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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903098-00-4Peter HiscockA Practical Guide to Creating and Maintaining Water Quality: How to Provide a Clean and Stable Environment in your Freshwater Aquarium (Tankmaster)
2001978-1-903098-01-1Lance JepsonPractical Guide to Keeping Healthy Fish: Essential Advice to Help You Maintain Your Fish in Peak Condition (Tankmaster S.)
  ''978-1-903098-02-8Dick MillsA Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Marine Tropical Aquarium: How to Create a Beautiful and Successful Environment for Your Fish (Tankmaster S.)
  ''978-1-903098-03-5Derek LambertPractical Guide to Breeding Your Freshwater Fish: How to Breed and Rear a Wide Range of Popular Freshwater Fish (Tankmaster S.)
  ''978-1-903098-04-2Dick MillsAn Essential Guide to Choosing Your Marine Tropical Fish: A Detailed Survey of Over 60 Marine Fish Suitable for a First Collection (Tankmaster) (Tankmaster S.)
2000978-1-903098-05-9Nick FletcherAn Essential Guide to Choosing Your Coldwater Aquarium Fish: A Detailed Survey of Over 50 Coldwater Fish Suitable for a First Collection (Tankmaster S.)
  ''978-1-903098-06-6Nick FletcherA Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Cold Water Aquarium: How to Create a Beautiful and Successful Environment for Your Fish (Tankmaster) (Tankmaster S.)
2000978-1-903098-07-3David TwiggHow to Keep Koi: An Essential Guide (Pond & Aquatic)
  ''978-1-903098-08-0Steve HallsYour Healthy Garden Pond (Pond & Aquatic)
  ''978-1-903098-09-7Gina SandfordUnderstanding Tropical Fish (Pond & Aquatic) (Pond & Aquatic S.)
  ''978-1-903098-10-3Dick MillsUnderstanding Coldwater Fish (Pond & Aquatic)
  ''978-1-903098-11-0Peter HiscockCreating a Natural Aquarium (Pond & Aquatic)
2000978-1-903098-12-7Gill PageGetting to Know Your Puppy (Children's Pet) (Children's Pet S.)
  ''978-1-903098-18-9Gina SandfordThe Interpet Question and Answers Manual of the Tropical Freshwater Aquarium
  ''978-1-903098-19-6David AldertonThe Cage Bird Question and Answer Manual: Practical and Expert Advice for Caring for Cage Birds
  ''978-1-903098-27-1Marigold TimsonA Guide to Golden Retrievers
  ''978-1-903098-28-8Diana PhillipsPetlove Guide to the Chow Chow
2000978-1-903098-29-5Nick FletcherCaring for Your Pet Tropical Fish
2001978-1-903098-32-5Philip SwindellsContainer Water Gardens (Water Garden Handbooks)
2003978-1-903098-34-9Bernice BrewsterAn Essential Guide to Keeping Goldfish (Tankmaster S.)
2001978-1-903098-36-3Peter HiscockAn Essential Guide to Choosing Plants for Your Aquarium (Tankmaster) (Tankmaster S.)
  ''978-1-903098-37-0Rod FerringTabletop Fountains (Water Garden Handbooks)
2002978-1-903098-38-7Philip SwindellsPond Features and Decorations: Water Garden Handbook (The Water Garden Handbook)
  ''978-1-903098-41-7Colin TennantBreaking Bad Habits in Dogs
  ''978-1-903098-42-4Steve Hickling · Mick Martin · Bernice Brewster · Nick FletcherKoi: A Colourful and Comprehensive Celebration of These Beautiful Ornamental Fish
  ''978-1-903098-43-1Jo BirdKeeping a Horse the Natural Way: A Natural Approach to Horse Management for Optimum Health and Performance
2001978-1-903098-45-5Philip SwindellsWaterfalls and Fountains (Water Garden Handbooks)
2003978-1-903098-46-2Peter HiscockEncyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
2003978-1-903098-48-6Philip SwindellsThe Water Garden Encyclopedia
2002978-1-903098-49-3   ''Indoor Water Garden (Water Garden Handbooks)
2000978-1-903098-51-6Elizabeth LanyonPembroke Welsh Corgi (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-53-0Lee SheehanMiniature Schnauzer (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-55-4Richard G. BeauchampPointer (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-56-1Robert PolletBelgian Shepherd (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-58-5Haja Van WessemWelsh Springer Spaniel (Pet love)
2000978-1-903098-59-2Robert WhiteHungarian Vizsla (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-60-8Betty-Anne StenmarkPet Love Dandie Dinmont Terrier
2001978-1-903098-61-5Muriel P. LeeFox Terrier (Pet love)
2000978-1-903098-62-2Harry EvertonGreat Dane (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-63-9Victoria QuinbyGerman Shorthaired Pointer (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-64-6Juliette CunliffeTibetan Terrier (Pet love)
  ''978-1-903098-65-3Andrew DepriscoJapanese Shiba (Pet love; special rare breed edition)
2000978-1-903098-66-0Muriel P. LeeFrench Bulldog (Pet love: Special rare breed edition)
2001978-1-903098-67-7   ''Norfolk Terrier (Pet Love)
  ''978-1-903098-68-4Charlotte SchwartzAustralian Shepherd (Pet Love Dog Breed)
  ''978-1-903098-69-1Lavonia HarperGordon Setter (Pet Love Dog Breed)
  ''978-1-903098-72-1Angela BarloweNewfoundland - Dog Breed Book (Pet Love)
  ''978-1-903098-74-5Richard G. BeauchampBrittany (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
2001978-1-903098-75-2Paolo CorreaPortuguese Water Dog (Pet Love Dog Breed S.)
2002978-1-903098-76-9Juliette CunliffeTibetan Mastiff (Petlove) (Petlove S.)
2001978-1-903098-77-6   ''Lowchen (Pet Love S.)
2002978-1-903098-78-3Louise HarperBernese Mountain Dog (Petlove S.)
2001978-1-903098-81-3Juliette CunliffeGriffon Bruxellois (Pet Love)
2003978-1-903098-82-0   ''Deerhound
2004978-1-903098-83-7Hugh OwenWelsh Terrier
2002978-1-903098-84-4Desiree ScottBriard (Pet Love)
2001978-1-903098-85-1Muriel P. LeeBedlington Terrier (Pet Love S.)
2002978-1-903098-86-8Robert PolletBouvier des Flandres (Pet Love)
2001978-1-903098-87-5Barbara J. Andrews · Meg Purnell-CarpenterAkita (Pet Love)
2002978-1-903098-88-2Juliette CunliffeBullmastiff - Dog Breed Book (Petlove)
  ''978-1-903098-89-9Ann ChamberlainSaluki (Petlove)
  ''978-1-903098-92-9Juliette CunliffeSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Pet Love) (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-903098-93-6Desiree ScottBorzoi (Pet Love)
  ''978-1-903098-94-3Juliette CunliffeChinese Crested (Pet Love S.)
2002978-1-903098-96-7Richard G. BeauchampItalian Spinone (Pet Love S.)
  ''978-1-903098-97-4Juliette CunliffeBasenji (Petlove)
  ''978-1-903098-98-1Richard G. BeauchampCardigan Welsh Corgi (Petlove)
  ''978-1-903098-99-8Jeffrey PepperPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petlove)