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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-86054-001-1Lyn PrattBullmastiffs Today (Book of the Breed S)
  ''978-1-86054-002-8Dick Lane · Neil EwartA-Z of Dog Diseases and Common Health Problems
1998978-1-86054-003-5Hedd Richards · Delphine RichardsNewfoundlands Today (Book of the Breed S)
  ''978-1-86054-004-2Eileen GeesonThe Complete Standard Poodle (A Ringpress dog book of distinction)
1995978-1-86054-005-9Chris ThomasBulldogs Today (Book of the Breed S)
1996978-1-86054-006-6Anne Roslin-WilliamsBorder Terriers Today (Book of the Breed Series)
1997978-1-86054-007-3John ValentinePet Owner's Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
  ''978-1-86054-008-0Peter NewmanMiniature Schnauzers Today (Book of the Breed S)
1999978-1-86054-009-7Janet HuxleyPet Owner's Guide to Airedale Terriers (Pet owner's guides)
1997978-1-86054-011-0Ken TownPet Owner's Guide to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1999978-1-86054-014-1Betty JudgePet Owner's Guide to Border Terriers (Pet owner's guides)
1995978-1-86054-015-8Shelia ClelandPet Owner's Guide to the West Highland White Terrier
2006978-1-86054-018-9J.M. Evans · Kay WhiteThe Catlopaedia, The
1995978-1-86054-020-2Don MillerThe Pet Owner's Guide to the English Springer Spaniel (Pet owner's guides)
1997978-1-86054-022-6Heather Wiles-FoneThe Ultimate Labrador Retriever (Book of the Breed S)
2002978-1-86054-023-3J.M. Evans · Kay WhiteBook of the Bitch
1995978-1-86054-025-7Sheila SmithCavalier King Charles Spaniels Today (Book of the Breed S)
1997978-1-86054-028-8Gillian AverisVeterinary Advice for Gundog Owners
1995978-1-86054-035-6Brian McGovernCompetitive Obedience for Winners (Book of the Breed S)
1997978-1-86054-038-7Stan Mozier · Barbara MozierPet Owner's Guide to Budgerigars (Pet owner's guide series)
1999978-1-86054-039-4Frank KanePet Owner's Guide to Cocker Spaniels (Pet owner's guides)
2001978-1-86054-044-8Patrick Holden · John GilbertAgility: A Step-by-step Guide
1997978-1-86054-048-6Jean Pierre HourdebaigtEquine Massage
1998978-1-86054-049-3Sheila RankinThe Ultimate German Shepherd Dog (Ultimates) (Ultimates S.)
  ''978-1-86054-053-0Lorraine HillPet Owner's Guide to the Hamster (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1995978-1-86054-055-4Dieter FleigThe Technique of Better Dog Breeding (Book of the Breed S)
1998978-1-86054-058-5Stig G. CarlsonPet Owner's Guide to Rhodesian Ridgeback (Pet owners guides)
1995978-1-86054-060-8Joyce CaddyThe Cocker Spaniels Today (Book of the Breed S)
1998978-1-86054-063-9Natalie Kirkiewicz · Gary Broonhead · Gary BroomheadPet Owner's Guide to the Chinchilla
1998978-1-86054-064-6John Holmes · Mary HolmesReading the Dog's Mind
  ''978-1-86054-067-7Mary BaileyPet Owner's Guide to Tropical Fishkeeping (Pet owners guides)
  ''978-1-86054-068-4Chris HenwoodPet Owner's Guide to the Chipmunk (Pet owners guides)
1996978-1-86054-070-7Adrienne McLeavyPet Owner's Guide to the Border Collie
1998978-1-86054-072-1Andrew EadePet Owner's Guide to Coldwater Fishkeeping
  ''978-1-86054-073-8Maureen AtkinsonThe Complete Shiba Inu
  ''978-1-86054-074-5J.M. Evans · Kay WhiteDoglopaedia: A Complete Guide to Dog Care
1997978-1-86054-077-6Ann FinchPet Owner's Guide to the Greyhound (Pet owner's guide series)
1996978-1-86054-081-3Jackie BuddHorse and Pony Breeds ("Horse & Pony" Magazine Library)
