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2005978-1-85043-764-2Jordan LancasterIn the shadow of Vesuvio: A Cultural History of Naples
  ''978-1-85043-765-9Tom SauerNuclear Inertia: US Nuclear Weapons Policy After the Cold War (Library of International Relations)
  ''978-1-85043-766-6Rodger ShanahanThe Shi'a of Lebanon: Clans, Parties and Clerics (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
  ''978-1-85043-767-3Geoffrey NashFrom Empire to Orient: Travellers to the Middle East 1830-1926
2006978-1-85043-768-0Tetsuo Nishio · Yuriko YamanakaArabian Nights and Orientalism: Perspectives from East and West
2007978-1-85043-769-7Peter SluglettBritain in Iraq: Contriving King and Country (Library of Middle East History)
  ''978-1-85043-770-3Peter SluglettBritain in Iraq: Contriving King and Country (Library of Middle East History)
2006978-1-85043-771-0Firouzeh MostashariOn the Religious Frontier (International Library of Historical Studies)
1995978-1-85043-772-7Ahmed Noman Kassim AlmadhagiYemen and the United States: A Study of a Small Power and Super-State Relationship 1962-1994 (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
1993978-1-85043-779-6Ervand AbrahamianKhomeinism
2008978-1-85043-794-9ALMONDRobber Boyars: the Rise and Fall of Russian Capitalism?: Oligarchs, Mafiosi, Patrons and Poverty
2005978-1-85043-797-0Handan Nezir-AkmeseBirth of Modern Turkey (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
2006978-1-85043-800-7Peter MangoldThe Almost Impossible Ally: Harold Macmillan and Charles De Gaulle
2009978-1-85043-801-4SCHWEIZERHerbert Butterfield
2006978-1-85043-803-8Adrian GuelkeTerrorism and Global Disorder (International Library of War Studies)
2006978-1-85043-804-5Adrian GuelkeTerrorism and Global Disorder: Political Violence in the Contemporary World (International Library of War Studies)
2005978-1-85043-805-2Roz KaveneyFrom Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film
  ''978-1-85043-806-9Roz KaveneyFrom Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film
  ''978-1-85043-807-6James ChapmanPast and Present: National Identity and the British Historical Film (Cinema and Society)
  ''978-1-85043-808-3James ChapmanPast and Present: National Identity and the British Historical Film (Cinema and Society)
  ''978-1-85043-809-0Kim Akass · Janet McCabe · Mark LawsonReading "Six Feet Under" (Reading Contemporary Television)
2015978-1-85043-810-6Ginette VincendeauPopular French Cinema: From the Classical to the Trans-national (International Library of the Moving Image)
2016978-1-85043-811-3Ginette VincendeauPopular French Cinema: From the Classical to the Trans-national (International Library of the Moving Image)
2005978-1-85043-813-7Sarah SmithChildren, Cinema and Censorship; From Dracula to the Dead End Kids (Cinema and Society)
2005978-1-85043-814-4Geoff KingTomb Raiders and Space Invaders: Video Games in the 21st Century
1994978-1-85043-816-8Abiodun AlaoBrothers at War: Dissident and Rebel Activities in Southern Africa
  ''978-1-85043-819-9Ilan PappeThe Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1947-1951
  ''978-1-85043-824-3Robert A. Hinde · Helen WatsonWar: A Cruel Necessity? - Bases of Institutionalized Violence
1996978-1-85043-828-1Nazih N. AyubiOver-stating the Arab State: Politics and Society in the Middle East
1995978-1-85043-830-4Andrew Ayton · J. L. PriceThe Medieval Military Revolution: State, Society and Military Change in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Tauris Academic Studies)
2012978-1-85043-832-8Bob SutcliffeImperialism After Imperialism: Explaining International Inequality
2005978-1-85043-838-0Mike Chopra-GantHollywood Genres and Postwar America: Masculinity, Family and Nation in Popular Movies and Film Noir (Cinema and Society)
