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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-74175-000-3Kerry GreenwoodTrick or Treat (a Corinna Chapman Mystery)
  ''978-1-74175-004-1Elizabeth Honey · Heike BrandtTo the Boy in Berlin
  ''978-1-74175-005-8Andrew Griffiths101 Ways to Market Your Business: Building a Successful Business with Creative Marketing (101 . . . Series)
  ''978-1-74175-008-9Andrew Griffiths101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers: How to Keep Your Customers and Attract New Ones (101 . . . Series)
  ''978-1-74175-021-8Jamie DurieThe Outdoor Room
2006978-1-74175-027-0Peter LalorBridge: The epic story of an Australian icon - the Sydney Harbour Bridge
2010978-1-74175-032-4David OwenShark: In Peril in the Sea
2006978-1-74175-042-3Peter NolanPossums & Bird Dogs: Australian Army Aviation's 161 Reconnaissance Flight in South Vietnam
2009978-1-74175-048-5Brigid LowryJuicy Writing: Inspiration and Techniques for Young Writers
2008978-1-74175-051-5Linda Weiss · Elizabeth Thurbon · John MathewsNational Insecurity: The Howard Government's Betrayal of Australia
2007978-1-74175-054-6Miriam EstensenTerra Australis Incognita: The Spanish Quest for the Mysterious Great South Land
2007978-1-74175-058-4Cherilyn TillmanPrinciples of Occupational Health & Hygiene: An Introduction
2008978-1-74175-059-1Peter GoldsworthyTrue Blue?: On Being Australian
2007978-1-74175-062-1Noeline KyleWriting Family History Made Very Easy: A Beginner's Guide
2009978-1-74175-067-6Christian RyanGolden Boy: Kim Hughes and the Bad Old Days of Australian Cricket
2007978-1-74175-072-0Jodi PicoultNinteen Minutes
2008978-1-74175-073-7Jodi PicoultChange of Heart
  ''978-1-74175-076-8Lucio Galletto · David DaleSoffritto: A Delicious Ligurian Memoir
  ''978-1-74175-077-5Lucio Galletto · David DaleLucio's Ligurian Kitchen
2006978-1-74175-078-2Michael ConnellyEcho Park
2009978-1-74175-079-9Jane Bennett · Alexandra PopeThe Pill: Are You Sure It's for You?
2007978-1-74175-082-9Colin Clowes150 Years Of Nsw First Class Cricket: A Chronology
2008978-1-74175-084-3Roland HarveyIn the Bush: Our Holiday at Wombat Flat
  ''978-1-74175-096-6Peter CorrisAppeal Denied: A Cliff Hardy Novel (Cliff Hardy series)
  ''978-1-74175-097-3Juju Sundin · Sarah MurdochJuju Sundin's Birth Skills: Proven Pain-Management Techniques for Your Labour and Birth
2007978-1-74175-099-7Anthea PaulMy Girlosophy: How to Write Your Own Life (Girlosophy series)
2008978-1-74175-100-0Amanda SinclairLeadership for the Disillusioned: Moving Beyond Myths and Heroes to Leading That Liberates
2007978-1-74175-101-7Clive Hamilton · Sarah MaddisonSilencing Dissent: How the Australian government is controlling public opinion and stifling debate
2007978-1-74175-103-1Mark PearsonThe Journalist's Guide to Media Law: Dealing with Legal and Ethical Issues
  ''978-1-74175-106-2Sally SwainOnce Upon a Picture
2011978-1-74175-108-6Albert Orr · Roger KitchingThe Butterflies of Australia
2007978-1-74175-124-6Bryce McDougallMy Child Is Gay: How Parents React When They Hear the News
  ''978-1-74175-125-3Paul CarterThis Is Not a Drill: Just Another Glorious Day in the Oilfield
2008978-1-74175-127-7Paul Fenton-SmithTarot Masterclass
2007978-1-74175-129-1Steven HerrickCold Skin