1998978-1-86054-082-0Clare LeePet Owner's Guide to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1998978-1-86054-084-4Malcolm B. WillisThe Bernese Mountain Dog Today (Book of the Breed S)
1996978-1-86054-085-1Joan MasonFlat-coated Retrievers Today (Book of the Breed S)
1997978-1-86054-086-8Ellen S. BrownThe Complete Pug (Book of the Breed S)
1998978-1-86054-087-5Brenda WhitePet Owner's Guide to the Bearded Collie (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
  ''978-1-86054-088-2Alison HornsbyThe Ultimate Border Collie
1999978-1-86054-089-9Stig G. CarlsonThe Rhodesian Ridgeback Today (Book of the Breed S)
1997978-1-86054-091-2Patsy HollingsThe Essential Weimaraner (Book of the Breed S)
1998978-1-86054-093-6Mary McBrydeMagnificent Irish Wolfhound (A Ringpress dog book of distinction)
1999978-1-86054-094-3Kay White · Patrick HoldenA-Z of Dog Training and Behaviour
1998978-1-86054-098-1David HarrisBull Terriers Today (A Ringpress dog book of distinction)
  ''978-1-86054-099-8David Killilea · Jenny KillileaThe Akita Today (Book of the Breed S)
1999978-1-86054-100-1Peter LarkinPet Owner's Guide to the Bull Terrier (Pet owner's guides)
  ''978-1-86054-101-8Vicky BambridgeThe Weimaraner Today (Book of the Breed S)
2000978-1-86054-102-5Mary Bailey · Peter BurgessTropical Fishlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Fish Care
2002978-1-86054-104-9Ruth WilkinsonPet Owners Guide to the Old English Sheepdog (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1998978-1-86054-105-6Lorraine HillPet Owner's Guide to the Rat (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
2000978-1-86054-108-7Angela IbbotsonLiving with a German Shepherd Dog
1999978-1-86054-111-7Brenda Birch · Ron BirchPet Owners Guide Cairn Terrier (Pet Owner's Guides)
2000978-1-86054-112-4Judith DawsThe Pet Owner's Guide to the Bulldog (Pet owner's guides)
2001978-1-86054-114-8Clive Evans · Nancy EvansPet Owner's Guide to the Dobermann
2000978-1-86054-117-9George Gwilliam · Maureen GwilliamThe New St.Bernard (Book of the Breed S)
2003978-1-86054-119-3Simon J. GirlingPet Owner's Guide to the Tortoise (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
2000978-1-86054-121-6Hazel LeewoodPet Owner's Guide to the Dwarf Rabbit (Pet owner's guides)
  ''978-1-86054-123-0Juliette CunliffePet Owner's Guide to the Lhasa Apso (Pet owner's guides)
2003978-1-86054-124-7Noel Morgan · Janet MorganPet Owner's Guide to the Leopard Gecko (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1998978-1-86054-125-4Peter Burgess · Mary Bailey · Adrian ExellThe A-Z of Tropical Fish: Diseases and Health Problems
1999978-1-86054-127-8David CromackThe Garden Bird Survival Guide
2000978-1-86054-128-5Dave BevanThe Garden Wildlife Survival Guide
2003978-1-86054-129-2Aidan RafteryPet Owner's Guide to the Bearded Dragon (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1998978-1-86054-130-8Margaret NormanThe Complete Shetland Sheepdog (Book of the Breed S)
2002978-1-86054-132-2Annette De SaullesPet Owner's Guide to the African Grey Parrot
2003978-1-86054-134-6Fred NindPet Owner's Guide to the Snake (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
2000978-1-86054-137-7Andrea McHughPet Owner's Guide to Kitten Care and Training (Pet owner's guides)
2002978-1-86054-139-1Annette De SaullesPet Owner's Guide to Parrot Training and Behaviour (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
2001978-1-86054-142-1Janet HuxleyThe Airedale Terrier Today (Book of the Breed)
