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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-86448-002-3Darren GoodsirLine of fire: The inside story of the controversial shooting of undercover policeman Michael Drury
1996978-1-86448-005-4Ann AtkinsonThe dictionary of performing arts in Australia
  ''978-1-86448-008-5Rosemary BroomhamOn the road: The NRMA's first seventy-five years
2008978-1-86448-029-0James Neil SneddonIndonesian Reference Grammar
1996978-1-86448-038-2Edward StokesAcross the centre: John McDouall Stuart's expeditions 1860-62
  ''978-1-86448-039-9Joan BeaumontAustralia's War 1939-45
1998978-1-86448-070-2Carolyn BlackmanNegotiating China: Case Studies & Strategies
1996978-1-86448-075-7Shelley Taylor-SmithDangerous when wet: The Shelley Taylor-Smith story
1997978-1-86448-090-0Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Ghosts (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-86448-120-4Peter Reaburn · David JenkinsTraining for Speed and Endurance
1996978-1-86448-122-8Susan Dickens · Jane DevineThe Art of Tassel Making
1997978-1-86448-134-1Peter Scott CameronFinishing school for blokes: College life exposed
1996978-1-86448-141-9Henry ReynoldsDispossession: Black Australians and White Invaders (Australian Experience series)
1997978-1-86448-144-0Robert LowryThe Armed Forces of Indonesia (The Armed forces of Asia series)
1998978-1-86448-153-2Greg SheridanTigers: Leaders of the New Asia-Pacific
1996978-1-86448-184-6Trevor SykesThe bold riders: Behind Australia's corporate collapses
1997978-1-86448-204-1Roger ClayCosmic bullets: High energy particles in astrophysics (Frontiers of science)
  ''978-1-86448-227-0Anna Von MarburgCakes in Bloom
1997978-1-86448-236-2John QuigginGreat Expectations: Microeconomic Reform and Australia
  ''978-1-86448-267-6David StevensU-Boat Far From Home
  ''978-1-86448-278-2Peter StanleyTarakan: An Australian tragedy
  ''978-1-86448-284-3Kate GrenvilleLilian's Story
  ''978-1-86448-286-7Bruce Loxton · Chris Coulthard-ClarkThe Shame of Savo: Anatomy of a Naval Disaster
1998978-1-86448-316-1Bernard CohenThe Blindman's Hat
1998978-1-86448-320-8Rosemary StantonHealthy Vegetarian Eating (Health and Nutrition) (Health & Nutrition)
1997978-1-86448-329-1Margaret GoreThe Penis Book: An Owner's Manual
1999978-1-86448-338-3Archie WellerLand of the Golden Clouds
1997978-1-86448-353-6Fran MeagherLoreto Normanhurst 1897-1997: Memories of a Century
  ''978-1-86448-355-0Geoffrey BlaineyWhite gold: The story of Alcoa of Australia
  ''978-1-86448-408-3REYNOLDS PETER SOLLING MAXLEICHHARDT, On the Margins of the City
  ''978-1-86448-420-5John WarhurstKeeping the Bastards Honest
1998978-1-86448-421-2Dean Jaensch · David MathiesonA Plague on Both Your Houses: Minor Parties in Australia
  ''978-1-86448-424-3Frank BroezeIsland Nation: A History of Australians & the Sea
1998978-1-86448-434-2Mark PearsonThe Journalist's Guide to Media Law
  ''978-1-86448-444-1Anne ProvoostFalling (Ark Fiction)
1999978-1-86448-468-7Hamish McDonaldThe Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani
1998978-1-86448-469-4John Hawley · Louise BurkePeak Performance: Training and Nutritional Strategies for Sport
2000978-1-86448-496-0Greg SheridanAsian Values, Western Dreams: Understanding the New Asia
1997978-1-86448-504-2Lesley J RogersMinds of their own: Thinking and awareness in animals
  ''978-1-86448-513-4Roberta B SykesSnake cradle (Snake dreaming)
1998978-1-86448-539-4Paul BurnsThe Brisbane Line controversy: Political opportunism versus national security 1942-45 (Army military history series)
  ''978-1-86448-540-0Janet UhrAgainst the sun: The AIF in Malaya, 1941-42 (Army military history series)
2001978-1-86448-543-1George QuinnThe Learner's Dictionary of Today's Indonesian
1999978-1-86448-560-8Leonie Elphinstone · Robert SchweitzerHow to Get a Research Degree: A Survival Guide (Allen & Unwin Study Skills)
