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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906372-00-2Simon BrewThe independent guide to eBay 2008: 1
  ''978-1-906372-01-9David Fearon from PC Pro MagazineThe Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography
  ''978-1-906372-02-6Evo & Octane Magazine60 Years of FERRARI
  ''978-1-906372-04-0Nick Rawlinson from Mac UserThe Ultimate Guide to iPod Guide
978-1-906372-06-4The Week Magazine Subscription Gift Pack (26 issues)
2007978-1-906372-07-1Pete MuirMen's Fitness Complete Training Guide
  ''978-1-906372-08-8Nik RawlinsonThe Independent Guide to the iPhone
2007978-1-906372-10-1Dennis PublishingThe Ultimate Guide to HDTV and Home Entertainment
  ''978-1-906372-12-5David McCombThe Independent Guide to Facebook
  ''978-1-906372-14-9Jolyon ConnellShort and to the Point - a Selection of the Editor's Letters from the Week (Jolyon Connell, the Week Ltd, Felix Dennis)
2008978-1-906372-15-6Emma Coopergrowing vegetables is fun (1st edition)
  ''978-1-906372-16-3David LillywhiteClassic Sports Car Buying Guide
  ''978-1-906372-17-0Nik RawlinsonThe Independent Guide to the Mac
2008978-1-906372-18-7Simon EdwardsThe Complete Internet Security Handbook 2009
  ''978-1-906372-19-4Jim MartinBuild a Better Website
  ''978-1-906372-20-0Simon BrewCelebrate The 80s
2009978-1-906372-21-7David SuttonFortean Times Paranormal Handbook
2008978-1-906372-22-4Performance Heroes
  ''978-1-906372-23-1Hugh BowringGo Green The Easy Way
  ''978-1-906372-24-8Evo & Octane Magazine60 Years of Ferrari Supercars 2nd Edition
2008978-1-906372-25-5Stuart James SmithHow to Make it in Music
  ''978-1-906372-26-2Simon BrewThe Independent UK Guide to eBay 2009
  ''978-1-906372-27-9evo magazinePorsche Supercars
  ''978-1-906372-28-6Nik RawlinsonIndependent Guide to the iPhone 3G
  ''978-1-906372-30-9VizViz the Big Hairy Almanackers
2009978-1-906372-31-6Kevin PartnerHow To Set Up An Online Business
2007978-1-906372-32-3Graham Dury · Davey Jones · Simon ThorpRogers Profanisaurus: The Magna Farta (Viz Rogers Profanisaurus)
2008978-1-906372-33-0David LudlowThe Complete PC Upgrades Handbook 2009
2008978-1-906372-34-7Jon LipseyMen's Fitness Running, Cycling and Swimming
  ''978-1-906372-35-4Alistair McDonaldMen's Fitness Ultimate Workout Plan
  ''978-1-906372-36-1Kate HodgesBizarre Girls
  ''978-1-906372-37-8Men's fitnessMen's Fitness Complete Guide to Abs
  ''978-1-906372-38-5Octane MagazineJaguar: The Complete Story
2008978-1-906372-39-2David McCombBody Art 2
  ''978-1-906372-40-8VizViz Annual: The Last Turkey in the Shop 2009
  ''978-1-906372-41-5Tim DantonThe Ultimate Guide to Windows Vista + SP1 New Edition
  ''978-1-906372-42-2"PC Pro" Subscription Pack 2008
  ''978-1-906372-43-9The "Week" Subscription Pack 2008
2008978-1-906372-44-6"Fortean Times" Subscription Pack 2008 2008
  ''978-1-906372-45-3Nik RawlinsonThe Ultimate iPod Guide (2009)
  ''978-1-906372-46-0Ross BurridgeUltimate Guide to HDTV and Home Entertainment 2009
  ''978-1-906372-47-7David FearonUltimate Guide to Digital Photography 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-906372-48-4Fortean TimesFortean Times: It Happened To Me vol.1 MagBook
2008978-1-906372-49-1Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel Family Cookbook Winter & Christmas 2008
  ''978-1-906372-51-4Alex WatsonUltimate Guide to PC Gaming
  ''978-1-906372-52-1Simon Brew101 Computer Projects
  ''978-1-906372-53-8David LudlowBuild A Better PC
2009978-1-906372-54-5evo magazineevo Photo
  ''978-1-906372-55-2Chris GreenThe Ultimate BlackBerry Guide
2009978-1-906372-56-9Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel Family Cookbook Spring 2009
  ''978-1-906372-58-3Tom FosterThe Ultimate 360 Tips book
  ''978-1-906372-60-6David LillywhiteClassic and performance Car Price Guide
  ''978-1-906372-61-3Graham HopeAuto Express New Car Test Directory
  ''978-1-906372-63-7Peter TomalinThe Best of EVO
2009978-1-906372-64-4Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel Family Cookbook Summer 2009
  ''978-1-906372-65-1Nik RawlinsonThe Independent Guide to the Mac 2
  ''978-1-906372-66-8Emma CooperGrowing Vegetables is Fun (2nd edition)
  ''978-1-906372-68-2Alun BowdenThe Ultimate Guide to Poker
  ''978-1-906372-69-9Jim MartinLinux: The Complete Manual
2009978-1-906372-70-5Jon LipseyMen's Fitness: The Complete Guide to Home Workouts
  ''978-1-906372-71-2Emanuele PalladinoLions Tour 2009
  ''978-1-906372-72-9David LillywhiteAston Martin - The Complete Story
  ''978-1-906372-73-6Steve MyattThe Legend of Harley Davidson
  ''978-1-906372-74-3David McCombBizarre Big Book of Freaks, Geeks and Amazing People
2009978-1-906372-76-7David FearonThe Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-906372-77-4Nik RawlinsonThe Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design
  ''978-1-906372-78-1   ''Independent Guide to the iPhone 3GS
  ''978-1-906372-79-8Stuart James SmithHow To Make It In Music 2
  ''978-1-906372-80-4David LudlowThe Complete PC Upgrades Handbook 2010
2009978-1-906372-81-1Octane & MG Enthusiast magazinesMG: The Complete Story
  ''978-1-906372-82-8Eleanor GoodmanBody Art 3
  ''978-1-906372-83-5Jim MartinBuild a Better Website 2010
  ''978-1-906372-85-9Daniel LezanoThe Essential Guide to Landscape Photography
  ''978-1-906372-86-6Simon BrewThe Independent UK Guide to eBay 2010
2009978-1-906372-87-3Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel Winter Family Cookbook 2009/2010
  ''978-1-906372-89-7David LudlowThe Complete PC Repair Manual
  ''978-1-906372-90-3Peter TomalinLamborghini Supercars
  ''978-1-906372-91-0Nik RawlinsonThe Ultimate iPod Guide: Bk. 5
  ''978-1-906372-92-7Ross BurridgeThe Ultimate Guide to HDTV and Blu-ray
2009978-1-906372-94-1Fortean Times · MagBookFortean Times It Happened To Me Volume 2
  ''978-1-906372-95-8John Wilson501 Fishing Tips: Coarse Fishing Edition
  ''978-1-906372-96-5Ben PittThe Complete Guide to Home Video
  ''978-1-906372-97-2The ATPATP World Tour: 2009 Season
  ''978-1-906372-98-9TennisheadTennisheads Guide to Summer 2009
2009978-1-906372-99-6VizViz: The Council Gritter (Annual)