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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-0-7556-0011-3Nasir Al-huzaimiThe Mecca Uprising: Salafism and Religious Activism in Saudi Arabia
  ''978-0-7556-0023-6Adrian Hanni · Thomas Riegler · Przemyslaw GasztoldTerrorism in the Cold War: Eastern Europe and the Soviet Sphere of Influence
  ''978-0-7556-0027-4Adrian Hanni · Thomas Riegler · Przemyslaw GasztoldTerrorism in the Cold War: The West, Middle East and Latin America
2019978-0-7556-0061-8Christine LaidlawThe British in the Levant: Trade and Perceptions of the Ottoman Empire in the Eighteenth Century
  ''978-0-7556-0071-7Prem MahadevanIslamism and Intelligence in South Asia: Militancy, Politics and Security
2020978-0-7556-0074-8Gaidz MinassianThe Armenian Experience: From Ancient Times to Independence
2019978-0-7556-0093-9Ben ColePolitical Manipulation and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Terrorism, Influence and Persuasion (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
  ''978-0-7556-0101-1Adam RobertsDemocracy, Sovereignty and Terror: Lakshman Kadirgamar on the Foundations of International Order
2019978-0-7556-0104-2Antonio PerraKennedy and the Middle East: The Cold War, Israel and Saudi Arabia (Library of Modern American History)
  ''978-0-7556-0105-9Andrew CohenThe Politics and Economics of Decolonization in Africa: The Failed Experiment of the Central African Federation (International Library of African Studies)
  ''978-0-7556-0107-3Sandra Rucksthuhl · Christopher WardWater Scarcity, Climate Change and Conflict in the Middle East: Securing Livelihoods, Building Peace (International Library of Human Geography)
  ''978-0-7556-0108-0Catherine ScottState Failure in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Crisis of Post-Colonial Order (International Library of African Studies)
  ''978-0-7556-0112-7Ida Folkestad Soltvedt · Svein Vigeland RottemArctic Governance: Volume 1: Law and Politics
2019978-0-7556-0113-4Seema Shekhawat · Emanuela C. Del ReWomen and Borders: Refugees, Migrants and Communities (International Library of Migration Studies)
  ''978-0-7556-0114-1Annie E. Coombes · Lotte Hughes · Karega-MuneneManaging Heritage, Making Peace: History, Identity and Memory in Contemporary Kenya (International Library of African Studies)
  ''978-0-7556-0126-4Michelle TusanThe British Empire and the Armenian Genocide: Humanitarianism and Imperial Politics from Gladstone to Churchill
  ''978-0-7556-0132-5Peter T. De SimoneThe Old Believers in Imperial Russia: Oppression, Opportunism and Religious Identity in Tsarist Moscow (Library of Modern Russia)
2020978-0-7556-0181-3Christopher SteedA Question of Inequality: The Politics of Equal Worth
2019978-0-7556-0273-5Vicky DavisMyth Making in the Soviet Union and Modern Russia: Remembering World War II in Brezhnev's Hero City (Library of Modern Russia)
  ''978-0-7556-0276-6Antigone HeraclidouImperial Control in Cyprus: Education and Political Manipulation in the British Empire
2020978-0-7556-0290-2Jill HedgesEvita: The Life of Eva Peron
2020978-0-7556-0314-5Ahmed GhazalEgyptian Cinema and the 2011 Revolution
  ''978-0-7556-0378-7Alex JohnsonThe First Mapping of America: The General Survey of British North America (Tauris Historical Geographical Series)
  ''978-0-7556-1683-1Jorgen JensehaugenArab-Israeli Diplomacy under Carter: The US, Israel and the Palestinians
  ''978-0-7556-1775-3Frances TrixEurope and the Refugee Crisis: Local Responses to Migrants