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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4440-0001-6Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Early Reader: Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick: Book 5
  ''978-1-4440-0002-3Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Early Reader: Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend: Book 6
2014978-1-4440-0003-0   ''Horrid Henry's Sleepover: Book 26 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2010978-1-4440-0004-7Michelle LovricThe Undrowned Child
  ''978-1-4440-0005-4Marcus SedgwickRevolver
  ''978-1-4440-0006-1Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret: Book 4
  ''978-1-4440-0008-5Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Double Dare
2009978-1-4440-0012-2Jamie RixA Grizzly Dozen (Grizzly Tales)
2012978-1-4440-0015-3Francesca SimonMonster Movie: Book 21 (Horrid Henry)
2013978-1-4440-0016-0   ''Nightmare!: Book 22 (Horrid Henry)
2014978-1-4440-0017-7   ''Krazy Ketchup: Book 23 (Horrid Henry)
2015978-1-4440-0018-4   ''Cannibal Curse: Book 24 (Horrid Henry)
2010978-1-4440-0020-7Lauren St JohnLaura Marlin Mysteries 1: Dead Man's Cove
2011978-1-4440-0021-4Lauren St JohnKidnap in the Caribbean: Book 2 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2012978-1-4440-0022-1Lauren St JohnKentucky Thriller: Book 3 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2013978-1-4440-0023-8   ''Rendezvous in Russia: Book 4 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2009978-1-4440-0024-5Kevin Crossley-HollandWaterslain Angels
  ''978-1-4440-0026-9René GoscinnyHow Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion (Asterix)
  ''978-1-4440-0027-6René GoscinnyAsterix and Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book, Album 34
2010978-1-4440-0044-3Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe Prince Of Mist
  ''978-1-4440-0045-0Joe FriedmanBoobela, Worm and Potion Power (Boobela and Worm)
  ''978-1-4440-0046-7Joe FriedmanBoobela and the Belching Giant (Boobela and Worm)
2011978-1-4440-0048-1Richard BrasseyThe Story of the Olympics
2010978-1-4440-0056-6   ''Nessie The Loch Ness Monster
2010978-1-4440-0057-3Richard BrasseyGreyfriars Bobby
  ''978-1-4440-0058-0John GordonFen Runners
  ''978-1-4440-0059-7Carl HiaasenScat
  ''978-1-4440-0061-0James RollinsJake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow
  ''978-1-4440-0065-8Lucy Coats01 The Beasts in the Jar (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
2010978-1-4440-0066-5Lucy Coats02 The Magic Head (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
  ''978-1-4440-0067-2   ''03 The Monster in the Maze (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
  ''978-1-4440-0068-9   ''04 The Dolphin's Message (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
2010978-1-4440-0069-6Lucy CoatsGreek Beasts and Heroes 5: The Silver Chariot
  ''978-1-4440-0070-2   ''Greek Beasts and Heroes 6: The Fire Breather
  ''978-1-4440-0071-9   ''Greek Beasts and Heroes 7: The Flying Horse
  ''978-1-4440-0072-6   ''Greek Beasts and Heroes 8: The Harp of Death
  ''978-1-4440-0073-3   ''09 The Dragon's Teeth (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
2010978-1-4440-0074-0Lucy Coats10 The Hero's Spear (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
2010978-1-4440-0075-7Lucy Coats11 The One-Eyed Giant (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
  ''978-1-4440-0076-4   ''12 The Sailor Snatchers (Greek Beasts And Heroes)
2011978-1-4440-0078-8Vivian FrenchThe Kitten with No Name (Early Reader)
2010978-1-4440-0079-5Alan GibbonsRenegade: Book 3 (Hell's Underground)
  ''978-1-4440-0080-1Georgie AdamsThe Three Little Witches Storybook (Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0081-8Pippa FunnellPride and Joy the Event Horse: Book 7 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0082-5Pippa FunnellNeptune the Heroic Horse: Book 8 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0083-2   ''Parkview Pickle the Show Pony: Book 9 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2010978-1-4440-0084-9Georgie AdamsThe Three Little Pirates (Early Reader)
2011978-1-4440-0085-6James RollinsJake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx
2010978-1-4440-0087-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Hilariously Horrid Joke Book
2010978-1-4440-0088-7Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Annual 2011
2012978-1-4440-0090-0Pippa FunnellNimrod the Circus Pony: Book 10 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2013978-1-4440-0091-7   ''Moonshadow the Derby Winner: Book 11 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0092-4   ''Autumn Glory the New Horse: Book 12 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2010978-1-4440-0094-8René GoscinnyHow Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion (Asterix)
