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Bull Terrier
Complete Book of Dogs, Dog Breeds and Dog Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Over 180 International Breeds, with Expert Advice on Breeding, Grooming. and Step-by-step Practical Guidance 978-1-84476-277-42006Mike Stockman
Dogs Dog Breeds & Dog Care 978-1-84309-128-82001
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy: Principles and Spectral Interpretation 978-0-12-386984-52011
Pet Owner's Guide to the Bull Terrier 978-1-86054-100-11999
Sprout near Severing Close 978-0-9685294-9-22004
The Complete Book of Pets and Pet Care: The Essential Family Reference Guide to Pet Breeds and Pet Care 978-0-7548-1661-42006David Alderton · Alan Edwards · Mike Stockman
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Dogs, Dog Breeds and Dog Care 978-0-7548-1186-22003Mike Stockman
Ultimate Encyclopedia of Dogs, Dog Breeds and Dog Care 978-1-84215-195-22000M.R.J. Stockman

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