2008978-1-74175-134-5Chris McKimmieMaisie Moo and Invisible Lucy
2007978-1-74175-142-0Bronwyn Carson · Terry Dunbar · Richard D. Chenhall · Ross BailieSocial Determinants of Indigenous Health
2008978-1-74175-149-9Hamish Maxwell-StewartClosing Hell's Gates: The Life and Death of a Convict Station
2006978-1-74175-156-7Chris MastersJonestown: The Power and the Myth of Alan Jones
2007978-1-74175-158-1Chris WallacePrivate Don: The Man Behind the Legend of Don Bradman
2010978-1-74175-160-4Brigid LowryTomorrow All Will Be Beautiful
2009978-1-74175-171-0Christobel MattingleyChelonia Green: Champion of Turtles
2008978-1-74175-172-7John WrightSpecial: The Untold Story of Australia's Holden
2009978-1-74175-179-6Lynne KellySpiders: Learning to Love Them
2008978-1-74175-189-5Sarah KeyBack Sufferers' Bible
  ''978-1-74175-191-8Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Mixed-Up Monster (14) (Tashi series)
2009978-1-74175-192-5Andrew TinkWilliam Charles Wentworth: Australia's Greatest Native Son
2008978-1-74175-193-2Belinda CastlesThe River Baptists
  ''978-1-74175-196-3Dina L. McMillanBut He Says He Loves Me: How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Manipulative Relationship
2013978-1-74175-207-6Peter ReesLancaster Men: The Aussie Heroes of Bomber Command
2009978-1-74175-210-6Brian ThackerSleeping Around: A Couch Surfing Tour of the Globe
2008978-1-74175-217-5Bob BurtonInside Spin: The Dark Underbelly of the PR Industry
2007978-1-74175-219-9grose-peterA Very Rude Awakening - the Night the Japanese Midget Subs Came to Sydney
2007978-1-74175-220-5Tony ReevesMr Sin: The Abe Saffron dossier
2008978-1-74175-226-7Rae MorrisMakeup: The Ultimate Guide
2010978-1-74175-259-5Paul Fenton-SmithThe Tarot Revealed: A Beginner's Guide
2008978-1-74175-263-2Nic Frances · Maryrose CuskellyThe End of Charity: Time for Social Enterprise
  ''978-1-74175-264-9Tessa Wigney · Kerrie Eyers · Gordon ParkerJourneys with the Black Dog: Inspirational Stories of Bringing Depression to Heel
  ''978-1-74175-266-3Armin GrederThe Island
2007978-1-74175-267-0Alison LesterImagine
  ''978-1-74175-268-7Alison LesterMagic Beach
2008978-1-74175-288-5Gary McKayOn Patrol with the SAS: Sleeping with Your Ears Open
2007978-1-74175-290-8Tony ReevesMr Big: Lennie McPherson and his life of crime
  ''978-1-74175-297-7Ian BenjaminConsulting, Contracting and Freelancing: Be Your Own Boss
2007978-1-74175-323-3chenoweth-neilPacker's Lunch: A Rollicking Tale Of Swiss Bank Accounts and Money-making Adventurers in The Roaring '90's
2009978-1-74175-334-9Libby GleesonMahtab's Story
2011978-1-74175-342-4Corinne GrantLessons in Letting Go: Confessions of a Hoarder
2008978-1-74175-359-2Christos TsiolkasThe Slap
  ''978-1-74175-372-1Peter BruneRalph Honner: Kokoda Hero
  ''978-1-74175-374-5Jean BouDuty First: A History of the Royal Australian Regiment
  ''978-1-74175-376-9Anthea PaulThe Girlo Travel Survival Kit (Girlosophy series)
2010978-1-74175-377-6John DanalisRiding the Black Cockatoo
2011978-1-74175-380-6Ros MoriartyListening to Country: A Journey to the Heart of What It Means to Belong
2008978-1-74175-398-1Sofie LagunaOne Foot Wrong
978-1-74175-401-8The Stranding
2008978-1-74175-403-2Justin LangerSeeing the Sunrise
  ''978-1-74175-404-9Robin HirstMy Place in Space