2010978-1-4440-0095-5René GoscinnyAsterix and Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book, Album 34
2011978-1-4440-0096-2Francesca SimonA Greedy Gulp of Horrid Henry 3-in-1: Horrid Henry Abominable Snowman/Robs the Bank/Wakes the Dead
2010978-1-4440-0098-6Caroline LawrenceThe Roman Mysteries Omnibus
  ''978-1-4440-0099-3Francesca SimonFootball Fiend: Book 14 (Horrid Henry)
  ''978-1-4440-0100-6   ''Horrid Henry's Nits (Early Reader) (Horrid Henry Early Reader): Book 7
  ''978-1-4440-0101-3Jamie RixThe Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck
2011978-1-4440-0105-1Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Thank You Letter: Book 9 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0106-8   ''Horrid Henry Reads A Book: Book 10 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2011978-1-4440-0107-5Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Car Journey: Book 11 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0108-2   ''Moody Margaret's School: Book 12 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0109-9   ''Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats: Book 13 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2013978-1-4440-0110-5Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Christmas Play: Book 25 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2010978-1-4440-0111-2Pippa FunnellTilly's Pony Tails Annual 2011
  ''978-1-4440-0112-9Francesca SimonHorrid Henry and Moody Margaret: Book 8 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0113-6   ''Horrid Henry's Rainy Day: Book 14 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0114-3   ''Horrid Henry's Author Visit: Book 15 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2013978-1-4440-0115-0   ''Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy: Book 22 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0116-7   ''Horrid Henry's Sports Day: Book 17 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0118-1Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Christmas Presents: Book 19 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2013978-1-4440-0120-4   ''Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady: Book 21 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0122-8   ''Horrid Henry's Homework: Book 23 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0127-3Richard BrasseyThe Queen
  ''978-1-4440-0128-0   ''King Arthur
2013978-1-4440-0129-7   ''Robin Hood
2010978-1-4440-0130-3Pippa FunnellTilly's Horsebox (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0131-0Amy TreeCharmseekers Books 4-6
  ''978-1-4440-0134-1Francesca SimonHow to Survive . . . Christmas Chaos with Horrid Henry
2011978-1-4440-0142-6Geraldine McCaughreanGreat Stories from British History
2010978-1-4440-0143-3Alan GibbonsScared to Death (Hell's Underground)
2010978-1-4440-0144-0Alan GibbonsThe Demon Assassin: Book 2 (Hell's Underground)
  ''978-1-4440-0145-7Francesca SimonSpider School (Early Reader)
2015978-1-4440-0146-4Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Big Bad Puzzle Book
2011978-1-4440-0148-8Lauren St JohnDead Man's Cove (Laura Marlin Mysteries 1): Book 1
  ''978-1-4440-0149-5Marcus SedgwickWhite Crow
2013978-1-4440-0153-2Liz KesslerNorth of Nowhere
2011978-1-4440-0162-4Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Bodies: A Horrid Factbook
  ''978-1-4440-0163-1   ''Horrid Henry's Purple Hand Gang Joke Book
  ''978-1-4440-0167-9Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe Midnight Palace
  ''978-1-4440-0168-6Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Annual 2012
2012978-1-4440-0170-9Caroline LawrenceThe P. K. Pinkerton Mysteries: The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse: Book 2
2010978-1-4440-0175-4Alan GibbonsSome You Win... (Total Football)
2010978-1-4440-0176-1Alan GibbonsUnder Pressure: Book 2 (Total Football)
  ''978-1-4440-0177-8   ''Divided We Fall: Book 3 (Total Football)
  ''978-1-4440-0178-5   ''Power Play: Book 6 (Total Football)
  ''978-1-4440-0179-2   ''04 Injury Time (Total Football)
2010978-1-4440-0180-8Alan GibbonsLast Man Standing: Book 5 (Total Football)
  ''978-1-4440-0181-5   ''Twin Strikers: Book 7 (Total Football)
2011978-1-4440-0183-9Annabel PitcherMy Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
  ''978-1-4440-0186-0Marcus SedgwickGhosts and Gadgets (The Raven Mysteries - Book 2)
  ''978-1-4440-0187-7Liz KesslerPhilippa Fisher and the Stone Fairy's Promise: Book 3
  ''978-1-4440-0188-4Marcus SedgwickLunatics and Luck (The Raven Mysteries book 3)
2011978-1-4440-0189-1Michelle LovricThe Mourning Emporium
  ''978-1-4440-0190-7Marcus SedgwickVampires and Volts (The Raven Mysteries book 4)
  ''978-1-4440-0193-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Shows Who's Boss: Ten Favourite Stories - and more!
