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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84286-001-4Muriel P. LeeMiniature Bull Terrier
2002978-1-84286-004-5Barbara DilleSchnauzer (Pet Love)
2004978-1-84286-005-2Juliette CunliffeTibetan Spaniel
2001978-1-84286-007-6Thomas CritchleyPersian Cat
  ''978-1-84286-008-3Denise JonesSiamese Cat (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-84286-009-0F.M. RowleyBritish Shorthair Cat (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-84286-010-6Dennis Kelsey-WoodPet Love Burmese Cat
  ''978-1-84286-011-3Tracey K. HaymanMaine Coon Cat (Pet Love)
2003978-1-84286-014-4Nona Kilgore BauerBloodhound (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
2003978-1-84286-019-9Juliette CunliffeGerman Spitz
2002978-1-84286-020-5Ute WandGerman Wirehaired Pointer (Pet Love)
2001978-1-84286-024-3Alice KaneIrish Wolfhound (Pet love)
2002978-1-84286-025-0Dino MazzantiItalian Greyhound (Pet Love)
2001978-1-84286-031-1Gill PageGetting to Know Your Chinchilla
  ''978-1-84286-034-2Jurgen SchmidtAquarium Plants (Aquaguide)
  ''978-1-84286-035-9Peter BredellLake Malawi Cichlids (Aqua Guide) (Aquaguide S.)
  ''978-1-84286-036-6Peter BredellTanganyika Cichlids (Aquaguide)
  ''978-1-84286-037-3Bernd DegenAquaguide Discus
2001978-1-84286-038-0Dennis Kelsey-WoodBirman Cat (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-84286-039-7Denise JonesRagdoll Cat (Pet Love)
  ''978-1-84286-040-3Maria Graciete CoelhoOriental Shorthair Cat (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-84286-041-0John A. DawesComplete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium
2002978-1-84286-043-4Gill PageGetting to Know Your Mouse (Pet Care)
  ''978-1-84286-046-5Dennis Kelsey-WoodBengal Cat (Pet love)
2003978-1-84286-047-2Eve Denise JonesCornish Rex Cat (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
2003978-1-84286-053-3Nona Kilgore BauerChesapeake Bay Retriever
2002978-1-84286-055-7Madeline LusbyLeonberger (Pet Love S.)
2003978-1-84286-056-4Muriel P. LeeManchester Terrier (Pet Love)
2002978-1-84286-057-1Alice KaneNorwich Terrier (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-84286-062-5Derek LambertPond Plants and Cultivation: A Practical Guide (Pondmaster S.)
  ''978-1-84286-063-2Keith Holmes · Tony PithamA Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining a Koi Pond: An Essential Guide to Building and Maintaining (Pondmaster S.)
  ''978-1-84286-064-9Nick FletcherKoi Colour Varieties: An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Koi (Pondmaster S.)
  ''978-1-84286-067-0AndrewsManual of Fish Health Rev Ed.
2002978-1-84286-068-7Dick Mills · David Papworth · Barry James · Chris AndrewsThe Bumper Book of Garden Ponds
  ''978-1-84286-070-0Chris AndrewsGuide to Fish Breeding (Interpet Guide To...)
2003978-1-84286-073-1Peter HiscockAquarium Displays Inspired by Nature
2002978-1-84286-074-8Dick Mills · David Sands · Peter W. ScottThe Bumper Book of Tropical Aquarium Fishes
  ''978-1-84286-076-2Dick Mills · Gwynne VeversThe Encyclopedia of Tropical Aquarium Fishes
2003978-1-84286-081-6Nick DakinThe Book of the Marine Aquarium
  ''978-1-84286-083-0Hans Gonella · Herbert R. AxelrodAquaGuide to Freshwater Stingrays
  ''978-1-84286-084-7Jurgen SchmidtAquaGuide to Catfish
2009978-1-84286-090-8Colin TennantTwenty-One Days To Train Your Dog
2004978-1-84286-091-5Amanda O'NeillGold Medal Guide: Goldfish
2004978-1-84286-092-2Amanda O'NeillRabbit (Gold Medal Guide) - Everything you need to know to choose and keep a healthy rabbit (Gold Medal Guide S.)
