ BestleyVisual Research: An Introduction To Research Methodologies In Graphic Design
  ''978-2-88479-050-5Helen DrewThe Fundamentals of Photography
2004978-2-88479-051-2Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisBasics Design: Format
2005978-2-88479-052-9Vincent OliverAn Advanced Guide to Digital Photography
  ''978-2-88479-053-6Keith BowmanMoving Image: How To Make A Short Film
  ''978-2-88479-054-3Keith WilsonThe AVA Guide to Travel Photography
  ''978-2-88479-056-7John ClementsA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Black & White Photography (Digital Photography)
2004978-2-88479-057-4Andrew BellamySystematic/subjective Color Selection
2005978-2-88479-058-1Andrew Rawlins · John PallantEpica Book Seventeen: Europe's Best Advertising
2005978-2-88479-059-8Melissa Davis · Jonathan BaldwinMore Than A Name: An Introduction To Branding
1999978-2-88479-060-4Lawrence Zeegen · CrushThe Fundamentals of Illustration: Practicality, Philosophy and Professionalism are Explored in Both the Digital and Analogue Worlds of Illustration: ... Ideas, Interpret Briefs and Promote Oneself.
2005978-2-88479-061-1Cathy JosephOutdoor Photography: Portraits
2006978-2-88479-062-8John ClementsA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Close-up Photography
  ''978-2-88479-063-5Gavin Ambrose · Paul HarrisLayout
2005978-2-88479-064-2   ''Typography
1999978-2-88479-065-9   ''Image: N. the Optical Appearance of Something Produced in a Mirror or Through a Lens Etc.
2005978-2-88479-066-6   ''Colour: N. the Sensation Produced by Rays of Light of Different Wavelengths, a Particular Variety of This
  ''978-2-88479-069-7Jonathan Baldwin · Lucienne RobertsVisual Communication: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-2-88479-070-3Paul WellsThe Fundamentals of Animation
  ''978-2-88479-072-7Jeremy WebbCreative Vision: Digital &Traditional Methods For Inspiring Innovative Photography
2006978-2-88479-075-8Duncan EvansA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Photographic Output
2006978-2-88479-077-2Nigel Atherton · Steve CrabbAn Illustrated A to z Of Digital Photography
  ''978-2-88479-081-9Andy Rouse · Tracey RichThe Ava Guide To Wildlife Photography
2005978-2-88479-082-6Duncan EvansA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Travel Photography
1999978-2-88479-083-3Andrew Rawlins · Patrick Taschler · Basil MinaEpica Book Eighteen: Europe's Best Advertising
2006978-2-88479-086-4Duncan EvansA Guide to Extreme Lighting Conditions in Digital Photography
  ''978-2-88479-087-1Nigel Atherton · Steve CrabbAn Illustrated a to Z of Digital Photography: People And Portraits
2007978-2-88479-098-7Chris WestonExposure
  ''978-2-88479-101-4Chris WestonLighting
2006978-2-88479-102-1Epica 19
2007978-2-88479-103-8Erik Vervreogen · Mark Tungate · Epica AwardsEpica Book 20: Europe's Best Advertising
2008978-2-88479-104-5Duncan EvansPortraits
  ''978-2-88479-105-2David PrakelBlack and White
2008978-2-88479-106-9Epica AwardsEpica Book 21: Europe's Best Advertising
2009978-2-88479-107-6Amir Kassaei · Lewis Blackwell · Epica AwardsEpica 22: Europe's Best Advertising
2010978-2-88479-108-3Epica book 23 / anglais
2011978-2-88479-109-0Epica book 24 /anglais
2012978-2-88479-110-6Epica 25 /anglais
2013978-2-88479-111-3Epica AwardsEpica Book 26: Creative Communications