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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-5101-0001-5Steve BackshallDeadly Annual 2016 (Steve Backshall's Deadly series)
  ''978-1-5101-0002-2Annabel PitcherMy Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
  ''978-1-5101-0004-6Stewart Ross · Richard BrasseyThe Story of Ireland
2016978-1-5101-0021-3Caroline LawrenceRoman Quests: Escape from Rome
  ''978-1-5101-0023-7Caroline LawrenceEscape from Rome: Book 1 (The Roman Quests)
  ''978-1-5101-0026-8   ''The Archers of Isca: Book 2 (The Roman Quests)
2017978-1-5101-0030-5   ''Death in the Arena: Book 3 (The Roman Quests)
2018978-1-5101-0033-6   ''Return to Rome: Book 4 (The Roman Quests)
2016978-1-5101-0037-4Nicola DohertyLove and Other Man-Made Disasters
2016978-1-5101-0039-8Alex MacdonaldBird
2015978-1-5101-0042-8René GoscinnyAsterix on the Warpath (Pop-Up Book)
  ''978-1-5101-0043-5Annabel PitcherSilence is Goldfish
  ''978-1-5101-0045-9Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Missing Scroll: Album 36
2016978-1-5101-0046-6Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Missing Scroll: Album 36
2015978-1-5101-0048-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Cracking Christmas
2017978-1-5101-0051-0Nicola DohertyLola Offline
2016978-1-5101-0054-1Jess FrenchChimp Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
  ''978-1-5101-0056-5Sara StarbuckLeopard Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
2017978-1-5101-0057-2Louisa Leaman · Born Free Foundation LtdTiger Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
2016978-1-5101-0060-2Sally GardnerTinder
  ''978-1-5101-0066-4Margaret MahyNonstop Nonsense
2017978-1-5101-0067-1Margaret MahyNonstop Nonsense
2015978-1-5101-0073-2   ''Nonstop Nonsense
2017978-1-5101-0074-9Jess French · Born Free Foundation LtdBear Rescue (Born Free)
2016978-1-5101-0077-0Dawn KurtagichThe Dead House
2015978-1-5101-0082-4Patrick McDonnellThank You and Good Night
2016978-1-5101-0084-8Vivian French · Abeer Al-TaherThe Very Clever Cat (Early Reader)
2015978-1-5101-0087-9Horrid Henry Collection - 10 Books
2016978-1-5101-0089-3Patrick McDonnellHug Time
2017978-1-5101-0091-6Patrick McDonnellHug Time
2016978-1-5101-0093-0   ''The Gift of Nothing
2015978-1-5101-0095-4Orion Children's BooksUnderwater Adventures (Be Great and Create)
  ''978-1-5101-0097-8   ''Enchanted Quest (Be Great and Create)
  ''978-1-5101-0098-5   ''Once Upon a Fairy Tale (Be Great and Create)
  ''978-1-5101-0099-2   ''Robots (Be Great and Create)
2015978-1-5101-0100-5Orion Children's BooksHidden Animals (Be Great and Create)
  ''978-1-5101-0101-2   ''Fabulous Fashion (Be Great and Create)
  ''978-1-5101-0112-8Born Free x 3 PBs
  ''978-1-5101-0113-5PK Pinkerton Collection - 3 Books (£20.97)
2016978-1-5101-0114-2Sally GardnerOperation Bunny (The Fairy Detective Agency)
  ''978-1-5101-0115-9   ''Three Pickled Herrings (The Fairy Detective Agency)
2016978-1-5101-0116-6Sally GardnerThe Vanishing of Billy Buckle (The Fairy Detective Agency)
  ''978-1-5101-0117-3   ''The Matchbox Mysteries (The Fairy Detective Agency)
978-1-5101-0119-7Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Missing Scrol# 36
2015978-1-5101-0120-3Schools for Stars Collection - 5 Books (RRP £25.95)
2017978-1-5101-0122-7Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Halloween Horrors
2016978-1-5101-0126-5Asterix Display Pack
  ''978-1-5101-0127-2Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Gold Medal Games: Colouring, Puzzles and Activities
  ''978-1-5101-0128-9   ''Horrid Henry Annual 2017
2017978-1-5101-0129-6Francesca SimonWhere's Horrid Henry?
2016978-1-5101-0131-9Sara StarbuckLion Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
  ''978-1-5101-0132-6Jinny JohnsonDolphin Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
  ''978-1-5101-0133-3Louisa LeamanElephant Rescue: A True Story (Born Free)
2015978-1-5101-0134-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry The Complete Story Collection 24 Books Box Set Pack Francesca Simon
2016978-1-5101-0138-8Richard BrasseyThe Story of the Olympics
2015978-1-5101-0141-8Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Missing Scroll: Book and Badge Collector's Set (Album 36)
2017978-1-5101-0145-6Geraldine McCaughreanStories from Shakespeare
2016978-1-5101-0147-0Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Crafty Christmas: Things to Make and Do
  ''978-1-5101-0150-0   ''Where's Horrid Henry?