2008978-1-74175-411-7Will SwantonSome Day: Inside the Dream Tour and Mick Fanning's 2007 Championship Win
978-1-74175-416-2The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature
2008978-1-74175-425-4Lesley Berk · Michael Berk · David Castle · Sue LauderLiving with Bipolar: A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Disorder
2010978-1-74175-435-3Ashley MallettThommo Speaks Out: The Authorised Biography of Jeff Thomson
2008978-1-74175-438-4heiss-anitaMacquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature
  ''978-1-74175-449-0Carol Baxter CarolBreaking the Bank
2010978-1-74175-450-6Martine MurrayHenrietta the Great Go-Getter
  ''978-1-74175-451-3Martine MurrayHenrietta Gets a Letter
  ''978-1-74175-454-4Geesche JacobsenAbandoned: The Sad Death of Dianne Brimble
2009978-1-74175-459-9Peter CoyneOne Minute Mandarin: A Beginner's Guide to Spoken Chinese for Professionals
2008978-1-74175-463-6Ross Coulthart · Duncan McNabDead Man Running: An Insider's Story on One of the World's Most Feared Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs ... The Bandidos
  ''978-1-74175-465-0Sarah NapthaliBuddhism for Mothers of Young Children: Becoming a Mindful Parent
2008978-1-74175-467-4mah-adeline-yenChina Land of Dragons and Empe
2009978-1-74175-474-2Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Phoenix (15) (Tashi series)
2010978-1-74175-476-6Peter RobertsSydney Birds and Where to Find Them
2008978-1-74175-500-8Doug HurstThe Forgotten Few: 77 RAAF Squadron in Korea
2010978-1-74175-501-5Stefan LaszczukI Dream of Magda
2011978-1-74175-506-0Mark AbernethyGolden Serpent
2009978-1-74175-530-5Professor Leanne Rowe · Professor David Bennett · Professor Bruce TongueI Just Want You To Be Happy: Preventing and Tackling Teenage Depression
2008978-1-74175-538-1Anne LovellConnie's Secret: The True Story of a Shocking Murder and a Family Mystery at a Time When Appearances Were Everything
2009978-1-74175-542-8Ricky Megee · Greg McLeanLeft for Dead: How I Survived 71 Days in the Outback
  ''978-1-74175-546-6Kerrie Eyers · Gordon ParkerMastering Bipolar Disorder: An Insider's Guide to Managing Mood Swings and Finding Balance
2008978-1-74175-548-0Greg GowdenJack Fingleton: The Man Who Stood Up to Bradman
2010978-1-74175-552-7David Horner · Neil ThomasIn Action with the SAS
2008978-1-74175-559-6Dean Karnazes50 Marathons 50 Days
978-1-74175-563-3Harry Bosch Novels, The
2009978-1-74175-567-1Andrew Griffiths101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business (101 . . . Series)
2008978-1-74175-581-7J HaroldThe Art of Sledging
2010978-1-74175-588-6Ross MuellerThe Boy Who Built the Boat
2008978-1-74175-595-4Vecihi Hürmüz Basarin · Hatice Hürmüz BasarinBeneath the Dardanelles: The Australian Submarine at Gallipoli
2009978-1-74175-599-2Max SutherlandAdvertising and the Mind of the Consumer: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why
2010978-1-74175-605-0Matt HowardTaking Off
2009978-1-74175-610-4Robert M. KaplanMedical Murder: Disturbing Cases of Doctors Who Kill
  ''978-1-74175-652-4Alice Bennett · Georgia WarnerCountry Houses of Tasmania: Behind the Closed Doors of Our Finest Private Colonial Estates
  ''978-1-74175-659-3Nigel MarshOverworked and Underlaid: A Seriously Funny Guide to Life
