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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-907151-10-1VariousI Wish I Knew That: Cool Stuff You Need to Know
  ''978-1-907151-15-6Lottie StrideWrite Every Time (or is That 'Right'?): Cool Ways to Improve Your English
  ''978-1-907151-16-3Jim DoyleWhere On Earth?: Geography Without the Boring Bits
  ''978-1-907151-26-2Nellie RyanInterior Designer Doodles
  ''978-1-907151-29-3Michael GartonHow to Draw Animals
2010978-1-907151-38-5Gemma ReeceThe Girls' Book of Friendship: How to be The Best Friend Ever
  ''978-1-907151-40-8n/aJustin Bieber: The Unauthorized Annual 2011
  ''978-1-907151-43-9Nellie RyanDancing Doodles (Doodle Books)
  ''978-1-907151-44-6Katy JacksonPop Star Doodles (Doodle Books)
2011978-1-907151-45-3VariousGirls' World: Doodling and Colouring
  ''978-1-907151-48-4Jessie EckelThe Gorgeous Girls' Colouring Book
2011978-1-907151-49-1Ann KronheimerCupcakes, Cookies and Candy: A Delicious Doodling and Colouring Book (Doodles)
  ''978-1-907151-54-5Gabrielle ReyesJustin Bieber: Test Your Super-fan Status
  ''978-1-907151-55-2Katy JacksonBeautiful Fashion Colouring Book
  ''978-1-907151-56-9   ''Beautiful Home Colouring Book
  ''978-1-907151-57-6Beth GunnellPretty Patterns Colouring Book (Pretty Patterns) (Buster Activity)
2011978-1-907151-58-3Nellie RyanPretty Costumes Colouring Book (Buster Books)
  ''978-1-907151-60-6Andrew GeesonI'm Going on Holiday (Buster Books)
2012978-1-907151-64-4John BarrowmanHollow Earth: 1
2011978-1-907151-67-5VariousWinter Wonderland: Doodling and Colouring (Doodles)
  ''978-1-907151-68-2   ''Boys' World: Doodling and Colouring (Doodles)
  ''978-1-907151-76-7   ''The Girls' Annual 2012 (Annuals 2012)
  ''978-1-907151-77-4Jim MaloneyOne Direction: Test Your Super-fan Status
2011978-1-907151-78-1Tori KosaraJustin Bieber Annual 2012: Unauthorized (Annuals 2012)
2012978-1-907151-80-4Mike GoldsmithFrom Zero To Infinity (And Beyond)
2011978-1-907151-82-8Tracey TurnerJLS: Test Your Super-fan Status
  ''978-1-907151-83-5Katy JacksonRoyal Wedding Doodles
  ''978-1-907151-84-2Nellie RyanFabulous Fashion (Doodles)
  ''978-1-907151-89-7VariousIt's A Girls' World A to Z Annual 2012 (Annuals 2012)
  ''978-1-907151-90-3Jessie EckelThe Brilliant Boys Colouring Book
2011978-1-907151-91-0Katy JacksonMovie Star Doodles (Doodle Books)
  ''978-1-907151-94-1Clive GiffordOut of this World: All the cool bits about space (Buster Books)