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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905158-03-4Ida Rental OuthwaiteFairy Promises (Cheque Book)
2005978-1-905158-06-5McFly Unauthorized Annual 2006
  ''978-1-905158-13-3Nikalas CatlowDo You Doodle?
  ''978-1-905158-16-4Dominique EnrightChildren's Miscellany: Volume 2: More Useless Information That's Essential to Know: v. 2 (Buster Books)
  ''978-1-905158-18-8No AuthorSuper-Stylin' Scoubidou Annual 2006
  ''978-1-905158-24-9Alastair ChisholmThe Kids' Book of Sudoku: No. 1 (Kids' Sudoku S.)
2006978-1-905158-26-3Jacqueline Wilson Cheques
2006978-1-905158-27-0I am a Star! (Contains a wallchart, stickers, and certificates)
  ''978-1-905158-28-7Tall Stories
2005978-1-905158-29-4Alastair ChisholmThe Kids' Book of Sudoku 2: No. 2 (Buster Puzzle Books)
  ''978-1-905158-33-1Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Kakuro
2006978-1-905158-38-6Daisy MeadowsRM: Fairy Promises: Fairy Cheques (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-905158-40-9Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Hanjie
  ''978-1-905158-42-3Dominique EnrightChildren's Miscellany: Volume 3: v. 3
2007978-1-905158-44-7Nikalas CatlowDoodles to Do!
2006978-1-905158-46-1No AuthorShayne Ward 2007: Unauthorised Annual
2008978-1-905158-47-8Dinosaurs Annual 2009
2006978-1-905158-49-2Nikalas CatlowOodles of Doodles
2007978-1-905158-50-8VariousChildren's Miscellany: The Collection: v. 1-3 (Buster Books)
2006978-1-905158-53-9Gareth MooreKids' 10-Minute Brain Workout: Brain-Training Tricks, Riddles and Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind
2006978-1-905158-62-1Daisy MeadowsRM: Jewel Fairies Promises: The Jewel Fairies' Promises (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-905158-63-8   ''RM: Party Fairies Promises: The Party Fairies' Promises (Rainbow Magic)
  ''978-1-905158-64-5Guy Macdonald · Dominique EnrightThe Boys' Book: How to be the Best at Everything
2007978-1-905158-78-2Jacquie WinesYou Can Save the Planet
  ''978-1-905158-79-9Juliana FosterThe Girls' Book: How to Be the Best at Everything
  ''978-1-905158-82-9VariousThe Art Doodle Book: Create Your Own Masterpieces in the Style of the Great Artists (Buster Books)
2008978-1-905158-89-8   ''Totally Tracy! Cheques (Cheque Book)
2008978-1-905158-91-1Guy MacDonaldMy Brilliant Body (Buster Books)
2007978-1-905158-94-2Nellie RyanBeautiful Doodles (Buster Books)
  ''978-1-905158-99-7Guy CampbellDo Elephants Ever Forget?: And Other Puzzling Questions Answered (Buster Books)