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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-86369-021-1Bill HarryPaperback Writers: History of the "Beatles" in Print
  ''978-0-86369-034-1Peter ShawMore Games for Your Oric
  ''978-0-86369-041-9Bill Harry"Beatle"-mania: The History of the "Beatles" on Film
  ''978-0-86369-066-2Alfred BosRace is the Prize: "Simple Minds"
1985978-0-86369-078-5Peter ShawGames for Your Q. L.
  ''978-0-86369-089-1Ian CrannaRock Year Book 1986
1985978-0-86369-095-2Amanda LearMy Life with Dali
  ''978-0-86369-097-6Bill Harry"Beatles" for Sale: The "Beatles" Memorabilia Guide
  ''978-0-86369-122-5Blanche KnottTruly Tasteless Jokes: v. 1
1986978-0-86369-129-4Geoff L. SimonsIllustrated Book of Sexual Records
  ''978-0-86369-130-0Geoff L. SimonsIllustrated Book of Sexual Records
  ''978-0-86369-157-7Bill HarryMcCartney File
1986978-0-86369-182-9Adrian Edmondson · Mark Leigh · Mike LepineHow to be a Complete Bastard
1985978-0-86369-195-9Chris DonaldBest of Viz comic:The Big Hard one(Issues 1-12)
1987978-0-86369-236-9VizThe Big Hard One
1988978-0-86369-241-3Mike OldfieldBorn in the UK
  ''978-0-86369-278-9Lloyd BradleyThe Schweppes Rock Year Book
  ''978-0-86369-282-6Adrian Edmondson · etc.The Complete Bastard's Book of the Worst
1990978-0-86369-324-3Peter HainingDoctor Who: 25 Glorious Years
1989978-0-86369-333-5Alfred Bos"Simple Minds": Street Fighting Years
1990978-0-86369-337-3Mike Lepine · Mark LeighThe Return of the Complete Revenge Kit
  ''978-0-86369-383-0Judith ButcherWomen in Shakespeare
  ''978-0-86369-496-7Jerry VermilyeThe Films of the Thirties
1992978-0-86369-509-4Jon DavisonAirshow: The World's Classic Aircraft on Display
1991978-0-86369-537-7Peter HainingThe Television Sherlock Holmes
1990978-0-86369-541-4Jerry VermilyeMore Films of the 30'S
1992978-0-86369-557-5Alain Carraze · Helene OswaldThe "Prisoner": A Television Masterpiece
1991978-0-86369-567-4F.Maurice Speed · James Cameron-WilsonFilm Review 1991-2
1992978-0-86369-600-8Brian LaneThe Butchers: Casebook of Macabre Crimes and Forensic Detection
1992978-0-86369-610-7R GrantRussell Grant's Astro-Tarot Pack
1997978-0-86369-615-2Colin Wilson · Donald SeamanThe Serial Killers: Study in the Psychology of Violence
1993978-0-86369-629-9Russell GrantRussell Grant's 1994 Horoscopes: Gemini: Your Day-by-day Forecast
1992978-0-86369-635-0Don DavisThe Milwaukee Murders: Nightmare in Apartment 213 - The True Story
  ''978-0-86369-636-7Christopher Berry-Dee · Robin OdellA Question of Evidence: Who Killed the Babes in the Woods?
  ''978-0-86369-643-5Anthony DeCurtis · Holly George-Warren"Rolling Stone" Album Guide
1993978-0-86369-647-3William Balsamo · George CarpoziCrime Incorporated
  ''978-0-86369-648-0Ritchie Yorke"Led Zeppelin": The Definitive Biography
1992978-0-86369-650-3Anne MustoeA Bike Ride: 12,000 miles around the world
1993978-0-86369-655-8Richard WittsNico: The Life and Lies of an Icon
1992978-0-86369-681-7Bill HarryThe Ultimate "Beatles" Encyclopedia
1993978-0-86369-682-4Chris Howarth · Steve LyonsRed Dwarf" Programme Guide
  ''978-0-86369-684-8Dave ThompsonRed Hot Chili Peppers: True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
1994978-0-86369-689-3Jack JonesLet Me Take You Down: Inside The Mind Of Mark David Chapman, The Man Who Shot John Lennon: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman - Man Who Shot John Lennon
1992978-0-86369-697-8Julian Clary · etc. · Mark Leigh · Mike LepineHow to be a Real Man
2000978-0-86369-705-0Cicely BerryThe Actor And The Text
1993978-0-86369-706-7David BlackThe Virgin Good Junk Guide: High Style on a Low Budget
1998978-0-86369-707-4David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who: The Sixties
1994978-0-86369-724-1Groucho MarxGroucho and Me: The Autobiography
