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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-84607-397-7Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Garden Design
  ''978-1-84607-398-4Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Lawns Paths and Patios
  ''978-1-84607-399-1   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Container Gardening
  ''978-1-84607-400-4   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pruning and Training
2010978-1-84607-401-1   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Growing Fruit
  ''978-1-84607-402-8   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Flowering Shrubs
2010978-1-84607-403-5Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Climbers and Wall Shrubs
2010978-1-84607-404-2Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Greenhouse Gardening
2011978-1-84607-405-9   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Small Gardens
  ''978-1-84607-406-6   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pests and Problems
  ''978-1-84607-407-3   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Growing Bulbs
  ''978-1-84607-408-0   ''Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Growing Roses
2011978-1-84607-409-7Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Wildlife Gardening
2008978-1-84607-420-2Justin RichardsDoctor Who - Martha in the Mirror (New Series Adventure 22)
  ''978-1-84607-421-9Mike TuckerDoctor Who - Snowglobe 7 (New Series Adventure 23)
  ''978-1-84607-422-6Dale SmithDoctor Who - The Many Hands (New Series Adventure 24)
  ''978-1-84607-423-3Justin RichardsDoctor Who: Starships and Spacestations
  ''978-1-84607-424-0Good Food GuidesGood Food: Recipes for Kids: Triple-tested Recipes: 101 Recipes for Kids (GoodFood 101)
2008978-1-84607-425-7Good Food GuidesGood Food: Mediterranean Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes: 101 Mediterranean Dishes (GoodFood 101)
  ''978-1-84607-434-9   ''Good Food: 101 Best Ever Chicken Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-437-0Trevor BaxendaleTorchwood: Something in the Water
  ''978-1-84607-438-7David LlewellynTorchwood: Trace Memory
  ''978-1-84607-439-4Gary RussellTorchwood: The Twilight Streets
2008978-1-84607-440-0Simon ReeveTropic of Capricorn: Circling the World on a Southern Adventure
  ''978-1-84607-442-4Ross Burden · Gino D'Acampo · Nick Nairn · Paul Rankin · James Tanner · Tony Tobin · James Martin · Phil Vickery"Ready Steady Cook" - The Ten Minute Cookbook: 175 Superfast Recipes from Your Favourite TV Chefs
  ''978-1-84607-443-1Christine WalkdenA Year in Christine's Garden
  ''978-1-84607-444-8Ainsley HarriottAinsley Harriott's Fresh and Fabulous Meals in Minutes
  ''978-1-84607-446-2Vanessa FeltzRaw Voices: True Stories of Hardship and Hope (Quick Reads)
2008978-1-84607-447-9James Alexander-SinclairGardeners' World: 101 Bold and Beautiful Flowers: For Year-Round Colour (Gardeners' World Magazine 101)
  ''978-1-84607-448-6Helena CaldonGardeners' World: 101 Garden Projects: Quick and Easy DIY Ideas
  ''978-1-84607-449-3Martyn CoxGardeners' World: 101 Plants for Problem Places: Ideas for All-Round Colour
  ''978-1-84607-450-9James WickhamGardeners' World: 101 Shade-loving Plants: Ideas to Light Up Shadows (Gardeners' World Magazine 101)
2006978-1-84607-454-7Doctor Who The Art of Destruction
2008978-1-84607-458-5David OkuefunaThe Wonderful World of Albert Kahn: Colour Photographs from a Lost Age
  ''978-1-84607-459-2Warren MartynThe Torchwood Archives
2008978-1-84607-460-8Michael WoodThe Story of India
  ''978-1-84607-463-9Top GearThe Big Book of Top Gear 2009
  ''978-1-84607-464-6Michael HarveyTop Gear Top Drives: Road Trips of a Lifetime in the World's Most Dramatic Locations
  ''978-1-84607-465-3Pam AyresPam Ayres - The Works: The Classic Collection
