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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-929132-01-0Tony RossWash Your Hands!
2001978-1-929132-04-1Taro GomiI Lost My Dad (Children's Books from Around the World)
  ''978-1-929132-07-2Matteo FagliaHappy Birthday - I'm 1 (The Happy Birthday Books)
  ''978-1-929132-08-9Matteo FagliaHappy Birthday - I'm 2 (The Happy Birthday Books)
  ''978-1-929132-10-2   ''Happy Birthday - I'm 4 (The Happy Birthday Books)
  ''978-1-929132-11-9Elena Iribarren · Ana Maria MachadoNina Bonita: A Story (Children's Books from Around the World) (English and Spanish Edition)
1993978-1-929132-14-0Taro GomiEveryone Poops (My Body Science Series)
2001978-1-929132-15-7Shinta ChoThe Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts (My Body Science)
2001978-1-929132-16-4Margaret WildFox
  ''978-1-929132-19-5Tiny FisscherThe Four Princesses
  ''978-1-929132-20-1Marie LeonardTibili: The Little Boy Who Didn't Want to Go to School
2002978-1-929132-23-2Caroline GregoireApollo
  ''978-1-929132-24-9Jeanne AshbeAnd After That...
  ''978-1-929132-28-7Alexis DeaconSlow Loris
2002978-1-929132-36-2Dong Il Sheen · Jae-Soo LiuYellow Umbrella (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards))
  ''978-1-929132-38-6Benedicte GuettierIn the Jungle (Petit Theatre Books)
2003978-1-929132-41-6Elizabeth StanleyThe Deliverance of Dancing Bears (ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Awards (Awards))
  ''978-1-929132-44-7Ho Baek LeeWhile We Were Out (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards) (BCCB BLUE RIBBON PICTURE BOOK AWARDS (AWARDS))
  ''978-1-929132-45-4Kare BluitgenA Boot Fell from Heaven
  ''978-1-929132-46-1Roser CapdevilaGrandparents
2003978-1-929132-47-8Alexander SturgisDan's Angel: A Detective's Guide to the Language of Paintings
  ''978-1-929132-49-2Chih Y. ChenOn My Way to Buy Eggs
  ''978-1-929132-50-8Jutta BauerSelma
2004978-1-929132-58-4Caroline GregoireCounting With Apollo
  ''978-1-929132-61-4Bernard CohenPaul Needs Specs
  ''978-1-929132-65-2Tony RossI Want My Pacifier (Little Princess Books)
2004978-1-929132-66-9Tony RossI Don't Want to Go to Bed (Little Princess Books)
  ''978-1-929132-67-6Chih-Yuan ChenGuji Guji
2005978-1-929132-71-3Marie-Anne Gillet · Isabelle GilbouxStanding Up
  ''978-1-929132-72-0Jez AlboroughDuck's Key: Where Can It Be?
  ''978-1-929132-73-7Alison LesterAre We There Yet?
  ''978-1-929132-77-5Miriam MossThis Is the Tree (Children's Books from Around the World. Africa)
2005978-1-929132-78-2Matt DrayDougal The Garbage Dump Bear
  ''978-1-929132-79-9Corinne AlbautThe Nights Of The World
  ''978-1-929132-80-5Lili Potpara · Lila PrapWhy?
  ''978-1-929132-81-2Joan De Deu PratsSebastian's Roller Skates
  ''978-1-929132-82-9Genichiro YagyuThe Holes in Your Nose
2005978-1-929132-83-6Jez AlboroughDuck In The Truck
  ''978-1-929132-85-0Tony RossI Want My Tooth
  ''978-1-929132-86-7Benedicte GuettierDinosaurs (Petit Theatre Books)
  ''978-1-929132-87-4Victoria ChessThe Costume Party
2006978-1-929132-92-8Lila Prap1001 Stories
  ''978-1-929132-93-5Sebastian MeschenmoserLearning to Fly
2006978-1-929132-95-9Yukihisa TokudaI'm a Pill Bug (Nature: a Child's Eye View)
  ''978-1-929132-96-6Jez AlboroughHit the Ball Duck
  ''978-1-929132-98-0Daniel Goyone · Francoise De GuibertSing, Nightingale, Sing!
  ''978-1-929132-99-7Satomi IchikawaMy Father's Shop