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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-85881-011-9Dylan ThomasA Child's Christmas In Wales
1995978-1-85881-029-4Richard EdwardsThe Forest Child
1994978-1-85881-048-5Vikram SethArion And The Dolphin
  ''978-1-85881-050-8Ann HalamThe Haunting of Jessica Raven
2002978-1-85881-051-5Alan GibbonsChicken (Blue Peter Book Award Winner)
2000978-1-85881-053-9Alan GibbonsWhose Side Are You On? (Dolphin Books)
2006978-1-85881-054-6Martyn BeardsleySir Gadabout Gets Worse
2005978-1-85881-055-3Martyn BeardsleySir Gadabout
1994978-1-85881-062-1Paul Rogers · Emma RogersLittle Train
1998978-1-85881-070-6Francesca Simon · Tony RossHorrid Henry
2005978-1-85881-072-0Martyn BeardsleySir Gadabout and the Ghost
2004978-1-85881-076-8Robert NyeBeowulf (Dolphin Paperbacks)
1994978-1-85881-122-2Keith BrumptonRudley Cabot In...The Quest For The Gold Carrot.
  ''978-1-85881-134-5Lorna & Graham PhilpotAnthony Ant's Creepy Crawly PA
2000978-1-85881-140-6Marianne Bogardt · Maxie ChamblissThe Pop Up Potty Book (Hardback)
1996978-1-85881-150-5Adrian MitchellGynormous!: The Ultimate Book of Giants
1995978-1-85881-153-6Keith BrumptonRudley Cabot In The Carrots Of Doom
  ''978-1-85881-158-1Ann HalamThe Fear Man
  ''978-1-85881-169-7Michael HardcastleSoccer Captain 10-Copy Pack
1998978-1-85881-180-2Geraldine McCaughreanThe Crystal Pool: Myths and Legends of the World (Myths & legends of the world)
1996978-1-85881-181-9Ruth TildenSophie's Ballet Class
1996978-1-85881-190-1Francesca SimonBig Class, Little Class (Dolphin Books)
2002978-1-85881-194-9Alan GibbonsGanging Up (Dolphin Books)
1996978-1-85881-197-0Joan BauerSquashed (Dolphin Books)
1994978-1-85881-200-7Sally GardnerMy Little Princess
  ''978-1-85881-224-3Sally GardnerMy Little Princess Leaflet Pack
1995978-1-85881-232-8Georgia ByngBP Title - THE SOCK MONSTERS
  ''978-1-85881-258-8Mary R HoffmanSong of the Earth 8 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85881-263-2Geraldine MccaughreanGolden Hoard 7 Copy Pack
978-1-85881-273-1Orion Children's Catalogue 1995
2008978-1-85881-292-2Francesca SimonSecret Club
1997978-1-85881-294-6Ann HalamThe Fear Man (Dolphin Books)
2005978-1-85881-297-7Sally GardnerPlaytime Rhymes
1997978-1-85881-309-7Richard BrasseyNessie The Loch Ness Monster
1996978-1-85881-326-4Willy SmaxBenny the Breakdown Truck 24 Copy Counterpack
  ''978-1-85881-341-7Mary Hoffman · Jane RaySong Of The Earth
1996978-1-85881-345-5Dolphin Paperback 1996 Catalogue
1997978-1-85881-350-9Sally GardnerA Book of Princesses
2008978-1-85881-353-0Francesca SimonNits Nits Nits!: Book 4 (Horrid Henry)
2010978-1-85881-369-1Alan GibbonsSome You Win... (Total Football)
1997978-1-85881-371-4Francesca SimonTricking the Tooth Fairy (Horrid Henry)
1996978-1-85881-375-2Dive Into a Dolphin 20 X Counterpack
1998978-1-85881-381-3Kevin Crossley-HollandThe King Who Was And Will Be: World of King Arthur and His Knights
2000978-1-85881-387-5Fiona WatersThe Poetry Book
2001978-1-85881-388-2Geraldine McCaughreanStories from Shakespeare
1996978-1-85881-391-2Orion Children's 1996 Catalogue (Blank)
  ''978-1-85881-392-9Orion Children's 1996 Catalogue (Lbs Version)
1998978-1-85881-394-3Ann HalamCrying In The Dark (Dolphin Paperbacks)
2006978-1-85881-396-7   ''Dr Franklin's Island
2000978-1-85881-397-4Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Seeing Stone: Book 1 (Arthur)
2001978-1-85881-398-1   ''Arthur: At The Crossing Places
1997978-1-85881-405-6Ann HalamThe Powerhouse
  ''978-1-85881-423-0Stephen BaxterThe Web: GulliverZone
  ''978-1-85881-424-7Stephen BowkettThe Web: Dreamcastle
