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BC Blue B/4A Savitri's Tale 978-0-435-07576-72012Mr Anthony Horowitz
Bug Club Blue A/4B The Dragon's Tale 6-pack 978-0-435-07643-62012Mr Anthony Horowitz · Chris Axten-Higgs · Rachel Axten-Higgs
Bug Club Blue B/4A Savitri's Tale 6-pack 978-0-435-07648-12012Mr Anthony Horowitz · Chris Axten-Higgs · Rachel Axten-Higgs
Bug Club Blue Guided Reading Pack Wave 2 978-0-435-07650-42012Cath Howe · Steve Parker · Scot Gardner · Ms Isabel Thomas · Mr Anthony Horowitz · Fleur Star · Sean Callery
Doctor Who: Aus der Tiefe der Zeit
Doctor Who: Choose the Future: Terror Moon 978-1-4059-2651-52016BBC
Doctor Who: Coldheart 978-0-563-55595-72000
Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny - Claws of the Macra 978-1-4059-0685-22012
Doctor Who: Deep Time 978-1-101-90579-12015
Doctor Who: Deep Time: A 12th Doctor Novel 978-1-78529-196-82015
Doctor Who: Eater of Wasps 978-0-563-53832-52001
Doctor Who: Fear of the Dark: 50th Anniversary Edition 978-1-84990-522-02013
Doctor Who: Fear of the Dark 978-0-563-53865-32003
Doctor Who: Heart of Stone 978-1-4059-2216-62015
"Doctor Who": Prisoner of the Daleks 978-1-4084-2657-92009
Doctor Who: Prisoner Of The Daleks 978-1-84607-641-12009
Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks: An Unabridged Doctor Who Novel 978-1-60283-822-22010
Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks: The Monster Collection Edition 978-1-84990-755-22014
Doctor Who: Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors 978-1-84435-008-72003John Binns · Lance Parkin · Gareth Wigmore · Tara Samms · Juliet E McKenna · Jeremy Daw · Alexander Leithes
Doctor Who: Star Tales 978-1-78594-471-02019Steve Cole · Paul Magrs · Jenny T Colgan · Jo Cotterill · Mike Tucker
Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Novels Volume 2: 10th Doctor Novels 978-1-78529-975-92018Dale Smith · Justin Richards
"Doctor Who" the Deadstone Memorial 978-0-563-48622-02004
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Doctor Who: The Janus Conjunction 978-0-563-40599-31998
Doctor Who: War of the Robots: Decide Your Destiny: Number 6: Decide Your Destiny No. 6 978-1-4059-0382-02007
"Doctor Who": Wishing Well 978-1-4084-0042-52008
Doctor Who - Wishing Well 978-1-84607-348-92007
Dr Who - Dewis dy Dynged: Crafangau'r Macra 978-1-904357-50-62010
Friendly Fire 978-1-84435-389-72009
Life Science: A Short-story Collection 978-1-84435-047-62004John Binns · David Bailey · John Seavey · Mark Stevens · Ian Farrington · Jonathan Morris · Richard Salter
Sarah Jane Adventures: Judoon Afternoon 978-0-435-91465-32010
Something Inside 978-1-84435-172-52006
T267a Mf Bc Sarah Jane Adventures Judoon 978-1-4479-3356-4
T272a Mf Bc Sarah Jane Adventures Blathe 978-1-4479-3355-7
The Dark Flame 978-1-84435-025-42003Sylvester McCoy · Sophie Aldred · Lisa Bowerman
Torchwood: Something in the Water 978-1-84607-437-02008
Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift 978-1-84607-782-12009

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