  ''978-1-4440-0207-2   ''Mish Mash Hash (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0226-3   ''Horrid Henry's A - Z of Everything Horrid
2011978-1-4440-0230-0Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe Prince Of Mist
  ''978-1-4440-0243-0Sally GardnerSnow White (Early Reader)
2013978-1-4440-0259-1Pippa FunnellGoliath the Rescue Horse: Book 13 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0260-7   ''Buttons the Naughty Pony: Book 14 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2013978-1-4440-0261-4Pippa FunnellRusty the Trustworthy Pony: Book 15 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2011978-1-4440-0262-1   ''Royal Flame the Police Horse: Book 16 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2013978-1-4440-0263-8   ''Stripy the Zebra Foal: Book 17 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
  ''978-1-4440-0264-5   ''Free Spirit the Mustang: Book 18 (Tilly's Pony Tails)
2011978-1-4440-0265-2   ''Ask Pippa (Questions and Answers)
2011978-1-4440-0266-9Pippa FunnellPippa Funnell: Follow Your Dreams
  ''978-1-4440-0267-6Francesca SimonThe Parent Swap Shop (Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0268-3   ''Mr P's Naughty Book (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0269-0Lauren St JohnThe One Dollar Horse: Book 1
2013978-1-4440-0270-6   ''The One Dollar Horse: Race the Wind: Book 2
2011978-1-4440-0291-1Georgie AdamsThe Dragon's Revenge: Book 3 (Charmseekers)
  ''978-1-4440-0292-8Amy TreeA Tale of Two Sisters: Book 4 (Charmseekers)
  ''978-1-4440-0293-5Georgie AdamsThe Fragile Force: Book 5 (Charmseekers)
2011978-1-4440-0295-9Georgie AdamsThe Magic Crystals: Book 7 (Charmseekers)
  ''978-1-4440-0296-6   ''The Secret Treasure: Book 8 (Charmseekers)
  ''978-1-4440-0297-3   ''Star Island: Book 9 (Charmseekers)
2011978-1-4440-0298-0Georgie AdamsMoonlight and Mermaids: Book 10 (Charmseekers)
2012978-1-4440-0299-7   ''The Mirror of Deception: Book 11 (Charmseekers)
  ''978-1-4440-0300-0   ''Zorgan and the Gorsemen: Book 12 (Charmseekers)
2011978-1-4440-0302-4Harlan CobenShelter
  ''978-1-4440-0319-2Marcus SedgwickCudweed's Birthday (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0321-5Liz KesslerA Year without Autumn
2012978-1-4440-0325-3Caroline LawrenceThe Case of the Deadly Desperados: Book 1 (The P. K. Pinkerton Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-0327-7Lauren St JohnKidnap in the Caribbean: Book 2 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2011978-1-4440-0328-4Helen MossThe Mystery of the Whistling Caves: Book 1 (Adventure Island)
2011978-1-4440-0329-1Helen MossThe Mystery of the Midnight Ghost: Book 2 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0330-7   ''The Mystery of the Hidden Gold: Book 3 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0331-4   ''The Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece: Book 4 (Adventure Island)
2011978-1-4440-0332-1Helen MossThe Mystery of the Cursed Ruby: Book 5 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0333-8   ''The Mystery of the Vanishing Skeleton: Book 6 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0334-5Stephen LawThe Complete Philosophy Files
2012978-1-4440-0338-3Michelle LovricTalina in the Tower
  ''978-1-4440-0340-6Marcus SedgwickMagic and Mayhem: Book 5 (Raven Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-0345-1Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe Midnight Palace
