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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-74114-000-2Ian DemackThe Modern Machiavelli: The Seven Principles of Power in Business
2005978-1-74114-003-3Philip JonesArt & Life
2004978-1-74114-008-8David GoodBack to the Border: 2nd Battalion Group in East Timor
2003978-1-74114-010-1Sarah NapthaliBuddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children
2005978-1-74114-012-5Peter Thompson · Robert MacklinThe Man Who Died Twice: The Life And Adventures Of Morrison Of Peking
  ''978-1-74114-015-6Hazel SmithThe Writing Experiment: Strategies for Innovative Creative Writing
2003978-1-74114-016-3Verity BurgmannPower, Profit and Protest: Australian Social Movements and Globalisation
  ''978-1-74114-020-0John BeestonThe Wine Regions of Australia: The Complete Guide with over 60 Maps
  ''978-1-74114-036-1Jodi PiccoultThe Pact
  ''978-1-74114-045-3Kevin Fewster · Vecihi Hürmüz Basarin · Hatice Hürmüz BasarinGallipoli: The Turkish Story
2004978-1-74114-047-7Marie-Louise GayGood Morning Sam
2004978-1-74114-051-4E. Joy BowlesThe Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils
  ''978-1-74114-054-5Terry RobsonAn Introduction to Complementary Medicine
  ''978-1-74114-058-3Peter Brukner · Karim Khan · John KronThe Encyclopedia of Exercise, Sport and Health
  ''978-1-74114-059-0Lynne KellyThe Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal
2003978-1-74114-069-9Paul LivingstonReleasing the Imbecile within: An Incomplete Idiot's Guide
2005978-1-74114-071-2Eva SallisMahjar
2003978-1-74114-073-6Sharon ArisIt's My Party and I'll Knit If I Want To! (Food, Family & Friends Cookbook)
  ''978-1-74114-074-3Kerry GreenwoodThe Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries)
2004978-1-74114-077-4Anthea PaulGirlosophy: The Breakup Survival Kit (Girlosophy series)
2003978-1-74114-078-1Clive HamiltonGrowth Fetish
2007978-1-74114-081-1Catherine JinksElysium: A Paranormal Adventure (Allie's Ghost Hunters series) (No. 4)
2004978-1-74114-082-8Joshua WrightHapless, Hopeless, Horrible
2004978-1-74114-083-5Lisa DethridgeWriting Your Screenplay
  ''978-1-74114-086-6M B HookerIndonesian Islam
  ''978-1-74114-090-3Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Royal Tomb (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-102-3Mark HoldenThe Use & Abuse of Office Politics: How to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle
2005978-1-74114-104-7Shushann MovsessianPuberty Girl
2003978-1-74114-105-4Martin Hawes · Joan BakerGet Rich, Stay Rich: ... and become financially free
2007978-1-74114-106-1Greg LockhartThe Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in Vietnam
2004978-1-74114-108-5John NicholsonIncomparable Captain Cadell
2003978-1-74114-109-2Martine MurrayHow to Make a Bird
2007978-1-74114-118-4Sarah KeyThe Body in Action: You Can Keep Your Joints Young
2005978-1-74114-130-6Miriam EstensenThe Life of George Bass: Surgeon and Sailor of the Enlightenment
2003978-1-74114-133-7Robert JansenGetting Pregnant: A Compassionate Resource to Overcoming Infertility and Avoiding Miscarriage
2004978-1-74114-134-4John BellJohn Bell: The Time of My Life
2005978-1-74114-136-8Peter CorrisMaster's Mates (Cliff Hardy series)
2004978-1-74114-137-5Arthur VenoThe Brotherhoods: Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs
978-1-74114-138-2Kerryn & Jackie: The Shared Life of Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker
2006978-1-74114-142-9Anthea PaulGirlosophy: Real Girls Eat (Girlosophy series)
2004978-1-74114-145-0Jacqueline TomlinsThe Infertility Handbook: A Guide to Making Babies
  ''978-1-74114-147-4Andrew McGahanThe White Earth
2004978-1-74114-150-4Pamela AllardiceMake Time: The Survival Guide for Women with Too Much to Do
