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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904613-05-3Hans WilhelmGroovy Cheques for a Groovy Chick (Cheque Book)
2004978-1-904613-08-4Tim WeareI'm a Little Frog (Finger-Puppet Pal)
2003978-1-904613-09-1N aHello Kitty Cheques
  ''978-1-904613-10-7Family Cheques (Cheque Book)
  ''978-1-904613-11-4unknownSleepover Cheques (Cheque Book S.)
2004978-1-904613-18-3Unfold Your Future
2003978-1-904613-19-0Hans WilhelmMagic Cheques (Cheque Book)
2004978-1-904613-27-5Secret Adding (Secret maths)
  ''978-1-904613-28-2No Author CreditedSecret Subtracting (Secret maths)
  ''978-1-904613-29-9Secret Times Tables (Secret maths)
2004978-1-904613-35-0Tim WeareI'm a Little Monkey (Finger-Puppet Pal)
2003978-1-904613-38-1Hello Kitty and Friends Together Forever
2004978-1-904613-48-0The Dandy Cheques (Cheque Book)
  ''978-1-904613-49-7Forever Friends Cheques (Cheque Book)
  ''978-1-904613-51-0Guy · Barnes, Samantha MacdonaldThe Harry Potter Quiz Book
2005978-1-904613-52-7Tim WeareI'm a Little Cow
  ''978-1-904613-54-1   ''I'm a Little Sheep
2004978-1-904613-59-6The Incredibles (Cheque Book)
2005978-1-904613-61-9Peter RutherfordIn the Rocket (Hide and Seek S.)
2004978-1-904613-65-7Dominique EnrightChildren's Miscellany: Useless Information That's Essential to Know!
2005978-1-904613-69-5Fun on the Farm Counting (Early Learning Activity)
2004978-1-904613-71-8Busted Unauthorized Annual 2005
  ''978-1-904613-73-2Gurj Bassi"McFly" Unauthorized
2005978-1-904613-78-7Dinosaur Colours (Early Learning Activity)
2005978-1-904613-84-8McflyMcFly: Back to the Future
  ''978-1-904613-87-9Fun on the Farm Counting (Early Learning Activity)
  ''978-1-904613-88-6The Best Jokes in the Universe (Joke Book)
  ''978-1-904613-89-3How to be the Best at Everything
  ''978-1-904613-90-9"Hello Kitty" Best Friends' Cheques (Cheque Book)
2005978-1-904613-91-6Cuties Promises