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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-907779-12-11st Birthday Fabric Party Bag - x 1 Blue
2011978-1-907779-18-3Health & FitnessWomen's Guide to Running MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-19-0Computer ShopperLinux: The Complete Manual 2nd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-20-6Peter MuirMen's Fitness Complete Guide to Dumb-Bell Training
  ''978-1-907779-21-3PC ProThe Ultimate Guide to Windows 7 SP1 MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-22-0OctaneClassic Car Price Guide 2011 MagBook
2011978-1-907779-23-7Octane and evoLotus Legends MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-24-4Digital SLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 3rd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-25-1MacUserThe Independent Guide to the iPad 2 MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-26-8Health & FitnessLook Younger Naturally MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-28-2evoFerrari Supercars 3rd edition MagBook
2011978-1-907779-29-9Men's FitnessMen's Fitness Complete Guide to Home Workouts 2nd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-30-5Dave StevensonThe Pocket Guide to Digital Photography MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-31-2MacUserThe Independent Guide To The iPhone 4S MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-32-9Digital SLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Portraits 2nd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-34-3MacUserThe Independent Guide to the Mac 4 MagBook
2011978-1-907779-35-0Micro MartThe Independent Guide to eBay 2012 MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-36-7MagBooksUltimate 2012 Olympic Guide MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-37-4Jim MartinBuild a Better Website 2012
  ''978-1-907779-38-1Octane · David LillywhiteJaguar: The Complete Story
  ''978-1-907779-39-8Peter TomalinEvo Supercars
2011978-1-907779-40-4Men's FitnessMen's Fitness 7 rules of building Muscle MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-41-1David Sutton · MagBookFortean Times It happened to Me Volume 4
  ''978-1-907779-42-8Daniel LezanoPhotographer's Guide to Photoshop 3 MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-43-5Lucas EllisThe Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 3
  ''978-1-907779-44-2David LudlowBuild a Better PC 2012
2011978-1-907779-45-9Daniel BoothGoogle's Hidden Tools MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-46-6Kevin PartnerHow To Set Up An Online Business 3
  ''978-1-907779-47-3Daniel LezanoGetting Started in DSLR Photography 3
  ''978-1-907779-50-3Eleanor GoodmanWorld's Most Incredible Tattoos: v. 3 and IT ProThe Ultimate BlackBerry Guide 3rd ed. MagBook
2011978-1-907779-77-0MagBookNokia Smartphones MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-78-7PC ProUltimate Guide to Android Tablets MagBook
2011978-1-907779-79-4Digital SLR PhotographyMaking Money From Your Photos MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-80-0John LipseyMens Fitness Train Like an Olympian
  ''978-1-907779-83-1Cloud ProUltimate Guide to Cloud Computing MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-89-3Victor Lewis-SmithBefore Turning the Gun on Himself Volume 1.
  ''978-1-907779-90-9VizThe Cleveland Steamer: Viz Annual 2012 (Annuals 2012)
2011978-1-907779-91-6VizAnus Horribilis: A Year of stuff to read on the Thunderbox
  ''978-1-907779-92-3Digital SLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Outdoor Photography MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-93-0Know Your Mobile · IT PROThe Ultimate Guide to the BlackBerry PlayBook MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-94-7Web UserHow to Save Money Online MagBook
  ''978-1-907779-95-4Mary ComberHealth and Fitness Total Body Plan 2
2010978-1-907779-97-8MagBooksThe Fortean Times Book of Strange Deaths MagBook
2011978-1-907779-98-5Know Your MobileUltimate BlackBerry Guide 4 MagBook
2011978-1-907779-99-2Land Rover Monthly MagazineLand Rover Defender MagBook