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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-86373-007-5D. M. HornerSAS Phantoms of the Jungle
1993978-1-86373-008-2James Boyle · Weary DunlopRailroad to Burma
1991978-1-86373-021-1Fia CummingMates: Five champions of the Labor right
1992978-1-86373-094-5Geoffrey Curgenven BoltonSpoils and spoilers: A history of Australians shaping their environment (The Australian experience)
1993978-1-86373-127-0Julian BurnsideMatilda and the Dragon (Little Ark Books)
1991978-1-86373-147-8DICKINSYou'LL Only Go in for Your Mates Pb
1993978-1-86373-169-0Marian Sawer · Marian SimmsA Woman's Place: Women and Politics in Australia
1992978-1-86373-186-7Mark ClisbyGuilty or innocent?: The Gordon Bennett case
  ''978-1-86373-195-9Salim SaidGenesis of Power: General Sudirman and the Indonesian Military in Politics 1945-49
  ''978-1-86373-198-0Angela Webber & Richard GloverP-Plate Parent
  ''978-1-86373-259-8Elaine McKennaLetting fly: Deborah Wardley, Australia's trail-blazing pilot
  ''978-1-86373-264-2Peter BruneThose Ragged Bloody Heroes: From the Kokoda Trail to Gona Beach 1942
1992978-1-86373-281-9Janis FookRadical Casework: A Theory of Practice
1993978-1-86373-292-5Colin RoderickBanjo Paterson: Poet by Accident
  ''978-1-86373-295-6Susan Powell · Helen StagollWhen You Can't Have a Child: Personal Stories of Living Through Infertility and Childlessness
1995978-1-86373-305-2Chris Coulthard-ClarkThe Raaf in Vietnam: Australian Air Involvement in the Vietnam War, 1962-1975 (The Official History of Australia's Involvement in Southeast Asian)
1994978-1-86373-311-3Scott MurrayAustralian Cinema
1992978-1-86373-313-7Hugh V ClarkeBarbed wire and bamboo: Australian POWs in Europe, North Africa, Singapore, Thailand and Japan
1994978-1-86373-315-1Sue McCulloch · Alan McCullochEncyclopedia of Australian Art
1993978-1-86373-316-8Kate GrenvilleMaking stories: How ten Australian novels were written
1992978-1-86373-333-5D. M HornerHigh Command: Australia's Struggle for an Independent War Strategy, 1939-1945
1993978-1-86373-362-5Murray PrintCurriculum Development and Design
  ''978-1-86373-365-6Janine HainesSuffrage to sufferance: A hundred years of women in politics
1992978-1-86373-366-3Andrew and Patience, Allan ParkinThe Bannon decade: The politics of restraint in South Australia
  ''978-1-86373-379-3Ari Ben-MenasheProfits of War
1994978-1-86373-420-2Ross BabbageMaritime Change: Issues for Asia
  ''978-1-86373-443-1Andrew Ford · Malcolm Crowthers · Belinda WebsterComposer to Composer: Conversations About Contemporary Music
1995978-1-86373-461-5Joan BeaumontAustralia's War 1914-18
1993978-1-86373-466-0Gay HawkinsFrom Nimbin to Mardi Gras: Constructing Community Arts (Australian Cultural Studies)
1994978-1-86373-491-2Densey ClyneFlutter By, Butterfly (Small Worlds Series)
1993978-1-86373-503-2Diane PowellOut west: Perceptions of Sydney's western suburbs (Australian cultural studies)
1994978-1-86373-518-6Margaret BarterFar above battle: The experience and memory of Australian soldiers in war 1939-1945
1994978-1-86373-525-4Roger Guinery, Lelia GreenFraming Technology (Studies in Society Series)
1993978-1-86373-528-5Albert MoranMoran's Guide to TV Drama
1994978-1-86373-534-6Chris JonesA Defence of Economic Rationalism