  ''978-1-85881-425-4Graham JoyceThe Web: Spiderbite
1997978-1-85881-426-1Eric BrownThe Web: The Web: Untouchable
  ''978-1-85881-433-9Francesca SimonSpider School
2000978-1-85881-488-9Simon BarnesPlanet Zoo: 100 Animals We Can't Afford to Lose
1997978-1-85881-515-2Terry DearyTudor Terror: The Prince Of Rags And Patches
1998978-1-85881-521-3Terry DearyTudor Terror: The Knight Of Stars And Storms (Tudor Chronicles)
  ''978-1-85881-523-7   ''Tudor Terror: The Lord Of The Dreaming Globe
1997978-1-85881-527-5Graham JoyceThe Web: Spiderbite
2003978-1-85881-530-5Jostein GaarderSophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy
1997978-1-85881-532-9Gillian RubinsteinSpace Demons 18 X Counterpack
1999978-1-85881-549-7Richard BrasseyThe Story Of Scotland
1998978-1-85881-550-3Peter F. HamiltonThe Web: The Web: Lightstorm (Web Series 1)
  ''978-1-85881-551-0Maggie FureyThe Web: Sorceress (Web Series 1)
1997978-1-85881-558-9Dolphin Catalogue 1997
1998978-1-85881-563-3Alan Gibbons04 Injury Time (Total Football)
2008978-1-85881-572-5Francesca SimonGet Rich Quick (Horrid Henry)
1997978-1-85881-602-9Alan GibbonsOut Of This World: Stories of Virtual Reality (Quids for Kids S.)
  ''978-1-85881-617-3Wendy E CoolingQuids For Kids Toys Pack
2000978-1-85881-619-7Fiona WatersNursery Verse
2001978-1-85881-622-7Nancy FarmerA Girl Named Disaster
1998978-1-85881-623-4Jostein GaarderHello? Is Anybody There?
1998978-1-85881-624-1Georgie AdamsThe Real Fairy Storybook
  ''978-1-85881-632-6Stephen BaxterThe Web: The Web: Webcrash
1999978-1-85881-634-0Lorna G PhilpotAnthony Ant's Time Tunnel
2003978-1-85881-639-5Georgie AdamsThe Nursery Storybook
1998978-1-85881-640-1Ken MacleodThe Web: Cydonia
1999978-1-85881-641-8Pat CadiganThe Web: Avatar (The Wintering)
1998978-1-85881-642-5James LovegroveThe Web: Computopia
1999978-1-85881-643-2Eric BrownThe Web: Walkabout
1998978-1-85881-644-9Sally GardnerA Book of Princesses
2004978-1-85881-645-6Vivian FrenchThe Story House
1998978-1-85881-647-0Maggie FureyThe Web: The Web: Spindrift
2002978-1-85881-649-4Sally GardnerThe Strongest Girl In The World (Magical Children)
1999978-1-85881-650-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Haunted House
  ''978-1-85881-653-1Mary HoffmanSun, Moon and Stars
2010978-1-85881-661-6Alan GibbonsFinal Countdown: Book 8 (Total Football)
1999978-1-85881-674-6Kevin Crossley-HollandThe King Who Was And Will Be: World of King Arthur and His Knights (Dolphin Paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85881-675-3Geraldine McCaughreanGolden Myths and Legends of the World
2003978-1-85881-676-0   ''Silver Myths And Legends Of The World
1999978-1-85881-677-7Ann HalamNimrod
2000978-1-85881-680-7Geraldine McCaughreanBritannia: 100 Great Stories From British History
1999978-1-85881-681-4Georgie AdamsThe Real Fairy Storybook
  ''978-1-85881-683-8John GrantAnthony Ant And The Flea Circus
2001978-1-85881-693-7Sally GardnerThe Fairy Catalogue
1999978-1-85881-697-5Francesca SimonMoo Baa Baa Quack (Farmyard stories)
2002978-1-85881-707-1Sally GardnerThe Smallest Girl Ever (Magical Children)
2000978-1-85881-710-1Colin GreenlandDreamtime: Spiritfeather
2002978-1-85881-720-0Jenni FleetwoodWhile Shepherds Watched
2000978-1-85881-721-7Alan GibbonsShadow Of The Minotaur: Legendeer 1 (The Legendeer)
1999978-1-85881-723-1Terry DearyThe Queen of the Dying Light 10 Copy Pack
1998978-1-85881-731-6Kevin Crossley-HollandThe King Who Was and Will Be 10 Copy Counterpack
1999978-1-85881-732-3Anthony Ant TV Book Dumpbin Header
1998978-1-85881-742-2VariousOrion Childrens Illustrated Catalogue