  ''978-1-85043-839-7Stacey AbbottReading Angel: The TV Spin-off with a Soul
  ''978-1-85043-840-3John Corsellis · Marcus FerrarSlovenia 1945: Memories of Death and Survival After World War II
2005978-1-85043-841-0Richard Toye · Julie GottliebMaking Reputations: Power, Persuasion and the Individual in Modern British Politics (International Library of Political Studies)
  ''978-1-85043-842-7Steve TsangCold Wars Odd Couple (Library of International Relations)
2006978-1-85043-843-4Paul CorthornIn the Shadow of the Dictators: The British Left in the 1930s (International Library of Political Studies S.) (International Library of Political Studies)
2005978-1-85043-844-1Derek MackayEastern Customs: The Customs Service in British Malaya and the Hunt for Opium
2012978-1-85043-847-2Denis E. CosgroveGeography and Vision (International Library of Human Geography)
2005978-1-85043-851-9Hamid IrbouhArt in the Service of Colonialism: French Art Education in Morocco, 1912-1956 (International Library of Colonial History)
2007978-1-85043-852-6PetersonAnnotated Biblio of the Arabian Penninsular
2005978-1-85043-853-3Hugh MacMillanAn African Trading Empire: The Story of Susman Brothers & Wulfsohn, 1901-2005: The Story of Susman Brothers and Wulfsohn, 1901-2003 (International Library of African Studies)
2007978-1-85043-854-0Martin van Bruinessen · Julia Day HowellSufism and the 'Modern' in Islam (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
2005978-1-85043-855-7Jan Van GelderClose Relationships: Incest and Inbreeding in Classical Arabic Literature (Library of Middle East History)
2006978-1-85043-856-4George McGilvaryGuardian of The East India Company: The Life of Laurence Sulivan (International Library of Historical Studies)
2005978-1-85043-857-1Angelo RasanayagamAfghanistan: A Modern History (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
  ''978-1-85043-859-5Clarissa De WaalAlbania Today: A Portrait of Post-communist Turbulence
1994978-1-85043-861-8Philip LewisIslamic Britain: Religion, Politics and Identity Among British Muslims
  ''978-1-85043-864-9Vali Reza Nasr SeyyedThe Vanguard of the Islamic Revolution: Jama'at-i Islami of Pakistan
  ''978-1-85043-866-3Ghassan SalameDemocracy without Democrats?: Renewal of Politics in the Muslim World
1994978-1-85043-867-0David McLeanWar, Diplomacy and Informal Empire and the Republics of La Plata, 1836-1853
  ''978-1-85043-872-4Tony GrantThe Best of From Our Own Correspondent
1995978-1-85043-878-6Boris PankinThe Last Hundred Days of the Soviet Union
1994978-1-85043-880-9Olivier RoyThe Failure of Political Islam
2006978-1-85043-882-3Sumaiya HamdaniBetween Revolution and State: The Path to Fatimid Statehood (Ismaili Heritage Series)
  ''978-1-85043-885-4Hamid HajiFounding the Fatimid State (Ismaili Texts and Translations)
  ''978-1-85043-886-1Melanie J. WrightReligion and Film: An Introduction (Introductions to Religion)
2005978-1-85043-888-5Christopher J. WalkerVisions of Ararat: Writings on Armenia
  ''978-1-85043-889-2Ian OliverWar and Peace in the Balkans: The Diplomacy of Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia (International Library of War Studies)
2009978-1-85043-894-6Juliet AshDress Behind Bars: Prison Clothing as Criminality
2012978-1-85043-896-0Howard HughesOnce Upon A Time in the Italian West
2007978-1-85043-898-4Touraj DaryaeeSasanian Persia: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (International Library of Iranian Studies)
2008978-1-85043-899-1Frances KnightThe Church in the Nineteenth Century (I.B Tauris History of the Christian Church)
2007978-1-85043-901-1Mark RawlinsonCharles Sheeler
2007978-1-85043-902-8Mark RawlinsonCharles Sheeler
2004978-1-85043-903-5Rashid KhalidiResurrecting Empire: Western Footprints and America's Perilous Path in the Middle East