2012978-1-4440-0347-5Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Annual 2013
  ''978-1-4440-0348-2Marcus SedgwickDiamonds and Doom: Book 6 (Raven Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-0350-5Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun: Book 5
  ''978-1-4440-0372-7Sally GardnerOperation Bunny (The Fairy Detective Agency)
  ''978-1-4440-0375-8Liz KesslerPoppy the Pirate Dog (Early Reader)
2011978-1-4440-0417-5Steve BackshallPredators
2011978-1-4440-0423-6René GoscinnyOmnibus 1: Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, Asterix and the Goths
  ''978-1-4440-0424-3   ''Omnibus 2: Asterix the Gladiator, Asterix and the Banquet, Asterix and Cleopatra
  ''978-1-4440-0425-0Albert UderzoOmnibus 10: Asterix and the Magic Carpet, Asterix and the Secret Weapon, Asterix and Obelix All at Sea
  ''978-1-4440-0426-7René GoscinnyOmnibus 11: Asterix and The Actress, Asterix and the Class Act, Asterix and the Falling Sky
  ''978-1-4440-0427-4   ''Omnibus 3: Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix in Britain, Asterix and the Normans
2011978-1-4440-0428-1René GoscinnyOmnibus 4: Asterix the Legionary, Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield, Asterix at the Olympic Games
2012978-1-4440-0438-0Steve BackshallThe Falcon Chronicles: Tiger Wars: Book 1
  ''978-1-4440-0445-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's All Time Favourite Joke Book
2011978-1-4440-0447-2   ''Horrid Henry's Dinosaurs: A Horrid Factbook
2012978-1-4440-0455-7Caroline LawrenceThe Sewer Demon: Book 1 (The Roman Mystery Scrolls)
2012978-1-4440-0456-4Caroline LawrenceThe Poisoned Honey Cake: Book 2 (The Roman Mystery Scrolls)
2011978-1-4440-0471-7Lauren St JohnThe White Giraffe Series: The White Giraffe and Dolphin Song: Two African Adventures - books 1 and 2
  ''978-1-4440-0472-4Michelle PaverChronicles of Ancient Darkness Omnibus 4-6
2012978-1-4440-0475-5René GoscinnyOmnibus 3: Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix in Britain, Asterix and the Normans
  ''978-1-4440-0478-6Maudie SmithOpal Moonbaby
  ''978-1-4440-0485-4Marcus SedgwickFright Forest: Book 1 (Elf Girl and Raven Boy)
  ''978-1-4440-0487-8René GoscinnyOmnibus 4: Asterix the Legionary, Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield, Asterix at the Olympic Games
2012978-1-4440-0488-5René GoscinnyOmnibus 5: Asterix and the Cauldron, Asterix in Spain, Asterix and the Roman Agent
  ''978-1-4440-0489-2   ''Omnibus 6: Asterix in Switzerland, The Mansions of the Gods, Asterix & the Laurel Wreath
2013978-1-4440-0490-8   ''Omnibus 5: Asterix and the Cauldron, Asterix in Spain, Asterix and the Roman Agent
  ''978-1-4440-0491-5   ''Omnibus 6: Asterix in Switzerland, The Mansions of the Gods, Asterix & the Laurel Wreath
2012978-1-4440-0506-6Carl HiaasenChomp
  ''978-1-4440-0514-1Vivian FrenchThe Perfect Pet Shop (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0515-8   ''A Creepy Crawly Story (Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0517-2Vivian FrenchA Rainbow Shopping Day (Early Reader)
2014978-1-4440-0527-1Marcus SedgwickTerror Town: Book 5 (Elf Girl and Raven Boy)
2012978-1-4440-0533-2Helen MossThe Mystery of the Dinosaur Discovery: Book 7 (Adventure Island)
2012978-1-4440-0534-9Helen MossThe Mystery of the Drowning Man: Book 8 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0535-6   ''The Mystery of the Smugglers' Wreck: Book 9 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0536-3   ''The Mystery of the Invisible Spy: Book 10 (Adventure Island)