2005978-1-74114-151-1Ross AndersonThe Quality of Mercy: One Brave Couple's Struggle for a Dignified Death
2004978-1-74114-152-8Miriam EstensenThe Life of Matthew Flinders
2005978-1-74114-157-3Victoria LeathamBloodletting: A Memoir of Secrets, Self-Harm and Survival
2003978-1-74114-158-0Andrew BryantThe Street Guide to Flirting
2004978-1-74114-159-7Clio CresswellMathematics and Sex
  ''978-1-74114-160-3Marie-Louise GayGood Night Sam
2003978-1-74114-172-6David T. Suzuki · Sarah EllisSalmon Forest
2005978-1-74114-184-9David StevensThe Royal Australian Navy in World War II
2006978-1-74114-188-7Michael SpiropoulosInterview Skills That Win the Job: Simple Techniques for Answering All the Tough Questions
2005978-1-74114-194-8Hans Westerbeek · Aaron Smith · Paul Turner · Paul Emery · Christine Green · Linda van LeeuwenManaging Sport Facilities and Major Events
  ''978-1-74114-199-3Robert GrandinThe Battle of Long Tan: As Told by the Commanders
2006978-1-74114-200-6David Stevens · John ReeveNavy and the Nation: The Influence of the Navy on Modern Australia
2005978-1-74114-214-3Gordon ParkerDealing with Depression: A Commonsense Guide to Mood Disorders
2004978-1-74114-220-4Peter Bridgman · Glyn DavisThe Australian Policy Handbook
  ''978-1-74114-224-2Greg SheridanCities of the Hot Zone: A Southeast Asian Adventure
2006978-1-74114-231-0Paula DonemanThings a Killer Would Know: The True Story of Leonard Fraser
2005978-1-74114-233-4Tom FrameNo Pleasure Cruise: The Story of the Royal Australian Navy
2004978-1-74114-240-2Cassandra KingSunday Wife
  ''978-1-74114-245-7Jodi PicoultPICTURE PERFECT
2004978-1-74114-246-4Kerry GreenwoodQueen of the Flowers
2005978-1-74114-249-5Alex MillerProchownik's Dream
  ''978-1-74114-250-1Nils VeskLife's Little Toolbox: Quick Tips for a Happier, Healthier You!
2006978-1-74114-252-5Lisa ShanahanThe Postman's Dog
  ''978-1-74114-263-1John NicholsonAnimal Architects
2004978-1-74114-267-9Robyn Vickers-WillisMen Navigating Midlife: The Perfect Guide on Your Journey to Fulfilment
  ''978-1-74114-271-6Michael J. TylerIt's True! Frogs are Cannibals
2005978-1-74114-277-8Brian DeeganRemembering Josh: Bali, a Father's Story
  ''978-1-74114-291-4Robert MacklinFire in the Blood: The Epic Tale of Frank Gardiner and Australia's Other Bushrangers
2004978-1-74114-294-5Trevor SykesNumbers Game
2005978-1-74114-295-2Alix JohnsonYoga: The Essence Of Life: Eight Yogis Share Their Journeys
2004978-1-74114-307-2Garth NixAbhorsen (Old Kingdom Trilogy S.)
2005978-1-74114-310-2Brigid LowryWith Lots of Love from Georgia
2005978-1-74114-313-3Chris McGillionThe Chosen Ones: The Politics of Salvation in the Anglican Church
2004978-1-74114-317-1Paul KellyDon't Start Me Talking: Lyrics 1984-2004
2005978-1-74114-320-1Mark DapinSex and Money: How I Lived, Breathed, Read, Wrote, Loved, Hated, Slept, Dreamed and Drank Men's Magazines
2006978-1-74114-322-5Christine FoggRelease the Hounds: A Guide to Research for Journalists and Writers
2004978-1-74114-323-2Michael ReidHow to Buy and Sell Art
2005978-1-74114-324-9Geoff ElliottThe Other Brother: The Search for Simon Holmes a Court
  ''978-1-74114-326-3Juliet Richters · Chris RisselDoing It Down Under: The Sexual Lives of Australians
  ''978-1-74114-332-4Peter StanleyQuinn's Post: Anzac, Gallipoli
2006978-1-74114-333-1David WilsonBrotherhood of Airmen: The Men and Women of the RAAF in Action, 1914–Today
  ''978-1-74114-336-2Evan WillisThe Sociological Quest: An Introduction to the Study of Social Life
2016978-1-74114-339-3Katrina O'BrienBirth Stories
2005978-1-74114-340-9Mike Hanley · Adrian MonckCrunch Time
  ''978-1-74114-343-0Rick WilkinsonIt's True! Animals Are Electrifying (It's True!)