2010978-1-74175-662-3Roland HarveyIn the City: Our Scrapbook of Souvenirs
2009978-1-74175-663-0Ian WhiteHappy Healthy Kids: From Conception to Age 7 with Australian Bush Flower Essences
2011978-1-74175-680-7Paul DillonTeenagers, Alcohol and Drugs: What Your Kids Really Want and Need to Know about Alcohol and Drugs
2013978-1-74175-685-2Mark BourisWhat It Takes: An Attitude of Hard Work, Commitment and Purpose
2009978-1-74175-690-6Christopher Golis · Patrick Mooney · Tom RichardsonEnterprise and Venture Capital: A Business Builder's and Investor's Handbook
2010978-1-74175-697-5Sarah NapthaliBuddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren: Finding Calm in the Chaos of the School Years
2009978-1-74175-698-2Sarah MaddisonBlack Politics: Inside the Complexity of Aboriginal Political Culture
2011978-1-74175-702-6Paul CarterIs That Thing Diesel?: One Man, One Bike and the First Lap Around Australia on Used Cooking Oil
2010978-1-74175-715-6Kate Di Prima · Julie CicheroMore Peas Please: Solutions for Feeding Fussy Eaters
2008978-1-74175-718-7Gaynor ArnoldGirl in a Blue Dress
2010978-1-74175-734-7Richard WhitakerThe Complete Book of Australian Weather
  ''978-1-74175-754-5Melinda HutchingsWhy Can't I Look the Way I Want?: Overcoming Eating Issues
2010978-1-74175-757-6Karen MasmanThe Uses of Sadness: Why Feeling Sad Is No Reason Not to Be Happy
2011978-1-74175-768-2Mark AbernethySecond Strike
2009978-1-74175-775-0Susan McClelland Mariatu KamaraBite of the Mango
  ''978-1-74175-776-7Kristen AlexanderJack Davenport: Beaufighter Leader
2010978-1-74175-785-9Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergThe Amazing Tashi Activity Book (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74175-792-7   ''Tashi and the Golem (16) (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74175-809-2Andrew McGahanWonders of a Godless World
2009978-1-74175-831-3mankell-henningThe Fury in the Fire
  ''978-1-74175-834-4Lili WilkinsonPink
2010978-1-74175-839-9Craig Collie · Hajime MarutaniThe Path of Infinite Sorrow: The Japanese on the Kokoda Track
2009978-1-74175-845-0Amnesty InternationalDeclaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2009978-1-74175-846-7Anna FunderCourage, Survival, Greed
2011978-1-74175-865-8Jean-Claude Van RijckeghemWith a Sword in My Hand. Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem and Pat Van Beirs
2010978-1-74175-884-9Roland HarveyTo the Top End: Our Trip Across Australia
2012978-1-74175-885-6   ''All the Way to W.A.: Our Search for Uncle Kev
2011978-1-74175-888-7Alison LesterNoni the Pony
2010978-1-74175-900-6Jacob G. RosenbergThe Hollow Tree
2011978-1-74175-901-3Mark JohnstonWhispering Death: Australian Airmen in the Pacific War
2009978-1-74175-907-5Helen BrownCleo - How An Uppity Cat Helped Heal A Family
2010978-1-74175-924-2John Wrigley · Murray FaggEucalypts: A Celebration
2011978-1-74175-929-7Mark AbernethyDouble Back
  ''978-1-74175-938-9   ''Double Back
2012978-1-74175-939-6   ''Counter Attack
  ''978-1-74175-979-2Adam ShandOutlaws: The Truth About Australian Bikers
2011978-1-74175-990-7R. Ogilvie CrombieMeeting Fairies: My Remarkable Encounters with Nature Spirits
2010978-1-74175-994-5Alain SerresAnd Picasso Painted Guernica