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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-85227-004-9Peter Robinson"Busted": The Official Book
1987978-1-85227-010-0Gillian CookeThe Red Arrows
2003978-1-85227-013-1Ann HarrisonMusic: The Business: The Essential Guide to the Law and the Deals
1987978-1-85227-015-5Gene NoconPhotographic Printing
1988978-1-85227-021-6Peter HainingDoctor Who: 25 Glorious Years
2003978-1-85227-023-0Paul DonnelleyJulia Roberts Confidential: The Unauthorised Biography
2004978-1-85227-024-7Jeff HudsonSamuel L.Jackson: The Unauthorised Biography
1987978-1-85227-025-4Lawrence CrownMarilyn at Twentieth Century Fox
2003978-1-85227-028-5Ian LawtonGenesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom of our Forgotten Ancestors
  ''978-1-85227-029-2Martin RoachJustin Timberlake: The Unofficial Book
2004978-1-85227-034-6Sanjida O'ConnellSugar: The Grass that Changed the World
2003978-1-85227-038-4Graham SimpsonThe Judith Durham Story: Colours of My Life
  ''978-1-85227-039-1Andrew CollinsFriends Reunited: Remarkable Real Life Stories from the Nation's Favourite Website
  ''978-1-85227-043-8J. P. BeanJoe Cocker: The Authorised Biography
  ''978-1-85227-049-0Joe ThornleyAvril Lavigne
2003978-1-85227-063-6Clive CouldwellFormula One: Made In Britain: Made in Britain - The British Influence in Formula One
  ''978-1-85227-068-1Lucy Ellis · Bryony SutherlandJulie Walters: Seriously Funny - The Unauthorised Biography
  ''978-1-85227-069-8Daniel O'DonnellDaniel O'Donnell - My Story: My Story - The Official Book
  ''978-1-85227-072-8Mick Quinn · Oliver HarveyWho Ate All The Pies? The Life and Times of Mick Quinn
2004978-1-85227-074-2Quentin FalkAnthony Hopkins: The Authorised Biography
2003978-1-85227-077-3Jane Plant CBE · Gill TideyUnderstanding, Preventing and Overcoming Osteoporosis
  ''978-1-85227-078-0David V. CanterMapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling
2003978-1-85227-082-7Gavin NewshamJohn Daly:letting The Big Dog Eat: Letting the Big Dog Eat - The Biography
  ''978-1-85227-083-4Gerald DonaldsonFangio: The Life Behind the Legend
  ''978-1-85227-087-2Ken JonesJules Rimet Still Gleaming?: England at the World Cup
  ''978-1-85227-088-9Timothy Collings · Stuart SykesJackie Stewart - A Restless Life: The Unauthorised Biography
  ''978-1-85227-092-6Frank SanelloHalle Berry: A Stormy Life
2003978-1-85227-093-3Richard M. BennettConspiracy: Plots, Lies and Cover-ups
1989978-1-85227-094-0Adam RaphaelMy Learned Friends
  ''978-1-85227-096-4Bob ConstandurosOfficial Federation Internationale de l'Automobile Formula One Championship Year Book 1989
  ''978-1-85227-101-5Melvin HarrisThe Ripper File
1991978-1-85227-102-2Fred HatfieldNorth of the Sun: Story of the Alaskan Wilderness
2004978-1-85227-109-1Editors of Rolling StoneCash: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
1989978-1-85227-111-4Edward J. EpsteinDeception
2004978-1-85227-114-5Timothy CollingsMarathon The Story of the Greatest Race on Earth
  ''978-1-85227-129-9Jason ArnoppThe Darkness: Permission to Rock! - The Unofficial Book
1990978-1-85227-130-5Colin Wilson · Donald SeamanThe Serial Killers: Study in the Psychology of Violence
  ''978-1-85227-131-2Christopher Berry-Dee · Robin OdellDad, Help Me Please: The Story of Derek Bentley
2004978-1-85227-134-3Graham PhillipsAlexander the Great: Murder in Babylon
1990978-1-85227-138-1Michael G. Welham · Jacqui WelhamFrogman Spy
2004978-1-85227-139-8Andrew CollinsTwenty-First Century Grail: The Quest for a Legend