1993978-0-86369-731-9Charles BukowskiWomen
1994978-0-86369-733-3Michelle DelioTattoo: The Exotic Art of Skin Decoration
1994978-0-86369-736-4Scarlett MaccGwireWomen Who Love Men Who Kill
1993978-0-86369-741-8Ian WoodwardAudrey Hepburn: Fair Lady of the Screen
1999978-0-86369-744-9Ritchie YorkeLed Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography: From Early Days to Page and Plant
1993978-0-86369-746-3Michael AzeradCome As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana
1998978-0-86369-754-8Paul Cornell · Martin Day · Keith Topping"Avengers" Dossier: The Definitive Unauthorised Guide
1994978-0-86369-758-6James DukeHow to be a Working Actor: The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Career
1992978-0-86369-760-9Charles BukowskiPost Office: A Novel
1993978-0-86369-761-6Neil Jeffries"Kerrang!" Direktory of Heavy Metal: The Indispensable Guide to Rock Warriors and Headbangin' Heroes
1992978-0-86369-765-4Charles BukowskiFactotum
1994978-0-86369-793-7Peter HainingThe Television Sherlock Holmes
1993978-0-86369-796-8Robert Le Roy RipleyYou'll Never Believe it!: A Compendium of Curioddities from the Bizarre World of Ripley's Believe it or Not Archives
1994978-0-86369-806-4Cherie BennettSunset Heat
1995978-0-86369-814-9Rachel JervisManchester United: Official Review of the 94 - 95 Season
1994978-0-86369-822-4Jim MortimoreMad Woman in the Attic (Cracker S.)
  ''978-0-86369-823-1Tony HorkinsVirgin Rock Yearbook 1994-95
  ''978-0-86369-825-5Josephine Monroe"Eastenders" Programme Guide
2000978-0-86369-826-2Cicely BerryYour Voice and How to Use it: The classic guide to speaking with confidence
1994978-0-86369-851-4Russell GrantRussell Grant's Astrology Kit
  ''978-0-86369-856-9Jenny EclairThe Book of Bad Behaviour
  ''978-0-86369-861-3David J. HoweDoctor Who Timeframe: An Illustrated History (Doctor Who)
1995978-0-86369-873-6Tom KunclFemme Fatales: True Stories of the Most Vicious Women on Death Row
1995978-0-86369-874-3Tom Gallagher · etc. · Mike Campbell · Murdo GilliesThe "Smiths": All Men Have Secrets
1994978-0-86369-875-0John HustonAn Open Book
1995978-0-86369-877-4Mike Watkinson · Pete AndersonScott Walker: Deep Shade of Blue
  ''978-0-86369-879-8Joel EngelGene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind "Star Trek"
1994978-0-86369-885-9B.P. Fallon"U2": Faraway So Close
1995978-0-86369-906-1Sue CarpenterPast Lives: True Stories of Reincarnation
  ''978-0-86369-912-2Robin HunterTrue Stories of the SAS
  ''978-0-86369-916-0Jim MortimoreMen Should Weep (Cracker S.)
  ''978-0-86369-917-7Rick GlanvillSir Matt Busby: A Tribute: A Tribute - The Official Authorised Biography
1996978-0-86369-921-4David J. Howe · Mark StammersDoctor Who: Companions
1995978-0-86369-922-1Paul Cornell · Martin Day · Keith ToppingThe New Trek Programme Guide (Virgin)
1995978-0-86369-923-8Everett G. JarvisFinal Curtain: Deaths of Noted Movie and TV Personalities
  ''978-0-86369-931-3Roy TrakinTom Hanks: Journey to Stardom
  ''978-0-86369-932-0Peter HainingDoctor Who: A Celebration
1996978-0-86369-934-4Geoffrey CannonSuperbug: Nature's Revenge - Why Antibiotics Can Breed Disease
1995978-0-86369-950-4Gareth RobertsTo be a Somebody (Cracker)
1996978-0-86369-964-1Jeremy ClarksonClarkson on Cars: The Collected Writings of the BBC's Top Motoring Correspondent
1995978-0-86369-965-8Liz HollidayCracker: The Big Crunch (Cracker S.)
  ''978-0-86369-967-2Ryan GiggsRyan Giggs: My Story (P/B)
  ''978-0-86369-981-8Lesley Mowbray · Anthea Turner · Gill GaskellThe Y Plan: The 12 Minute Way to Total Fitness with Anthea Turner
1996978-0-86369-993-1Patrick HumphriesRichard Thompson: Strange Affair
1996978-0-86369-994-8Jim MortimoreBrotherly Love (Cracker S.)
1995978-0-86369-996-2Tom Jackman · Troy ColeRites of Burial: The Horrific Account of a Sadistic Serial Sex Killer