2006978-1-74114-345-4Sue OstlerRelationships That Rock!: The Smart Girl's Guide to Meeting and Keeping the Perfect Partner
978-1-74114-348-5Totem: Totem Poem Plus 40 Love Poems
2006978-1-74114-352-2Eva SallisFire Fire
2005978-1-74114-353-9Fiona Mills · Adam ThornAdam And Fiona's Renos On A Budget
2005978-1-74114-354-6Ralph AshtonTarkine
2006978-1-74114-368-3David Owen · David PembertonTasmanian Devil: A Unique and Threatened Animal
2005978-1-74114-374-4Valerie ParvThe Art of Romance Writing: Practical Advice from an International Bestselling Romance Writer
  ''978-1-74114-376-8Keti SharifBellydance: A Guide to Middle Eastern Dance, Its Music, Its Culture and Costume
2007978-1-74114-380-5Paul TooheyThe Killer Within: Inside the World of Bradley John Murdoch
2005978-1-74114-381-2Ingrid van BeekIn the Eye of the Needle: Diary of a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre
  ''978-1-74114-383-6Louise Burke · Greg Cox · Nikki Cummings · Ben DesbrowSurvival Around the World
  ''978-1-74114-384-3Peter CorrisThe Coast Road (Cliff Hardy series)
  ''978-1-74114-386-7Jack Egan'One Who Will': The Search for Steve Waugh
2005978-1-74114-389-8Peter RoebuckSometimes I Forgot to Laugh
2010978-1-74114-390-4Louise Burke · Greg CoxThe Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: Peak Nutrition for Your Sport
2006978-1-74114-391-1Ian WilsonLost World of the Kimberley: Extraordinary New Glimpses of Australia's Ice Age Ancestors
2005978-1-74114-394-2Ruth Weston · Catriona RossKids & Dogs: Teaching Them to Live, Play, and Learn Together
  ''978-1-74114-399-7Brian ThackerThe Naked Man Festival: And Other Excuses to Fly Around the World
  ''978-1-74114-400-0Jennifer ZengWitnessing History: One Woman's Fight for Freedom and Falun Gong
  ''978-1-74114-401-7Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi Lost in the City (Tashi series) (Bk. 11)
  ''978-1-74114-403-1Peter BruneA Bastard of a Place: The Australians in Papua
2006978-1-74114-412-3Roland HarveyAt the Beach: Postcards from Crabby Spit
2008978-1-74114-413-0Roland HarveyIn the City: Our Scrapbook of Souvenirs
2005978-1-74114-415-4Marie-Louise GayStella Princess of the Sky (Stella Books)
2005978-1-74114-417-8Ric BirchMaster Of The Ceremonies: An Eventful Life
2006978-1-74114-419-2Peter CorrisTaking Care of Business (Cliff Hardy series)
2008978-1-74114-421-5Tom FrameThe Cruel Legacy: The HMAS Voyager Tragedy
2006978-1-74114-423-9Mary MorelTalk Up Your Business: How to Make the Most of Opportunities to Promote and Grow Your Small Business
  ''978-1-74114-424-6Robert Gerrish · Sam LeaderFlying Solo: How to Go It Alone in Business
2005978-1-74114-429-1Jesse MartinKijana: The Real Story
  ''978-1-74114-430-7Rod Kemp · Marion StantonSpeaking for Australia: Parliamentary Speeches that Shaped the Nation
  ''978-1-74114-432-1Emily Gibson · Barbara FirthThe Original Million Dollar Mermaid: The Annette Kellerman Story
2005978-1-74114-447-5David Marr · Marian WilkinsonDark Victory
  ''978-1-74114-448-2Milton OsborneSoutheast Asia: An Introductory History
2005978-1-74114-450-5Tim FischerTranscontinental Train Odyssey: The Ghan, the Khyber, the Globe
  ''978-1-74114-454-3Marilyn PooleFamily: Changing Families, Changing Times
  ''978-1-74114-455-0Annette Van den BoschThe Australian Artworld: Aesthetics in a Global Market
  ''978-1-74114-456-7Ashley MallettChappelli Speaks Out
2004978-1-74114-465-9Steve StrevensBob Rose: A Dignified Life
2005978-1-74114-466-6James NormanBob Brown: Gentle Revolutionary
  ''978-1-74114-469-7Andrea GoldsmithThe Prosperous Thief
2005978-1-74114-479-6Rick KausmanIf Not Dieting Then What?