2002978-1-86054-144-5Pat KiddPet Owner's Guide to the Miniature Schnauzer
1999978-1-86054-146-9Nick FletcherThe Ultimate Koi
2000978-1-86054-147-6Pam TaylorThe Samoyed Today
2000978-1-86054-149-0Dieter FleigThe Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Book of the Breed)
1999978-1-86054-151-3Bradley VinerAll About Your Canary (All About Series)
  ''978-1-86054-155-1Mary StromThe Ultimate Jack Russell Terrier
  ''978-1-86054-156-8Heather Wiles-FoneAll About Your Labrador Retriever (All About Series)
2000978-1-86054-157-5Alison HornsbyHelping Hounds: The Story of Assistance Dogs
1999978-1-86054-160-5Liz StannardThe Complete Pekingese (Book of the Breed S)
2000978-1-86054-163-6Dita KilsbyLiving with a Border Collie
1999978-1-86054-165-0Douglas B. OliffThe Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds
2000978-1-86054-168-1Kate PinchesLiving with a Rottweiler
1999978-1-86054-170-4Stewart Hastie · Johanna SharplesHorselopaedia: A Complete Guide to Horse Care (Ringpress Equestrian Library)
2000978-1-86054-172-8Stephen WindsorAll About Tropical Fishkeeping (All About Series)
  ''978-1-86054-177-3Terry Hannan · Lily HannanAll About Your German Shepherd Dog (All About Series)
  ''978-1-86054-181-0Gillian AverisPet Owner's Guide to the Weimaraner (Pet owner's guides)
2000978-1-86054-182-7Meg Brown · Virginia RichardsonRabbitlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Rabbit Care
  ''978-1-86054-187-2Janet GunnThe Pet Owner's Guide to the Bullmastiff (Pet owner's guides)
2003978-1-86054-188-9Ann VickerstaffPet Owner's Guide to the Whippet (Pet Owner's Guide S.)
1999978-1-86054-190-2Carolyn Roe · David RoeThe Complete Papillon (Book of the Breed S)
  ''978-1-86054-191-9Roy Allan · Clarissa AllanThe Essential German Shepherd Dog (Book of the Breed S)
2002978-1-86054-193-3Jason FramlinghamPet Owner's Guide to the Lurcher
1999978-1-86054-195-7Diana Allan · Ken AllanThe Complete Saluki
2000978-1-86054-197-1Jo CoulsonLiving with a Labrador Retriever
2001978-1-86054-198-8Stella ClarkPet Owner's Guide to the Rough Collie
2004978-1-86054-204-6Mary MacphailPet Owner's Guide to the Rottweiler
2002978-1-86054-206-0Sheila ShukerLiving with a Dachshund
2003978-1-86054-207-7Linda Dykes · Helen FlackLiving with a House Rabbit
2004978-1-86054-209-1Julia D. BarnesPuppy Training Guide Dogs Way - Older Edition
2002978-1-86054-211-4Josephine JohnsonLiving with a Shih Tzu
  ''978-1-86054-212-1Dave BevanCreating a Garden Wildlife Pond
  ''978-1-86054-213-8Alan BroadstockThe Parson Russell Terrier (Breed Basic)
2004978-1-86054-214-5Neil EwartThe Guide Dogs Book of Amazing Dog Tales
2003978-1-86054-222-0Graham QuickGarden Pondlopaedia
2004978-1-86054-227-5Gary Clayton-JonesVeterinary Advice on Hip Dysplasia in Dogs (Veterinary advice for dog owners series)
2005978-1-86054-229-9Sylvia TutchenerLiving With A Beagle
2004978-1-86054-232-9Tim NuttallVeterinary Advice on Skin Disorders in Dogs (Veterinary advice for dog owners series)
2003978-1-86054-233-6Chris RalphThe Practical Fishkeeper's Guide to Pufferfish
2005978-1-86054-234-3Roger DungerLiving With A Bichon Frise
2003978-1-86054-237-4Ben SturgeonVeterinary Advice on Arthritis in Horses (Veterinary Advice Guide)
2002978-1-86054-238-1Karen PryorDon't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training
2005978-1-86054-239-8Jim Evans · Caroline Ackroyd-GibsonPuppylopaedia
2004978-1-86054-242-8Tim S. MairVeterinary Advice on Colic in Horses (Veterinary Advice Guide) (Veterinary Advice Guide S.)