  ''978-1-84607-468-4Aury WallingtonHeroes: Saving Charlie
2008978-1-84607-497-4Matt MasterTop Gear's Midlife Crisis Cars
  ''978-1-84607-503-2Richard HollinghamBlood and Guts: A History of Surgery
  ''978-1-84607-505-6Paul Rose · Anne LakingOceans: Exploring the Hidden Depths of the Underwater World
  ''978-1-84607-526-1BBCProms Guide 2008
  ''978-1-84607-540-7Jonathan DimblebyRussia: A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People
2009978-1-84607-546-9Nick MartinHave I Got News For You: Guide to Modern Britain
2010978-1-84607-548-3Nick BradleyThe Seven Laws of the Golf Swing
2008978-1-84607-555-1Shed Media Group LtdEastenders Annual 2009
2008978-1-84607-556-8Aury WallingtonHeroes: Saving Charlie
  ''978-1-84607-557-5Mark MichalowskiDoctor Who: Shining Darkness
  ''978-1-84607-558-2Simon MessinghamDoctor Who: The Doctor Trap
  ''978-1-84607-559-9Mark MorrisDoctor Who: Ghosts of India
  ''978-1-84607-561-2Dan AbnettDoctor Who: The Story of Martha
2008978-1-84607-562-9Lance ParkinDoctor Who: The Eyeless
  ''978-1-84607-563-6Gary RussellDoctor Who: Beautiful Chaos
  ''978-1-84607-566-7Good Food GuidesGood Food: Healthy Eats: Triple-tested Recipes: 101 Healthy Eats
  ''978-1-84607-567-4Barney DesmazeryGood Food: 101 Store-cupboard Suppers: Triple-tested Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-568-1Jane HornbyGood Food: Teatime Treats: Triple-tested Recipes: 101 Teatime Treats
2008978-1-84607-569-8Janine RatcliffeOlive: 101 Comfort Food Classics
  ''978-1-84607-570-4Janine RatcliffeOlive: 101 Easy Entertaining Ideas
  ''978-1-84607-571-1Russell T. Davies · Benjamin CookDoctor Who: The Writer's Tale
  ''978-1-84607-572-8Steve TribeDoctor Who: The Time Traveller's Almanac
  ''978-1-84607-573-5James GossTorchwood: Almost Perfect
2008978-1-84607-574-2Peter AnghelidesTorchwood: Pack Animals
  ''978-1-84607-575-9Phil FordTorchwood: SkyPoint
  ''978-1-84607-577-3Douglas Palmer · Hermione CockburnThe Fossil Detectives: Discovering Prehistoric Britain
  ''978-1-84607-578-0David StubbsTomorrow's World: Genius Gadgets and Gizmos: Weird and Wonderful Contraptions from Yesterday's Future
  ''978-1-84607-579-7Keri DaviesWho's Who in the Archers 2009
2008978-1-84607-581-0Rosamund Kidman CoxWildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 18
  ''978-1-84607-582-7Richard HolmesThe Western Front
  ''978-1-84607-591-9Jacqueline RaynerDoctor Who - The Last Dodo
  ''978-1-84607-598-8Mark Michalowski · Paul Magrs · Mark Morris · Stephen Cole · Simon Gurrie · Martin Day · Colin Brake · Jaqueline RaynerThe All New Doctor Who Collection ; [10 volume cased set ] ;The Pirate Loop , Wetworld, Sting of the Zygons , The Art of Desruction , Wooden Heart , Wishing Well , Sick Building , The Last Dodo, The Price of Paradise, Forever Autumn
  ''978-1-84607-600-8Charles DickensLittle Dorrit
2009978-1-84607-605-3Ken HomChinese Cookery
2008978-1-84607-610-7Alexander GamesKick the Bucket and Swing the Cat: The Complete Balderdash & Piffle Collection of English Words, and Their Curious Origins
2008978-1-84607-611-4Alison MaloneyStrictly Come Dancing Annual 2009
  ''978-1-84607-614-5Rick SteinCoast to Coast: Food from the Lands & Sea Inspired by Travels Across the World
2009978-1-84607-616-9Peter MolloyThe Lost World of Communism
2008978-1-84607-618-3Louise HampdenGardeners' World Top Tips
2009978-1-84607-621-3Monty HallsMonty Halls' Great Escape: Beachcomber Cottage
2010978-1-84607-622-0Monty HallsThe Great Escape: Adventures on the Wild West Coast
2009978-1-84607-637-4Don HaworthDid You Like That? Fred Dibnah, In His Own Words
  ''978-1-84607-639-8Colin BrakeDoctor Who: Judgement Of The Judoon
  ''978-1-84607-640-4Simon GuerrierDoctor Who: The Slitheen Excursion
  ''978-1-84607-641-1Trevor BaxendaleDoctor Who: Prisoner Of The Daleks
2009978-1-84607-642-8Martha Holmes · Michael GuntonLife
