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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904573-01-2Iqbal Wahhab · Vivek SinghThe Cinnamon Club Cookbook
2005978-1-904573-02-9Andreas AntonaThe 'Simpsons' Cookbook
2004978-1-904573-03-6Mitchell TonksFishworks Seafood Cafe Cookbook
2003978-1-904573-04-3Richard MaggsThe Little Book of Aga Tips 2
  ''978-1-904573-05-0Laura JamesThe New Aga Cook: Good Food Fast (New Aga Cook (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-904573-07-4Laura JamesThe New Aga Cook: Breakfast and Brunch (New Aga Cook (Hardcover))
2005978-1-904573-08-1David LancasterMontgomery Clift (Outlines S.)
2003978-1-904573-09-8Paul HartleyThe Marmite Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-904573-10-4Richard MaggsThe Little Book of Rayburn Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2004978-1-904573-13-5Kate Weatherell · Nigel Tunnicliff · Tim ReevesBlistering Barbecues
  ''978-1-904573-14-2Fiona BeckettBeyond Baked Beans Green: Real Veggie Food for Students
2004978-1-904573-15-9Paul HartleyThe Colman's Mustard Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-904573-18-0Fiona BeckettSausage and Mash
  ''978-1-904573-19-7Richard MaggsThe Little Book of Aga Tips: v. 3
  ''978-1-904573-20-3   ''The Little Book of Aga Christmas Tips
  ''978-1-904573-21-0Anissa HelouThe Fifth Quarter: An Offal Cookbook
2004978-1-904573-22-7John Henry DixonFirst, Peel the Otter: Grim and Ghastly Recipes for the Gruesome Gourmand
  ''978-1-904573-23-4Richard MaggsThe Complete Book of Aga Know-how (Aga and Range Cookbooks)
2005978-1-904573-25-8Mitchell TonksThe Aga Seafood Cookbook (Aga and Range Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-904573-26-5Richard Maggs · Dawn RoadsThe New Rayburn Cookbook (Aga and Range Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-904573-27-2Louise WalkerThe Traditional Aga Christmas
  ''978-1-904573-28-9Trish HilfertyLobster and Chips
2005978-1-904573-29-6Paul HartleyThe Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Cookbook
  ''978-1-904573-30-2Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Cheese Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-31-9Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Wine Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-32-6   ''The Little Book of Tea Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-33-3   ''The Little Book of Coffee Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2005978-1-904573-34-0Professor Spoon'Why is My Custard Lumpy?: And Other Culinary Conundrums
2006978-1-904573-35-7William ForttThe Little Book of Gardening Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-36-4William ForttThe Little Book of Herb Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-38-8Richard MaggsThe Little Book of Chefs' Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-41-8Vivek SinghThe Cinnamon Club Seafood Cookbook
  ''978-1-904573-44-9Jason PrangnellNew Jewish Cooking: Groundbreaking Dairy-free Kosher Recipes from Bevis Marks The Restaurant
2006978-1-904573-45-6Fiona BeckettBeyond Baked Beans Budget: A Student Cookbook
  ''978-1-904573-46-3Vivek SinghNew Indian Seafood Cooking: Recipes from the Cinnamon Club Restaurant
  ''978-1-904573-47-0Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Beer Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-48-7   ''The Little Book of Spice Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-904573-49-4Peter FrenchThe Little Book of Golf Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2006978-1-904573-51-7Lucy YoungAga Easy
  ''978-1-904573-52-4David Everitt-MatthiasEssence: Recipes from Le Champignon Sauvage
  ''978-1-904573-53-1Trish HilfertyGastropub Classics: 150 Defining Recipes
  ''978-1-904573-54-8Fiona BeckettMeat & Two Veg
  ''978-1-904573-55-5Andreas AntonaModern French Cooking: Recipes from Simpsons Restaurant
2007978-1-904573-59-3Charita JonesMomma Cherri's Soul in a Bowl Cookbook
2012978-1-904573-60-9Christine McFaddenPepper
2007978-1-904573-64-7Megan DevenishThe Little Book of Travel Tips (Little Book of Tips (Absolute Press))
2007978-1-904573-65-4Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Whisky Tips
  ''978-1-904573-66-1Michael DevenishThe Little Book of Fishing Tips
  ''978-1-904573-68-5Peter FrenchThe Little Book of Chess Tips (Little Book of Tips (Absolute Press))
  ''978-1-904573-69-2Rick BaylessMexican Kitchen
2008978-1-904573-71-5Kate Weatherell · Nigel TunnicliffBlistering Barbecues - Burgers, Wraps and Kebabs
  ''978-1-904573-72-2Nigel Tunnicliff · Kate WeatherellBlistering Barbecues - Sauces, Salsas and Marinades
2007978-1-904573-73-9Linda CollisterDivine Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart
2007978-1-904573-75-3Claire ClarkIndulge: 100 Perfect Desserts
  ''978-1-904573-76-0Paul HartleyThe Heinz Tomato Ketchup Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbooks)
2007978-1-904573-77-7Paul HartleyLittle Book of Marmite Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2008978-1-904573-79-1   ''The Lyle's Golden Syrup Cookbook
  ''978-1-904573-80-7Trish HilfertyThe Gastropub Classics Cookbook: 150 Defining Recipes
  ''978-1-904573-83-8Atul KochharFish, Indian Style: 100 Simple Spicy Recipes
  ''978-1-904573-84-5Trish HilfertyFish and Chips
  ''978-1-904573-85-2Fiona BeckettThe Frugal Cook
2008978-1-904573-86-9Paul HartleyThe HP Sauce Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-904573-88-3Vivek SinghCurry: Classic and Contemporary
  ''978-1-904573-91-3Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Olive Oil Tips
  ''978-1-904573-93-7Chris JonesThe Little Book of Backgammon Tips (Little Books (Absolute Press))
  ''978-1-904573-94-4Chris JonesThe Little Book of Scrabble Tips
2008978-1-904573-96-8Meg AventThe Little Book of Cake Decorating Tips
2009978-1-904573-97-5Craig EdneyThe Little Book of Cocktail Tips
2008978-1-904573-99-9Louise WalkerAga Year: 365 Seasonal Recipes