2003978-1-86054-243-5Alison MountLiving with A Pug
2005978-1-86054-244-2J.M. Evans · Caroline Ackroyd-GibsonBreeding A Litter: A Complete Guide to Mating, Whelping and Puppy Rearing
2001978-1-86054-245-9Anna Robinson · James KnockSetting Up a Tropical Freshwater Aquarium (Practical fishkeeping)
2003978-1-86054-246-6Chris Logsdail · Pete Logsdail · Kate HoversHamsterlopaedia
2004978-1-86054-247-3Rebecca Hamilton-FletcherVeterinary Advice on Laminitis in Horses (Veterinary Advice Guide S.)
2003978-1-86054-248-0Margaret GreeningLiving with a Chihuahua
2005978-1-86054-249-7Neil EwartMore Amazing Dog Tales
2001978-1-86054-250-3Peter BurgessCommon Fish Ailments (Practical Fishkeeper's Guide) (Practical Fishkeeper's Guide S.)
2003978-1-86054-251-0Margaret Elward · Mette RuelokkeGuinea Piglopaedia: A Complete Guide to Guinea Pigs
2003978-1-86054-252-7Eileen GeesonThe Ultimate Grooming
  ''978-1-86054-253-4Richard HaynesLiving with a Yorkshire Terrier
  ''978-1-86054-258-9Avril CawtheraLiving with a Pomeranian
2002978-1-86054-260-2John RundleLive Food for Aquarium Fishes (Practical Fishkeeping)
2003978-1-86054-261-9Peter BurgessPractical Fishkeeper's Guide to Filtration and Water Quality (Practical Fishkeeper's Guide S.)
  ''978-1-86054-263-3Andrew H. BraceThe Ultimate Rottweiler
2001978-1-86054-265-7Neil Garrick-MaidmentSeahorses (Practical Fishkeeper's Guide)
2003978-1-86054-266-4John RundlePractical Fishkeeper's Guide to Breeding Egglayers (Practical Fishkeeper's Guide S.)
  ''978-1-86054-267-1Richard CurtisDancing with Dogs: A Step-by-step Guide to Freestyle
2003978-1-86054-271-8John RundleThe Practical Fishkeeper's Guide to Breeding Livebearers
  ''978-1-86054-272-5Paddy CoughlanCompetitive Obedience: A Step-by-step Guide
  ''978-1-86054-276-3Nick JamesPractical Fishkeeper's Guide to Lake Victoria Cichlids
2002978-1-86054-277-0Matthew ChristianAquarium Design
2004978-1-86054-278-7Bernard BarghPet Owner's Guide to the Golden Retriever
2003978-1-86054-281-7Clare Lee · Joyce ShorrockThe Ultimate Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Book of the Breed)
2002978-1-86054-282-4Karen PryorClicker Training for Dogs: Positive reinforcement that works!
2004978-1-86054-283-1Adrienne McLeavyPet Owner's Guide to the Border Collie
2003978-1-86054-285-5Annette De SaullesParrotlopaedia
2002978-1-86054-287-9Karen PryorClicker Training Your Cat (A Karen Pryor clicker book)
2004978-1-86054-288-6Andrew H. BracePet Owner's Guide to the Boxer
2002978-1-86054-290-9Chris Kisko · etc. · Caroline Kisko · Simon Luxmoore · Sheila LuxmooreThe Complete Siberian Husky (Book of the Breed Series)
2001978-1-86054-292-3Alexandra KurlandClicker Training for Your Horse
2003978-1-86054-293-0John ValentinePet Owner's Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier
2002978-1-86054-295-4Cynthia BranniganLiving with a Greyhound
2004978-1-86054-298-5John Holmes · Mary HolmesPet Owner's Guide to Puppy Care and Training