  ''978-1-86448-569-1Lily Xiao Hong Lee · Sue WilesWomen of the Long March
1999978-1-86448-578-3Desmond Ball · D. M. HornerBreaking the Codes: Australia's KGB Network, 1944-1950
1998978-1-86448-581-3Henry ReynoldsThis Whispering in Our Hearts
2000978-1-86448-582-0Joseph S. BermudezShield of the Great Leader
1998978-1-86448-620-9Phil DyeThe Father Lode
978-1-86448-627-8The Seen And Unseen Worlds In Java, 1726 1749: History, Literature, And Islam In The Court Of Pakubuwana Ii
2003978-1-86448-634-6Anne DevesonResilience
2001978-1-86448-639-1E. R. Lam Peng · Kevin Yl TanLee's Lieutenants: Singapore's Old Guard
1998978-1-86448-645-2Nerys PurchonNerys Puchon's Handbook of Natural Healing: The Complete Home-Reference Guide
  ''978-1-86448-658-2Bryce McDougallMy Child Is Gay: How Parents React When They Hear the News
  ''978-1-86448-690-2Bernard CohenSnowdome
1999978-1-86448-715-2Trevor McClaughlinIrish Women in Colonial Australia
2002978-1-86448-717-6M.J. Morwood · Douglas HobbsVisions from the Past
1998978-1-86448-734-3D. M HornerBlamey: The Commander-in-Chief (Army military history series)
1999978-1-86448-752-7Dexter Dunphy · Andrew GriffithsThe Sustainable Corporation: Organisational Renewal in Australia
2000978-1-86448-768-8Ian McFarlaneThe Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop
  ''978-1-86448-780-0Anna LanyonMalinche's Conquest
1999978-1-86448-782-4Michael Barry · Bradley Bowden · Peter BrosnanThe Fallacy of Flexibility: Workplace Reform in the Queensland Open Cut Coal Industry
1998978-1-86448-796-1Robyn A Lindley, Robert V Blanden Edward J SteelLamarck's Signature
1999978-1-86448-800-5James Grant RolfeThe Armed Forces of New Zealand
2002978-1-86448-818-0Meme McDonald · Boori PryorMy Girragundji
1999978-1-86448-829-6Rob LinnBattling the Land: 200 years of Rural Australia
1998978-1-86448-837-1Roberta B SykesSnake Dancing: Part Two of Snake Dreaming
  ''978-1-86448-858-6Robin BowlesBlind Justice
2001978-1-86448-866-1Andrew MarkusRace: John Howard and the Remaking of Australia
1999978-1-86448-882-1Bridget Griffen-FoleyThe House of Packer: The Making of a Media Empire
1999978-1-86448-889-0Andrew WallaceBeginning University: Thinking, researching and writing for success
1998978-1-86448-904-0Gary McKayIn Good Company: One Man's War in Vietnam
1996978-1-86448-905-7gary-mckayDelta Four: Australian rifleman in Vietnam
1999978-1-86448-906-4Rebecca M. AlburyThe Politics of Reproduction: Beyond the Slogans
  ''978-1-86448-908-8Bill EdgarWarrior of Kokoda: A biography of Brigadier Arnold Potts (Army military history series)
1998978-1-86448-912-5Neil McDonald200 shots: Damien Parer, George Silk, and the Australians at war in New Guinea
2003978-1-86448-922-4Ann CurthoysFreedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers
1999978-1-86448-923-1Rhonda CravenTeaching Aboriginal Studies
2000978-1-86448-926-2Claire Smith · Graeme K. WardIndigenous cultures in an interconnected world (Australian Fulbright papers)
2001978-1-86448-933-0Howard HughesFox
1999978-1-86448-943-9Kate GrenvilleThe Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers
2001978-1-86448-948-4Meredith Edwards · Cosmo Howard · Robin MillerSocial Policy, Public Policy: From Problem to Practice
  ''978-1-86448-949-1Graham WillettLiving out Loud: A History of Gay and Lesbian Activism in Australia
1999978-1-86448-950-7Johan KammingaPrehistory of Australia
2003978-1-86448-954-5Martin Stuart-FoxA Short History of China and Southeast Asia: Tribute, Trade and Influence (A Short History of Asia series)
  ''978-1-86448-955-2Virginia Matheson HookerA Short History of Malaysia: Linking East and West (A Short History of Asia series)
2004978-1-86448-983-5Bain AttwoodRights for Aborigines
2003978-1-86448-997-2Grant EvansA Short History of Laos: The Land in Between (A Short History of Asia series)