  ''978-1-84607-643-5Jacqueline RaynerDoctor Who: The Sontaran Games
2008978-1-84607-649-7Griff Rhys JonesThe Nation's Favourite Poems
2009978-1-84607-651-0Huw CordeySouth Pacific: One Ocean, 25,000 Islands, Half the Water on Earth
  ''978-1-84607-652-7David AttenboroughLife on Air
  ''978-1-84607-672-5Joe SwiftJoe's Allotment: Planning and planting a productive plot
  ''978-1-84607-673-2Jonathan DimblebyRussia: A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People
2011978-1-84607-705-0Monty HallsMonty Halls' Great Irish Escape
2009978-1-84607-716-6Rick SteinRick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
2009978-1-84607-722-7Jane HornbyGood Food: 101 Budget Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-723-4Good Food GuidesGood Food: 101 Fruity Puds: Triple-tested Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-724-1   ''Good Food: Barbecues and Grills: Triple-tested Recipes: 101 Barbecues and Grills - Triple-tested Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-730-2Mick LavelleGardeners' World: 101 Ideas for a Wildlife-friendly Garden
  ''978-1-84607-731-9Martyn CoxGardeners' World: 101 Ideas for Small Gardens
2009978-1-84607-732-6Jane MooreGardeners' World: 101 Ideas for Veg from Small Spaces
  ''978-1-84607-737-1Mark MorrisTorchwood: Bay Of The Dead
  ''978-1-84607-739-5Guy AdamsTorchwood: The House That Jack Built
  ''978-1-84607-743-2Jeremy PaxmanThe Victorians
2010978-1-84607-744-9Jeremy PaxmanThe Victorians
2009978-1-84607-745-6Justin RichardsDoctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide
  ''978-1-84607-747-0Sarah GilesThe Easy Cook Cookbook: Real food for busy people
2009978-1-84607-749-4Steve TribeDoctor Who: Companions And Allies
  ''978-1-84607-753-1Sarah PinboroughTorchwood: Into The Silence
  ''978-1-84607-754-8Joanna ToyeThe Archers Miscellany
2012978-1-84607-755-5Justin RichardsDoctor Who: The Dalek Project
2009978-1-84607-756-2Good Food GuidesGood Food: The Family Meal Planner: Thrifty recipes and 7-day meal plans to help you save time and money
  ''978-1-84607-758-6David LlewellynDoctor Who: The Taking Of Chelsea 426
  ''978-1-84607-759-3Daniel BlytheDoctor Who: Autonomy
2009978-1-84607-760-9Rosamund Kidman CoxWildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 19
  ''978-1-84607-761-6Christopher CooperDoctor Who: The Krillitane Storm
  ''978-1-84607-764-7Gary RussellTorchwood: The Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84607-765-4Kele Baker · Ralf Schiller''Strictly Come Dancing'' - Step-by-step Dance Class: Dance Yourself Fit with the Beginner's Guide to All the Dances from the Show
  ''978-1-84607-766-1Good Food GuidesGood Food: Best-ever Curries: Triple-tested Recipes
2009978-1-84607-767-8Jane HornbyGood Food: More One-Pot Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes (GoodFood 101)
  ''978-1-84607-768-5Good Food GuidesGood Food: Speedy Suppers: Triple-tested Recipes (GoodFood 101)
  ''978-1-84607-779-1Steve EvansonCoast and Beyond
  ''978-1-84607-782-1Trevor BaxendaleTorchwood: The Undertaker's Gift
  ''978-1-84607-783-8James GossTorchwood: Risk Assessment
2009978-1-84607-784-5Joseph Lidster · James Moran · Andrew Cartmel · David LlewellynTorchwood: Consequences
  ''978-1-84607-785-2Mary BerryMary Berry's Baking Bible
  ''978-1-84607-788-3BBCBBC Proms Guide 2009
  ''978-1-84607-789-0Keri DaviesWho's Who in the Archers 2010
2010978-1-84607-793-7Pam AyresPam Ayres - The Works: The Classic Collection
2009978-1-84607-794-4Laurence ReesWorld War Two: Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West
  ''978-1-84607-801-9VariousReady, Steady, Cook 365: A recipe for every day of the year
2009978-1-84607-807-1Matt MasterTop Gear: Daft Cars
  ''978-1-84607-808-8Top GearWhere's Stig? (Top Gear)
2011978-1-84607-809-5   ''Where's Stig? (Top Gear (Hardcover))