  ''978-1-84286-094-6   ''Budgie (Gold Medal Guide) - Everything you need to know to keep a healthy, happy budgerigar (Gold Medal Guide S.)
  ''978-1-84286-095-3Peter HiscockAquarium Plants (Aquamaster S.)
  ''978-1-84286-098-4Philip SwindellsMini Encyclopedia of Water Gardening
  ''978-1-84286-099-1Tony Pitham · Keith HolmesInterpet Manual of Koi Health
2005978-1-84286-100-4Dick MillsMini Encyclopedia of The Marine Aquarium
2005978-1-84286-101-1Gina SandfordMini Encyclopedia of the Tropical Aquarium
2004978-1-84286-102-8Stuart ThravesSetting Up A Tropical Aquarium
2005978-1-84286-103-5Johannes Paul · William WindhamKeeping Pet Chickens: Bring your garden to life and enjoy the bounty of fresh eggs from your own small flock of happy hens
2011978-1-84286-104-2Peter HiscockMini Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
2005978-1-84286-105-9Amanda O'NeillGuinea Pig: Gold Medal Guide - Everything you need to choose and keep a healthy, happy Guinea Pig
  ''978-1-84286-106-6Keith Holmes · Tony Pitham · Nick FletcherMini Encyclopedia of Keeping Koi
  ''978-1-84286-107-3Various500 Ways To Be A Better Tropical Fishkeeper
  ''978-1-84286-108-0Various500 Ways To Be A Better Marine Fishkeeper
2006978-1-84286-110-3Gill PageGetting to Know Your Rabbit
  ''978-1-84286-111-0   ''Getting to Know Your Budgie
2006978-1-84286-112-7Gill PageGetting to Know Your Hamster (Getting to Know)
  ''978-1-84286-113-4   ''Getting To Know Your Goldfish
2005978-1-84286-114-1Colin TennantMini Encyclopedia of Dog Training and Behaviour
1999978-1-84286-115-8Gill PageGetting to Know Your Guinea Pig*** O/p
2006978-1-84286-117-2Amanda O'NeillWhat Dog? A guide to help new owners choose the right dog breed to suit their lifestyle
  ''978-1-84286-118-9Tristan LougherWhat Fish?: A Buyer's Guide to Marine Fish
  ''978-1-84286-119-6Team of ExpertsWhat Fish: A Buyer's Guide to Tropical Fish
  ''978-1-84286-127-1Ann McDowallQuick-N-Easy Guide to Keeping Goldfish
2006978-1-84286-128-8Ann McDowallQuick-N-Easy Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish
  ''978-1-84286-129-5   ''Quick-N-Easy Guide to Keeping a Rabbit
  ''978-1-84286-131-8Derek Lambert · Philip Swindells · Graham QuickPond Plants (Aquamaster) (Aquamaster S.)
2007978-1-84286-140-0Peter HiscockGold Medal Guide Your First Tropical Aquarium
  ''978-1-84286-143-1Sheila Webster Boneham PhD & Wayne Hunthausen DVMThe Parson & Jack Russell Terriers
  ''978-1-84286-144-8Jill Arnel & Wayne Hunthausen DVMThe West Highland White Terrier
2007978-1-84286-148-6Phyllis DeGioia & Wayne Hunthausen DVMThe Miniature Schnauzer
  ''978-1-84286-157-8Tammy GagneRottweilers
  ''978-1-84286-162-2Wendy Bedwell-WilsonYorkshire Terriers
  ''978-1-84286-164-6Mary Ann NesterAgility Dog Training (Questions & Answers)
  ''978-1-84286-165-3Greg GlendellBreaking Bad Habits in Parrots
2007978-1-84286-166-0Ashley WardQuestions and Answers: The Tropical Aquarium (Questions & Answers)
  ''978-1-84286-167-7Greg GlendellBirdkeeper's Guide to African Greys
2008978-1-84286-170-7Diane Morgan · Wayne HunthausenThe Bulldog
2007978-1-84286-171-4Greg GlendellBirdkeeper's Guide to Amazons
2008978-1-84286-172-1Greg GlendellBirdkeeper's Guide to Cockatiels
2008978-1-84286-175-2Susan M. EwingCavalier King Charles Spaniels
  ''978-1-84286-177-6Richard Miller · Diane MorganChihuahuas
2007978-1-84286-179-0Tristan LougherWhat Invertebrate?
