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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-78055-009-1VariousMeerkat Mischief (Puzzles)
2012978-1-78055-010-7Beth GunnellPerfect Patterns Colouring Book (Pretty Patterns)
  ''978-1-78055-021-3Julian MosedaleThe London Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-026-8Georgie FearnsDress Up Kate (Sticker Activity)
2013978-1-78055-031-2John Barrowman · Carole E. BarrowmanBone Quill (Hollow Earth 2)
  ''978-1-78055-034-3Julian MosedaleMessy Monsters (Sticker Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-035-0Chris DickasonPets in Pants (Sticker Activity)
2012978-1-78055-039-8Hannah DaviesThe Girls' Fabulous Colouring Book: Delightfully Detailed Designs
2012978-1-78055-044-2Hannah DaviesPretty Flowers Colouring Book (Pretty Patterns)
  ''978-1-78055-045-9   ''Patterns Around The World (Pretty Patterns)
  ''978-1-78055-070-1Jessie EckelThe Girls' Holiday Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
  ''978-1-78055-071-8Jessie EckelThe Boys' Holiday Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
2011978-1-78055-076-3Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Wordsearches
  ''978-1-78055-077-0Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Crosswords
2012978-1-78055-080-0A. B. SaddlewickSpooky Sports Day
2012978-1-78055-083-1A. B. SaddlewickBig Fright
2013978-1-78055-095-4Ellen BaileyThe London Activity Book (Buster Activity)
2012978-1-78055-107-4Ann KronheimerThe Cupcake Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-110-4Jessie EckelThe Beautiful Girls' Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-111-1naThe Colouring Book
2013978-1-78055-112-8Ann KronheimerThe Girls' Fairy Colouring Book
2015978-1-78055-116-6Emily Golden TwomeyColour by Numbers (Colouring)
2013978-1-78055-122-7Sophie SchreyWhere's The Penguin? (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-132-6Ann Kronheimer · Beth Gunnell · Josie JoHoliday World (Buster Books)
2012978-1-78055-135-7Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Puzzles
2013978-1-78055-136-4Jessie EckelThe Easter Colouring Book
2014978-1-78055-138-8Ellen BaileyAll About Me: My Thoughts, My Style, My Life ('All About Me' Diary & Journal Series)
2013978-1-78055-155-5Emily TwomeyFirst Colouring Book For Girls (Buster Books)
  ''978-1-78055-156-2Emily GoldenFirst Colouring Book For Boys (Buster Books)
2013978-1-78055-157-9Chris DickasonThe Clever Kids' Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-161-6Lauren DoughtyThe Cupcake Sticker Book
  ''978-1-78055-162-3Georgie FearnsDress Up One Direction (Sticker Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-163-0Gareth Moore · Ellen BaileyThe Kids' Book Of Holiday Puzzles
2012978-1-78055-166-1Chris DickasonThe Anti-Boredom Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
2013978-1-78055-168-5Joanna WebsterThe Creative Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-175-3Beth GunnellThe Beautiful Patterns Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
2013978-1-78055-179-1Beth GunnellThe Animal Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-201-9Emily Golden TwomeyBuster's Brilliant Dot to Dot
  ''978-1-78055-202-6   ''Buster's Brilliant Colour by Numbers
2014978-1-78055-203-3   ''First Sticker Activity for Girls
  ''978-1-78055-204-0   ''First Sticker Activity for Boys
  ''978-1-78055-225-5Jessie EckelColouring For Boys: Cool Pictures To Colour And Complete (Buster Activity)
2014978-1-78055-227-9Jo Taylor · VariousGirls' World of Stickers (Sticker Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-230-9Hannah DaviesThe Girls' Glorious Colouring Book: Delightfully Detailed Designs
  ''978-1-78055-233-0Chuck WhelonWhere's Santa? (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-238-5Jessie EckelThe Amazing Boys' Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-239-2VariousThe Official Playmobil Annual 2015 (Annuals 2015)
2014978-1-78055-248-4Gareth MooreThe Kids' Book of Mazes
2014978-1-78055-249-1Gareth MooreBrain Games for Clever Kids (Buster Brain Games)
  ''978-1-78055-250-7Chris DickasonThe Diggers and Trucks Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-257-6Lauren DoughtyThe Delicious Chocolate Sticker Book (Buster Activity)
2008978-1-78055-271-2Martin OliverThe Boys' Book of Spycraft: How To Be The best Secret Agent Ever
  ''978-1-78055-272-9Sally JeffrieThe Girls' Book 2: How to be the Best at Everything Again
2014978-1-78055-277-4Joanna WebsterSticker by Numbers (Sticker Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-285-9Ann KronheimerThe Ballerina Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
2010978-1-78055-289-7Steve MartinThe Boys Book of Adventure
2015978-1-78055-307-8Gareth MooreWordsearches for Clever Kids (Buster Brain Games)
2015978-1-78055-308-5Gareth MooreCrosswords for Clever Kids (Buster Brain Games)
  ''978-1-78055-310-8Jake McDonaldThe Pirate Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78055-313-9Various Authors Various AuthorsThe Puzzle Activity Book (Buster Puzzle Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-315-3Joanna WebsterThe Amazing Creative Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-316-0VariousThe Book for Clever Kids
2015978-1-78055-317-7Felicity FrenchI Heart Colouring: Pretty Pocket Colouring (I Heart Colouring Books)
  ''978-1-78055-319-1Chris DickasonThe Clever Kids' Activity Book
  ''978-1-78055-333-7Beth GunnellPretty Pattern Postcards
  ''978-1-78055-334-4   ''Pretty Flower Postcards
2014978-1-78055-343-6Ann KronheimerFairy Colouring Book
2015978-1-78055-350-4   ''Fashion Through Time Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
  ''978-1-78055-351-1Jake McdonaldThe Dinosaur Colouring Book (Buster Activity)
2015978-1-78055-366-5Emily Golden TwomeyThe Kids' Book of Dot to Dot
  ''978-1-78055-382-5Stewart AllanI Heart Alfie
  ''978-1-78055-383-2TbcI Heart Zoella
  ''978-1-78055-403-7VariousPretty Bird Postcards
2017978-1-78055-431-0Charlotte FarmerHistory: A Map Colouring Book (Map Colouring Books)
  ''978-1-78055-457-0Lauren FarnsworthColourtronic Animals
2017978-1-78055-468-6James DoyleWhere On Earth?: Geography Without the Boring Bits (Buster Reference)
  ''978-1-78055-471-6Ellen Bailey · Imogen WilliamsThe Book of Me: My Life, My Likes, My Dreams (Journal) ('All About Me' Diary & Journal Series)
2018978-1-78055-509-6Guy CampbellSurvival: How to survive anything, anywhere (Buster Know-How)
2019978-1-78055-511-9Guy Campbell · Paul MoranAre You Drinking Dinosaur Wee?: Buster's Actually-Factually Books
  ''978-1-78055-512-6Guy CampbellDo Elephants Ever Forget?: And Other Puzzling Questions Answered (Buster's Actually-Factually Series) (Buster's Actually-Factually Books)
2018978-1-78055-526-3John Paul de QuayCOLOURAMA: Pop Up The Past: 3-D Colouring Cards to Create and Complete
2019978-1-78055-599-7Chuck WhelonWhere's the Bunny?: An Egg-cellent Search-and-Find Book (Search and Find Activity)
2020978-1-78055-688-8Author TBC · Emily Hunter-Higgins · Harry ThorntonI Heart Kawaii
  ''978-1-78055-695-6Jan Payne · Mike PhillipsThe World's Fastest, Spookiest, Smelliest, Strongest Book