1990978-1-85227-143-5Raymond SmithVincent O'Brien: The Master of Ballydoyle
2004978-1-85227-144-2Midge UreMidge Ure: If I Was, The Autobiography
2004978-1-85227-149-7Joe Layden · Sean AstinThere and Back Again: An Actor's Tale - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lord of the Rings
1990978-1-85227-168-8Ben Pimlott · etc.The Alternative, The: Politics for a Change
2004978-1-85227-174-9Daniel O'DonnellDaniel O'Donnell - My Pictures and Places
1990978-1-85227-175-6Ronald BerganBeyond the Fringe.and Beyond: A Critical Biography of Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore
2004978-1-85227-179-4Angie Buxton-KingThe NHS Healer: How My Son's Life Inspired a Healing Journey
  ''978-1-85227-183-1Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia of Jazz (Revised and Updated)
  ''978-1-85227-184-8Charles PignonThe Sinatra Treasures
  ''978-1-85227-188-6Jane Plant CBEProstate Cancer: Understand, Prevent and Overcome
1998978-1-85227-189-3Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson's Hot 100: Cars That Make You Go Phwoar!
2002978-1-85227-190-9Harpo MarxHarpo Speaks!: The Autobiography
2004978-1-85227-193-0John CollisGene Vincent and Eddie Cochran: Rock 'n' Roll Revolutionaries
  ''978-1-85227-194-7Jon ShatfordDome Raiders: How Scotland Yard Foiled the Greatest Robbery of All Time
2004978-1-85227-199-2Richard GalpinWill Young: On Camera, Off Duty
  ''978-1-85227-200-5Charles BukowskiPulp: A Novel
  ''978-1-85227-202-9Nick Mason · Mark HalesInto the Red, Signed Edition: 22 Classic Cars That Shaped a Century of Motor Sport
  ''978-1-85227-205-0Leo MoynihanGordon Strachan: The Biography
1991978-1-85227-206-7F.E. CloseToo Hot to Handle: Story of the Race for Cold Fusion
2004978-1-85227-210-4Copyright PromEngland: The Official Rugby Football Union History (Revised and Updated)
2005978-1-85227-215-9Rob JovanovicThe Velvet Underground
2004978-1-85227-220-3Martyn GregoryDiana: The Last Days
  ''978-1-85227-222-7Kelly HolmesKelly Holmes: My Olympic Ten Days
2005978-1-85227-224-1Kelly Holmes · Fanny BlakeBlack, White & Gold: My Autobiography
2004978-1-85227-225-8Nick Mason · Mark HalesInto the Red: Twenty-two Classic Cars That Shaped
2005978-1-85227-227-2Dave CourtneyF**k the Ride
2004978-1-85227-230-2Christopher FinchThe Art Of Walt Disney (Revised and Updated)
2006978-1-85227-234-0Steve FossettChasing The Wind: The Autobiography of Steve Fossett
2004978-1-85227-235-7Peter Robinson"Busted": On Tour - the Official Book
2005978-1-85227-237-1Max Clifford · Angela LevinMax Clifford - Read All About It
2005978-1-85227-239-5James Toseland · Ted MacauleyJames Toseland: The Autobiography
2004978-1-85227-240-1Graham McColl · Tommy GemmellTommy Gemmell: Lion Heart: The Autobiography
2005978-1-85227-249-4Steve Sansweet"Star Wars" Chronicles II
  ''978-1-85227-250-0Aled Jones · Darren HenleyAled: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-85227-251-7Mark BarrattIan McKellen: An Unofficial Biography
  ''978-1-85227-254-8Dave Courtney OBEDave Courtneys Heroes and Villains
  ''978-1-85227-259-3Ann HarrisonMusic: The Business: The Essential Guide to the Law and the Deals
2005978-1-85227-261-6Renee FlemingRenee Fleming: The Inner Voice: The Inner Voice, Notes from a Life Onstage
  ''978-1-85227-266-1Peter Robinson"McFly": The Official Book
  ''978-1-85227-271-5Barry MilesCharles Bukowski
1990978-1-85227-273-9Peter HainingAgatha Christie: Murder in Four Acts
2005978-1-85227-276-0Marco MasettiDucati: The Official Racing History
