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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-907232-00-8Paul DonoghueFred Dibnah: The Early Days
  ''978-1-907232-01-5David LillywhiteStirling Moss - Britain's Greatest Racing Driver
  ''978-1-907232-02-2TennisheadTennishead Coaching Special: Ultimate Guide to Winning Tennis
  ''978-1-907232-03-9Peter MuirMen's Fitness Body Challenge
  ''978-1-907232-04-6David LillywhiteOctane: Classics In Camera
2009978-1-907232-05-3Daniel LezanoPhotographers' Guide to Photoshop
  ''978-1-907232-06-0Hugh BowringGreen Living Guide
  ''978-1-907232-08-4David LudlowBuild a Better PC 2010
  ''978-1-907232-09-1Daniel LezanoGetting Started in Digital SLR Photography
  ''978-1-907232-10-7Kate HodgesBizarre Girls: Bk. 2
2010978-1-907232-11-4MagBookUltimate World Cup Guide 2010 MagBook
2010978-1-907232-12-1Haynes: The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement
2009978-1-907232-13-8Lucy Wyndham-ReadComplete Guide to Women's Fitness: Total Body Plan
  ''978-1-907232-14-5David McCombThe World's Most Incredible Tattoos
  ''978-1-907232-16-9Tim DantonThe Ultimate Guide to Windows 7
  ''978-1-907232-17-6Lucas EllisThe Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running
  ''978-1-907232-19-0VizThe Magna Fartlet: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus
2010978-1-907232-21-3MacUserThe Independent Guide to the Mac 3 MagBook
2010978-1-907232-22-0Men's FitnessMen's Fitness Complete Training Guide 2nd Edition MagBook
2009978-1-907232-23-7WatchWorld: v. 0024
  ''978-1-907232-24-4"00/24" Watch World
2010978-1-907232-26-8OctanePorsche Classics MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-27-5Digital SLR PhotographyPhotographers' Guide to Photoshop 2nd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-29-9iGizmoUltimate Guide to HDTV, 3D & Blu-ray 2011 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-30-5Micro MartThe Independent UK Guide to eBay 2011 MagBook
2010978-1-907232-31-2MacUserIndependent Guide to the iPhone 4 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-32-9PC ProThe Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography 4 MagBook
2011978-1-907232-33-6EvoThe Evo Guide to Track Days MagBook 2011
2010978-1-907232-34-3Men's FitnessMen's Fitness 12 Minute Workout MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-36-7Guy AndrewsUltimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance MagBook
2009978-1-907232-38-1The Week"The Week" Subscriptions Pack
  ''978-1-907232-39-8DSLRDSLR Subscriptions Pack
  ''978-1-907232-41-1Maggie HollandUltimate BlackBerry Guide 2
2010978-1-907232-42-8Computer ShopperThe Complete PC Upgrades Handbook 2011 MagBook
2010978-1-907232-46-6MagBookFred Dibnah's World of Steam MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-47-3MacUserThe Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design 2 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-48-0OctaneClassic and Performance Car Price Guide 2010 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-49-7MagBookJohn Wilson's 501 Fishing Tips 2nd Edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-50-3Digital SLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Landscape Photography second edition MagBook
2010978-1-907232-52-7EvoPerformance Car Buying Guide MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-53-4Men's Fitness101 Best Exercises MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-54-1PC ProUltimate Guide to Microsoft Office 2010 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-55-8Computer ShopperBuild a Better Website 2011 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-57-2MagBookThe Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 2nd edition MagBook
2010978-1-907232-59-6Fortean Times · MagBookFortean Times It Happened to Me Volume 3
  ''978-1-907232-60-2EvoPerformance Car Heroes MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-61-9Eleanor GoodmanBizarre Body Art 4 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-62-6Computer ShopperBuild a Better PC 2011 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-63-3Kevin Partner and PC ProHow To Set Up An Online Business 2nd edition MagBook
2010978-1-907232-64-0OctaneClassic Supercars MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-68-8BizarreWorld's Most Incredible Tattoos 2nd edition MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-69-5Men's FitnessMen's Fitness Complete Guide to Abs (2nd Edition) MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-70-1MagBookATP World Tour 2010 MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-78-7   ''Growing Vegetables is Fun! (third edition) MagBook
2010978-1-907232-79-4Fortean Times · MagBookFortean Times Weirdest News
  ''978-1-907232-80-0MacUserThe Independent Guide to the iPad MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-81-7Health & FitnessTone Up in 10 Minutes MagBook
  ''978-1-907232-83-1VizTop of the Tips (Viz)
  ''978-1-907232-86-2Digital SLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Portraits MagBook
2010978-1-907232-87-9Digital SLR PhotographyGetting Started in DSLR Photography 2nd edition MagBook
2009978-1-907232-88-6Guy AndrewsRouleur 18 (Rouleur)
2010978-1-907232-90-9Viz"Roger's Profanisaurus: Das Krapital
  ''978-1-907232-91-6VizThe Five Knuckle Shuffle: Viz Annual 2011 (Annuals)
  ''978-1-907232-98-5Health & FitnessShape Up At Home MagBook