1998978-1-86373-558-2Graeme Cheeseman · Greg LockhartPatterns of Dependence in Australian Defence
1993978-1-86373-565-0Richard Glover · Cathy WilcoxLaughing Stock: One Man's Battle with Sex, Work and a Son Called Batboy
  ''978-1-86373-577-3Gavan McCormack · Hank NelsonThe Burma-Thailand Railway: Memory and History
1994978-1-86373-579-7Linda Goetz HolmesFour Thousand Bowls of Rice: A Prisoner of War Comes Home
  ''978-1-86373-599-5David HeadonCrown or Country: The Traditions of Australian
1996978-1-86373-618-3Susan Dickens · Jane DevineThe Art of Tassel Making
1994978-1-86373-635-0Adam SchwarzA Nation in Waiting: Soeharto's Indonesia in the 1990s
1995978-1-86373-653-4Brendan WhitingShip of Courage: The Epic Story of Hmas Perth and Her Crew
1996978-1-86373-660-2Ann Atkinson · Linsay Knight · Margaret McPheeThe Dictionary of Performing Arts in Australia: Theatre, Film, Radio, Television
1994978-1-86373-661-9David McKnightAustralias Spies & Their Secrets
1999978-1-86373-680-0Kim GambleYou Can Draw Anything
1994978-1-86373-700-5Alison LesterMy Farm
1995978-1-86373-712-8Barry HillThe Rock: Travelling to Uluru
  ''978-1-86373-727-2George L HicksThe comfort women
1994978-1-86373-729-6Rosemary StantonFood for Under Fives
1996978-1-86373-739-5Cheong Liew · Elizabeth Ho · Timothy JohnMy Food
1995978-1-86373-747-0Gerard HendersonMenzies' Child: The Liberal Party of Australia, 1944-1994
1994978-1-86373-752-4Angela WebberThe joy of blokes: A survivor's guide to the men in your life: how to meet them, how to love them, how to eat their cooking
1995978-1-86373-763-0Peter HenningDoomed battalion: Mateship and leadership in war and captivity: the Australian 2/40 Battalion, 1940-45
1994978-1-86373-778-4Barry HillThe rock: Travelling to Uluru
1995978-1-86373-789-0Rene DenfeldThe New Victorians - A Young Woman's Challenge To The Old Feminist Order
  ''978-1-86373-818-7Charlie Johnstone · Christopher DawsonTo Sandakan: The Diaries of Charlie Johnstone: Prisoner of War 1942-45
1995978-1-86373-820-0John W. EnglishHow to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia
  ''978-1-86373-833-0Peter GoodallHigh culture, popular culture: The long debate (Australian cultural studies)
  ''978-1-86373-856-9Chin-Ning ChuThick Face, Black Heart: Thriving and Succeeding in Everyday Life and Work Using the Ancient Wisdom of the East
  ''978-1-86373-858-3Elizabeth Honey45 + 47 Stella Street and everything that happened (A little ark book)
  ''978-1-86373-880-4Greg SheridanLiving With Dragons: Australia Confronts Its Asian Destiny
1996978-1-86373-916-0Louise BurkeThe Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: Peak Nutrition for Your Sport
1995978-1-86373-917-7D. M HornerThe gunners: A history of Australian artillery
1996978-1-86373-951-1Michael HurleyA Guide to Gay and Lesbian Writing in Australia
1997978-1-86373-965-8Lyndall RyanAboriginal Tasmanians
1997978-1-86373-969-6Henry ReynoldsAboriginal Sovereignty: Reflections on Race State & Nation
  ''978-1-86373-980-1Ken BerryCambodia-- from red to blue: Australia's initiative for peace (Studies in world affairs)
1996978-1-86373-986-3Anthony BarkerWhat Happened When: A Chronology of Australia from 1788-1994
1995978-1-86373-987-0Paul KellyNovember 1975: The inside story of Australia's greatest political crisis