  ''978-1-85227-281-4Alistair TaitSeve: A Biography of Severiano Ballesteros
  ''978-1-85227-286-9Dave ThompsonCream: The World's First Supergroup
2006978-1-85227-300-2Graeme ThomsonWillie Nelson: The Outlaw
2005978-1-85227-310-1Max CliffordMax Clifford - Signed
2006978-1-85227-311-8James AshcroftMaking A Killing: The Explosive Story of a Hired Gun in Iraq
2006978-1-85227-321-7Spike MilliganA Children's Treasury of Milligan: Classic Stories and Poems by Spike Milligan
1991978-1-85227-324-8F.Maurice Speed · James Cameron-WilsonFilm Review
2005978-1-85227-325-5James ToselandJames Toseland
1991978-1-85227-329-3John PeelDoctor Who-The Gallifrey Chronicles
2006978-1-85227-331-6Wallace/SpannerHow To Get An ASBO
  ''978-1-85227-335-4Richard BransonBranson on Branson
  ''978-1-85227-336-1Vic ReevesMe Moir - Volume One: Volume One 0-20
1991978-1-85227-337-8Anne MustoeBike Ride: 12, 000 Miles Around the World
1990978-1-85227-343-9Whitney StineNo Guts, No Glory: Conversations with Bette Davis
2006978-1-85227-345-3Charles HighamDark Lady: Winston Churchill's Mother and Her World
2007978-1-85227-346-0Rena FruchterI'm Chevy Chase ... and You're Not
2006978-1-85227-350-7Vic ReevesMe: Moir, Vol. 1
2007978-1-85227-356-9Ron Clem · Carren ClemLoss Of Innocence
2006978-1-85227-360-6Rosie ChildsCatch Me Before I Fall: Her Colour Made Her Different - The True Story of a Shattered Childhood
2007978-1-85227-366-8Rhea CoombsMy Name is Angel: One Woman's Story of Running a Crack House in Britain: And This Is My Story
2006978-1-85227-370-5Deepak ChopraKama Sutra: Timeless Erotica and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love
  ''978-1-85227-375-0Kathryn ApanowiczRichard by Kathryn: The Life of Richard Whiteley
2007978-1-85227-381-1Mike OldfieldChangeling: The Autobiography of Mike Oldfield
2006978-1-85227-385-9Deepak ChopraKama Sutra: Timeless Erotica and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love
  ''978-1-85227-386-6Kathryn ApanowiczRichard by Kathryn: The Life of Richard Whiteley
2007978-1-85227-391-0Jon Stebbins · David MarksThe Lost Beach Boy: The True Story of David Marks, One of the Founding Members of the Beach Boys
1991978-1-85227-393-4James BurkeChances: The Probability Factors of Life
2007978-1-85227-395-8Julie Burchill · Daniel RavenMade in Brighton
1992978-1-85227-400-9Don W. Weber · Charles B. BosworthPrecious Victims
1992978-1-85227-420-7David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen WalkerDoctor Who: The Sixties (Doctor Who New Adventures)
1994978-1-85227-424-5Geoffrey GiulianoPaint It Black - The Murder of Brian Jones
1993978-1-85227-427-6David J. HoweDoctor Who Time Frame: An Illustrated History (Doctor Who/30th Anniversary)
1994978-1-85227-432-0Michael HeatleyThe Virgin Encyclopedia of Rock
1993978-1-85227-441-2Jack JonesLet Me Take You Down: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman - Man Who Shot John Lennon
1994978-1-85227-444-3David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen WalkerDoctor Who: The Seventies
  ''978-1-85227-459-7Ryan GiggsRyan Giggs: My Story
1995978-1-85227-474-0Roger EbertThe Little Book of Hollywood Cliches: Compendium of Movie Cliches, Stereotypes, Obligatory Scenes, Hackneyed Formulas, Shopworn Conventions and Outdated Stereotypes
1996978-1-85227-479-5Russell GrantThe Real Counties of Britain
1995978-1-85227-516-7Sue HeadySteffi: Public Power, Private Pain
  ''978-1-85227-521-1Alex FergusonA Year in the Life: The Manager's Diary
  ''978-1-85227-525-9Rose Clayton · Dick HeardElvis: By Those Who Knew Him Best