  ''978-1-4440-0541-7Victoria EveleighKaty's Wild Foal: Book 1 (Katy's Exmoor Ponies)
  ''978-1-4440-0542-4Victoria EveleighKaty's Champion Pony: Book 2 (Katy's Exmoor Ponies)
2012978-1-4440-0544-8Margaret MahyThe Great Piratical Rumbustification
  ''978-1-4440-0546-2Allan Frewin JonesThe Tyrant King: Book 2 (Codename Quicksilver)
  ''978-1-4440-0551-6Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Meets the Queen: Book 16 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0553-0Victoria EveleighKaty's Pony Surprise: Book 3 (Katy's Exmoor Ponies)
  ''978-1-4440-0559-2Lauren St JohnThe White Giraffe Series: The Last Leopard and The Elephant's Tale: More African Adventures - books 3 and 4
2012978-1-4440-0584-4Jan and Sara Burchett and VoglerSkeleton Island: Book 1 (Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate)
  ''978-1-4440-0585-1Jan Burchett · Sara VoglerThe Ghost Ship: Book 2 (Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate)
2013978-1-4440-0620-9Sheila RanceSun Catcher (Sun Catcher Trilogy 1)
2012978-1-4440-0633-9Francesca SimonA Horrid Factbook: Horrid Henry's Food
  ''978-1-4440-0634-6Steve BackshallDeadly Factbook Mammals: Book 1 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
  ''978-1-4440-0635-3   ''Deadly Factbook: Insects and Spiders: Book 2 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
2013978-1-4440-0636-0Lauren St JohnThe One Dollar Horse: Book 1
2012978-1-4440-0640-7Steve BackshallDeadly Doodle Book (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
  ''978-1-4440-0644-5   ''Deadly Annual 2013 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
2013978-1-4440-0645-2Carl HiaasenChomp
2013978-1-4440-0647-6Lauren St JohnKentucky Thriller: Book 3 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-0656-8Steve BackshallDeadly Annual 2014 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
2012978-1-4440-0665-0Michelle PaverGhost Hunter: Book 6 (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)
2013978-1-4440-0684-1Angela McAllisterSophie's Dance Class (Early Reader)
2012978-1-4440-0704-6Steve BackshallDeadly Activity Book
2013978-1-4440-0743-5Georgie AdamsA Year Full of Stories
2014978-1-4440-0793-0Liz KesslerNorth of Nowhere
  ''978-1-4440-0817-3Holly and Kelly WilloughbySummer Holiday Mystery: Book 4 (School for Stars)
2012978-1-4440-0823-4Cornelia FunkeGhost Knight
2013978-1-4440-0834-0Steve BackshallDeadly Brain Teasers (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
  ''978-1-4440-0835-7René GoscinnyOmnibus 7: Asterix the Soothsayer, Asterix in Corsica, Asterix and Caesar's Gift
2014978-1-4440-0836-4René GoscinnyOmnibus 7: Asterix the Soothsayer, Asterix in Corsica, Asterix and Caesar's Gift
2013978-1-4440-0837-1   ''Omnibus 8: Asterix and the Great Crossing, Obelix and Co, Asterix in Belgium
2014978-1-4440-0838-8   ''Omnibus 8: Asterix and the Great Crossing, Obelix and Co, Asterix in Belgium
2013978-1-4440-0852-4Ruth Louise SymesMondays at Monster School (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-0888-3Kate PankhurstThe Ghostly Guinea Pig: Book 1 (Mariella Mystery)
  ''978-1-4440-0890-6Kate PankhurstA Cupcake Conundrum: Book 2 (Mariella Mystery)
2012978-1-4440-0902-6René GoscinnyAsterix in Britain: Album 8
2013978-1-4440-0905-7Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Guide to Perfect Parents (World Book Day Edition 2013)
