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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-78453-679-4Mary McAuleyHuman Rights in Russia: Citizens and the State from Perestroika to Putin (Library of Modern Russia)
  ''978-1-78453-680-0Gabrielle Rifkind and Giandomenico PiccoFog of Peace: How to Prevent War
  ''978-1-78453-689-3Are and Ezbidi,Ba KnudsenPopular Protest in the New Middle East (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)
  ''978-1-78453-691-6Michael SeymourBabylon: Legend,History and the Ancient City
2018978-1-78453-693-0Kyung-Deok RohStalin's Economic Advisors: The Varga Institute and the Making of Soviet Foreign Policy (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
  ''978-1-78453-694-7Nyambura WambuguPost-Conflict Security in South Sudan (International Library of Afric)
2016978-1-78453-696-1Simon Mabon and Stephen RoyleThe Origins of ISIS: The Collapse of Nations and Revolution in the Middle East
2018978-1-78453-700-5Lucy ReynoldsWomen Artists, Feminism and the Moving Image: Contexts and Practices (International Library of the Moving Image)
2017978-1-78453-701-2Peter PoulladaRussian-Turkmen Encounters: The Caspian Frontier before the Great Game (International Library of Central Asian Studies)
2016978-1-78453-704-3Philip BoundsOrwell and Marxism: The Political and Cultural Thinking of George Orwell (International Library of Cultural Studies)
2016978-1-78453-708-1John LloydJournalism in an Age of Terror: Covering and Uncovering the Secret State (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism)
2018978-1-78453-710-4Niamh Ann KellyImaging the Great Irish Famine: Representing Dispossession in Visual Culture (International Library of Visual Culture)
2017978-1-78453-711-1Deborah Martin · Deborah ShawLatin American Women Filmmakers: Production, Politics, Poetics (Tauris World Cinema Series)
  ''978-1-78453-713-5Izabel GallieraSocially Engaged Art after Socialism:Art and Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe (International Library of Modern and Contemporary Art)
  ''978-1-78453-722-7David PatrickReporting Genocide: Media, Mass Violence and Human Rights (International Library of Cultural Studies)
  ''978-1-78453-724-1Choo WaihongThe Kingdom of Women: Life, Love and Death in China's Hidden Mountains
2016978-1-78453-726-5John CarswellSpeedy Motor
2018978-1-78453-729-6Yvonne Owens · Joseph Leo KoernerAbject Eroticism in Northern Renaissance Art: The Witches and Femmes Fatales of Hans Baldung Grien (International Library of Visual Culture)
  ''978-1-78453-730-2Fozia BoraWriting History in the Medieval Islamic World (Early and Medieval Islamic World)
2018978-1-78453-732-6Francesco Ventrella and Giovanna ZapperiFeminism and Art in Postwar Italy: The Legacy of Carla Lonzi (International Library of Visual Culture)
2017978-1-78453-747-0Parvaneh PourshariatiDecline and Fall of the Sasanian Empire (International Library of Iranian Studies)
2018978-1-78453-757-9Graham WardUnimaginable
2016978-1-78453-759-3Peter WildingWhat Next?: Britain's Future in Europe
2017978-1-78453-764-7Bernard WassersteinSecret War in Shanghai: Treachery, Subversion and Collaboration in the Second World War (Tauris Parke Paperbacks)
  ''978-1-78453-766-1Hugh RobertsBerber Government: The Kabyle Polity in Pre-colonial Algeria (Library of Middle East History)
  ''978-1-78453-767-8Myung Ja KimKorean Diaspora in Postwar Japan, The: Geopolitics, Identity and Nation-Building (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
  ''978-1-78453-772-2Massimo VidaleTreasures from the Oxus: The Art and Civilization of Central Asia
  ''978-1-78453-773-9Hamish MacGibbonMaverick Spy
2018978-1-78453-774-6Howard HughesDeath in the Desert
2018978-1-78453-779-1Khadijah ElshayyalMuslim Identity Politics: Islam, Activism and Equality in Britain (Library of European Studies)
2016978-1-78453-783-8Felix Unger · Daisaku IkedaThe Humanist Principle: On Compassion and Tolerance
2017978-1-78453-785-2Rebekah LeeAfrican Women and Apartheid: Migration and Settlement in Urban South Africa (International Library of African Studies)
2018978-1-78453-786-9Eleanor ParkerDragon Lords: The History & Legends of Viking England
2017978-1-78453-787-6Scott A MidsonCyborg Theology: Humans, Technology and God (Library of Modern Religion)
2018978-1-78453-791-3Mark AthertonBattle of Maldon, The
  ''978-1-78453-795-1Lars RoweArctic and the Environment, The (Library of Arctic Studies)
2017978-1-78453-796-8Onur ÖnolThe Tsar's Armenians: A Minority in Late Imperial Russia (Library of Modern Russian History)
  ''978-1-78453-797-5Nikolaos van DamDestroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria
  ''978-1-78453-801-9Marcel KruegerBabushka's Journey: The Dark Road to Stalin's Wartime Camps