1996978-1-85227-526-6Colin WilsonFrom Atlantis To The Sphinx: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient World
1994978-1-85227-530-3Alex Kadis"Take That" in Private
1998978-1-85227-532-7Jools Holland · Dora Loewenstein"Rolling Stones": A Life on the Road
1995978-1-85227-536-5Barry NormanThe Virgin Encyclopedia of the Movies
  ''978-1-85227-541-9Paul du NoyerThe Virgin Story of Rock 'n' Roll: Telling it the Way Things Really Were - The Heart and Soul of Rock 'n' Roll
1995978-1-85227-543-3Nancy SinatraFrank Sinatra: An American Legend
  ''978-1-85227-546-4Les DanielsDC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favourite Comic Book Heroes
1996978-1-85227-547-1Stephen F. KellyBill Shankly: It's Much More Important Than That
  ''978-1-85227-552-5Uri Geller · Jane StruthersUri Geller's Mind Power Kit
  ''978-1-85227-554-9Adrian RigelsfordCarry on Laughing: A Celebration
1995978-1-85227-557-0Keith RichmondThe Musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber
  ''978-1-85227-558-7Chris WelchThe Official "Take That" Annual
1996978-1-85227-569-3Cheryl BakerCheryl Baker's Low Calorie Cook Book: 80 Nutritious and Calorie-counted Recipes
1995978-1-85227-572-3David Stanley · Frank. CoffeyThe Elvis Encyclopedia: The Official Celebrity Registry
1996978-1-85227-574-7Sophie AldredDoctor Who: Ace!: The Inside Story of the End of an Era
1995978-1-85227-582-2David J Howe · Mark StammersDoctor Who Companions
1995978-1-85227-587-7Mark Cotta Vaz · Shinji HataThe Star Wars Archives: Props, Costumes, Models and Artwork from Star Wars: Props, Costumes, Models and Artworks from "Star Wars"
  ''978-1-85227-591-4Michael Robinson · Sophie NussleLa Philosophie De Cantona: A bilingual celebration of Art and Beauty through the words of Eric Cantona
1996978-1-85227-600-3Uri GellerUri Geller Cutout
1997978-1-85227-604-1Paul Du NoyerThe "Clash" (Virgin Modern Icons S.)
1996978-1-85227-606-5Mark Cotta Vaz · Patricia Rose DuignanIndustrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm
  ''978-1-85227-620-1John MotsonMotty's Diary: A Year in the Life
1997978-1-85227-623-2Adrian RigelsfordPeter Sellers: A Celebration
  ''978-1-85227-628-7Brian WoolnoughGlenn Hoddle: The Man and the Manager
  ''978-1-85227-633-1Jeff KingBobby Robson: High Noon - A Year at Barcelona
1996978-1-85227-635-5Gary Barlow"Take That": Our Greatest Hits
1996978-1-85227-646-1Peter SandersonMarvel Universe: The Complete Encyclopedia of Marvel's Greatest Characters
1997978-1-85227-652-2John ParkerBruce Willis: The Unauthorised Biography
  ''978-1-85227-654-6Agnetha Faltskog · Brita AhmanAs I am: "Abba" - Before and Beyond
1996978-1-85227-656-0Eddie Rowley"Boyzone" in Person: The Official Book Created with the Exclusive Co-operation of the Band
  ''978-1-85227-660-7Vanessa WhitburnThe "Archers": The Official Inside Story
1997978-1-85227-669-0Matt BaconNo Strings Attached: Inside Story of Jim Henson's Creature Shop
1996978-1-85227-671-3Paul Gallagher · Terry ChristianBrothers from Childhood to Oasis: The Real Story
1997978-1-85227-674-4Lawrence Dallaglio OBEDiary of a Season
  ''978-1-85227-677-5Paul M FeldmanJack The Ripper:the Final Chapter
  ''978-1-85227-679-9Norma Farnes · Spike MilliganThe Goons: The Story
1996978-1-85227-680-5David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who: The Eighties (Dr Who)
1998978-1-85227-682-9Barry CryerYou Won't Believe This But... An Autobiography of Sorts
1997978-1-85227-683-6Paul du NoyerMarc Bolan (Virgin Modern Icons S.)
