Fred Dibnah

Fraida Dubin

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Did You Like That?: Fred Dibnah, in His Own WordsHardcover978-1-84607-637-42009Don Haworth
Foundries and Rolling Mills: Memories of Industrial BritainPaperback978-1-84990-972-32015David Hall
Foundries and Rolling Mills: Memories of Industrial BritainHardcover978-1-84607-979-52010   "
Fred Dibnah's Age Of SteamPaperback978-0-563-49395-22006   "
Fred Dibnah's Age of SteamHardcover978-0-563-48743-22003   "
Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age: A Guide to Britain's Industrial Heritage - Where to Go, What to See   "978-0-563-38482-31999   "
Fred Dibnah's Magnificent Monuments: Fred's Guide to Impressive Buildings and Monuments in the UK - Where to Go, What to SeePaperback978-0-563-55173-72000   "
The Fred Dibnah Story   "978-0-7540-5658-42003Don Haworth
The Fred Dibnah Story   "978-0-563-38765-71996   "
The Fred Dibnah StoryHardcover978-0-563-36950-91993   "

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