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500 Ways to be a Better Freshwater Fishkeeper: Hints and Tips from a Team of Experts
978-1-55407-048-02005Mary Bailey · Sean Evans
An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Cold Water Aquarium Fish
An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Coldwater Aquarium Fish: A Detailed Survey of Over 50 Coldwater Fish Suitable for a First Collection
A Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Cold Water Aquarium
A Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Cold Water Aquarium: How to Create a Beautiful and Successful Environment for Your Fish
Caring for Your Pet Tropical Fish
978-1-931993-53-12004Bernice Brewster
Guida pratica alla scelta di pesci da acquario e d'acqua fredda 978-88-506-0071-72010
Guida pratica per creare il tuo acquario d'acqua fredda 978-88-506-0070-02010
978-3-8001-5091-52006Steve Hickling · Bernice Brewster · Mick Martin
978-3-8001-3852-42002Steve Hickling · Mick Martin · Bernice Brewster
Koi: A Colourful and Comprehensive Celebration of These Beautiful Ornamental Fish
978-1-903098-42-42002Steve Hickling · Mick Martin · Bernice Brewster
Koi Colour Varieties: An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Koi
Mini Encyclopedia of Keeping Koi
978-1-84286-106-62005Keith Holmes · Tony Pitham
The Essential Book of Koi: A Complete Guide to Keeping and Care
978-0-7938-0623-22007Bernice Brewster · Steve Hickling · Keith Holmes · Mick Martin
The Ultimate Koi
The Ultimate Koi
The World of Koi
978-0-7641-2988-92005Tony Pitham · Keith Holmes
What Fish? A Buyer's Guide to Tropical Fish: Essential Information to Help You Choose the Right Fish for Your Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

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