1998978-1-85227-684-3Richard BransonLosing My Virginity: The Autobiography
1996978-1-85227-686-7Richard WebberThe Life and Legacy of Reginald Perrin: A Celebration
1997978-1-85227-691-1Andy Goram · Ken GallacherAndy Goram: My Life
1996978-1-85227-696-6Barry DaviesSAS: The Illustrated History
1997978-1-85227-699-7Niall EdworthyEngland: The Official F.A. History
1998978-1-85227-707-9Barry Davies B.E.M.The Complete Encyclopedia Of The SAS
1997978-1-85227-711-6Kenneth G. ChapmanThe Rules of the Green: History of the Rules of Golf
1999978-1-85227-712-3Martin Fido · Keith SkinnerThe Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard
1998978-1-85227-717-8Nick MasonInto The Red: Twenty-two classic cars that shaped a century of motor sport: 21 Classic Cars That Shaped a Century of Motorsport
1999978-1-85227-719-2George LucasStar Wars: Illustrated Script
1999978-1-85227-724-6Leigh Brackett · Lawrence Kasdan · George LucasEmpire Strikes Back: Illustrated Script (Illustrated Filmscript)
  ''978-1-85227-729-1Lawrence Kasdan · George LucasReturn of the Jedi: Illustrated Script (Illustrated Filmscript)
1900978-1-85227-730-7Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarksons Hot 100
1998978-1-85227-732-1Spike MilliganRobin Hood According to Spike Milligan
  ''978-1-85227-736-9Stephen J. Sansweet"Star Wars" Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-85227-737-6Brian WoolnoughKen Bates: My Chelsea Dream
1999978-1-85227-739-0Stephen J. Sansweet"Star Wars": The Action Figure Archive
1997978-1-85227-740-6Denis Law · Pat CrerandUnited: The Legendary Years, 1958-68
1998978-1-85227-743-7Robbie Williams · Jim PartonRobbie Williams: Let Me Entertain You
  ''978-1-85227-746-8Colin WilsonAlien Dawn: An Investigation into the Contact Experience
1998978-1-85227-748-2Nancy SinatraFrank Sinatra: An American Legend
1999978-1-85227-754-3C Larkin · C LarkniVirgin Encyclopedia Of Jazz (Virgin Encyclopedia Series)
1998978-1-85227-757-4Jimmy Perry · David Croft"Dad's Army": The Lost Episodes
  ''978-1-85227-763-5Eddie IzzardDress to Kill
  ''978-1-85227-767-3James Cameron-WilsonFilm Review 1998-99
2000978-1-85227-775-8David CavanaghThe Creation Records Story: My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry For The Prize
1998978-1-85227-778-9Louise Barile"Backstreet Boys" Confidential: The Unofficial Book
  ''978-1-85227-782-6Nicholas CourtneyFive Rounds Rapid!: Autobiography of Nicholas Courtney - Doctor Who's Brigadier
1999978-1-85227-784-0David BuckleyStrange Fascination: The Definitive Biography of David Bowie
1998978-1-85227-792-5Lisa DegnanLeonardo
1999978-1-85227-793-2Brian GlanvilleFootball Memories
  ''978-1-85227-794-9Niall EdworthyLord's: The Home of Cricket
1999978-1-85227-805-2Norris McWhirterNorris McWhirter's Book of Millennium Records
2000978-1-85227-809-0Jane A. PlantYour Life in Your Hands: Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Breast Cancer
1999978-1-85227-815-1L.J.K. SetrightMini: The Design Icon of a Generation
2000978-1-85227-823-6Roger GrayThe Trojan Files: Inside Scotland Yard's Elite Armed Response Unit