2009978-1-85043-906-6Anonymous Rex · AnonymousSociety of Ethnic Conflict
1995978-1-85043-909-7Patricia M. E. LorcinImperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Race in Colonial Algeria (Society & Culture in the Modern Middle East)
  ''978-1-85043-921-9Paul E. WalkerAbu Ya'qub Al-Sijistani: Intellectual Missionary (Ismaili Heritage Series)
2002978-1-85043-926-4Alice C. HunsbergerNasir Khusraw, The Ruby of Badakhshan: A Portrait of the Persian Poet, Traveller and Philosopher (Ismaili Heritage Series)
2014978-1-85043-929-5Hussein HassanContracts in Islamic Law (Library of Islamic Law)
2012978-1-85043-930-1Willem Floor · Edmund HerzigIran and the World in the Safavid Age (International Library of Iranian Studies)
2006978-1-85043-931-8Sheri KleinArt and Laughter (Art and Series)
2005978-1-85043-934-9Sami ZubaidaLaw and Power in the Islamic World
  ''978-1-85043-935-6Sebastian SmithAllahs Mountains
2010978-1-85043-936-3Adel Adamova · Bert Fragner and Michael RogersPersian Culture: The Western Perspective
2005978-1-85043-937-0Geoff KingAmerican Independent Cinema
  ''978-1-85043-938-7   ''American Independent Cinema
2004978-1-85043-939-4M.Edith DurhamAlbania and the Albanians: Selected Articles and Letters, 1903-1944
  ''978-1-85043-940-0D.R. Oakley-HillAn Englishman in Albania: Memoirs of a British Officer 1929-1955
2004978-1-85043-941-7Harry HodgkinsonScanderbeg
2007978-1-85043-942-4Agnes LoefflerHealth and Medical Practice in Iran: Traditional Culture and Modern Medicine (International Library of Iranian Studies)
2005978-1-85043-945-5Byron E. ShaferTemples of Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-85043-947-9Andrew MoorPowell and Pressburger: A Cinema of Magic Spaces (Cinema and Society)
1995978-1-85043-948-6Elizabeth WatkinsOscar from Africa: Biography of O.F. Watkins
  ''978-1-85043-949-3KandiyotiGendering the Middle East: Alternative Perspectives (Review of Middle East Studies)
  ''978-1-85043-950-9Farhad DaftaryThe Assassin Legends: Myths of the Isma'ilis
  ''978-1-85043-952-3Adrian GuelkeThe Age of Terrorism and the International Political System (Library of International Relations)
1997978-1-85043-953-0Neil CooperThe Business of Death: Britain's Arms Trade at Home and Abroad (Library of International Relations)
1995978-1-85043-959-2Fred HallidayIslam and the Myth of Confrontation: Religion and Politics in the Middle East
1995978-1-85043-963-9Robert ElgoodFirearms of the Islamic World
1998978-1-85043-970-7Akezhan KazhegeldinKazakhastan: Entering the Future
2006978-1-85043-972-1Salma JayyusiBeyond the Dunes
  ''978-1-85043-973-8Ronald BerganBoxing in the Cinema
2005978-1-85043-975-2M.S. Gorbachev · Daisaku IkedaMoral Lessons of the Twentieth Century
  ''978-1-85043-976-9M.S. Gorbachev · Daisaku IkedaMoral Lessons of the Twentieth Century
  ''978-1-85043-977-6Pal EngelRealm of St Stephen . A History of Medieval Hungary 895 - 1526.
2009978-1-85043-979-0Sebastian SmithAllah's Mountains: The Battle for Chechnya (Tauris Parke Paperbacks)
2005978-1-85043-980-6Zhores A. MedvedevThe Unknown Stalin
2006978-1-85043-982-0David WestChasing Dragons
2005978-1-85043-983-7Michael MartenAttempting to Bring the Gospel Home: Scottish Missions to palestine, 1839-1917 (International Library of Colonial History)
2006978-1-85043-985-1Alexander BootHow the West Was Lost
2005978-1-85043-986-8Chris DarkeAlphaville (Cine-File French Film Guides)
2009978-1-85043-987-5Julian GraffyChapaev: KINOfile Filmmakers' Companion 12 (KINOfiles Film Companion)
1995978-1-85043-993-6Scott ThomasThe Diplomacy of Liberation: Foreign Relations of the ANC Since 1960 (International Library of African Studies)
  ''978-1-85043-995-0Yevgenia AlbatsKGB: State within a State
1996978-1-85043-998-1Joshua RubensteinTangled Loyalties: Life and Times of Ilya Ehrenburg