  ''978-1-74114-484-0Barry JonsbergIt's Not All About You, Calma!
2006978-1-74114-488-8Alison LesterMagic Beach
  ''978-1-74114-497-0Justin HeraldIt's All a Matter of Attitude: Slogans to Live Your Life
2007978-1-74114-498-7Lynne KellyCrocodile: Evolution's Greatest Survivor
2006978-1-74114-502-1Sue OstlerGet On with It!: How to be Sassy, Successful and Single
  ''978-1-74114-507-6Peter OlszewskiLand of a Thousand Eyes: The Subtle Pleasures of Everyday Life in Myanmar
2009978-1-74114-524-3Gregory RogersHero of Little Street
2005978-1-74114-527-4John EdenPolycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Woman's Guide to Identifying & Managing PCOS
2006978-1-74114-528-1Sean DooleyBig Twitch: One Man, One Continent, a Race Against Time_A True Story about Birdwatching
2005978-1-74114-529-8Peter DornanNicky Barr, an Australian Air Ace: A Story of Courage and Adventure
2006978-1-74114-531-1Brian ThackerI'm Not Eating Any of That Foreign Muck: Travels with Me Dad
2005978-1-74114-532-8Kate ConstableSinger of All Songs
  ''978-1-74114-533-5Kate ConstableThe Waterless Sea
2006978-1-74114-538-0Alex C. CastlesNed Kelly's Last Days: Setting the Record Straight on the Death of an Outlaw
2005978-1-74114-542-7Peter RoebuckIt Takes All Sorts: Celebrating cricket's colourful characters
2006978-1-74114-543-4   ''In It to Win It: The Australian Cricket Supremacy
2005978-1-74114-551-9Fred OrrHow to Pass Exams
2005978-1-74114-552-6Kerry GreenwoodDeath by Water
  ''978-1-74114-559-5Peter BruneThose Ragged Bloody Heroes: From the Kokoda Trail to Gona Beach 1942
2006978-1-74114-563-2Geoff PricePuberty Boy
2005978-1-74114-565-6Michael CraigThe Smallest Giant: An Actor's Life
  ''978-1-74114-568-7Marion MaddoxGod Under Howard: The Rise of the Religious Right in Australian Politics
2007978-1-74114-569-4Richard BroomeAboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800
2006978-1-74114-571-7Debra Hayes · Martin Mills · Pam Christie · Bob LingardTeachers and Schooling Making a Difference: Productive Pedagogies, Assessment, and Performance
  ''978-1-74114-577-9Bain AttwoodTelling the Truth About Aboriginal History
2005978-1-74114-579-3Ray Moynihan · Alan CasselsSelling Sickness
  ''978-1-74114-585-4Linda Weiss · Elizabeth Thurbon · John MathewsHow to Kill a Country: Australia's Devastating Trade Deal with the United States
2006978-1-74114-592-2Roland HarveyIn the Bush: Our Holiday at Wombat Flat
2005978-1-74114-595-3Sean GormanBrother Boys
978-1-74114-596-0The Pagan Christ: Is Blind Faith Killing Christianity
2006978-1-74114-600-4Eva SallisThe Marsh Birds
2008978-1-74114-607-3Heather Catchpole · Vanessa WoodsIt's True! Pirates Ate Rats
2007978-1-74114-611-0Andrew DarbyHarpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling (Merloyd Lawrence Book)
2005978-1-74114-618-9Jacki WeaverMuch Love, Jac
2006978-1-74114-625-7Heather Catchpole · Vanessa WoodsIt's True! Space Turns You into Spaghetti
2005978-1-74114-627-1Nicki GreenbergIt's True! Squids Suck
2005978-1-74114-631-8Neil McDonald · Peter Brune200 Shots: Damien Parer and George Silk with the Australians at War in New Guinea
2006978-1-74114-640-0Tom Scott · Trevor GriceThe Great Brain Robbery: What Everyone Should Know About Teenagers and Drugs
  ''978-1-74114-641-7Michael ByrnesAustralia and the Asia Game: The politics of business and economics in Asia 2nd edition
2005978-1-74114-645-5Simon Chesterman · Clare RhodenStudying Law at University: Everything You Need to Know
2008978-1-74114-651-6Merrilyn Goos · Gloria Stillman · Colleen ValeTeaching Secondary School Mathematics: Research and Practice for the 21st Century
2006978-1-74114-652-3Peter CorrisSaving Billie (Cliff Hardy series)