1999978-1-85227-826-7Mike Lawrence · etc. · Simon Taylor · Doug NyeThe Glory of Goodwood: The Spiritual Home of British Motor Racing
  ''978-1-85227-835-9Eddie BrabenThe Best of Morecambe and Wise: A Celebration
  ''978-1-85227-840-3Jane CornwellThe "Corrs": The Unofficial Book
2003978-1-85227-841-0Nye/MurrayDriving Ambition: The Official Inside Story of the McLaren F1
2000978-1-85227-843-4Colin WilsonThe Devil's Party: A History of Charlatan Messiahs
1999978-1-85227-846-5Chris RobertsTom Jones
2000978-1-85227-849-6Z Dr HawassValley Of The Golden Mummies: The Greatest Egyptian Discovery Since Tutankhamun
1999978-1-85227-850-2Ike Turner · Nigel CawthorneTakin' Back My Name: The Confessions of Ike Turner
2000978-1-85227-853-3Laura ThompsonNewmarket: From James I to the Present Day
  ''978-1-85227-854-0Mark JamesInto The Bear Pit: The Hard-Hitting Inside Story of the Brookline Ryder Cup
1999978-1-85227-855-7Martyn GregoryDiana: The Last Days
  ''978-1-85227-862-5Rob McGibbon · Ronan KeatingWestlife: Our Story
2000978-1-85227-863-2Alan BakerInvisible Eagle: The History of Nazi Occultism
2000978-1-85227-864-9Anders Hanser · Carl Magnus PalmFrom "Abba" to "Mamma Mia!": The Official Book
1999978-1-85227-867-0Peter SchmeichelSchmeichel: The Autobiography
2000978-1-85227-869-4Spike MilliganThe Murphy :
1999978-1-85227-872-4Doug Naylor · Rob GrantRed Dwarf VIII: The Official Book
2000978-1-85227-874-8Frankie Fraser · James MortonMad Frank's Diary: A Chronicle Of The Life Of Britain's Most Notorious Villain
1999978-1-85227-880-9D Dalton · "Meat Loaf" · Meat LoafTo Hell and Back: the Autobiography of Meatloaf
2000978-1-85227-884-7Cliff GoodwinEvil Spirits: The Life of Oliver Reed
1999978-1-85227-886-1Spike MilliganSpike Milligan: The Family Album: An Illustrated Autobiography
  ''978-1-85227-890-8Dave Courtney OBEStop the Ride, I Want to Get Off: The Autobiography of Dave Courtney
2004978-1-85227-891-5Spike MilliganA Children's Treasury of Milligan: Classic Stories and Poems by Spike Milligan
2000978-1-85227-894-6Norris McWhirterNorris McWhirter's Book of Historical Records
  ''978-1-85227-900-4Pete WatermanI Wish I Was Me: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-85227-901-1Dave Courtney OBERaving Lunacy: Clubbed To Death: Clubbed to Death - Adventures on the Rave Scene
2001978-1-85227-902-8Angie Best · Nicola PittamGeorge and Me: My Autobiography
2002978-1-85227-904-2Andy Neill · Matthew KentAnyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of The Who 1958 -1978
2001978-1-85227-907-3Timothy CollingsThe Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One
  ''978-1-85227-913-4Frank Fraser · James MortonMad Frank's London
2002978-1-85227-914-1Solanas GatesGareth Gates: Right from the Start
2001978-1-85227-917-2Chris MoncrieffLiving on a Deadline: A History of the Press Association
2001978-1-85227-918-9Murray Walker · Simon TaylorMurray Walker's Formula One Heroes :
2003978-1-85227-919-6Ellis AmburnThe Biography of Warren Beatty: The Sexiest Man Alive
