Hugh Macmillan

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titleISBN-13year of publication
African Trading Empiren978-1-78453-678-72016
An African Trading Empire: The Story of Susman Brothers & Wulfsohn, 1901-2005: The Story of Susman Brothers and Wulfsohn, 1901-2003978-1-85043-853-32005
Roman Mosaics, Or Studies in Rome and Its Neighborhood978-1-142-24072-12010
Strategic Management: Process, Content, and Implementation978-0-19-878229-22001
The Highland Tay from Tyndrum to Dunkeld978-1-143-93671-52010
The Lusaka Years: The ANC in Exile in Zambia, 1963 to 1994978-1-4314-0821-42013

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