  ''978-1-74114-654-7Jamie DuriePatio: Garden Design & Inspiration
2007978-1-74114-658-5Catherine JinksEglantine: A Paranormal Adventure (Allie's Ghost Hunters series: Case 1)
  ''978-1-74114-659-2   ''Eloise: A Paranormal Adventure (Allie's Ghost Hunters series Case #3)
  ''978-1-74114-660-8   ''Eustace: A Paranormal Adventure (Allie's Ghost Hunters series)
2006978-1-74114-671-4Clive Hamilton · Richard DennissAffluenza: When Too Much is Never Enough
2005978-1-74114-672-1Tom FrameThe Life and Death of Harold Holt
2006978-1-74114-673-8Donna Pendergast · Nan BahrTeaching Middle Years: Rethinking Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment
2006978-1-74114-677-6Seumas Miller · John Blackler · Andrew AlexandraPolice Ethics
2008978-1-74114-681-3Jane JohnstonMedia Relations: Issues and Strategies
2006978-1-74114-693-6Jodi PicoultTenth Circle, THE
  ''978-1-74114-698-1Paul CarterDon't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs, She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse
2005978-1-74114-702-5Lilli ThalMimus
2007978-1-74114-704-9Roland HarveyAt the Beach
2006978-1-74114-705-6Kristen AlexanderClive Caldwell, Air Ace
  ''978-1-74114-709-4Kerry GreenwoodMurder in the Dark
2005978-1-74114-712-4Alison LesterImagine
2010978-1-74114-718-6Martine MurrayHenrietta There's No One Better
2008978-1-74114-719-3Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergThere Once Was a Boy Called Tashi (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-720-9David MarrBarwick: 2nd edition
  ''978-1-74114-724-7Aileen Moreton-RobinsonSovereign Subjects: Indigenous Sovereignty Matters (Cultural Studies)
2009978-1-74114-728-5Claudio · Gillespie, Richard and Jones, Cheryl TunizThe Bone Readers: Atoms, Genes and the Politics of Australia's Deep Past
2006978-1-74114-733-9Sharon HoltIt's True! You Can Make Your Own Jokes (It's True!)
2007978-1-74114-740-7Jason DavisBaby Steps: A Bloke's-Eye View of IVF
2007978-1-74114-741-4Chris McKimmieBrian Banana Duck Sunshine Yellow
  ''978-1-74114-745-2Juliet WillsThe Diamond Dakota Mystery
  ''978-1-74114-748-3Peter CorrisThe Undertow (Cliff Hardy series)
2006978-1-74114-749-0Karin Palshøj · Gitte RedderMary, Crown Princess of Denmark
  ''978-1-74114-750-6Geoff Armstrong · Peter ThompsonMelbourne Cup 1930: How Phar Lap Won Australia's Greatest Race
2007978-1-74114-760-5Geoff KellyHow to Draw Krappy Kartoons Really Well
2006978-1-74114-763-6John TullyA Short History of Cambodia: From Empire to Survival (A Short History of Asia series)
2007978-1-74114-787-2Andrew Griffiths101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life (101 . . . Series)
2010978-1-74114-788-9Andrew Griffiths101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone (101 Ways series)
2007978-1-74114-791-9Nerida NewtonDeath of a Whaler
2006978-1-74114-807-7Joan BakerLive the Dream: Become rich and free through your business
2008978-1-74114-820-6Rachael WeissMe, Myself & Prague: An Unreliable Guide to Bohemia
2006978-1-74114-822-0Stuart Cunningham · Graeme TurnerThe Media & Communications in Australia
2007978-1-74114-826-8Janne Faulkner · Harley Anstee · Sonia SimpfendorferLiving
  ''978-1-74114-827-5Jan Purser · Kathy SnowballThe Eat Well Cookbook: Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Recipes for Food Lovers
2007978-1-74114-833-6Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergThe 2nd Big Big Book of Tashi (Tashi series)
2006978-1-74114-845-9Rebecca HuntleyThe World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation
  ''978-1-74114-846-6Vincent Di StefanoHolism and Complementary Medicine: Origins and Principles
  ''978-1-74114-847-3Hank NelsonChased by the Sun: The Australians in Bomber Command in World War II