2001978-1-85227-921-9Dominic StreatfeildCocaine: An Unauthorised Biography
2002978-1-85227-923-3Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music
2003978-1-85227-924-0Andrew Gowers · Tony WalkerArafat: The Biography
2001978-1-85227-926-4Anne MustoeTwo Wheels In The Dust: From Kathmandu to Kandy
2002978-1-85227-927-1David Buckley"R.E.M.": Fiction - An Alternative Biography
  ''978-1-85227-932-5Simon CalderNo Frills: The truth behind the low-cost revolution in the skies
  ''978-1-85227-933-2Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia of Sixties Music
2000978-1-85227-935-6Reg GreenThe Grand National: The Official Illustrated History: Aintree's Official Illustrated History
2002978-1-85227-937-0Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia of 50s Music
2004978-1-85227-938-7Phil ShirleyThe Red Reign: A Biography of Sir Alex Ferguson
2002978-1-85227-942-4R m BennettEspionage: An Encyclopedia of Spies and Secrets
  ''978-1-85227-943-1Mark JamesAfter The Bear Pit
  ''978-1-85227-947-9Colin LarkinThe Virgin Encyclopedia Of 70s Music
2004978-1-85227-957-8Cliff GoodwinBehaving Badly: A Life of Richard Harris
2001978-1-85227-961-5Freddie StarrFreddie Starr Unwrapped: My Autobiography
2002978-1-85227-962-2Ken GallacherSlim Jim Baxter: The Definitive Biography
2000978-1-85227-965-3Spike MilliganBadjelly The Witch: A Fairy Story
2001978-1-85227-966-0Jane A. Plant · Gill TideyThe Plant Programme: Recipes for Fighting Breast Cancer - Healthier Living for Everyone
2002978-1-85227-967-7York MemberyPierce Brosnan: The Biography
2002978-1-85227-968-4Timothy CollingsEddie Jordan: The Biography
2003978-1-85227-969-1Colin LarkinVirgin Ency Of 80's Music
2000978-1-85227-970-7Spike MilliganA Children's Treasury of Milligan: Classic Stories and Poems (Book & Tape)
2001978-1-85227-971-4Brian LabanLe Mans - 24 Hours: The Complete Story of the World's Most Famous Motor Race
2002978-1-85227-972-1Andrew Collins · Chris Ogilvie-HeraldTutankhamun - The Exodus Conspiracy: The Truth Behind Archaeologys Greatest Mystery
  ''978-1-85227-973-8Frank Fraser · James MortonMad Frank's Britain
2003978-1-85227-974-5Richard M. BennettElite Forces: An Encyclopedia of the World's Most Formidable Secret Armies
2001978-1-85227-976-9Karen O'BrienJoni Mitchell: Shadows and Light
2002978-1-85227-978-3Dave CourtneyThe Ride's Back on
2003978-1-85227-979-0Pyle/ThompsonJoey Pyle: Notorious - The Changing Face of Organised Crime
2001978-1-85227-981-3Huw Richards · Robert JonesRaising The Dragon: A Clarion Call To Welsh Rugby
2002978-1-85227-982-0Neil BrandwoodVictoria Wood: The Biography
2003978-1-85227-984-4Anne MustoeCleopatra's Needle: Two Wheels by the Water to Cairo
2002978-1-85227-987-5Colin LarkinThe Virgin Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock
  ''978-1-85227-992-9Michael Feeney CallanSean Connery
2003978-1-85227-994-3Jeff HudsonGeorge Clooney: A Biography
2000978-1-85227-995-0Lise Hand"Westlife": In Real Life - The Official Book
2001978-1-85227-996-7Terry VenablesTerry Venables' Football Heroes
2002978-1-85227-998-1Spike MilliganThe Goons: The Story