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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906650-01-8Mitzie WilsonMince!: 100 Fabulously Frugal Recipes
  ''978-1-906650-02-5Paul HartleyThe Bovril Cookbook
  ''978-1-906650-03-2David Everitt-MatthiasDessert: Dessert Recipes from Le Champignon Sauvage
  ''978-1-906650-04-9Amanda Powley · Philip M. TaylorTerre a Terre: The Vegetarian Cookbook
  ''978-1-906650-05-6David EyreThe Eagle Cookbook: Recipes from the Original Gastropub
2010978-1-906650-06-3Atul KochharFish, Indian Style
2007978-1-906650-07-0Fiona BeckettThe Ultimate Student Cookbook
2009978-1-906650-08-7Lucy YoungAga Easy (Aga and Range Cookbooks)
2010978-1-906650-09-4Keith HardimanMelt
2009978-1-906650-10-0Tom Norrington-Davies · Trish HilfertyGame
2009978-1-906650-11-7Paul HartleyThe Great British Storecupboard Cookbook
  ''978-1-906650-12-4Andrea O'ConnorThe Bumper Book of Marmite
2010978-1-906650-13-1Claire ClarkIndulge: 100 Perfect Desserts
2013978-1-906650-18-6Tom Stevenson · Essi AvellanChristie's World Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine
2009978-1-906650-19-3Vineet BhatiaRasoi New Indian Kitchen
  ''978-1-906650-20-9Pascal AussignacCuisinier Gascon: Meals from a Gascon Chef
  ''978-1-906650-21-6James Winter · James BulmerYes, Chef! 20 Great British Chefs 100 Great British Recipes
2010978-1-906650-22-3Louise WalkerAga Roast (Aga and Range Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-906650-24-7Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Curry Tips (Little Book Of... (Absolute Press))
2010978-1-906650-27-8Julia ParsonsA Slice of Cherry Pie
  ''978-1-906650-28-5Lotte DuncanLotte's Country Kitchen
  ''978-1-906650-29-2Gurpareet BainsIndian Superfood
  ''978-1-906650-30-8Mark NortheastFunky Lunch
  ''978-1-906650-31-5Paul HartleyThe Horlicks Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbook)
2010978-1-906650-32-2Erin McKennaBabycakes
  ''978-1-906650-35-3David ChangMomofuku
  ''978-1-906650-36-0Paul HartleyThe Marmite World Cookbook (Storecupboard Cookbooks)
2011978-1-906650-38-4Louise Nason · Chikako WatanabeMelt
2010978-1-906650-39-1James Winter · James BulmerChef! 20 Great British Chefs, 100 Great British Recipes: 20 Great British Chefs 100 Great British Recipes
  ''978-1-906650-40-7Vivek SinghCurry
  ''978-1-906650-43-8Meg AventThe Little Book of Cupcake Tips (Little Book Of... (Absolute Press))
2010978-1-906650-46-9Meg AventThe Little Book of Macaroon Tips (Little Book Of... (Absolute Press))
2011978-1-906650-47-6Genevieve TaylorStew!: 100 splendidly simple recipes (100 Great Recipes)
  ''978-1-906650-53-7Fiona BeckettThe Frugal Cook
  ''978-1-906650-55-1Anissa HelouOffal: The Fifth Quarter
  ''978-1-906650-56-8Chris Galvin · Jeff GalvinGalvin: A Cookbook de Luxe
  ''978-1-906650-57-5Reiko HashimotoHashi: A Japanese Cookery Course
2011978-1-906650-58-2Rob KirbyCook with Kids
2012978-1-906650-59-9Philip HowardThe Square: Savoury: 1
2011978-1-906650-62-9David EyreThe Eagle Cookbook
  ''978-1-906650-63-6Andrew LangleyThe Little Book of Jam Tips (Little Books of Tips)
  ''978-1-906650-64-3   ''The Little Book of Chutney and Pickle Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2012978-1-906650-65-0Michael DevenishThe Little Book of Fly Fishing Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2011978-1-906650-68-1Erin McKennaBabycakes Covers the Classics
2012978-1-906650-71-1Madalene Bonvini-HamelThe British Larder: A Cookbook For All Seasons
  ''978-1-906650-72-8Chrissie WalkerCapital Spice: 21 Indian Restaurant Chefs . More Than 100 Stunning Recipes
  ''978-1-906650-75-9William ForttThe Little Book of Allotment Tips (Little Books of Tips)
2012978-1-906650-76-6Christina Tosi · Chang DavidMomofuku Milk Bar
2013978-1-906650-78-0David Everitt-MatthiasBeyond Essence: New Recipes from Le Champignon Sauvage
  ''978-1-906650-79-7Atul KochharAtul's Curries Of The World
2012978-1-906650-80-3Vivek SinghCinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook
2013978-1-906650-82-7Philip HowardThe Square: Sweet (Square: the Cookbook): 2
  ''978-1-906650-84-1Natalie Coleman · Larkin Cen · Dale WilliamsMasterChef: the Finalists
  ''978-1-906650-85-8Ben VearIce Cream
  ''978-1-906650-97-1Rob KirbyThe Family Kitchen