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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933605-00-5David BedfordThe Soccer Machine (Team Series)
  ''978-1-933605-01-2David BedfordTop of the League (Team Series)
  ''978-1-933605-02-9Tina BurkeFly, Little Bird
  ''978-1-933605-03-6Tony RossWASH YOUR HANDS! (Little Princess Books)
  ''978-1-933605-04-3Caroline GregoireApollo
2006978-1-933605-06-7David BedfordSuperteam (Team Series)
  ''978-1-933605-07-4   ''Soccer Camp (Team Series)
  ''978-1-933605-08-1Gus ClarkeSuerte / Lucky: El Mejor Amigo de un Perro / A Dog's Best Friend (Libros del Mundo) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-933605-10-4Zai WhitakerKali And the Rat Snake
  ''978-1-933605-11-1Fumiko TakeshitaHello, Hello
2006978-1-933605-15-9Margaret WildFox
  ''978-1-933605-16-6Tony RossSay Please! (Little Princess Books)
  ''978-1-933605-18-0Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersDog Den Mystery (Jack Russell, Dog Detective #1)
  ''978-1-933605-19-7Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Phantom Mudder (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
2007978-1-933605-23-4Tony RossI Want My Potty
  ''978-1-933605-24-1Satoru OnishiWho's Hiding?
2007978-1-933605-25-8Utako YamadaThe Story of Cherry the Pig
  ''978-1-933605-26-5Yoon D. KwonMy Cat Copies Me
  ''978-1-933605-27-2Anette BleyAnd What Comes After a Thousand?
  ''978-1-933605-28-9Suzy LeeThe Zoo
  ''978-1-933605-29-6Hyun-joo BaeNew Clothes for New Year's Day
2007978-1-933605-30-2Jez AlboroughFix- It Duck
  ''978-1-933605-31-9Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Lying Postman (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  ''978-1-933605-32-6   ''The Mugged Pug (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
2009978-1-933605-33-3Lila PrapWhy?
2007978-1-933605-34-0Chih-Yuan ChenGuji Guji (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-933605-40-1Wilfried GebhardLo Que Eduardo Sabe Hacer/ What Eddie Can Do (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-933605-41-8Chih-Yuan ChenOn My Way to Buy Eggs
2007978-1-933605-42-5Caroline GregoireCounting With Apollo
  ''978-1-933605-44-9Tina BurkeIt's Christmas
  ''978-1-933605-45-6Trudy WhiteCould You? Would You?
  ''978-1-933605-48-7Tina BurkeSophie's Big Bed(Toddler Tales)
  ''978-1-933605-50-0Colin ThompsonThe Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley XX
2007978-1-933605-51-7Helen ManosSamsara Dog
  ''978-1-933605-53-1Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Awful Pawful (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  ''978-1-933605-54-8   ''The Sausage Situation (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
2008978-1-933605-66-1Zhaohua JiNo! That's Wrong!
  ''978-1-933605-67-8Eun-hee ChoungMinji's Salon
  ''978-1-933605-68-5Maria RousakiUnique Monique
2008978-1-933605-72-2David MerveilleJukebox
  ''978-1-933605-73-9Mike DumbletonCat
  ''978-1-933605-76-0Jez AlboroughDuck in the Truck
  ''978-1-933605-77-7Darrel Odgers · Sally OdgersThe Buried Biscuits (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  ''978-1-933605-82-1Darrel and Sally OdgersThe Kitnapped Creature (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
2008978-1-933605-83-8Joy CowleySnake and Lizard
  ''978-1-933605-84-5Joan LennonEly Plot (The Wickit Chronicles)
  ''978-1-933605-85-2Hyun Young LeeSomething for School
  ''978-1-933605-87-6Joan LennonFen Gold (The Wickit Chronicles)
2009978-1-933605-88-3Colin ThompsonWild Stories
  ''978-1-933605-89-0Jez AlboroughSuper Duck
2008978-1-933605-90-6Colin ThompsonThe Big Little Book of Happy Sadness
2008978-1-933605-94-4Vivian FrenchSinging to the Sun
2009978-1-933605-96-8Beatrice BoutignonNot all Animals Are Blue
  ''978-1-933605-97-5Joan LennonIce Road (The Wickit Chronicles)
  ''978-1-933605-99-9Etsuko WatanabeMy Japan