2008978-1-84286-182-0David AldertonChinchillas
  ''978-1-84286-185-1Tracie Libby · Wayne L. HunthausenThe Rottweiler
  ''978-1-84286-191-2Claire ArrowsmithThe Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Stay and Stand Book
  ''978-1-84286-192-9Phil HuntThe Reef Aquarium
2008978-1-84286-197-4Diane Morgan · Wayne L. HunthausenThe Weimaraner
  ''978-1-84286-198-1   ''The Beagle
  ''978-1-84286-199-8Teoti Anderson · Wayne L. HunthausenPuppy Care and Training
  ''978-1-84286-200-1Bobbye Land · Wayne L. HunthausenThe Basset Hound
  ''978-1-84286-202-5Susan M. Ewing · Wayne L. HunthausenThe Pug
2008978-1-84286-205-6Geoff RussellMini Encyclopedia of Rabbit Breeds and Care
2009978-1-84286-212-4Frances BassomMini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds and Care. Expert practical guidance on keeping chickens plus profiles of all the major chicken breeds
  ''978-1-84286-213-1A.C. Highfield · Nadine HighfieldKeeping a Pet Tortoise
  ''978-1-84286-215-5Linda AdkinsKeeping Axolotls
2010978-1-84286-219-3Liz WrightKeeping Pet Ducks
2009978-1-84286-220-9Peter YoungGrooming Your Dog. Top professional tips and expert advice to ensure the best in home grooming
  ''978-1-84286-221-6Terry Parkinson · John ClarkeGoat Keeping
2010978-1-84286-223-0Stuart ThravesSetting UP a Tropical Aquarium Week-By-Week
  ''978-1-84286-226-1Myra MahoneyMini Encyclopedia of Guinea Pigs
2010978-1-84286-228-5Colin TennantBreaking Bad Habits in Dogs
  ''978-1-84286-229-2Claire ArrowsmithCorrecting Bad Habits in Dogs
  ''978-1-84286-230-8Roberta Baxter MA VetMBMini Encyclopedia of Dog Health - Essential advice on keeping your dog in top condition and dealing with any health problems that may arise
2011978-1-84286-231-5Claire ArrowsmithInstant Dog Training. The quick response programme to understand your dog and train your dog with instant reward based training
  ''978-1-84286-232-2Chris MattisonMini Encyclopedia of Bearded Dragons. Expert advice on keeping bearded dragons and other dragon lizards
  ''978-1-84286-233-9Chris Andrews · Adrian Exell · Neville CarringtonThe Manual of Fish Health
2011978-1-84286-235-3Julia BarnesPuppy Training the Guide Dogs Way
2012978-1-84286-237-7Keith Holmes · Tony PithamThe Manual of Koi Health - How to create a healthy environment for your koi and how to treat any sicknesses that may affect them
2013978-1-84286-239-1Johannes Paul · William WindhamKeeping Pet Chickens: Bring your garden to life and enjoy the bounty of fresh eggs from your own small flock of happy hens (Keeping Pets)
2014978-1-84286-248-3Claire ArrowsmithBrain Games for Puppies: Learn how to build a stong and loving bond with a puppy by playing fun games
2010978-1-84286-277-3   ''Brain Games For Dogs: Fun ways to build a strong bond with your dog and provide it with vital mental stimulation