2014978-1-4440-0907-1   ''Horrid Henry's Haunted House: Book 28 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2013978-1-4440-0921-7   ''Horrid Henry's World Records
  ''978-1-4440-0926-2Margaret MahyA Lion In The Meadow: Early Reader
2014978-1-4440-0945-3Lauren St JohnRendezvous in Russia: Book 4 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-0946-0Richard BrasseyThe Story of the World Cup
2014978-1-4440-0947-7Sheila RanceSun Catcher (Sun Catcher Trilogy 1)
2013978-1-4440-0953-8Brandon SandersonThe Rithmatist
2015978-1-4440-0966-8Albert UderzoOmnibus 9: Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix and the Black Gold, Asterix and Son
2014978-1-4440-0967-5Albert UderzoOmnibus 9: Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix and the Black Gold, Asterix and Son
  ''978-1-4440-1009-1Steve BackshallDeadly Annual 2015 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
2015978-1-4440-1055-8Carrie Ryan · John Parke DavisThe Map to Everywhere: Book 1
2016978-1-4440-1073-2Jan BurchettDeadly Storm (Spy Master, Band 3)
2014978-1-4440-1085-5Richard BrasseyThe Story of World War One
  ''978-1-4440-1098-5Lauren St JohnThe One Dollar Horse: Fire Storm: Book 3
  ''978-1-4440-1104-3John McLayThe Dragon's Dentist (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-1153-1Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Annual 2015
2013978-1-4440-1166-1Sally GardnerThe Boy with the Magic Numbers (Magical Children)
2013978-1-4440-1167-8Jean-Yves Ferri · Didier Conrad · Albert Uderzo · René GoscinnyAsterix and the Picts: Album 35
2014978-1-4440-1169-2Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Picts: Album 35
  ''978-1-4440-1176-0Keith RichardsGus and Me
2015978-1-4440-1194-4Linda ChapmanBirthdays and Biscuits: Book 4 (Best Friends' Bakery)
2014978-1-4440-1206-4Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Sticker Book: Over 200 Stickers!
  ''978-1-4440-1228-6Lauren St JohnThe Midnight Picnic: World Book Day 2014 Edition (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
  ''978-1-4440-1230-9Kate PankhurstThe Spaghetti Yeti: Book 5 (Mariella Mystery)
2015978-1-4440-1272-9Lauren St JohnThe White Giraffe Series: Operation Rhino: Book 5
  ''978-1-4440-1275-0   ''The Glory
2014978-1-4440-1288-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Sports: A Horrid Factbook
2015978-1-4440-1290-3John McLayThe Worst Wizard (Early Reader)
2014978-1-4440-1298-9Lauren St JohnDead Man's Cove and Kidnap in the Caribbean: 2in1 Omnibus of books 1 and 2 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2016978-1-4440-1356-6Kaye UmanskyBelinda and the Bears go to School (Early Reader)
2016978-1-4440-1360-3Phil EarleElsie and the Magic Biscuit Tin (Early Reader)
2014978-1-4440-1384-9Francesca SimonHorrid Henry: Book 1
2015978-1-4440-1438-9Margaret MahyThe Great White Man-Eating Shark (Early Reader)
  ''978-1-4440-1526-3Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Annual 2016
  ''978-1-4440-1527-0   ''Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse: Book 32 (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2016978-1-4440-1554-6Linda ChapmanMr Monkey Plays Football (Early Reader)
2015978-1-4440-1571-3Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Jumbo Joke Book (3-in-1): Horrid Henry's Hilariously Horrid Joke Book/Purple Hand Gang Joke Book/All-Time Favourite Joke Book
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2016978-1-4440-1626-0Georgie AdamsThe Three Little Astronauts (Early Reader)