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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-916291-03-7Ingrid SchubertThe Magic Bubble Trip (English and Dutch Edition)
  ''978-0-916291-04-4Mem FoxWilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (Public Television Storytime Books)
1987978-0-916291-10-5Rod TrincaOne Woolly Wombat
1988978-0-916291-14-3Tony RossI Want My Potty
1989978-0-916291-25-9Aliana BrodmannSuch a Noise!: A Jewish Folktale
  ''978-0-916291-26-6Mem FoxWilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
1990978-0-916291-27-3Pili MandelbaumYou Be Me, I'll Be You (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-916291-28-0David McKeeTusk Tusk
  ''978-0-916291-32-7Korky Paul · Valerie ThomasWinnie the Witch
1993978-0-916291-45-7Taro GomiEveryone Poops (My Body Science)
1993978-0-916291-46-4Tony RossI Want to Be (Children's Books from Around the World)
1994978-0-916291-48-8John BushThe Fish Who Could Wish
  ''978-0-916291-49-5Rene EscudiePaul and Sebastian
  ''978-0-916291-50-1Genichiro YagyuThe Holes in Your Nose (My Body Science Series)
  ''978-0-916291-52-5Shinta ChoThe Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts
1995978-0-916291-60-0Jun NanaoContemplating Your Bellybutton (My Body Science)
1996978-0-916291-63-1Ana Maria MachadoNina Bonita: A Story (Children's Books from Around the World)
1997978-0-916291-71-6Hanze · FrissenYann and the Whale
  ''978-0-916291-72-3Genichiro YagyuThe Soles of Your Feet (My Body Science)
1998978-0-916291-82-2Amanda Mayer Stinchecum · Genichiro YagyuAll About Scabs (My Body Science Series) (My Body Science Series)
1999978-0-916291-86-0Francisco ArcellanaThe Mats
1999978-0-916291-87-7Carme Sole VendrellJon's Moon
  ''978-0-916291-88-4Genichiro YagyuBreasts (My Body Science)
  ''978-0-916291-90-7Werner Holzwarth · Yatiyawi StudiosI'm Jose and I'm Okay: Three Stories from Bolivia
2000978-0-916291-94-5Korky PaulWinnie Flies Again
  ''978-0-916291-95-2   ''Winnie Flies Again
1999978-0-916291-96-9Jenni OverendWelcome With Love
  ''978-0-916291-97-6Jeanne AshbeWhat's Inside?