  ''978-1-5101-0154-8Zana FraillonThe Bone Sparrow: shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2017
2017978-1-5101-0155-5   ''The Bone Sparrow
2016978-1-5101-0156-2Steve BackshallSteve Backshall Annual 2017: A Year of Adventure
2017978-1-5101-0158-6Zana FraillonThe Ones That Disappeared
2017978-1-5101-0161-6Steve BackshallSteve Backshall Annual 2018
2016978-1-5101-0167-8Margaret MahyA Lion in the Meadow
  ''978-1-5101-0168-5Dawn KurtagichThe Creeper Man
2015978-1-5101-0169-2Malala - Film tie in
2017978-1-5101-0170-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Annual 2018
2016978-1-5101-0171-5   ''Horrid Henry's Sizzling Summer
2017978-1-5101-0177-7Vivian FrenchEarly Reader: Emily Mouse's Christmas
2018978-1-5101-0180-7Georgie AdamsEarly Reader: Three Little Snowmen
  ''978-1-5101-0183-8Lydia RipperEarly Reader: The Ant's Pants
2017978-1-5101-0185-2Tony De SaullesThe Loch Ness Monster Spotters (Early Reader)
2018978-1-5101-0189-0Lauren PearsonThe Sleepover (Early Reader)
2017978-1-5101-0191-3Steven ButlerRobbie and the RAAAH (Early Reader)
2018978-1-5101-0193-7Steven ButlerThe Witch of the Ditch (Early Reader)
2017978-1-5101-0198-2Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Swimming Lesson (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2018978-1-5101-0201-9   ''Horrid Henry's School Fair (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2018978-1-5101-0202-6Francesca SimonHorrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2017978-1-5101-0204-0   ''Horrid Henry's Christmas (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2016978-1-5101-0206-4Mary NortonThe Borrowers
2017978-1-5101-0208-8Jess ButterworthRunning on the Roof of the World
2018978-1-5101-0211-8Jess ButterworthWhen the Mountains Roared
  ''978-1-5101-0213-2Katie ThistletonDear Katie: Real advice on real life problems with expert tips
2017978-1-5101-0216-3Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Summer Fun
  ''978-1-5101-0219-4Linwood BarclayChase: Book 1
2018978-1-5101-0221-7Linwood BarclayEscape: Book 2 (Chase)
2016978-1-5101-0224-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Merry Mischief
2017978-1-5101-0228-6   ''Horrid Henry The Complete Story Collection 24 Books Box Set
978-1-5101-0229-3Horrid Henry's Loathsome Library Collection - 30 Books
2016978-1-5101-0230-9Francesca SimonFrancesca Simon Horrid Henry Cheeky - 10 Book Collection
  ''978-1-5101-0231-6   ''Francesca Simon Horrid Henry Mischievous Mayhem - 10 Book Box Set
2018978-1-5101-0232-3Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island: Book 7
2017978-1-5101-0235-4Francesca SimonHorrid Henry's Jolly Holidays
  ''978-1-5101-0236-1Phil EarleGrandad's Medal (Early Reader)
2017978-1-5101-0238-5Hachette Children SA Whole World to Colour In: An Asterix Colouring Book
2015978-1-5101-0250-7Roman Mysteries Collection - 10 Books
  ''978-1-5101-0261-3Tilly's Pony Tails Collection - 10 Books
2017978-1-5101-0263-7Caroline LawrenceThe Roman Mysteries Collection Caroline Lawrence 6 Books Set
  ''978-1-5101-0264-4Lauren St JohnThe Secret of Supernatural Creek: Book 5 (Laura Marlin Mysteries)
2015978-1-5101-0274-3School for Stars Collection - 7 Books
2017978-1-5101-0277-4Francesca SimonWhere's Horrid Henry Colouring Book
978-1-5101-0278-1Horrid Henry Halloween Pack (Hodd06 120319)
2017978-1-5101-0279-8Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Funny Fact Files: World Book Day 2017
978-1-5101-0283-5Can Everyone Please Calm Down?: Mae Martin's Guide to 21st Century Sexuality
2017978-1-5101-0286-6Ryan GraudinInvictus
2018978-1-5101-0296-5Emily X.R. PanThe Astonishing Colour of After
2016978-1-5101-0307-8Zana FraillonThe bone sparrow: A refugee
1998978-1-5101-0308-5Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry Gets Rich Quick Njr
1999978-1-5101-0310-8Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry S Haunted House Njr
2000978-1-5101-0313-9   ''Horrid Henry and the Mummy S Curse
2001978-1-5101-0314-6Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry S Revenge Njr
