Kane Miller Book Pub

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-935279-04-4Sebastian MeschenmoserWaiting for Winter
  ''978-1-935279-05-1Kate O'HearnKira (Shadow of the Dragon)
  ''978-1-935279-09-9Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Blue Stealer (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  ''978-1-935279-12-9Joan LennonWitch Bell (The Wickit Chronicles)
2010978-1-935279-17-4Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersInspector Jacques (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  ''978-1-935279-18-1Kate O'HearnElspeth (Shadow of the Dragon)
2010978-1-935279-22-8Phil CummingsBoom Bah!
  ''978-1-935279-49-5Gabrielle LordJanuary (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-50-1Gabrielle LordFebruary (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-52-5   ''March (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-53-2   ''April (Conspiracy 365)
2010978-1-935279-54-9Gabrielle LordMay (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-55-6   ''June (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-56-3   ''July (Conspiracy 365)
2010978-1-935279-57-0Gabrielle LordAugust (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-58-7   ''September (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-59-4   ''October (Conspiracy 365)
  ''978-1-935279-60-0   ''November (Conspiracy 365, Book #11)
  ''978-1-935279-61-7   ''December (Conspiracy 365)
2010978-1-935279-73-0AtinukeAnna Hibiscus
  ''978-1-935279-74-7AtinukeHooray for Anna Hibiscus!
  ''978-1-935279-75-4Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Ham Heist (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)