2018978-1-78453-803-3Kirsty Fairclough-IsaacsBeyoncé (Library of Gender and Popular Culture)
2019978-1-78453-804-0Jayne GiffordBritain in Egypt: Egyptian Nationalism and Imperial Strategy, 1919-1931
2018978-1-78453-805-7Nicholas BarnettBritains Cold War (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
2017978-1-78453-809-5Kerry BrownChina's World
2019978-1-78453-810-1Henry LansdellChinese Central Asia
2017978-1-78453-813-2Felix KlosChurchill's Last Stand: The Struggle to Unite Europe
  ''978-1-78453-814-9Guy Baron · Ann Marie Stock · with Antonio Álvarez PitalugaThe Cinema of Cuba, Film and the Legacy of Revolution (Tauris World Cinema Series)
2018978-1-78453-816-3Bülent Diken · Graeme Gilloch · Craig Hammond Bruce BennettCinema of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, The: The Global Vision of a Turkish Filmmaker (International Library of the Moving Image)
2018978-1-78453-823-1Amelia R. BrownCorinth in Late Antiquity: A Greek, Roman and Christian City (Library of Classical Studies)
2019978-1-78453-824-8Anthea Black and Nicole BurischCraft on Demand
  ''978-1-78453-825-5Alfred S. BradfordCruel and Ancient Sea: A History of Naval Warfare in the Ancient World
2018978-1-78453-828-6Bahar JalaliDemocracy in Afghanistan (International Library of Central Asian Studies)
2017978-1-78453-830-9Nicholas GrossmanDrones and Terrorism: Asymmetric Warfare and the Threat to Global Security
  ''978-1-78453-836-1Dominic Hubert GavinFascism and Resistance in 1970s Italian Film
  ''978-1-78453-837-8Clare BackhouseFashion and Popular Print in Early Modern England: Depicting Dress in Black-Letter Ballads (Dress Cultures)
2018978-1-78453-838-5Rico IsaacsFilm and Identity in Kazakhstan: Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture in Central Asia (International Library of Central Asian Studies)
2019978-1-78453-843-9John Britton · Augustus PuginThe Great Public Buildings of London: Historical, Architectural and Descriptive Accounts of Each Edifice, with Illustrations
2017978-1-78453-844-6Paul RogersIrregular War: ISIS and the New Threat from the Margins
2018978-1-78453-849-1Nina VollenbrökerSpace, Identity and Belonging in the American West (International Library of Cultural Studies)
  ''978-1-78453-850-7Sebastian BuckleHomosexuality on the Small Screen (International Library of Cultural Studies)
2019978-1-78453-854-5Nicoletta MomiglianoIn Search of the Labyrinth: The Cultural Legacy of Minoan Crete (Library of Classical Studies)
2017978-1-78453-855-2Ilyse Morgenstein FuerstIndian Muslim Minorities and the 1857 Rebellion: Religion, Rebels and Jihad (International Library of Colonial History)
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2018978-1-78453-861-3Joanna LillisDark Shadows
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2018978-1-78453-876-7Thomas LormanPath to Fascism in Slovakia, The (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
2017978-1-78453-877-4Kerry BrownCEO, China: The Rise of Xi Jinping
  ''978-1-78453-878-1Denis MacShaneBrexit, No Exit: Why (in the End) Britain Won't Leave Europe
2018978-1-78453-880-4Todd GodwinPersian Christians at the Chinese Court: The Xi'an Stele and the Early Medieval Church of the East (Library of Medieval Studies)
  ''978-1-78453-882-8Ben Burbridge and Annebelle PollenPhotography Reframed: Visions in Photographic Culture (International Library of Visual Culture)
  ''978-1-78453-883-5   ''Photography Reframed: Visions in Photographic Culture (International Library of Visual Culture)
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2018978-1-78453-892-7Peter De SimoneOld Believers in Imperial Russia, The (Library of Modern Russia)
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978-1-78453-901-6State and Society in British India: Institutional Development and the Imperial Legacy
2018978-1-78453-904-7Emel CoskunSex Trafficking in Turkey: Migration Policy, Prostitution and Gender (Library of Modern Turkey)
2019978-1-78453-905-4Nicholas ChareShaping Gym Cultures
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2018978-1-78453-910-8Sergei ZhukSoviet Americana: The Cultural History of Russian and Ukrainian Americanists (Library of Modern Russian History)
2017978-1-78453-912-2Richard DuckettThe Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Burma: Jungle Warfare and Intelligence Gathering in WW2 (International Library of Twentieth Century History)
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2017978-1-78453-928-3Paul WilkinsonPompeii: An Archaeological Guide
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2018978-1-78453-963-4Fridtjof Nansen InstituteArctic Governance, Volume 2
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