2002978-1-5101-0316-0   ''Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitt
  ''978-1-5101-0318-4   ''Horrid Henry S Stinkbomb Njr
2003978-1-5101-0320-7   ''Horrid Henry S Underpants Njr
2004978-1-5101-0321-4   ''Horrid Henry Meets the Queen Njr
2005978-1-5101-0323-8Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry and the Mega Mean Time
2010978-1-5101-0325-2   ''Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend
2006978-1-5101-0327-6   ''Horrid Henry S Christmas Cracker Nj
2007978-1-5101-0329-0   ''Horrid Henry and the Abominable Sno
2008978-1-5101-0331-3   ''Horrid Henry Robs the Bank Njr
2009978-1-5101-0333-7Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry Wakes the Dead Njr
2010978-1-5101-0335-1   ''Horrid Henry Rocks Njr
2011978-1-5101-0337-5   ''Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire
2012978-1-5101-0339-9   ''Horrid Henry S Monster Movie Njr
2013978-1-5101-0341-2   ''Horrid Henry S Nightmare Njr
2014978-1-5101-0343-6Simon FrancescaHorrid Henry S Krazy Ketchup Njr
2015978-1-5101-0345-0   ''Horrid Henry S Cannibal Curse Njr
1997978-1-5101-0348-1   ''Horrid Henry S Nits Njr
2016978-1-5101-0376-4Annabel Pitcher Collection - 3 Books
2018978-1-5101-0382-5Jessica TownsendNevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
2019978-1-5101-0384-9Jessica TownsendWundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow Book 2 (Nevermoor)
978-1-5101-0396-2Orion Horrid Henry Robs The Bank - Audio Book
978-1-5101-0397-9Orion Horrid Henrys Krazy Ketchup - Audio Book
978-1-5101-0398-6Enid BlytonHodder Children's Books The Famous Five Short Story Collection - Audio Book
2017978-1-5101-0401-3Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Chariot Race: Album 37
978-1-5101-0403-7Asterix and the Chariot Race #37
2016978-1-5101-0410-5Storey Street Collection - 3 Books
2017978-1-5101-0411-2Jessica TownsendNevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
2019978-1-5101-0412-9Sarah Moore FitzgeraldA Strange Kind of Brave
2001978-1-5101-0428-0Mary NortonBedknobs and Broomsticks
2017978-1-5101-0429-7   ''Bedknobs and Broomsticks
978-1-5101-0438-9The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor)
2018978-1-5101-0439-6Jewell Parker RhodesGhost Boys
2017978-1-5101-0441-9Leigh BardugoThe Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic
2019978-1-5101-0442-6Leigh BardugoThe Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic
2018978-1-5101-0444-0Jessica TownsendWundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow Book 2 (Nevermoor)
2019978-1-5101-0445-7Leigh BardugoKing of Scars
2017978-1-5101-0451-8   ''The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic
2018978-1-5101-0455-6Will MabbittEmbassy of the Dead: Book 1
2019978-1-5101-0457-0Will MabbittHangman's Crossing: Book 2 (Embassy of the Dead)
2017978-1-5101-0491-4Asterix and the Race through Italy: Counter-top display incl 10-copies
2018978-1-5101-0500-3Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Chariot Race: Album 37
  ''978-1-5101-0501-0Onjali RaufThe Boy At the Back of the Class
  ''978-1-5101-0504-1Margaret MahyThe Haunting
2018978-1-5101-0505-8Margaret MahyThe Changeover
  ''978-1-5101-0516-4Francesca SimonHorrid Henry School's Out
  ''978-1-5101-0518-8   ''Horrid Henry Ghosts and Ghouls
  ''978-1-5101-0519-5   ''Horrid Henry Annual 2019
  ''978-1-5101-0520-1   ''Horrid Henry's Hike (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
2018978-1-5101-0524-9Leigh BardugoShadow and Bone: Book 1
  ''978-1-5101-0525-6   ''Ruin and Rising: Book 3 (Shadow and Bone)
2018978-1-5101-0526-3Leigh BardugoSiege and Storm: Book 2 (Shadow and Bone)
  ''978-1-5101-0540-9Kessler LizEmily Windsnap and the Falls of for
978-1-5101-0547-8Asterix: The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
2019978-1-5101-0703-8Leigh BardugoCrooked Kingdom: Collector's Edition (Six of Crows)
  ''978-1-5101-0714-4Jean-Yves FerriAsterix and the Chieftain's Daughter: Album 38