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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-78106-014-8dslrThe Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 4
  ''978-1-78106-016-2DSLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Portraits 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-78106-018-6   ''The Essential Guide to Outdoor Photography 2 MagBook
  ''978-1-78106-039-1MicroMartThe Independent Guide to eBay 2013 MagBook
  ''978-1-78106-040-7MacUserThe Independent Guide to the Mac 5 MagBook
2012978-1-78106-044-5PC Pro · MagBookWindows 8 Ultimate Guide
  ''978-1-78106-053-7Land Rover Monthly · MagBookLand Rover Discovery
  ''978-1-78106-054-4Evo · MagBookSupercars A-Z Guide
  ''978-1-78106-058-2Octane Magazine · MagBookPorsche Classics 2
  ''978-1-78106-090-2VizThe Billposter's Bucket: Viz Annual 2013 (Annuals 2013)
2012978-1-78106-091-9VizTop Tips 2 (Viz)
  ''978-1-78106-108-4Caroline Reid · Christian SyltThrough the Eyes of Formula 1 (Zoom)
2013978-1-78106-124-4DSLR Photography · MagBook50 Photo Projects 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-78106-127-5DSLR PhotographyThe Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 5 MagBook
  ''978-1-78106-128-2   ''Photoshop for Beginners MagBook
  ''978-1-78106-130-5Octane MagazineClassic Car Price Guide 2013 MagBook
2013978-1-78106-136-7MacUser · MagBookApple iPad Air Independent Guide
  ''978-1-78106-143-5DSLR Photography · MagBookClose-Up Photography
  ''978-1-78106-154-1Micro Mart · MagBookeBay 2014 The Independent Guide
  ''978-1-78106-208-1Auto Express · MagBookLand Rover Past, Present & Future
  ''978-1-78106-209-8Know Your Mobile · MagBookSamsung Galaxy 2013
2013978-1-78106-229-6MacUserThe Independent Guide to the Apple MacBook MagBook
  ''978-1-78106-244-9VizProfanisaurus: Hail Sweary (Viz)
  ''978-1-78106-245-6   ''Viz Annual 2014: The Camel's Toe
2014978-1-78106-301-9Men's FitnessMen's Fitness Dumbbell Training 2
  ''978-1-78106-317-0WebUserAndroid: Definitive guide to
  ''978-1-78106-370-5VizThe Viz Annual: the Dutch Oven (Annuals 2015)
2014978-1-78106-371-2VizThe Big Viz Book of Adventure
2015978-1-78106-485-6   ''VIZ Annual 2016: The Otter's Pocket
2016978-1-78106-541-9Centum BooksUnofficial Minecraft Annual 2017 (Annuals 2017)
2018978-1-78106-679-9Centum Books LtdMinecraft Annual 2019 (Annuals 2019)