2004978-1-85881-753-8Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Old Stories: Folk Tales from East Anglia and the Fen Country (Dolphin Paperbacks)
2000978-1-85881-754-5Richard BrasseyGreyfriars Bobby
2000978-1-85881-762-0Cliff McNishThe Doomspell Trilogy: The Doomspell: Book 1
  ''978-1-85881-763-7Marcus SedgwickFloodland
2004978-1-85881-769-9Jostein GaarderThrough A Glass, Darkly (Dolphin Paperbacks)
2000978-1-85881-770-5Margaret MayoBrother Sun, Sister Moon
  ''978-1-85881-782-8Francesca SimonDon't Be Horrid, Henry!: Book 1 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
1999978-1-85881-783-5John GrantAnthony Ant Mixed 12 Copy Shrinkwrap
  ''978-1-85881-785-9Jostein GaarderThe Frog Castle
2000978-1-85881-791-0Ann HalamDon't Open Your Eyes
2002978-1-85881-792-7Ann HalamTaylor Five (The story of a clone girl)
2004978-1-85881-794-1Kevin Crossley-HollandTales from the Old World
1999978-1-85881-818-4Children's 1999 Catalogue
2008978-1-85881-824-5Francesca SimonThe Mummy's Curse: Book 7 (Horrid Henry)
  ''978-1-85881-825-2   ''Perfect Revenge: Book 8 (Horrid Henry)
2002978-1-85881-826-9   ''Bogey Babysitter: Book 9 (Horrid Henry)
2000978-1-85881-827-6Jostein GaarderThe Frog Castle
  ''978-1-85881-835-1Alan GibbonsVampyr Legion (The Legendeer)
2002978-1-85881-839-9Sally GardnerThe Boy Who Could Fly (Magical Children)
  ''978-1-85881-840-5   ''The Invisible Boy (Magical Children)
2000978-1-85881-842-9Richard BrasseyHow To Speak Chimpanzee Empty Counterpack
2003978-1-85881-844-3Cliff McNishThe Wizard's Promise (Doomspell Trilogy, Book 3)
2001978-1-85881-845-0Helen ArmstrongThe Road to Somewhere
2000978-1-85881-847-4Francesca SimonA Handful of Horrid Henry 3-in-1: Horrid Henry/Secret Club/Tooth Fairy: "Horrid Henry", "Horrid Henry's Secret Club", "Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy"
2001978-1-85881-848-1Richard Brassey · Stewart RossThe Story of Ireland
2008978-1-85881-850-4Cliff McNishThe Doomspell (Doomspell Trilogy, Book 1)
2001978-1-85881-851-1Geraldine McCaughreanKnights, Kings and Conquerors: 20 Stories from British History (20 stories from Britannia)
  ''978-1-85881-852-8   ''Rebels and Royals: 20 Stories from British History (Britannia)
2006978-1-85881-854-2Fiona WatersTime For A Rhyme (Dolphin Giants S.)
2001978-1-85881-859-7Francesca SimonDon't Be Horrid, Henry!: Book 1 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2004978-1-85881-876-4Geraldine McCaughreanBritannia: 100 Great Stories From British History
2001978-1-85881-883-2Marcus SedgwickWitch Hill
2003978-1-85881-884-9Marcus SedgwickThe Dark Horse
2008978-1-85881-891-7Kevin Crossley-Holland · Emma Chichester ClarkEnchantment: Fairy Tales, Ghost Stories and Tales of Wonder
2003978-1-85881-892-4Martyn BeardsleySir Gadabout Does His Best
2006978-1-85881-893-1   ''Sir Gadabout and the Little Horror
2002978-1-85881-894-8Geraldine McCaughreanGhosts, Rogues and Highwaymen: 20 Stories from British History (Britannia)
  ''978-1-85881-895-5   ''Movers, Shakers and Record Breakers: 20 stories from British History (Britannia)
1997978-1-85881-912-9Quids for Kids 40 X Counterpack
978-1-85881-934-1Penguin Children Rights Suspense
1997978-1-85881-935-8Childrens OrionOrion Children's Catalogue Autumn 1997
  ''978-1-85881-949-5Cooling WendyScared Stiff 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85881-950-1   ''Side Splitters 10 X Counterpack
  ''978-1-85881-951-8   ''Simply Spooky 10 X Pack
1997978-1-85881-952-5Cooling E WendyStranger Than Ever 10 X Pack
1998978-1-85881-983-9Graham PhilpotAnthony Ant's Mystery Counterpack
  ''978-1-85881-994-5Alan GibbonsLast Man Stand/Power Play 12 X Pack