2009978-1-84607-811-8Janine RatcliffeOlive: 101 Stylish Suppers (Olive Magazine)
  ''978-1-84607-812-5   ''Olive: 101 Brilliant Baking Ideas (Olive Magazine)
  ''978-1-84607-824-8Top GearThe Big Book of Top Gear 2010
  ''978-1-84607-846-0Jane AustenEmma
2010978-1-84607-847-7Carol Klein · Jonathan BuckleyGrow Your Own Garden: How to propagate all your own plants
2010978-1-84607-854-5Toby BucklandGardeners' World Practical Gardening Handbook: Traditional Techniques, Expert Skills, Innovative Ideas
  ''978-1-84607-856-9Steve TribeThe University Challenge Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84607-861-3Russell T. Davies · Benjamin CookDoctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter
2011978-1-84607-865-1Toby BucklandGardeners' World: Flowers: Planning and Planting for Continuous Colour
  ''978-1-84607-871-2Carol Klein · Jonathan BuckleyLife in a Cottage Garden
2009978-1-84607-880-4Bill FrindallAsk Bearders
2010978-1-84607-883-5Cavan ScottGreat British Walks: "Countryfile" - 100 Unique Walks Through Our Most Stunning Countryside
  ''978-1-84607-884-2Saturday KitchenSaturday Kitchen: at home: Over 140 recipes from 50 of your favourite chefs
2010978-1-84607-898-9Simon GuerrierBeing Human: The Road
  ''978-1-84607-899-6Mark MichalowskiBeing Human: Chasers
  ''978-1-84607-900-9James GossBeing Human: Bad Blood
  ''978-1-84607-901-6Match of the DayMatch of the Day World Cup Quiz Book
2012978-1-84607-907-8John Barrowman · Carole E. BarrowmanTorchwood: Exodus Code
2013978-1-84607-908-5Carol Barrowman · John BarrowmanTORCHWOOD: EXODUS CODE
2010978-1-84607-911-5Alan TitchmarshAlan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Perennial Garden Plants
  ''978-1-84607-913-9Richard MabeyA Brush With Nature: 25 years of personal reflections on nature
2010978-1-84607-914-6Sharon BrownGood Food: More Low-fat Feasts: Triple-tested recipes (GoodFood 101)
  ''978-1-84607-915-3Jane HornbyGood Food: Cupcakes & Small Bakes: Triple-tested recipes (GoodFood 101)
  ''978-1-84607-916-0Good Food GuidesGood Food: Soups & Sides: Triple-tested recipes (Good Food 101)
2009978-1-84607-917-7Alison MaloneyThe Official Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2010
2010978-1-84607-920-7Martyn CoxGardeners' World: First Time Veg Grower
  ''978-1-84607-928-3Justin Richards''Doctor Who'': Code of the Krillitanes (Quick Reads)
2011978-1-84607-956-6Dale Templar · Brian LeithHuman Planet
  ''978-1-84607-959-7Sebastian FaulksFaulks on Fiction
2011978-1-84607-960-3Sebastian FaulksFaulks on Fiction
  ''978-1-84607-962-7Alastair Fothergill · Vanessa BerlowitzFrozen Planet
  ''978-1-84607-968-9Neil HegartyStory of Ireland: In Search of a New National Memory
2010978-1-84607-969-6David LlewellynDoctor Who: Night of the Humans
2012978-1-84607-970-2Neil HegartyThe Story of Ireland
2010978-1-84607-971-9Jane HornbyGood Food: 101 Italian Feasts: Triple-tested Recipes
  ''978-1-84607-972-6Michael WoodConquistadors
2011978-1-84607-973-3John DownerEarthflight
2010978-1-84607-974-0Alys FowlerThe Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It
  ''978-1-84607-978-8Proms Guide 2010 (BBC Proms Guides)
2010978-1-84607-979-5David Hall · Fred DibnahFoundries and Rolling Mills: Memories of Industrial Britain
  ''978-1-84607-983-2Michael MoorcockDoctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles
  ''978-1-84607-984-9Mike CollinsDoctor Who: The Only Good Dalek GN
  ''978-1-84607-986-3Steve TribeDoctor Who: The Tardis Handbook
  ''978-1-84607-987-0Brian MinchinDoctor Who: The Forgotten Army
2010978-1-84607-988-7Gary RussellDoctor Who: The Glamour Chase
  ''978-1-84607-989-4Oli SmithDoctor Who: Nuclear Time
  ''978-1-84607-990-0Una McCormackDoctor Who: The King's Dragon
  ''978-1-84607-991-7Clayton HickmanThe Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011