  ''978-1-74114-849-7Garry Cooper · Robert HillierSock It to 'Em, Baby: Forward Air Controller in Vietnam
2009978-1-74114-851-0Robert WainwrightThe Killing of Caroline Byrne: A Journey to Justice
2007978-1-74114-852-7Luis M. GarciaChild of the Revolution: Growing up in Castro's Cuba
2006978-1-74114-856-5Judith ClarkeOne Whole And Perfect Day
2007978-1-74114-858-9Norman McGreevyMr. McGreevy's Absolute Howlers
  ''978-1-74114-859-6Vanessa WoodsIt's Every Monkey for Themselves: A True Story of Sex, Love, and Lies in the Jungle
2010978-1-74114-863-3Kate ConstableTaste of Lightning
2007978-1-74114-869-5Mick O'SheaIn the Naga's Wake: The First Man to Navigate the Mekong, from Tibet to the South China Sea
2007978-1-74114-872-5Josephine FloodThe Original Australians: Story of the Aboriginal People
  ''978-1-74114-874-9Karl-Erik Sveiby · Tex SkuthorpeTreading Lightly: The Hidden Wisdom of the World's Oldest People
  ''978-1-74114-877-0Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Stolen Bus (13) (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-881-7Hedley ThomasSick to Death: A Manipulative Surgeon and a Healthy System in Crisis_a Disaster Waiting to Happen
  ''978-1-74114-894-7Alison LesterAlison Lester's ABC
2008978-1-74114-907-4Sarah NapthaliBuddhism for Mothers of Young Children: Becoming a Mindful Parent
2006978-1-74114-921-0Gudrun PausewangDark Hours - Translated By John Brownjohn
2006978-1-74114-922-7Susan and Callaghan, Margaret EmilsenA School with Spirit: Loreto Kirribilli
2007978-1-74114-923-4Robyn WilliamsUnintelligent Design: Why God Isn't as Smart as She Thinks She Is
  ''978-1-74114-926-5Paul ClearyShakedown: Australia's Grab for Timor Oil
  ''978-1-74114-927-2Victoria CarringtonRethinking Middle Years: Early Adolscents, Schooling and Digital Culture (Studies in Education)
  ''978-1-74114-933-3Wendy OrrPeeling the Onion: How Many Layers Hide the Person You Really Are?
  ''978-1-74114-953-1Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Haunted House (Tashi series)
2007978-1-74114-954-8James O'LoghlinUmm . . .: A Complete Guide to Public Speaking
2006978-1-74114-961-6Caroline OveringtonOnly in New York: How I Took Manhattan (with the kids)
2007978-1-74114-963-0Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi Lost in the City (Tashi series) (Bk. 11)
  ''978-1-74114-964-7   ''Tashi and the Forbidden Room (12) (Tashi series)
2007978-1-74114-965-4Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-966-1   ''Tashi and the Giants (2) (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-967-8Anna Fienberg · Barbara Fienberg · Kim GambleTashi and the Ghosts (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-968-5Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Genie (44) (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-969-2   ''Tashi and the Baba Yaga (5) (Tashi series)
2007978-1-74114-970-8Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Demons (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-971-5   ''Tashi and the Big Stinker (7) (Tashi series)
  ''978-1-74114-972-2   ''Tashi and the Dancing Shoes (Tashi series)
2007978-1-74114-973-9Anna Fienberg · Barbara FienbergTashi and the Royal Tomb (10) (Tashi series)
2005978-1-74114-974-6The Lincoln Lawyer (Import)
2007978-1-74114-980-7David W. Cameron25 April 1915: The Day the Anzac Legend was Born
2006978-1-74114-989-0Peter DornanThe Last Man Standing: Herb Ashby and the Battle of El Alamein
2008978-1-74114-996-8Lindel Barker-RevellTime For Tea: The gentle art of reading tea-leaves: The Gentle Art of Reading Tea-leaves
2010978-1-74114-997-5Louise Egerton · Jiri LochmanWildlife of Australia
2008978-1-74114-999-9Kerry GreenwoodMurder on a Midsummer Night